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  1. It’s not a great endorsement of a show when at the end of every episode I mutter to myself “What the hell was that?” and then realize I don’t even care about the answer. This season is a hot mess with cool period wardrobe and music.
  2. Just for reference, shots from the press conference of Greg and his envelope. (It won’t let me upload all in one post, so forgive the multiple posts)
  3. So, there was a very obvious cut during Kendall’s statement to a manila envelope in Greg’s hands when Kendall said “I’ve got documents that prove what Logan knew”. Did Greg pick a side and give his Pants Papers to Kendall? Was Kendall planning this all along? Urging Logan to meet with Stewy, knowing Stewie would tell them to fuck off? Forcing Logan’s hand? Was Roman in on it? Killing the private money option to also force Logan’s hand? I feel like there’s been a lot more private scheming going on to get to this moment than the audience has seen. Logan’s dismissal of Kendall not being a killer may have given Kendall the fire he needed to eviscerate Logan publicly but I don’t think what we saw was some last minute decision from Kendall. I think we’re going to find out a lot of Logan’s “pals” had a hand on the knife. Brutus didn’t stab Caesar all alone after all.
  4. Yeah, costuming and hair and makeup tell the story of a character if done with serious thought and used in conjunction with the script and storyline. We’ve seen it in “Breaking Bad” with the color stories used for each character and in “Mad Men” with the changing wardrobes of Peggy, Betty, and Joan reflecting their change in status over the course of the story. Pointing out that the character of Shiv is using her hairstyle and clothing choices to project her new ambitions in no way devalues Sarah Snook’s acting ability just as commenting on how the Kendall character uses riding a motorcycle to project a cool image devalues Jeremy Strong’s acting. Great shows use wardrobe to enhance characters and the story. And both Shiv and Sarah look mighty fine as a bonus. (As for being shallow - I wish Sarah would borrow some from Shiv in the clothing department. Her real life choices are not the best.)
  5. Sally is way too big an actress to have on to just be Annalise’s rehab roomie for one episode. She’s working for someone to get dirt on The Keating Crime Syndicate - the Governor, the FBI, Gabriel’s mom, Sam’s sister, the Castillos - I don’t know who but she’s definitely up to no good and that cathartic confession from Annalise is going to be a problem. Count me in on Team Not Dead too.
  6. I have thoughts. After paying closer attention to the flashbacks, it’s actually Celeste who suggests the lie first. She says to Bonnie “I pushed him”. Then Maddie says “You (Celeste) didn’t push him, you (Bonnie) didn’t push him. Nobody pushed him”. Celeste kicked ass in court. I knew Mary Louise was responsible for the death of her other son. When Mary Louise came to Celeste’s door, all she cared about was appearances and not the truth. “Don’t lie about me; nothing about lying about Perry. And she sure didn’t have an answer to Celeste’s question about if Perry lied. All she cared about was herself. I was so happy for Maddie and Ed and Abigail doing the vows was amazing. Watching that scene really emphasized the fact that Reese Witherspoon does not age. She looked 25; makes me jealous. Also, did anyone else think that Bonnie actually poisoned her mother with the with the wine or the food? She woke up and then after eating she had a setback and died. Very suspect. Nathan and Ed are totally the same person. They’re both in love with women who don’t love them the same way. Maddie loves Ed from a basis of security and normalcy. Bonnie uses Nathan to escape from her past and uses him to try and live the ideal image of what she thinks marriage should be. Fuck Gordon. He gets to keep those damn toys while Renata loses everything. I cheered when she smashed everything with that bat. Too bad she didn’t use it on his head. Men like Gordon are the reason why the trope bitches be crazy exists. I knew the minute Bonnie started texting that they were going to go tell the truth finally. Hopefully that detective finally leaves them alone but DAMN if they all didn’t look fabulous marching into the police station. Their coat games were on point. But, seriously, fuck that ending! Especially if there isn’t a third season like has been announced. Finally, I’m super bugged by a few storylines they just left hanging. -Corey! Cop? Informant? Reporter? Just a dude paying a traffic ticket? -Abigail? College? Gap year? What? -Joseph’s scorned wife with the new tits. Did Ed say no? Did Ed actually fuck her and that’s why he feels fine moving forward with Maddie? Did she make Joseph watch and be a cuck? -The boys teacher. He seemed like he was going to play a role in the boys’ story. Then nothing. Same with the principal. -Perry’s father second family. Why drop in that very specific story and then never address it again? Overall I enjoyed the season but it was nowhere near the greatness of the first.
  7. Didn’t we see something in the first season - maybe from one of the non Monterey Five mom’s police interview - that hinted at the French nanny sleeping with Gordon? Or another father? I swear I remember something like that.
  8. Mary Louise needs killing. That’s all I’ve got.
  9. After watching Edith and her friend and their shenanigans with that company my theory is that we’re going to find out Edith and her activist group are responsible for the bank collapse and possibly the atomic bombing. She’s had a couple of offhand comments about it already being to late to save the planet and that she just wants to burn it all to the ground . I think she started as an eco-activist and now she’s a anarchist/terrorist.
  10. Sadly tooting my own horn on this prediction. But it’s, well nice isn’t the right word, I guess different to have the mother be the past source of abuse still affecting a woman instead of the father. And the father be the “weak” parent who didn’t prevent it.
  11. Bonnie called him “Dad” during that scene? Have we been told specifically if he’s her biological father or a stepfather or if he adopted her? I was assuming he was a second husband too but Bonnie calling him “Dad threw me.
  12. The conversation between Bonnie and her mom makes me think there’s way more to their past than Bonnie not believing in her mother having some kind of supernatural gift. And her mom asking her “What did you do this time?” just reinforced my suspicion. I think we’re going to find out Bonnie’s mom is not a very nice person.
  13. I was just coming here to post about the way both Moira and Alexis say “David”! Moira says it softer, more like “Dahhhy-vad” and Alexis really hits the first syllable, “Deeeh-vahd”. And they both turn it into a four syllable word. It’s great.
  14. So then Future Randall is 51? Yikes - apparently Randall is in for a rough 13 years. He looks much older in the future scenes than 51.
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