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Small Talk: The Prayer Closet

Message added by Scarlett45

This is a reminder that the Politics Policy is still in effect.

I understand with recent current events there may be a desire to discuss political social media posts of those in the Duggar realm- this is not the place for those discussions. If you believe someone has violated forum rules, report them, do not respond or engage.

Political discussion is not allowed in this forum- this includes Small Talk topics. Please stay in the spirit of the policy- I have noticed a tendency for some to follow the letter but not the spirit.

Message added by CM-CrispMtAir,

While we understand the frustration (change is never easy), please keep in mind that not everyone feels the same way and that for those members who don't, the ongoing conversation about other forums and chat options can equally be a cause of frustration.

Out of respect for your fellow posters, we kindly ask that you continue any discussion about alternatives via PM or the Technically Speaking: Bugs, Questions, & Suggestions area.

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The Small Talk topic is for:

•   Introductions

•   Off-topic chatter

•   Having virtual tea with forum buddies

This is NOT a topic for actual show discussion. When you want to talk about the show:

1 Figure out the nature of the topic you want to talk about

2 Look for an existing topic that matches or fits

3 If there is NOT an existing topic that fits, CREATE ONE!

Examples of topics that populate show forums include (but by no means are limited to):

•   Character topics

•   Episode topics

•   Season topics

•   Spoiler topics

•   Speculation topics

•   In the Media topics

•   Favourite X topics

•   ...you get the idea

Happy trails beyond Small Talk!

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I was on TWOP but quit posting because Howard was so strict. Glad to have a place to continue with the discussion.

I'm very curious to see if Jill is indeed courting.  I was hoping it'd be Jana because she needs to get the heck out of there, but I think she may be stuck in the TTH forever.

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Hello fellow snarkers. I'm so glad we have a new home. I would have had some kind of TWoP breakdown if they had just pulled the plug without us having somewhere to vent.

I love to bash the Duggars. Mostly Mullet, Boob and Smuggar. I especially hate Mullet because she gets to travel the world instead of me, she makes unappreciative comments at every turn, and spends all her time gazing at Jim Boob instead of taking in the sights. Grrrr.

I'm also sickened by the neglected mess/ trophy miracle baby that is Josie.  The kids I don't pick on so much because they don't have much say in the matter.

I'm looking forward to the season premiere next Tuesday and seeing what you all have to say.

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Hi, all!  I kept my TWoP name.  So glad there's this forum going up -- got completely blindsided by TWoP's closure announcement.  (Although I might just get myself banned before the forums close for good; getting really sick of Howard and I don't give a crap anymore.)

Anyway.  New season of the Duggars (with a new title?!) and a new forum to snark on -- let's go!

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Woot. I got some shoutouts! *waves back to Suz at Large and extends greetings to other names I recognize*

I don't hate any of the Duggars or their ilk. I am merely fundamentalist intolerant at this juncture in my life.

I am also a sucker for fakeality romance of the fundie sort, it seems. Looking forward to Benessa and hoping that either Jill or Jinger is soon to be free from the compound, although I think it more likely that Josiah or JD will marry next. Wish it were Jana, but she's the head J'Slave for now. A few more years and Hannie will be able to attain the rank of sister mom. Not that she'll want that...

Actually kind of excited to think about the Duggar empire dissolving in another 5-10 years as the kids grow up and age out of the Hairspray for Jesus Kingdom of JB and Mullet...

What can I say? Ranting about the Duggars is a habit that I quite enjoy. :D

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Hi all! I was a super lurker over at TwoP...never posted much because y'all do a fine job! TWoP was my guilty pleasure; I enjoyed the Community Snark on my guilty pleasure TLC trainwrecks. Hoping more TWoPers make the jump. Looking forward to a new season and joining the discussion!

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It's so cool to see people here!

I agree Auntie Thesis, I think Gothard  having to step down is how they will remember the beginning of the end.  The Howlers will grow up and someone will have to point out that they aren't literate enough to hold jobs. ( much less run businesses)  I'm  sure most of the kids won't want super sized families and Michele is going to suffer some serious medical consequences from all those pregnancies.

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Hi guys.  I was myyellowrose on TWoP.  (Well, I was anstar first, but lost that login info years ago.)  I'm relieved to see so many familiar faces.  It will make losing our internet home a little easier.

When does the new season start? I know it's soon, because I've had to watch Boob and Michelle display their "modesty" over and over again during commercial breaks for The Little Couple.  <shudder>  I finally saw the dry humping one, and nearly dry heaved! 

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Hi I to lurked on TWoP, but have finally got round to creating an account on this one. Admittedly this and TWoP is what I use most to find out info as I live in the UK and so never end up watching episodes till months later. If anyone knows a good site to watch them, would you be able to post a link? Thanks!

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Hey guys, checking in from TWOP. I hope a lot of people make the jump and stick around. I seems to go in phases with the Duggars, I seem to be in an "interested" phase right now after someone linked me to Recovering Grace right before Gothard stepped down. I hope it's the beginning of the end for his group, especially since the number of their conferences has drastically decreased in the last few years. 

That being said I'm both dreading and interested in how Jessa Duggar's courtship will play out on TV. From the previews it looks like it could end up being a trainwreck, especially as I get the impression the show was a plus for Ben, but I don't want a 21 year old and an 18 year old stuck in an unhappy marriage for the sake of TV cameras and her father's ego.

I guess this is the season of courting though with Erin Bates's wedding and possibly Jill also courting.

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Oh yes, the China trip where they visited the Great Wall, two, was it, three times?  Then mainly just sat around and worried/prayed/helped the TLC Producer that was ready to give birth.

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Long-time lurker at TWoP, infrequent poster. My previous display name was epcarie. I freaked out a bit when I saw that TWoP was shutting down, but now I don't have to worry :) I was getting tired of TWoP anyway; the forum didn't have the best layout and the mods were incredibly overbearing. I'm looking forward to posting here!

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Another TWoP refugee here, under the same screen name. I have a daily lurker there for years but I don't think I posted more than once or twice. You guys always have been so spot on in your observations about the Duggar family circus and have expressed your insights so much more succinctly (and wittily) than I could have done, it would have seemed redundant for me to post. The 19 Kids and Counting thread there has made me laugh -- and made me think -- more times than you can ever know, and I appreciate you guys so much! I was devastated to read that TWoP forums are going away but am relieved to be able to feed my habit here.

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It is wonderful to see familiar names here.  I wasn't able to post much at TWOP.  Wouldn't let me log in and they wouldn't answer email for help.  Looking forward to reading and participating on this forum.  I was beginning to feel like a redheaded stepchild (actually I am redheaded and a stepchild).  It would be horrible with the new seasons starting not to have the forums to catch up.

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Hi all. I always read the TWOP Duggar fourm but never posted due to the heavy handed moderators. I do post at Freejinger. I am so glad to see the names I was familiar with from TWOP and I hope more of you come here :). You are great. I try watching the show but almost every time I seriously fall asleep and I am not even trying to. Lol

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Yo. Another migrant. I don't watch the show any more, but I read the TWoP thread off and on to stay updated on all things Duggar. I can't believe the woman who had trouble saying "underpants" on TV is now dry humping on a golf course.

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Hi guys!  Longtime lurker over at TWOP, as in years lurking, but never got a handle.  Sooo happy to have a say in what's said, if that made sense. 

I love to snark on the Duggars.  I dislike everything they represent, and the way they are repressing all of their eldest daughters

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