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  1. I honestly bust out laughing at the little animated Matt getting knocked over by the waves. Production isn't hiding their feelings about him, between that and including last week's sexual harrasment.
  2. I don't know how this happened but I think I'm rooting...for.. Brooke and Scott?? I can't get over Joey freaking out at the gamer, and Tara definitely didn't help herself by continuously changing characters. I honestly thought Matt would catch up there for a second. Good editing.
  3. I do not recall the promos, but I didn't recall seeing anything like that and was pleasantly shocked in retrospect.
  4. like others have said, I just can't get over mariana being allowed to visit Nick. That just rings so unbelievable.
  5. I saw speculation in one of the other threads that they won't even use the word molestation, or that they will talk around what really happened. That won't surprise me from JB & Michelle, but i just saw my first promo for the interview on Fox and it said "molestation accusations". FWIW.
  6. Hmm. The note is signed Jim Bob and Michelle, but i don't know if it's clear who "we" is for this interview...
  7. So it looks like while the marathon is still on, they've replaced the scheduled Josh and Anna centric episode (the most recent with the dumb flamingo party) with jill going to nepal.. Can't imagine that wasn't intentional.
  8. I know these are rumors that've been around forever, and many have written them off as internet drama(I know I had) but I just don't believe InTouch would open themselves up to that kind of lawsuit. There is such a huge difference between "Jana is courting Tim Tebow!" and "Josh Duggar committed a sex crime." No matter how vague these "sources" are... that just isn't something you publish unless you are very confident in your vague sources.
  9. I agree with everyone that it was strange the bought the blueAND pink baby reveal stuff and was wondering about it at first while watching, too. But I think there's a very simple answer: it was so no one at the party store could leak the sex of the sex of the baby.
  10. Count me in as one of the checking twelve times a day people, too. Are we all resigned to knowing it's going to be an Easter baby and we'll never hear the end of it?
  11. I know that what we see of TC is such minuscule amount of what goes on, but I cannot see how Jon could hear wht we did and not play his idol. That all said, GO NATALIE. But I am one of those rare people who liked the twinnies on TAR, soo...
  12. That story seems like its just trying to create a story. But I have noticed Derrick unable to hide his feelings about Ben before on the show. He just seems to find Ben kinda dumb nd annoying... and who can blame him??
  13. I didn't know Amy worked as a nanny until this episode aired. I really wonder what the older girls think about that. Seeing Amy on episodes w/ the other Duggars is always interesting, just the contrast and the knowledge that the children aren't as isolated as it seems at first. This episode was pretty filler/boring, but I did really love getting to see Grandma Duggar with Amy and her mom. She seemed a lot more relaxed, like she didn't need to worry about contradicting her son's rules. I've always thought she seemed a little camera shy, but she was not that at all with Amy.
  14. But where is the petition for people who hate everything the Duggars stand for, who knew about Josh working for FRC since he started and the robocall back in august, who spend entirely too much time lurking on boards like this and want the show on the air because of the snark??
  15. I do think it's a serious case of Reality-TV-isn't real to gloss over Jana's presence on the trip, and like a lot of others in the thread I wonder why they did it (I'm leaning towards a combination of paycheck/better story/maybe Jana's wishes reasons). But I don't think Jana being on the trip means Josh and Anna can't handle the three kids. Before I learned that Jana was with them, watching this episode I was impressed because it is a long trip for Josh to do all the driving. Pretty sure we've never seen Anna drive the RV and I wouldn't be at all surprised if she can't or doesn't want to. I can see Jana being a big help with splitting driving. And it does seem like she's close to Priscilla (maybe from Gothard/JttH stuff?) so it doesn't seem too strange to me that she came along.
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