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  1. I think that TPTB need to send the judges' save to the scrapheap. What's the point of saving someone like Mel? She seemed like a strong contender at first, but as the season has progressed, her work has really slid downhill. Droopclops was a mediocre idea. If she had had a stronger concept, it may have been a decent makeup. Passable, at least. However, she probably would have been in the bottom 2 regardless. Glenn would have thrown her under the bus for not following the parameters of the challenge or some other such thing like he always does when a contestant doesn't fulfill his exact vi
  2. This season of Fixer Upper seems kinda...blah. It seems like they are running out of "old houses in dream neighborhoods" and are now just taking anyone in the region who wants them to redo their property and is willing and able to waste a certain percentage of their budget on Joanna's pointless decorative crap. Plus I've got this tinfoil hat-ish theory that some of their homeowners are likely fixing to rent and not to actually live in these places. At some point, they are going to run out of Baylorites who can afford to drop 200k+ on rehabbing old homes. They are also going to run out of s
  3. Eh, I'm not sure about either couple. I thought Dave and Ashley could have worked, if she had been willing to put forth like 1% effort. Neil and Sam, I didn't see working because he was too introverted and there was never really anything besides Sam's drama holding them together. 66% failure rate for this season. Time to change some things, get some new experts and stop train before this show turn into The Bachelor for Regular Folks.
  4. JS as Stephanie is main factor behind why many of us will watch a second season of Fuller House, no doubt. She's also the reason why some of us put up with The Michelle Show during the early-mid 90s. You knew you were growing up when you quit relating to Michelle's antics and started to relate to Stephanie's struggles instead. I really hope that the second season is more centered on her character and less so on DJ. Tbh, I wouldn't mind if DJ was nearly absent like Danny was during the later years, only around to deliver a dopey feel-good dad moment and then carefully hanging on the backgr
  5. The experts seem more like narrators than anything else. They sit around and have their group chats and occasionally have a session with one of the couples via Skype. That's about it. Pretty pointless and their presence doesn't seem to add much, if anything, to the experiment. I do think that the marriages would fair better if they had more guidance or at least some consultation from time to time. However, I'm also in favor of a stronger screening process and scrapping the personality exams in favor of something more comprehensive and personal. A lot of the problems with the couples o
  6. I know that those dresses the girls wear are probably expensive boutique pieces or expensive Etsy purchases and I wonder: why pay that much for hideous? They look like ragamuffin castoffs from a 70s afterschool special most of the time. And please, brush their hair or get it cut. Both girls tend to look like they are badly in need of a shower and haircare, STAT. Confession: I think that 3 out of 4 Gaines kids got hit with the ugly stick. You can decide who they are. :P
  7. Ugh, open concept. I'm a loyal viewer of Fixer Upper and I truly loathe the way that almost every single house has to be open concept. Even when the current layout of the home is actually workable or even nice. Personally, I think Joanna Gaines is just remaking the same house (the farmhouse!) every time. Almost every kitchen is some shade of white, with an island and a farm sink. WTF? Don't some homeowners opt to have kitchens that are closed off, more formal, or just say no to having a fucking immobile island hogging like 20-50% of the space? I also watch Love It or List It on occasi
  8. I don't think FTFTF is the worst concept for a weight loss fakeality show. (See My Diet Is Better... for that.) All that aside, I do think that FTFTF is a gimmicky piece of crap that I have little desire to watch all the way through. Mostly because I am tired of every single weight loss show ignoring one of the major reasons why so many people are overweight/obese: economics. Carbs like flour, rice, pasta, cereal, bread, etc are cheaper and more energetically dense than fruits, veggies, and meat. They are also cheaper and more widely available than "good" foods. High carb, high sugar,
  9. I'm not saying that the challenges should be balls to the wall Survivor-style competition for prizes. Personally, I'd enjoy the show more if there were SOMETHING that the couples had to work together for/towards. Competing for prizes off of a "dream registry" would give them something to do besides sit around and mope about how the other person isn't the answer to the prayers/dreams for an ideal spouse whilst going on elaborate pre-planned dates to have awkward canned convos about trivial dramatic moments. I think that the prizes should be rewards for completing tasks as a couple and not t
  10. So far I've watched 4 episodes of the new season. I've yet to see a single broken skull. Although that one really short chick scraped her inner thighs tumbling down that hill. Ouch.
  11. Millennial = Person born between the years of 1985-2005, technically. Gen X'er = Person born between the years of 1964-1984, technically. Those are the working definitions I was thinking when I wrote my post above, fwiw.
  12. So I started binge-watching this On Demand a few weeks ago. My ideas to fix the show: Get rid of all of the "Experts". Clean house with regards to production staff and whomever picks the participants. Lengthen the experiment to 12-16 weeks instead of limiting it to 6 weeks. Stop relying so much on test results and other such metrics. Numbers don't predict chemistry. Pay more attention to physical attraction. Both Sam and Ashley were not attracted to their husbands. WTF? MONITOR AND SCREEN THE SOCIAL MEDIA OF ALL PARTICIPANTS!!! No more of this sneaking around asking friends about your spo
  13. Ha! I was just thinking about this the other day. Can Gia please come back in season 2? Maybe she's a sixth grade teacher? Lol, how great would that be! Maybe she works at Jackson and Ramona's school and Steph runs into her at parent-teacher conferences...
  14. The dessert baskets are what have been making it hard to watch for me. Cookies, rice puff treats, frozen yogurt sundaes...c'mon, those are easy-cheesy. I'd venture to guess that the kids on Rach and Guy's Cook-Off (who are all younger than the contestants we've had so far on Chopped:Teens) will be getting more complex ingredients to work with in their challenges. I'm not against the ingredients themselves, I just don't think that they belong in a dessert round basket UNLESS they are paired with either rare curveball ingredient that no one will recognize like strange fruits or foreign items or
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