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  1. I'm on several (no life for me lol). Sheena hates Dovie, and is also a racist b*tch. Mellie was trying to turn Skott's family against him, Kayla is awesome with Adam....worth the drama lol
  2. Finally watching the episode. My gawd, Mellie is an ungrateful bitch. Everyone else does the work, and she bitches constantly. And the Washington trip....I was cringing. I know none of these women finished high school, but my 12 year old knows who Lincoln is and the currency he's on. My lord....
  3. I'm on some of the Gypsy gossip sites on FB. According to the source, Mellie and Skott were in a DV type fight, and Skott hurled the puppy at the wall, killing it. Mellie did not call the cops, Skott's cousin did. And Mellie has so far given four different stories of the incident. The source also alluded to BOTH Mellie and Skott having addictions (again, from a gossip site, take that however way you want). She needs to dump his ass. NOW.
  4. Yeah, it's pretty damn obvious that Mellie is the 'baby' of the family. And it drives me nuts that they talk down to her, but then expect her to act like an adult
  5. Watching the episode right now. OMG....can I smack Joann?! Ugh, what a bunch of spoiled Gypsy brats! Pampered princesses that brag about their cleaning prowess....did they not hear the stories of their grandmothers, and how Gypsies used to live? These women come from Romanchal lines, meaning Irish/English Travellers. They made a good chunk of their livings through horse trading. And a good Gypsy woman helped her man when needed. And I call BS on Nettie being sick. She didn't want to work.
  6. Finally watched the episode. Holy shit...Nettie pisses me off. Everything has to be about her?! She's pissed because Mellie doesn't want to be living with her. You would think that with as much drama that Mellie produces she would love to have her out but no....she wants to control everyone.
  7. I personally believe Nettie is jealous of Kayla because it seems Kayla has her life more together. Nettie has 9 kids by three different guys. All of Kayla's kids have the same daddy, and she was married to Richard for 17 years. Nettie was happy to have the fact Huey trusts her, while Kayla was held back by Richard. Then...Kayla broke free. Handed Nettie HER wedding. Kayla goes out and parties, sure. But she has a good man that has been behind her for a while now, she's not slutting it up (like Mellie). Nettie can't stand to see Kayla having fun and be independent with a Gorger. Kayla h
  8. If I recall correctly, three kids by each man. And she only has 8 living children, I guess one child died as a baby. And it wasn't natural. It's on one of these threads where they posted the family tree, and if you read the comments, it mentions that the child died "tragically". (Posted the last part to not just gossip maliciously, but I did have a source. May or may not be 100%)
  9. YouTube. It's how I caught up :-)
  10. Actually, Kayla's family really follows the daughter/sister name thing. Her real first name is Sheila, and she has an aunt Sheila. Nettie....not so much.
  11. Hey yeah.....wait a damn minute. Are ANY of Nettie's girls named after HER sister's?!
  12. Anyone else feel sorry for the L&D staff at this Martinsburg hospital? Fist fights when mother's are in labor, catty women showing up to harass mothers over names? My money is on Nettie being the mole
  13. I thought Nettie had 9 kids by three different men. And I hate the I'm-a-good-mom-I-have-nine-kids thing. Just becuase your uterus functions well doesn't mean you're good at it. See: Duggar forum
  14. The groups I belong to on Facebook is Gypsy Scandal and the TLC page Gypsy Sisters. The girls are constantly on Scandal, but the language, spelling and grammar......yeah, this dropping out of school to get married thing is apparent.
  15. I haven't seen the episode yet, I'm working and my DVR is recording right now. But holy crap, that is the kid's full name?! Dear lord....
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