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  1. Cottonelle is promoting the "Care Routine" with the chick that just loves to go up to supposed random people to talk about "bums" - It can end as far as I am concerned! http://youtu.be/rWWlhuiJGr4
  2. Thank you @Athena - I'm assuming they are subtitled, correct?
  3. Many times this is the case. Also, sometimes we never see the "upstairs", what kind of disrepair it's in and if any work was done there or not....
  4. JJ Hightail can get off my TV screen at anytime...
  5. I just love K-dramas! I got hooked on them for a while this past winter. Oh the never-ending crying and love triangles, how could you not get hooked? Sadly, I can't seem to find them anymore in my Amazon Kindle Instant Video searches.
  6. Isn't there one too where he is an oven and he's holding a turkey?
  7. Not sure if there is anything new in this but:
  8. I immediately thought if this one - which is disturbing on the same level: http://youtu.be/AllvRF1luLM
  9. I know! Every time I hear it all I can picture is Dudley Do-Right!
  10. That catheter commercial used to play here ALL the time on multiple stations. Granted I live in Florida in a retirement zone, but do that many people really use catheters?
  11. No doubt this is a popular show. I have a feeling that with the survey they are trying to make sure exactly what people like about the show so they don't make changes that kill it.
  12. Just a note: After checking with @Fabricationary - the title of this thread has been modified and the "ugly stepchild" reference has been removed. In no way was that to be taken to indicate that Vancouver is an "ugly" place to live or visit. We like to have something funny or witty after the show name in our titles. If anyone has any suggestions for this one please post here or send me a private message.
  13. Yes, her facial expressions and hand gestures are what I found interesting about her way back. I'll have to re-watch the two seasons to see the differences.
  14. What's with these people that absolutely must stay in their current neighborhood? Often times I feel more sorry for David for only this alone. I know moving can be a painful process and there are school zone and commuting issues, but I'd love to see an episode where the people would be happy to start fresh in a new area.
  15. Probably by default with lack of anyone better in the running. Or it could be $$$$ and/or threats, just saying.
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