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  1. When Jimmy got out of the car to talk to the three chuckleheads at the end, I noticed that his track suit was just like Steve Austin's in the Six Million Dollar Man. When he started running away, I half expected to it to be in slow motion with the cha-cha-cha-cha sound. I am probably just old, but I am going to give Gilligan props for a wardrobe shout-out to my favorite show as a youngster.
  2. Not only is Kevin Rayburn the dumbest person on the planet, but now he has produced a child. That poor child had no chance at all.
  3. Mykelti was raised by Christine, who believes that everyone outside their little religious bubble is "dangerous" or "unsafe." That is what probably brings on Mykelti's need to be protected. She's been told from Day 1 that outsiders want to break up her family and thus always needs to feel protected.
  4. To MzLiz, that was my thought exactly. Kate will think she sexed her boyfriend to death because this show believes that fat people should be shamed. If a box of cookies is opened, even though the family has two skinny boys who are just as likely to have opened it, it must be the fat girl that did it, even though her tummy hurts because of appendicitis. But mommy, who believes daddy is holding their parenting down to a nine, says fat girl has a tummy ache because of eating cookies while daddy, the one holding them back, mind you, actually feels her head and says she is warm. Perfect mommy just
  5. Best moment of the episode for me... Someone asks what scallops are and smug-ass Jessa, thinking she knows more than everyone, says they are like onions. No, honey. You are thinking of shallots, not scallops. She just said it like she was so sure of herself that I almost pissed myself trying not to laugh out loud because Mrs. Snark won't let me make fun of the Duggars.
  6. When they were all trying to describe hip-hop, I was totally expecting one of them to whisper... "It's the devil's music." You know it's what they were all thinking because they've been taught that anything that doesn't originate from the TTH is the devil's work and is to be avoided at all costs.
  7. I think that, for the Browns' situation, it's OK for Aspyn to move back onto the compound because she is still in school and, therefore, still able to be claimed as a tax deduction. Mykelti, on the other hand, is no longer a student and serves no financial purpose at home. Instead, KoDouche offers her up to the pawn shop owner he owes money to so she can work off the family debt. Mykelti, in turn, flips KoDouche the bird and says "Fuck this. I'm marrying the first guy that comes around."
  8. Kody was positively giddy about the thought that Baby Sister might be born at the end of December. "That way, you don't have to pay for her the whole year, but you get the tax deduction for the whole year." Which is probably the REAL reason why the divorce from Meri and the legal marriage to Robyn. Meri has only Mariah as a tax deduction. Now that Robyn's kids are officially adopted by Kody, there are five tax deductions. Bleed that beast, baby.
  9. Few things about Meri here. Just watched the episode where she explained her involvement with this "evil person." Not one mention from either herself or from any one of the rest of the Browns that Meri's intention in this whole matter was to cheat on Kody. If, like they claim, they are still "spiritually" married, Meri's intention, before she found out this "man" was a woman, was to meet up with him and have a relationship. And yet, Meri refuses to accept responsibility for that decision. It's all this "evil person's" fault. No honey. You wanted some strange. You got caught. That's why you are
  10. Four words... Prom Night Dumpster Baby
  11. I liked this character better when his name was Josey Wales.
  12. So... correct me if I am wrong because I binged and may have the timeline screwed up, but something's screwy. Suzanne goes batshit crazy and beats another inmate within an inch of her life and is somehow able to be among the general population as if nothing happened. Lolly, meanwhile, is innocently sitting in a box, holding a potato, thinking she's going to go back in time and is put in the psych ward, albeit she did admit she killed a guy weeks before. It seems to me that Suzanne should have been placed in the SHU or Psych after her physical altercation, even though the guards practically for
  13. Let me put this show in perspective. Poppy from Frasier is the SMART ONE in this family.
  14. When Brad Garrett was running through the woods, I was kind of hoping that a bull would be loose from a farm and gore him in the ass. Oops, sorry. Upper thigh.
  15. I really wish they would have had Gacy dress up as Twisty the Clown from Freak Show. Would have been a nice call-out to the only decent character from last season. I guess maybe Murphy wants to forget all about that season, too.
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