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  1. I mean.. It doesn't matter what age you are, your voice still matters. I still stand by my point though that the party of "tolerance" can be just as judgmental. I guess it is hard to vocalize properly.. I am a lesbian.. 32 years old, and I am supposed to fit into this box which I don't. I see my peers defending other religions to their bones, but, mocking Christianity daily. Barking about racism, then using slang and derogatory terms to make fun of a certain host. So much, it is scary. It really is. I guess I am just happy enough to think for myself and never tow to party lines. I see Rosie a
  2. Yeah, Polly only played Rose's sister one time and no other roles. (She also annoyed the hell out of me on that episode) Anne Haney was in 'The Operation' as the patient with breast cancer. She also only appeared once. Maybe you are thinking of Geraldine Fitzgerald?? She appeared in 2 episodes. The Mothers Day episode where she meets Rose at the bus station, and she played Sophia's friend Martha who wanted to commit suicide. "You still wanna live kid!" ugh..
  3. I don't really care about what a site is called as long as it's informative. The women I have researched on my own from that site have been legit though.
  4. I just don't understand how so many people get "outraged" over the most idiotic things. Bet your bottom dollar though if people started bitching about Muslims praying these same people would be the first to defend them. Foaming at the mouth and all. It's the plain hatred of Christianity, plain and simple.(Oh and yes.. I understand) Like I said before, I have no religion, but, I am so tired of listening to people claiming to be so offended by every damn thing. Must be nice to have such a great life, where simply seeing a group of people praying offends you. There are SO many real atrocities
  5. I think poor Priscilla has not a clue about pretty much everything.
  6. Oh yeah Whoopi.. I'm sure people are asking you why aren't you praying over your food.. Tripping over people praying?? For hells sake! I am not religious at all, but seriously?? You have become so ridiculous.. Stick to movies bitch because you are not the end all in the conversation. bitch bitch bitch. fuck her.
  7. Granted.. Granted! I think it's just because her case got sooooo much coverage. I feel the same way about Casey Anthony. Mariam Soulakiotis..Charlene Gallego..Ella Holdridge.. This list is pretty 'cool' for that kind of thing.. http://unknownmisandry.blogspot.com/
  8. Jodi Arias is soooo boring. Baffles how her case got so much attention.
  9. Rue was great on Sordid Lives. God I miss that show.
  10. This comment isn't related to the Ray Rice incident, but, I would so much rather someone clock me than for them to hock a loogie in my mouth or eyes. Whether or not hitting someone is the proper way to handle it is on a case to case basis.
  11. Just wanted to add that I know nothing about this Ray Rice story and my previous comments were solely based on getting back what you give. Holy Lithgow beard!! He was rocking it out though. He creeped me out when I was a kid, but, he majorly grew on me after Dexter. Haha! Go figure.
  12. At first, and then she went off like a loon. She was also rude to Jenny during the Tim McGraw discussion. Love her acting, can't stand her on this show. I really hate the double standard when it comes to hitting. I was raised that if I put my hands on someone, I better be fully ready to have someone put their hands right back onto me.
  13. I agree with what Whoopi was saying in regards to hitting, but she was being a total bitch about the whole thing and not letting anyone else talk. She is such a know it all.
  14. Jesus Camp- The whole movie. Pet Sematary- ZELDA!!
  15. It's awesome and you don't have to be high, although it helps. :p Right after the third seems to sync up best. Sorry to hear Cali went back to her old ways. That place looked awesome.
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