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  1. I was at another website which has an Arkansas section, and in a topic on Josh Duggar's arrest, someone posted this in response to another poster, who'd said "family values": "No one really cares?" Wow. Someone has really drunk the Kool-Aid.
  2. Colloidal silver is not a safe remedy. It's not only worthless, it can be dangerous. https://www.mayoclinic.org/healthy-lifestyle/consumer-health/expert-answers/colloidal-silver/faq-20058061
  3. I wonder if it bothers Jeremy that Jinger's name comes before his on the cover of their book.
  4. College? She didn't even go to high school.
  5. Almost certainly. I get a lot of those on FB and Insta. Here are some of the dead giveaways: His profile photo is of a handsome man (that he copied from someone else's site), he has a prestigious job, he's out of the country on a work assignment and he's always a widower with a child.
  6. I just watched the video and noticed a large, gray peanut-shaped object on the counter next to Jessa's bed. Does anyone know what that is?
  7. That's good to know. I wonder if she is eligible now or whether she'd have to wait until after he is tried, convicted and sent to prison?
  8. I can see how Jim Bob might be in favor of this (on the down low, of course). If Anna and Josh divorced, she might then become eligible for welfare, food stamps and Medicaid for herself and the children and thus would take some of the financial pressure off him.
  9. Kid looks like she's been hitting the bong. 😜
  10. Probably not. This is the guy who taught himself how to give Abbie manicures even before they were married because he "didn't want to pay for her to spend time with someone else."
  11. I just tried to name them all by heart but only remembered 18. The one I missed was Jennifer.
  12. Fundie Weddings: The Good, The Bad and The Fugly.
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