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  1. Did anyone else notice that, in the bachelor party scene when the guys were all sitting on the sofa, Jed had a pillow over his tee shirt? All the tees had sayings on them, like "Best Uncle Ever." Maybe Jed's said something like "Husband to Be," and he's the one in a courtship.
  2. Yes, I think it is the brows. Also, after so many pregnancies she may have had more trouble losing the baby weight.
  3. You're close. She was riding a jackass. 😄
  4. Aww, what a nice story. Thanks for sharing. I love parakeets. They are wonderful pets - cute, funny and entertaining, like having a three-ring circus in a cage.
  5. Maybe she's trying to show us that she may be still single, but she has a sense of humor and can joke about it.
  6. They chose an old-fashioned but non-Biblical name for Annabell, and they seem to prefer three-syllable names. M and J names are out because they're already taken. So I'm going to guess one of the following: Amelia Adeline Eleanor Emily Lillian Olivia Samantha
  7. I'm old, too (71), but before I saw these posts I'd never even heard of the electric slide or the cupid shuffle, let alone be able to do them. I need to get out more!
  8. Maybe they'll name her Egocentricity.
  9. Congratulations, Temperance. You called it first!
  10. Happy Birthday, ChiCricket! My mother didn't have Alzheimer's, but she was in assisted living for other health issues. A few months after I moved her there, her doctor, most likely at the recommendation of the facility's owner, started giving Mom some heavy anti-psychotic drugs that she didn't need (Haldol, Mellaril). I was not told what was going on, but I noticed that my mom was becoming more and more delusional. Once Mom cheerfully informed me that my stepfather was going to take her out to dinner when he got home from work. Another time my brother was coming up for a visit on his motorcycle (both were long dead). I didn't want to argue with her, but I did ask her as gently as I could if she realized that her mind wasn't quite right. She admitted that yes, she did realize this - but that she kind of liked it that way. Luckily I was able to get Mom off the drugs and into a better care facility, but first she had to spend a few days detoxing in a psychiatric ward. (Imagine how much fun it is to get any assisted living facility to accept your mom when she's just gotten out of a psychiatric ward!) It was gratifying to me when Mom started sounding like her old self again. She lived for a few more years, but her mind was never quite the same after that.
  11. If the oral sex is from Josiah, I'd rather keep the diamonds, thank you. 😉
  12. "Pubic" school? Is that where they teach sex education? 😄 No wonder the Duggars are against it.
  13. At first glance I thought Joy's t-shirt said, "Pardon My Dumb."
  14. Is it a coincidence that the book Anna's reading to her kids is about a pair of mallards who are looking for a place to raise their eight ducklings? I think not.
  15. Here's a new name for the Duggalos' spawn: "Publicity." 😄 Somebody posted that on Facebook, I thought it was brilliant and I just had to share.
  16. I had a weird Duggar dream last night. It took place in the big house. I was going from room to room looking for a bathroom that wasn't occupied. Finally I found one. I had just sat down when a man dressed in workmen's clothes opened the door and walked in carrying a vase and some red roses. Startled, I cried out "Can't you see someone is in here?" He just ignored me, walked past me and started arranging the flowers in the vase. I got up and left. Out in the living room, I saw Michelle and decided to lodge a complaint. She gave me a pre-printed form to fill out but seemed unconcerned about what had happened. Meanwhile, I noticed one of the babies hanging onto the side of a sofa and dancing. The kid had moves! He also was beating out a rhythm with miniature drumsticks, and he was quite good. Then I woke up and went to the bathroom. Thankfully no one was in there arranging flowers. 😊
  17. ChiCricket, I am so sorry. You're right, this virus is no joking matter. Joy and Austin are tone-deaf, or maybe it's because they've been sheltered from the real world all their lives.
  18. I was the first to call it. Yay, me! 😊
  19. I found a four-pack of toilet paper at the grocery store the other day, and it felt like winning the lottery! 😊
  20. Personally, I like them lightly steamed or roasted. *desperately trying to stay on topic* I don't think Jinger would eat brussels sprouts because they're like cabbage - they make you gassy, and that causes bloating. If she did eat them, I'm sure she would use an air fryer because that would cut calories.
  21. Someone on Reddit posted that saying Grace Annette out loud makes it sound like "Raisinette." 😊
  22. My heart goes out to those of you that have frail, elderly parents with dementia. That is so hard, especially at the holidays.
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