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  1. ShowsILoveToHate

    Little Women: LA

    Ugh. 🙄 I'm hate-watching too! I don't want to sound insensitive, but hasn't Terra ever watched the show "Little People, Big World"??? Poor Zach went through so much when he was a young child, including a few shunt surgeries. As a mom, she needs to take the drama down a notch and get a little stronger so that she can deal with all of the things that may happen to her kids while they're growing up. I really hope that she acts calmer in front of the kids. And I can't stand that high-pitched crying/speaking thing that she does. 😵
  2. ShowsILoveToHate

    The Enemy Within

    I could be totally wrong here, but I think the daughter is in on something, with the mother. In the scene tonight where they let her meet with her daughter, and the flashbacks to when she went to her daughter's school, both times she said the word "beautiful" to the daughter; at the school, after mouthing "I love you", she then, a beat or two, mouthed "beautiful". Then tonight when the daughter first sat down, the mother said "You're so big! Um, I mean, beautiful!!!". And then of course the "hat" references: "When I was in jail and we were so cold, they'd often give us extra socks. But all I wanted was a *hat*". And then they show us last week's scene where the mother dropped the hat on the ground, and evidently the daughter picked it up because she had it in her bedroom and got it out and found the note. There's got to be more to that note than just face value. It's code for something. I think that the daughter is another worker for Tal, or was being trained to work with her mother, for Tal. I'd think wonder if that was really her own daughter, except for the fact that the FBI/CIA do in-depth background checks, and they'd know whether she had a daughter or not. Or, I'm just imagining that these things have any meaning at all. LOL Oh, and I do think that we're going to find out that whatever her name is, the mother, was/is MUCH more trained than just what they claim she did. I don't think that everything that she observes, the glancing around, is just for dramatic effect.
  3. ShowsILoveToHate

    S17.E01 : Auditions (1)

    I like Tyler (the tall country singer who works in the "awl" {oil} field). Beautiful voice, no sob story, nice guy. Just talent.
  4. ShowsILoveToHate

    Worst Cooks In America

    Thank you for the link! According to her blog, she "can't wait to fill" us in on everything, after the show ends, including why she was never without her fanny pack. Good grief. 🙄
  5. ShowsILoveToHate

    Worst Cooks In America

    Did I miss in the beginning of the season why Allison wears a fanny pack all the time? I'm assuming something like she has asthma and keeps her inhaler with her....??? I would've picked Brett over Allison.
  6. ShowsILoveToHate

    S06E01 Dr. Hans Koehler

    Every other season, I feel like I'm watching an entirely different show. I love James Spader and will probably watch this season. I'm surprised this show is still on, when so many other good shows get cancelled after only 1 season.
  7. ShowsILoveToHate

    S06.E10: Man Overboard

    That freaks me out a little more, each time I see it. :(
  8. ShowsILoveToHate

    S05.E04: It's Her Kid

    I remember reading that the showrunner Pete Nowalk knew that it'd be one of K5 who died; he hadn't made his final decision until it was closer to him writing the actual episode, but he knew enough to tell VD that her acting should reflect how AK would feel upon learning that someone that she cared about VERY much was going to die. I have no doubt that it's the same situation now; VD might not know yet who dies at the wedding, but the writers do, or at least have it narrowed down, and so they told her to what degree to show grief and anguish. KWIM?
  9. ShowsILoveToHate

    Little Life On The Prairie

  10. ShowsILoveToHate


    Just watched tonight's episode, and I could swear that I've seen the bride Devlyn and her fiancé Brock, on another show. The redneck Survivor type show....??? I forget the name of it, but I think that a former wrestler dude was the host of it. Does this couple seem familiar to anyone else?? Mr. ShowsILoveToHate said that they seem familiar to him, too. Hmmm.....
  11. ShowsILoveToHate

    S01.E03: Stained Glass

    Does anyone know why this episode isn't available on OnDemand? We just found this show and were able to watch eps 1 & 2 OnDemand, then it goes to Ep 4 (which we recorded last night). Thanks!
  12. ShowsILoveToHate

    The Staircase

    Good point! My husband and I have watched a few episodes, and you're right! The theme of that show is very similar to this one, in that it goes back and takes another look at cases where the defendant has been found guilty. I'd follow that forum if one was made.
  13. ShowsILoveToHate

    The Staircase

    I'm interested in the podcast. What I hated the most about this documentary was all of the time devoted to MP's blathering on and on about himself, and his self-importance.
  14. ShowsILoveToHate

    The Staircase

    I just finished watching the second-to-last, and last episodes; in the second-to-last episode when the family is gathered around discussing whether Michael should decide to go to trial a second time, or to go for a plea deal, he said something like "....well, if I take a plea deal, I'm guilty, and I'm certainly not going to let Candace have my book money....". So apparently he was planning on writing a book all about this. Ugh, I'm so glad to be done with this guy. I'd seen this story in years past on various shows, and after watching so many episodes, I had to see it through to the end. By the way, I LOVED Candace's speech in the court room.
  15. ShowsILoveToHate

    David Cassidy: The Last Session (A&E)

    I really want to watch the documentary but I don't think that I want to ruin my memories of him. I thought he was so adorable, and I loved his voice. I can still hear every song in my head, all of these years later. I had a life-sized poster of David on the back on my bedroom door when I was a kid. lol I saw him twice in concert, and I remember that one of the concerts was right after he had his gall bladder removed, and we could his bandages underneath his white jumpsuit. Was he on Celebrity Apprentice? I think I remember some of the other castmates, the men, treating him badly. Then again, there was some ignorant person who also was mean to George Takei. People can be real jerks. Thanks to everyone for posting about the documentary, and about your personal experiences. :)