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  1. I just reported it, after reading it. Ridiculous! They’re both losers. Jay will be fine if he goes back to Jamaica. Blah. Why do I watch these trashy shows. Because they are SHOWS I LOVE TO HATE!!! 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣
  2. ShowsILoveToHate

    S04.E03: Cannes You Cook?

    Well I’ll be the lone fan of Hannah. I don’t like everything she’s ever done, especially last season, but I generally like her. I like Kate, too. I couldn’t stand Mila from the start, and she keeps getting worse and worse. I’m sure she’s not long for this show. Joao is working hard this season so far, and seems to be working hard to get along with his crew, and everyone, actually. Anastasia is a gem. Ayesha seems very intelligent, but somewhat immature. I’d bet that she uses a bit more discretion as she gets a little older. She’s sweet, though. I still like Colin. I’m liking Captain Sandy a lot more this season. The other deck crew members, I keep getting their names mixed up. Long-haired guy looks better when he’s not speaking. Short-haired guy seems fine so far. Capt. Sandy’s friend that’s the main guest on this charter is a bit over the top with her vaginal/orgasmic talk, but I’ve known of her for years now. She and her sister, who is also a doctor, used to be on Good Morning America and other shows, for medical segments. That bleached-blonde guest was really annoying.
  3. ShowsILoveToHate

    Breaking Homicide

    My husband and I have been watching from the beginning. I know that last season the work that he did led to at least one resolution to a murder in Rhode Island. Google “Michelle Norris” and “Central Falls Rhode Island”. But I agree with you; updates from the show would be great.
  4. I finally had a chance to go back and see it. It was worth it. LOL This is literally what Pole looked like!!!!!!
  5. Where is this preview?? I'm laughing already and I haven't seen it yet!!! 😂
  6. ShowsILoveToHate

    7 Little Johnstons

    I saw Elizabeth’s Etsy page for her art work. This is currently the only item available, but I’m pretty surprised that she’s selling this item for $40!! It’s really cute, but it’s small (26” x 2”), and not really what I’d consider “art”. If she is able to sell that sign for that much money, then more power to her, I guess!! lol 🥳 P.S. I circled the item that’s for sale because at first glance, I thought the background which I guess is her easel, was the actual art! Abstract art with a cute summer theme. 😂😂😂
  7. ShowsILoveToHate

    Mama June: From Not To Hot

    I think that Geno definitely is a bad guy, just based on the verbal abuse alone. Whether they showed us those clips or not, they happened. I agree that the show is trying to save MJs reputation (as much as she has one to save), but Geno is still a disgusting human being who has been nasty to June, and don’t forget the long sleeves that he and Big Mike have to wear because of their offensive tattoos. It’s been so sad to see her daughters crying over the situation. Go Lauren! for stepping up to the plate and getting temporary custody of Alana. She seems to have the most common sense out of all of them, and the ability to see the bigger picture. I’m not someone who curses unless I stub my toe or something, but damn when that freak Jennifer opened her nasty, foul mouth about knowing that she knew June was “trash all along” I cursed out loud at my tv! She’s got the most inflated/bloated sense of superiority that I’ve seen in a long time. Self-esteem is one thing, but speaking as if she’s this ultra pure and proper lady is so ridiculous. Does she think that anyone actually likes her or agrees with her?! I can’t stand Sugar Bear but I was relieved that he didn’t give Lauren a hard time about temp custody, especially considering their past almost-brawl. Jennifer needs a fist in her face to shut her up. Figuratively, not literally. Oh, and I think that Geno got MJ onto hard drugs. Not saying that she didn’t do drugs, but crack is a whole other level. And from what I understand, one of the hardest addictions to overcome. For Alana and Lauren’s sake, I hope she’s one of the ones who makes it.
  8. ShowsILoveToHate

    Good Girls

    I don’t think that there’s any (realistic) way that Rio can be alive. They showed us Beth as never before; when Rio took the hood off of her she was so angry and so scared out of her mind; her mascara was running and her eyes were red. She was furious with Rio. Beth is usually shown maintaining her composure in even the most bizarre situations. And she knew that she was going to be ok legally, because of what had transpired that day, with Boomer showing up alive at the police station. Rio was really nasty too, TELLING Beth that Turner was her problem. TELLING her what to do. Then when she wasn’t going to shoot him, Rio was all “Give me the gun, bitch!” That put her over the edge and when he tried to grab the gun she shot him. What was it, twice or three times? When Turner dialed 9-1- on Rio’s cell phone, all Rio had to do was agree to owe him a favor. Instead of instantly agreeing (I thought that he’d be thinking of his son and not want to die!), he just laughs as he’s gurgling and drowning in his own blood. I think that the writers wanted to show us that Rio really did not have any redeeming qualities and really was the nasty thug that he’s been basically portrayed as. Even very bad people can have family and kids that never see that side of them. The show showing us Rio as a loving father with a fastidiously organized house didn’t mean anything; again, psychopaths usually have different sides to their personalities. With all of that blood pouring out of his mouth, and where those shots were in his chest, he’d only have a small chance of surviving if he DID immediately agree with Turner. But he didn’t, so..... I love the actor but not the character, especially now. So I hope that Rio is dead. For real.
  9. ShowsILoveToHate

    Little Women: LA

    Ugh. 🙄 I'm hate-watching too! I don't want to sound insensitive, but hasn't Terra ever watched the show "Little People, Big World"??? Poor Zach went through so much when he was a young child, including a few shunt surgeries. As a mom, she needs to take the drama down a notch and get a little stronger so that she can deal with all of the things that may happen to her kids while they're growing up. I really hope that she acts calmer in front of the kids. And I can't stand that high-pitched crying/speaking thing that she does. 😵
  10. ShowsILoveToHate

    The Enemy Within

    I could be totally wrong here, but I think the daughter is in on something, with the mother. In the scene tonight where they let her meet with her daughter, and the flashbacks to when she went to her daughter's school, both times she said the word "beautiful" to the daughter; at the school, after mouthing "I love you", she then, a beat or two, mouthed "beautiful". Then tonight when the daughter first sat down, the mother said "You're so big! Um, I mean, beautiful!!!". And then of course the "hat" references: "When I was in jail and we were so cold, they'd often give us extra socks. But all I wanted was a *hat*". And then they show us last week's scene where the mother dropped the hat on the ground, and evidently the daughter picked it up because she had it in her bedroom and got it out and found the note. There's got to be more to that note than just face value. It's code for something. I think that the daughter is another worker for Tal, or was being trained to work with her mother, for Tal. I'd think wonder if that was really her own daughter, except for the fact that the FBI/CIA do in-depth background checks, and they'd know whether she had a daughter or not. Or, I'm just imagining that these things have any meaning at all. LOL Oh, and I do think that we're going to find out that whatever her name is, the mother, was/is MUCH more trained than just what they claim she did. I don't think that everything that she observes, the glancing around, is just for dramatic effect.
  11. ShowsILoveToHate

    S17.E01 : Auditions (1)

    I like Tyler (the tall country singer who works in the "awl" {oil} field). Beautiful voice, no sob story, nice guy. Just talent.
  12. ShowsILoveToHate

    Worst Cooks In America

    Thank you for the link! According to her blog, she "can't wait to fill" us in on everything, after the show ends, including why she was never without her fanny pack. Good grief. 🙄
  13. ShowsILoveToHate

    Worst Cooks In America

    Did I miss in the beginning of the season why Allison wears a fanny pack all the time? I'm assuming something like she has asthma and keeps her inhaler with her....??? I would've picked Brett over Allison.
  14. ShowsILoveToHate

    S06E01 Dr. Hans Koehler

    Every other season, I feel like I'm watching an entirely different show. I love James Spader and will probably watch this season. I'm surprised this show is still on, when so many other good shows get cancelled after only 1 season.
  15. ShowsILoveToHate

    S06.E10: Man Overboard

    That freaks me out a little more, each time I see it. :(