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  1. Ok, after hearing Sandy saying (again) that she could/should've fire Hannah, is this correct? Or is Hannah hired/fired by Bravo? I mean if something egregious happened and Hannah was the cause, that's one thing. But conflict of personalities?? I've read both ways; Sandy CAN fire Hanna, and Sandy CANNOT fire Hannah. Does anyone know definitively?? Thanks!
  2. I watched the 3-part documentary about Grant on the History Channel this past week. There were so many actual photos of Grant as a young man that I had never seen before. By Part 2 of the documentary it occurred to me that Adam looks a lot like Grant did! Once I saw it, I couldn't un-see Adam when they showed Grant (the pics of real Grant, not the actor). I tried to find some photos that showed them both in similar poses or facial expressions but it was difficult to find many.
  3. Very good article! I agree with the author’s opinion about each of the crew, and how this show should move forward.
  4. I don’t know why they used white-out on the name of the college when they clearly showed it when they went for orientation. 🤷‍♀️
  5. I loved seeing Turtle perform again because sometimes I’m not really paying attention while the show is on. He has an outstanding voice!!! 🥰🥰🥰🥰 I forgot how well he performed “Fix You”. 🥰
  6. They have the next episode OnDemand called “That’s Cringey”. I watched it, and I have a lot to say, but I’m not sure if that’s ok to do, yet. Would talking about the next episode be considered a spoiler? If someone could let me know, I’d appreciate it! 😎
  7. I’m really disappointed with these recent episodes. There are only 3 episodes left; how are they getting to point Z by zig-zagging all over the place and wasting time with these stupid extraneous characters muddling it all up?! I want the main characters’ stories to be tied up, as much as possible. We’ve invested a few years with these people. Some of them are our “friends”. Let some of them live happily ever after. Give us a decent SERIES ENDING, please!!!! I’m seriously starting to feel like they’re going to Lost this ending, IYKWIM. They’re ruining this series for me. Ok, vent over. 😒
  8. I only got as far as these scenes above. I literally lost it when I saw that newborn tiger being dragged across the dirt by a hook, while hearing Joe yelling to the cameraman to "get up by her ass. I think another one's gonna come out". It's something that I wish I hadn't seen. I guess I'm uninformed, but I always thought there were laws against animal abuse. And what I saw, was absolutely animal abuse. As for the humans, they can pretty much all drop dead. Or, get eaten by hungry tigers.
  9. Good episode, but what timing by showing it this week! I liked that the actor who plays Bull spoke before the episode started, saying that this was filmed months ago. Like I said, good episode, except it was too easy to figure it out.
  10. I was coming here to post exactly this!! I think they lowered the volume on the laugh track, too, because I heard it, but it was in the background. I’m so glad this show is starting to get comfortable in its own skin (for lack of a better description. Lol).
  11. Does anyone know what the "Watch Party" version of last week's episode is??? My DVR is set to record it tonight and I have no idea what it is. Thanks!
  12. I enjoyed this special. It was nice to see the gang again. I don't mind the little boy, I think he's adorable. What a wonderful thing to do for the woman with terminal cancer. As a mom, her first and last thoughts will be of the well-being of her daughter, after she's gone. The couple is giving her a wonderful gift in her time of need. I'm guessing that this isn't coming back as a series again since there was no mention of it.
  13. I’m still really liking this show. This episode was different due to the lack of singing, but I loved seeing the different dynamics between many of them. I hope that they bring Marissa Jared-Winokour (Sp?) and the actor who played her husband back in a recurring role.
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