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  1. SharonH58

    Media for Shooter

    First USA canceled Colony and now they've canceled Shooter!
  2. I am over this show. It's now all about the 'sad story' of the contestants. And I am tired of the same comments. "X failed on this obstacle last time, he's too tall, too small, too heavy, too light." I have to mute it a lot and I don't enjoy it any more.
  3. SharonH58

    S03.E02: Puzzle Man

    I don't trust the Dispatch woman. When Broussard finally gets a 'passenger' they end up dead and she shows up ? Everyone died but her? The kid was able tell her where he is? No.
  4. SharonH58

    S03.E01: Maquis

    Great start to the new season. I like the new location and Snyder is my fave weasel. :) He is great. I like that they were organized and had a plan, Wonder what is up with these walking drone things that they like Will? Maybe instead of patrolling it was really protecting them?
  5. SharonH58

    S04.E05: Laura

    I am really enjoying this season and I stopped watching after season 1. I love John Dorie. Garrett Dillahunt is great. I loved seeing his backstory and how he meet "Laura". I hope she isn't dead and she doesn't turn out to be a jerk to him. He is such a sweet guy.
  6. SharonH58

    S02.E19: Capacity

    So how is Audrey Frost such a great friend of the Prez so fast? She needs a bullet. I like the idea that Hannah/Jackie Bauer's firing was a ruse. and why why why did the Prez pick some woman he had just met to be his VP? She was quick is jump on the 25th amendment bandwagon. Sorry, I don't forgive that fast. You are all fired! (and no, that was NOT a trump reference!) :)
  7. SharonH58

    S03.E01: Enter the Phoenix

    I was really enjoying the first warrior woman they showed during the beginning and saying I like how this show has capable women - then she's dead! Why is MK always needing rescue?
  8. SharonH58

    S04.E01: What's Your Story?

    I gave up FTWD after season 1 as I hated everyone. But i gave this episode a try since Morgan was joining. I hate what WD did to his character. I enjoyed John Dory and Al. Not so much looking at Morgan's shoes. WD thinks it's filming is artsy and it isn't. I hope I can stand the regular FTWD people.
  9. SharonH58

    S08.E16: Wrath

    I watched the last 2 episodes back to back so forgive any overlapping. So - are they trying to show Negan wasn't so bad because Simon killed all those people? Oceanside and Garbage? And they had Negan say he killed Abe because he didn't want to kill a father in front of his son? BS. And why isn't that stupid bat burned?? It is fireproof like Negan is bulletproof? I agree with above people, why banish Dwight (and maybe it was only Daryl's idea) when Negan gets to live? Dwight helped you! Oh that's right. Rick kills people now that help him and when he says he won't. But not Negan! His BFF. Why is Aaron so helpless? I laughed every time he fell over. Now he can't find food or water on his own? Those woman should have left him out there. I am sick of everyone on this show. Only good part was Dead long hair talking to Morgan. I got a good laugh from that too. I still hate Eugene.
  10. SharonH58

    S08.E15: Worth – Pre-Air Speculation And Live Chat

    I hope they put a bullet in Eugene's head but I know that is wishful thinking
  11. The Walking Dead still gotta mean something, right? No it stopped at the Alexandria gate.
  12. I want to thank the brave women and men who watch this show live and comment. We salute you!
  13. SharonH58

    S08.E01: Mercy

    I like Dwight, he did good on his part of the plan. Of course dick, Daryl put this arrow in a bike tire. I too have no clue on firing high into the building breaking windows. Tara I don't like. Did she think zombie can stick to a time table? I liked stealthy Daryl. The muslin guy made no sense so either he will "save the day" or "screw everyone over". Standard WD writing.
  14. SharonH58

    S08.E01: Mercy

    I actually like that better than what we are getting
  15. SharonH58

    S08.E01: Mercy - Pre-Air Speculation and Live Chat

    commercials are very preachy and rah rah. The world is ours! Ah, no. You can't run one town. Or prison.