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  1. I actually eat those all the time. I take them out of the pouch and grill them (yes I know it defeats the purpose of having it in the pouch) and mix it with Jasmine rice and veggies. It's not that bad when I need to make something quick for lunch the next day.
  2. Honestly, I understand how Nicole was addicted to fast food. I was addicted it for many years but eventually grew out of it by wanting to make healthier choices. I have weight and body image issues as well. I'm overweight but I make an effort to work out, eat fruits and veggies and retrain my brain to not want fast food 24/7. If Nicole was serious about making an effort to eat healthy, she would have done so by taking baby steps. Start out with no soda...then smaller portions, no French fries etc. It's a process. Did they ever show her eating healthy at all during her weight loss?
  3. Where to begin? There were so many gems: 1. Nicole is ONLY 23???!!!!!! I'm ten years older than her but how is it possible she looks older than me? I was thinking she was in her early 40s. 2. The white trash of it all. Living in squalor, drug use, swearing, drinking etc all around those little kids! 3. The disgusting, trash bucket meat loaf. What a gourmet meal that was. Nicole really outdid herself. 4. Charlie the slack jawed yokel: He really proves the saying that there is a lid for every pot. You can tell he loves Nicole. That's my say someth
  4. I shall refer to the Seewalds as Benessa and Spank (SPurgeon and HANK). I'm sorry but Henry Wilberforce Seewald? Henry Wilberforce????!!! Wtf!
  5. Sebastian Swammerdam Seewald and I'm stickin' to it for now. They can call him 'Bash' for short. Spurge and Bash Seewald. Next blessing will be a girl and they'll name her Sassafras Seewald. Sassy Seewald. Love it. It sounds like a cereal for elderly folks.
  6. Baby name prediction: Tozer Finley Seewald, Felix Oswald Seewald, Sebastian Swammerdam Seewald Maybe the last one was a bit overkill?
  7. A young married couple who have babies. Earth shattering. Whatever the new baby's name is, it can't be any worse than Spurgeon.
  8. I wonder if Jessa Not-so-Blessa would ever be caught dead wearing her mother's maternity wear complete with the clown collars? What if Bin insisted Jessa dress more frumpy with less skin tight shirts? Jessa would have to submit to Bin's modesty standards.
  9. More like 10 years ago. I don't consider it a cover of Hall & Oats. It just shares the same song title but sounds nothing like the original and doesn't share any of the original lyrics other than "She's a maneater. "
  10. It's funny because John has always seemingly gotten a pass from the media and law enforcement. However, his handwriting greatly resembled the ransom note but for some reason he was excluded as a match. There is a handwriting sample out there of his and looks eerily similar to the note. As for justice for JonBenet, the Ramseys, their wealthy Atlanta and Michigan friends just want this to go away. It's an inconvenience to them which is why there has been no justice. Sweep it under the rug. Only the ones who dare to speak out (Judith Phillips or the Whites) are considered the
  11. Tozer sounds like something you'd name a pit bull. It's hideous so of course Bin and Jessa Not-so-Blessa would consider it. How else could they set them themselves apart as God's preshus s'neauflakes? Spurgeon sounds like some sort of undiscovered species of squid.
  12. I have to agree about Michelle being jealous of Jana. I've always thought it was because Jana , being the first born daughter, was the first female that competed for Jim Bob's attention. Another theory of mine is that Jana is a better mother to all of those kids than Michelle ever was/will be and Michelle, in her Xanax haze is very aware of this.Jana's very nurturing and kind while Michelle barely acknowledges or engages with any of the kids.
  13. Dr. Jill, Medicine Woman™ includes the following accessories : Striped Maxi skirt, glasses (to make her look smart), a Bible, and tator tot casserole. Meth head husband sold separately.
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