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  1. I actually assumed that it was! Oh well, his loss if so. Still processing the ending of the entire show, but 99!
  2. For once I agree with Ken Pursuit. She has always said how much she loved playing Mia and how she'd love to come back, she was talking about it at least as recently as June. And whilst that could have been just talk, it clearly wasn't. Turning up at SA's Heels premiere should have been another clue. Re the canaries, I think if they were going to be in it they'd have been announced with the rest. Even though neither Dinah or Laurel are the Arrowverse's best version BC is still a big comics name.
  3. Were they deliberately trying to make it sound like an ad for Oliver's new IT Girl with benefits? "work closely with Oliver Queen" "occasionally break the rules" "schedule must be flexible" "seeking an individual to follow directions without question and handle sensitive requests, discretion is key to this position." attn Felicity Smoak. I know it's mostly haha, he's the Arrow but it's also a creepy "extra special role" ad.
  4. It's taken them nearly two years to film S3, so it better be epic. ;) I'm going to have to do a rewatch to remember how they resolved the Kelly thing. Admiral Victor Garber, Admiral Ted Danson, Admiral Kelly Hu, Admiral Ron Canada all at once. That's a lot of admirals and they aren't even Evil Admirals.
  5. I've kind of been assuming that's half the reason they're using Mia (beyond tying up a couple of loose ends, general GAness and KM being willing and eager to come back) that they want a next generation team up as they did with FTA. I think they'd also like to use the kids in this big crossover guest star palooza. Of course it might also depend on if she's in just the one ep or more.
  6. I don't know if some of the actual actors are that cheap, even if many of them don't have expensive special effects. It looks like for the most part (apart from JL) they avoided anyone who's the lead or supporting character of an ongoing Arrowverse show due to scheduling conflicts and possible covid complications. I also assume that MB having just finished Supergirl, isn't keen to hang around and do guest spots on this "not a crossover but actually a crossover" arc. It's possibly still more of a novelty for Cress Williams to crossover and I really liked his scenes in COIE so lookin
  7. Mia (and Ray and Damien) are returning for the Flash "5 episode event". Hopefully this might mean we at least hear she rescued William from his forever kidnapping. This also makes me wonder if they might try another LOT type show for a legacies team up with Mia, Nora, Bart and Ryan Choi, although it would be expensive and been there, done that for this point in the Arrowverse. https://deadline.com/2021/08/the-flash-lineup-of-superheroes-villains-revealed-for-5-part-season-8-launch-event-1234821825/
  8. Allegedly, very allegedly CB walked because this wasn't the pilot she was promised when she signed on. I can see why she didn't want to wait around another year to see if they could retool it a bit. The CW has done that with several shows that never ended up seeing the light of day, although they did change a lot of the casts in that case. Having read the leaked script (which apparently was also changed a lot) I can't say I would have much interest in this show. I hate it when the "dark, gritty" blah blah blah reboot trashes the original to score points they haven't actually earned yet,
  9. I have no idea what they're actual relationship was like and lord knows they've both said and done some publicly idiotic stuff and you can't read too much into con photo ops, but that doesn't look like #familyreunited. In other Olicity Goodies news it's always interesting to see the differences between the script page and the actual scenes. I thought most of the changed dialogue worked better in the finished version and obviously you can see where SA and EBR took a dry script page and (with the directors and everyone else) ran with it. To pick out one of the more controversial moments, I
  10. It doesn't have to be Galadriel, even if it's a flashback, there are still some Noldor from Valinor around in the 2nd Age, although Galadriel was the last of the leaders who was born there. It could also be a prologue showing the Age of the Trees/Noontide of Valinor. I clocked the Trees right away but they do have a habit of mimicking Tirion wherever they go (think Minas Tirith) so it could have been Numenor. I'm cautiously interested in this. But I hope it keeps it's "Tolkeinesque" spirit. I did enjoy the LOTR trilogy and liked *bits* of The Hobbit. At the risk of co
  11. I thought when I read it it lined up with Shannen Doherty's departure season 3 wise but I didn't realise it was to the day. Hehe. I haven't been watching this season but Macy used to be my favourite. Poppy, Madeleine...will Rupert be next?
  12. Title of sex tape! I'm going to miss this show! But I'm glad I'm still enjoying the majority of the episodes 7-8 seasons in, that's rare for me and I hope it goes out on a high note.
  13. I don't think her wanting to murder Kang or disagreeing with Loki was a betrayal but the kiss then zapping him to a version of the TVA was the betrayal part. Although that was indeed so obvious that Loki should have seen it coming despite his feelings for Sophie. And it is payback for all the times he betrayed his own loved ones. I completely understand why she did it and no one can say it was out of character but for me it was frustrating because if she'd been able to see an inch past instant stabification she would realise that there was a potential option 3 or 4 out there that would a
  14. War can be a consequence of free will but it's rarely everyone's will and trillions would die or be wiped from being born in a time war. But if there was any truth to the "dogma" of the TVA then a time war where the timelines fought each other almost ended up destroying *everything*. There are no timelines that didn't get affected by it. Of course we don't know if most actually lived in peace and it was just the Kangs that ended up getting killed until this one got his wish for supremacy. I don't think it justifies the TVA's brutal tactics of "pruning" branches but I don't thin
  15. Hmm....Lots of thoughts. It wasn't bad and clearly sets a LOT up for the rest of Phase 4 let alone a second season but hm...It felt really short even a season finale of a show this expansive, even if it was 40 minutes, possibly because most of it was just sitting in Kang's? office. The haunted castle aesthetic looked better up close than it did last week where it looked like a fair ground attraction. Miss Minutes popping up there to offer the "deal" was genuinely creepy. I think it's the voice that's "have a nice day, y'all" no matter what she's saying. I'm not surprised that
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