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  1. Not just Shonda. If she'd been able to back up her questionable behaviour during the period between wanting to leave Greys and actually leaving (and there were other messes at the same time that weren't her fault, that show has often been a shit show BTS) with then staring in movies that actually made money, all would have been forgiven. But she was getting paid "new Julia Roberts/Reese Witherspoon" money for movies that were flopping and getting ever more formulaic. So she sank both her TV and movie career for a time. The others yeah, they've come to realise (or at least know they should say so) that their behaviour was unacceptable. Even with things going to their heads it seems they were beyond out of control at times. So much of an actor's career is a crapshoot with the right role coming along at the right time etc but since this whole topic started with discussing potential blackballing, it shouldn't take a genius to realise if you develop a reputation for trouble or costing people money then you aren't going to be employed. They'd all worked pre Roswell. And even the highest rated WB shows had actors struggling after they finished. Although it probably was hard to see that when you're in the middle of it. Heh. I kind of love "available for parties and reboots".
  2. I think this is a better place for it: Among other gross things I saw a production assistant talk about how they used to deliberately do things like piss and shit themselves on camera to mess up takes, "accidentally" break props, turn up hours late on set hung over/drunk, and just act however they wanted any time they felt like it, sometimes making a competition out of it. I've seen someone say many of the younger cast it didn't matter because it was just a teen show about aliens as a reason for their behaviour but I don't think it can be that entirely. This wasn't all the younger actors all the time but it was many of them and the set was often a nightmare.
  3. Hah, I loved the cold open with no one being surprised because of obviously pregnant Melissa and Jake pretending twins to make Charles faint anyway. "Title of your sex tape!" "Actually the title of my sex tape is..." Gross. But I'm glad Jake and Roger are getting along more and have basically acknowledged that Roger was a crappy Dad and this is basically the best he can do and Jake (for his own sake) is making his peace with that. Having heard stories about gender reveal cakes gone wrong that was funny but tame by comparison. And I figured they'd be having a boy as soon as Roger started talking about the curse. William Wonka, heh. Poor Terry isn't really on a winning streak recently.
  4. I remember reading years ago that the entire cast were persona non grata with The WB and did not get a great reputation on account of the idiot/awful stuff they all got up to on set, causing chaos and meaning loads of retakes wasting time and money. This was from more than one source although take with the usual handful of salt. Because he had been on the still in use WB/CW "track" before then with roles in DC etc before getting a lead. Of course KH got a role in Greys but it took the others a while to have any significant roles after the show. That could also be because they were coming off a middling show on a "teen" network and there's so many actors in competition for good (or any) roles. Showrunners often cast people they've already worked with or know personally in roles partly because they like working with them, to give them a leg up and (hopefully) because they know they can be relied on to put in a decent performance.
  5. I never thought she knew because of the look of shock then understanding on EBR's face as she hears the "fake out" then we see the syringe. As for Oliver being a dick if he didn't tell her? Yeah obviously, but that's far from the first or last time that happens both "for the good of the mission" and other more person things *cough William cough* and MG has defended those. Plus if they'd worked it out before, why was the the beach scene a thing? If she already knew about it why does she bother asking if the "love declaration" was real and Oliver's face revealing it definitely was?
  6. I agree but she definitely seemed to hint that she'd had conversations to that effect, even if it was just a small possibility. The "why" is probably because they like MM and she's the right age to form a partnership of equals with Mia (assuming time travel). Maybe she will be playing her own daughter. I think they probably will since they went to the trouble of ordering an official back door pilot and not just a season 8B/9 of Arrow without Oliver. However I was surprised that they treated Sara as a time travel taxi service so lightly in the last couple of episodes when "let's contact the Waverider about this" never ever happened before and CL has said she'd be open to guest starring, MG immediately said he had ideas for Oliver and Felicity guesting and they have to have been thinking about Tommy, Moira and Quentin guesting (at least eventually) when they brought them back to life.
  7. Madison McLaughlin (Evelyn Sharpe) has also hinted that they've talked to her about reprising her role if it gets picked up. I'm assuming as a new character or time displaced Evelyn because I think they'd just hire a different actress rather than putting her in 40ish make up. I suppose this show does have the advantage of already having filmed a complete pilot along with The 100 BDP and the network doesn't have to work off a few scenes and back up scripts to decide whether to pick it up or not like some others. Also it looks like Charlie Barnett's other pilot was one of the only ones completed for NBC so if this is picked up he might not be available or only as recurring.
  8. True, although I suppose you could say it's progressive to have and LGBT and interracial love triangle on the show where usually it would have been 100% white and 100% straight the two boys would have been confined to fanfic and subtext and Michael/Maria brief and very background. I don't think much about how the show is actually written is progressive though. .I think people were worried from some of CM's and MV's interviews last season that Michael/Maria were just going to be an obvious and fairly short pitstop on the way to several seasons of Malex drama. I honestly don't think online shipping influences showrunners the way the fandoms think it does. Obviously it helps support decisions but only if they're already made. There are too many other fingers in the process and only a tiny amount of people are actually making the noise. It happens on so many adult shows both on network TV and streaming. Shonda Rhimes has built an empire on having 20-50 somethings unironically say "hospital is exactly like high school" and create sex chains at their important place of work. And she's far from the only one. As for why they could introduce a love triangle or break up Max/Liz for different love interests for a while even though the show is considering them endgame baring an actor leaving? It gives them something to do for up to 3/4/5 seasons +, creates fan reaction and articles and so many writers have no idea of how to write a couple over coming both internal and external obstacles together for multiple years. That's one reason the "stable" couple so often gets a long "trying for a baby but can't conceive" arc. Though obvious they're no where near that yet.
  9. Yeah it seemed a lot of the time CM had her fangirl hat on and not her showrunner hat. I've never seen a showrunner set up a triangle and actually have loud, passionate factions on both sides so explicitly stating her preferences in Season 1.
  10. Hmm, I love all of them. I was just on the Flash board saying I don't need a couple to be epic, meant to be soulmates and that's entirely true but they do make it very tempting with 7x22. First meeting in 1x03 otherwise none of the others would have happened. Random scene that turned into a meet cute turned into literally forever.
  11. Yeah it was a bit stupid that she instantly guessed from that. It's not like Felicity normally has a glass of wine or a tumbler of scotch or anything next to her in the middle of a mission or during the day and if scarfing chocolate is a sign of pregnancy my whole office, including the men were pregnant all at once. They wanted to carry on with the well received Felicity/Siren storyline and set up more of the redemption stuff, especially for Lost Canary. Ironically though I believe it more with E2 Laurel than with E1 LL guessing and immediately bringing food. Even though Felicity was supposed to be oh so close to Laurel before she died we barely saw it.
  12. A few shows have promised wrap ups or even just extra movies for fans that have never come together even when they've been written and many actors were on board because it's insanely difficult to schedule everything when it is no longer the actors (and others) first or only priority. Especially with Walker already going to be demanding the lion's share of Jared's attention and possibly scrambling to get the series together for an October 2020 (or mid season 2021) release date after all this. I sincerely believe everyone involved wants this show to have a proper ending rather than just ep 18 and will work extremely to try and make that happen, but even with the best will in the world it might not happen, especially with so much on going uncertainty over everything.
  13. I've seen the schedule, do we know why? SPN is ending last ep because FX can't be completed on the other previously shot ones. That's what makes the most sense considering it finished production some time ago but can often be heavy on the CGI. Unless they need to hold episodes in reserve because they have no idea when anything else it going to start filming again.
  14. If the roles were reversed Iris wouldn't have realized it wasn't Barry immediately because that's the story they feel the need to tell right now. I was going to bring up Elseworlds but @BeautifulFlower already did. Iris certainly thought a different version of Barry was her husband there for pure silly plot hijinks, here it's at least more involved. I don't really think it damages their special connection, especially he knows *something's* off and he's trying not to confront Iris about her changes and let her develop after COIE after being gaslit. Although full disclosure "soulmate status" even when writers follow it up with the correct action/plots isn't something that's important to me with any couple I like. And often is just used as a storytelling shortcut (OUAT burned me out on this), which kind of happened with this show at the end of S2 and them getting together. I like WA *inspite* of all the "meant to be" stuff but I fully understand it's other people's favourite part.
  15. I really enjoyed that. Nice to see Alex and CL getting more to do after being underused all season. I couldn't really remember how things had been left with Jeremiah and the Cadmus arc after S2 so I'll have to go back and check. I really liked how they dealt with Alex's anger, pain and grief over the whole situation with him and his death(s) and disappearances and working for an evil organisation. And as much as she adores Kara, feeling like she was always in 2nd place to her both as a daughter and a hero. And how she knew pretending to be Kara and physically solving the day in the VR wasn't actually going to solve anything. Really nice to see Eliza/Helen Slater back, it would have been nice to see Dean Cain back one last time but I'm not exactly surprised we only got a back view of VR Jeremiah. DH did a great job as fake J'onn/Hank and JR was hilarious as fake Brainy, they really amped up the cheese and clichés of the whole thing. Nia was back to blink and you'll miss her. William was okay getting closer bit by bit to the truth. I didn't mind the Luthors being entirely off screen for once at all, although Lex's shenanigans are obviously involved. AB did a great evil smirk at the end. I missed Kara more and it felt weird but better than I imagined. They might be able to work a few more Kara-less episodes in without me rioting if needs be with MB's pregnancy, which I was totally against before. Although who knows what's going to happen between that, the current shut down and writers. It was very nice to see more Kelly than usual, both as Alex's girlfriend and pushing the ON/Lex plot forward, although their relationship is still very much "there" for me neither good nor bad just flat.
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