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  1. Hmm, I'm not sure Wanda is always mostly in control of what's going on. It's clear she does have enough power to literally throw Monica out when she threatens to force her to remember things she doesn't want to but there's more to it. We also didn't see Wanda be the one to rewind Vision this time, it could have been something else. Or not. There are two sides of people who know what's going on Agnes/Herb(probably Dottie) who didn't seem overtly malevolent this ep and actually quite worried about what's going on because of Geraldine who is almost certainly trying to help Wanda and probably also because of Wanda herself. In the eps before they were definitely trying to stop Wanda and Vision from realising something was up ala the red helicopter scene. Then obviously SWORD trying to break through. I did wonder if there was going to be a twist and a set up for Wanda being an outright antagonist in Dr Strange 2 but I don't think it's that. She might have done this in her grief and doesn't care about the consequences or even if she's trapping people but she's also being used. I have a feeling Mrs Hart/Debra Jo Rupp might also play into it more. And as I said, obviously Ralph.
  2. Gods damnit it! The only thing wrong with this series is that each episode is too short! Well they've definitely got my attention now. I want to binge so badly but I'm also enjoying the suspense, especially because we know there's an end point. Confirmation that Herb is also in on it and probably every other person we've met. And he and Agnes are possibly on the opposite side to Geraldine/Monica as they don't like her arrival. Vision seems to be more than just in Wanda's head as he is independently realising something is off when she's not there. Herb just cutting through the breeze blocks like nothing was something sitcom zany but enough off kilter for Vision to notice. I definitely get the feeling that there's more to "Ralph" than the classic sitcom character we never see trope. So Wanda does have some control to expel "Geraldine" out of the distorted reality, which is actually a physical thing that's being monitored by SWORD! The red is the reality stone/aether/angry sludge right? Wanda looked seriously horror movie creepy in those ending scenes, big props to Elizabeth Olsen. Twins, Tommy and Billy. So adorable! They didn't waste any time getting through that pregnancy. I actually chuckled at a few of the jokes, very 70s though they were. "and you young lady might just have what it takes.....to be a nurse!" Wanda remembering she's a twin and Pietro being the trigger that Monica tries to get through to Wanda with the Ultron reference. It's also possible that "Geraldine" didn't remember until that moment. I loved the wacky story about Gravity Os. TP is doing a great job as well, looking forward to getting to know more about Monica. Hydra Soak, I did laugh, that's actually a good cover for them as a company, no one will suspect. The "escape to a world all your own where your problems float away" definitely points to Wanda wanting that but I still think someone else is using it for their own nefarious purposes.
  3. Some shows have an irritating habit of doing that. And actor quits/gets fired and they don't kill them off for some reason and dangle a maybe and have the other characters swear they'll never stop looking for them. And of course the other characters seem like arseholes when they don't actually devote much time to looking for them and we never see them again. Looking at you Stargate Atlantis. I suppose they might be holding out hope RR comes back for some sort of wrap up after she's had time to reflect and/or when the COVID situation is more hopeful. I will say I really like JC as an actress, she has a lot of charm that's carry off an awkward role and probably I'll grow to really like Ryan (despite the name) but it *does* feel really awkward for now because the cast is so built around Kate, not really Batwoman per se.
  4. When they first made it clear they were "going there" in CW I was a little surprised that the dedicated time to it given the million characters in a technical Cap film problem but I enjoyed their interactions, both actors are great and have chemistry together and the characters are definitely interesting. Again, a lot of development happened off screen before IW but I thought they made it work and the ending was devastating. The MCU does have a spotty track record with romance but this was one that I thought was handled well. And with both actors on fire in this I even care about them getting a fake HEA in the suburbs before getting to the meat and tragedy of watching it all unravel for Wanda (again).
  5. Assuming Woo and Darcy (and maybe Monica?) are working with SWORD I then further assume they're at least supposed to be a "good" organisation like SHIELD pre TWS. Then they'll pop up for The Eternals, DS2, Captain Marvel 2, Ms Marvel, LOKI and whatever else in Phase Four. Granted that's a lot of assumptions. I think Wanda is stopped from questioning things a little too much by Agnes among other zany antics for this to be *Just* about her madness and grief after Vision. Every time she questions the very fragile world she's dragged back in. But she also can clearly manipulate certain events and might also be stopping herself from remembering. Something/one has either got to be using her grief for its own ends or out and out holding her captive by having her create a reality she desperately wants to be true. Like every genre show ever. How far one way or the other remains to be seen. Katharine Hahn is of course awesome but it almost seems a little too obvious for her to be the main villain. Or is it just "obvious" to people who discuss TV/MCU to death and everyone else will be shocked that the wacky neighbour is evil? She definitely in the know somehow at least. And KH can switch from wacky to menacing in a heartbeat. We're doing this "for the Children" likewise. To save her twins? For Wanda to create them for herself or to find Vision or for the benefit of the Big Bad against her will? "The Devil's in the details" came across too fake-jolly intense for it to be a clue for Wanda to discover that she's locked *herself* in her own head of half remembered American sitcoms.
  6. Oh yes, if they'd given me the option I'd have watched it all at once (and six hours isn't much in one go in quarantine) And I'd now be the ep 8/9 threads going "wow, can't wait for the rest of P4" and then forgetting about it after a couple of days and coming to discuss it a few more times but not really building any deep rooted interest in it. I find binge watching like a candy bar, awesome but not long term satisfying. Which is great for trashy or action shows but with this I know I'd miss half of it and forget to do a complete rewatch. But something like this IMHO deserves savouring and is perfect for actual forum discussion and not just *^&%£!! reaction on twitter. Also kind of helps in a personal way that a lot of my shows recently ended or are on long breaks and/or breaking my heart so I'm shopping for a new one to get invested in and this weekly seems to fit the bill.
  7. I think this is definitely a YMMV situation but I like the weekly roll out. I love discussing and speculating on a show week by week for one thing. But I also like the build up and feel it creates more of an impact than binging all in one day. I think Marvel have enough good will from enough people to get them to stick with it until ep 4 and a lot of people (like me) *are* loving what there is so far. If the worst comes to the worst there will be a lot of people bingeing it all at once in 8 weeks time once (I'm assuming) everyone's minds are blow away by the gamechangers of last few eps. And then they ride that hype straight into the more traditional political action/thriller/identity politics of TFATWS.
  8. "For the Children" would seem to indicate that someone has nefarious? plans for the kids. On watching it again I think that Wanda notices things are off too often for it to be something she's totally in control of. The wacky hijinks seem like a distraction from that as well as her wanted on some level for this happiness with Vision to be real. Agnes suddenly pops up a lot when she's questioning things but that might be a red herring. Then obviously we have Jimmy Woo who's trying to get through to her knowing/thinking she's a prisoner of her mind/the mind stone/the reality stone. Somehow.
  9. I think that was supposed to be part of the weirdness. Dottie said something like "this is the one and only fundraiser for the elementary school, they're counting on us! For the children!!" But it was a small talent show with a handful of people in the audience and NO kids or people actually from the school. It was as though it was "written" by someone who had heard of ladies who lunch and control the neighbourhood fundraising but never seen anything like it properly. And then whatever is going on with the "For the Children". I think "well, look it's the star of the show" was definitely supposed to be more than a double meta joke. ie Wanda is the star both in universe and of this show and something's up with her.
  10. Well they managed to make "for the children" creepy even before the magic pregnancy reveal. The Strucker watch was less weird than that repetition. Loved "Geraldine" and she Wanda and Agnes being the naughty schoolgirls of the group, especially for the sin of wearing pants, TP looks fabulous in the 60s clothing. And the "how does a housewife do something? Herself" is an actual joke I'm pretty sure I've heard in a lot of older sitcoms. I'm still really enjoying the crazy Bewitched/IDOJ etc sitcom conceit even if we didn't have obvious "who's doing this to you Wanda?" I suspect this is a way to have her really pregnant or at least real babies for the Young Avengers set up. Wanda does seem to have at least some control over the situations and how she wants her "life" to go. Is she using this as protection against someone/thing or just grief? Or the more obvious one is that they're keeping her occupied whilst something else is going on or want something from one of her "visions". I hope they baby(ies) did spring from her and Vision/"Vision" and weren't planted there by creepy beekeeper/SWORD. I think it could go either way but I would imagine that they'd want them to come from WandaVision (the couple) and not out and out forcing a "real" baby on her if they want to use them in other projects. Especially with Marvel touting how progressive they are/will be in the recent and upcoming slate. Paul Bettany really got the chance to shine in this one. I know he's talked a little about it in some interviews I've seen but it must be such a trip to start off doing voice work for a random AI butler so they don't rip off Alfred too much and end up kind of playing the same character in a sitcom but with a body. I knew that was Anya, didn't know beforehand that she was going to be in this. I don't know the comics apart from what I've read on various wikis and theories about this series and @tennisgurl is right I suspect there's a lot to unpack at each subsequent viewing. I'm so glad I'm enjoying this. I've wanted to see how it would turn out since they announced it but I was worried the sitcom would annoy me and/or get too trippy for the sake of it, but it's definitely firing on all cylinders for me so far.
  11. Just finished watching the first episode and I really enjoyed it. I wasn't sure if I was going to like an entire episode dedicated to the faux sitcom gag part of it but it really held my attention. Elizabeth Olsen especially just made this work. Paul Bettany was also good and I really like the chemistry between them. I loved that there were so many call outs to your average 60s sitcom plots and tone but that they also had a lot of weird and creepy undertones to them because we (and Wanda on some level) know that there is a lot more going on. This was not even close to the craziest sitcom plot Debra Jo Rupp and Fred Melamed have done taking it at face value. And yup pulling out to reveal the control room at the end was expected but can't wait for the rest of it! I also really love how "WandaVision" has so many different possibilities as a title. Their ship portmanteau, is it all Wanda's Vision for a "happy" life, the people watching Wanda and Vision on television, the people controlling Wanda's vision as well as Vision.
  12. They could possibly draw out some of the "Second Epilogue" stuff. I haven't reread them since watching the show but whilst they're short there's a bit there to expand. Although some of Daphne and Simon's can't be done until/if Penelope and Colin are married IIRC. They can't really do the three girls and waiting for a boy potential storylines and all the issues that brings up emotionally and practically because they've already had a boy. If I had to guess there might be some issues pre baby just to keep them in the story and not loose the actors to other high profile projects but not true Soap Opera as they already showed the HEA. E.g. If RJP wanted to leave I don't think they'd dramatically kill him off and launch a who will Daphne marry now?" arc that took up the rest of the show ala Downton. Kate and Anthony have IMHO the best book to draw from and lots of stuff happening in it emotionally and physically with a strong supporting cast as well as everything they set up for other characters this season. I don't think they need extra drama from D/S even though I also do wonder how they're going to keep the "romance novel" nature and structure of everything that they clearly wanted to *this* season long term as many potentially popular characters/actors just fade out of the story. They could also tease out bits that happened BTS in future books again like Marina this season. The dates don't quite match up (1814 vs 1815) book wise but they could have Benedict meet Sophie at the ball assuming they're going with that couple and fit in into whatever exploration of his life or sexuality they may or may not continue with. If they keep the same storyline for Eloise and Phillip then it's going to be inherently more soapy than it was in the books, because of Marina and the twins being his brother's biologically speaking, especially we get a storyline about their marriage or even an update on how they're doing before that. But that's assuming they even get there following the 1 season per book format or whether they combine a couple and many other things.
  13. It really depends on the book. Some writers try to get things as "historically accurate" (as far as we can tell) as possible and if they introduce say a big class difference then explore it thoroughly. Others do explore it and use it for drama but don't let the real life rules and potential shunning afterwards affect the outcome. The same applies to sex. Others don't care and will have a duke falling in love with the maid and an off hand comment about how he doesn't care about what society thinks because he's rich and powerful. As @eleanorofaquitaine said royalty are generally not involved and especially not as the Hero/Heroine. Quinn does bring in a Russian Prince in the same role in a different series but whilst the arcane rules about Russian court life are mentioned the fact that she's an Earl's daughter and not a princess isn't a factor.
  14. Many German "noble/royal" families still insist on "equal marriages" for their children today, even though the ranks have been legally abolished. Because the House Rules haven't been updated in 100 years and dictate who can inherit everything. Queen Mary aka May of Teck a hundred years late was considered a poor relation by some because her father was the son of a morganatic marriage to a mere Countess, even though her mother was a British princess. A Viscount's daughter would be well below even a second son Princeling's station, especially the Queen's nephew or close cousin. Britain never had morganatic marriage though and if you were married that was that despite gossip. I think it definitely worked as a plot point for this non realistic show though and has been used in many romance novels.
  15. I think they needed a villain to give some extra drama to Daphne and Simon's story. Otherwise it's just two people who like each other and would work well together within the context of the early story but don't get together for reasons that can't be easily revealed until they're already married in Regency society. It goes along with the drama of Diamond to Outcast for Daphne whereas in the book she too was just a nice girl who was overlooked. I expect this *is* one change the show will make. In the books he was a fool but harmless and so perfect to get a named but also foolish but harmless throwaway character. But I don't want either of the other older Featherington girls to end up with him. It's going to be glorious. I just hope this Violet is able to rise to the occasion as well. Interestingly it's also a big clue that Penelope is LW because she comments in the column that Mrs F couldn't be drawn on the gossip and must have been threatened by Anthony. Speaking of, I also hope we see more of Edwina and Mr Bagwell rather than him just appearing later on ala Edwina mentioning it to Kate second hand. I kind of assume we will since that should be easy enough to flesh out and a no brainer for a secondary romance/meeting at the country house party. Especially if they also have library scenes.
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