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  1. The bomb/Superbowl eps... Awesome and the highest rated episodes ever and IMHO the beginning of the descent into "the next big, shocking melodrama event" that has plagued the show. There have already been other things exploding or nearly exploding since then and only 3 cast members still around from S2 and if they want people to compare the emotional pay off to something that's going to happen in a couple of weeks, that seems foolish of them because this was GA at the top of their game. Maybe they're just banking on nostalgia to get people to tune in?
  2. There's a quote I'm looking for but can't remember the ep. It's season 4 and Constantine is telling Sara that Nora is no good for Ray who's going to get his heart broken and Sara replies with something like "Ray's been doing this a long time now". It's been bugging me but I can't find it. Does anyone know which ep it is? Thanks.
  3. Sloan III was born in S6 and is a year older than his Auntie Sofia although like Izzie's daughter Hannah/Sarah he was adopted. Izzie's daughter was 11? in S2 so could be a resident now. 1-3 were all the same year and S4-5 were one year since Lexie became a resident the first ep of S6 so all the babies are or were closer together than the seasons. *Headache* If any of the writers actually remember S3 now there's also a cousin that's already appeared on the show as a baby: Laura Grey-Thompson.
  4. Fair enough SO, I can understand that. I do remember there were rumours that she would come back provided it was definitely the finale but either that changed or it was literally just fan rumours. And she's got a lot of projects to juggle. So I guess Calzona it is then for biggest nostalgic guest stars next season. I think S19 would survive one its own, partly due to lack of other options for ABC, although there's no doubt that the network loves the synergy opportunities or whatever it's called now. A little like how Private Practice basically survived it's last couple of seaso
  5. Go until they're ready to launch that Zola as an intern spin-off without having to time jump?
  6. I'm not surprised but I really hope they announce it as the last season. I've said that before though and here were are. This time next year they'll give it a 2 season renewal to bring it up to 20 years. 😉 On the one hand it does deserve to have a wrap up season and plan accordingly but OTOH I wouldn't have been upset if it had ended this year. They're losing cast, EP seems like she's just waiting it out now and I really can't imagine them going on for another 3-4 years. Again that's been said many times. I mean Teddy and Owen round 506? Nope. Mer/McWidower/Jo, no thanks. Bailey/Ben
  7. I agree but I also think they'll give Grey's a finale season since it's been on the air nearly 20 years, not a suddenly announced finale in a few weeks. Maybe they could do 10-13 eps? I suppose the only big guest star to get back would be Sandra Oh to reaffirm Cris and Mer forever but all the other relationships (including between dead people!) seem tied up and cast are exiting. Unless potential Mer/Hayes or Jo/Hayes are supposed to be interesting. I liked April listing all the reasons that rushed marriage to Matthew was such a terrible idea straight out of fan complaints.
  8. I didn't really like the dress but they made a point to say that Mer found the right dress for her after a day of grumpily trying them on. The rest of the time they barely pretended it wasn't going to be Izzie's wedding. I get the nitpicking, it's just that they didn't care at all about the practicalities of any of it including the obvious size difference in actresses which had even been brought up on the show itself before. It's a minor miracle that they actually mentioned Alex's family not being at the wedding due to the switcheroo when his brother came to town.
  9. That's the magic of clothes on TV, they always become the Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants. The anvils flying about the switch before it happened were pretty huge and then a few episodes later Izzie was gone for good. But they did actually make a big deal about Meredith finding a good dress for her personally, even though it was still huge and white. At least in Katherine Heigl's 27 Dresses she made sure to tell a bride "thank goodness we're the same size!" (Why do I remember that?). But KH and EP are completely different shapes and sizes. I remember there was discussion that maybe
  10. It was all kind of fuzzed together. They'd already had sex by the time they realised who each other was at the hospital but Derek made no effort to distance himself professionally from Mer (quite the opposite) and encouraged her interest in Neuro from the start. He had a lot of sway over her career and could basically request her or anyone to work with him. There was a lot of Bailey/Izzie being angry because Meredith was dating "all of our boss" and Bailey couldn't exactly forbid it. It got messy and that's before Addie showed up. But they also mentioned a lot that it was considered a bad thin
  11. I very much doubt they're going to have Mer die in the middle of the (probably) penultimate season, having made it this far she'll last to the final ep. She she still has three young kids that I don't think they'll want to orphan for Link, Amelia and Maggie to raise. I imagine it's a final goodbye to Derek, possibly with him saying he'll always be with them and hints they will meet again ala Mark and Lexie but he wants her to go back and live and be happy etc etc. Jury's still out on whether they'll attempt a McWidower romance in the 2nd half.
  12. It was all deleted by the time I looked but from what I could see it was basically the same sort of stuff we've heard for years. There was also something that wasn't the main explosion that agreed many of the "lead actor who all the crew hates" BIs was him. He has admitted to basically being a jerk on set or a "perfectionist" not that that makes being rude or nasty any better. I think he probably is very, very difficult to work with a lot but he also defended himself saying he was trying to get things to run on time so they could all get some rest instead of messing around as well. KC ad
  13. That was one of the bits that felt extra clunky to me. That they had to realise and explain to themselves that as Chinese Americans who were part of the community they had an advantage and might be able to get more information from locals who were scared of Tony Kang than a white cop or lawyer, saying lines that no one says in real life. And then the shop owners didn't know them or want to talk anyway, the latter not being surprising. I guess the feeling is that if the mob boss is arrested then his goons or successor won't enforce the "pay $100,000 or die right now!". That could have done wit
  14. I liked the lead, the family dynamic and most of the characters so I'll watch another ep. Not sure about anything else as it was very pilot-y with a lot of clunky dialogue and heavy on the clichés. The younger sister seems like a fun character and oh on the immediate set up of several love triangles, guess we know it's a CW show. Interesting that everyone seemed to know where she had been for three years, I thought at first it was going to be a big mystery for her family. Yeah, it was a real "you know you what too many CW/Syfy shows when you can recognise specific trees and you'
  15. Yes April is supposed to be still living in Seattle and co-parenting with Jackson. That actually makes me think the opposite- that it's something big or "big". Otherwise why bother to bring back a character who left happily to do good and is still technically in the other characters lives and married to the other half of the triangle off screen? I think it has to be something primarily to do with Jackson, no other options make sense. She was close to Owen but he's got a lot going on and I don't think they'd bring her back just to offer him advice. BIB is fandom 101 really but it
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