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  1. If she'd actually checked with someone from ITV or WB they could have explained what was going on. Watershed regulations have been cutting US imports that aired before 9pm for decades. There were episodes of Buffy and the OG Roswell that were hacked to pieces and they were (almost) all straight white people scenes. Then she could have posted something about the scene being important for the characters arc or whatever and encouraged fans to watch the uncut episodes on the ITV Hub/buy on Amazon/buy the DVD etc to get the full experience. Thus potentially making the show more money in a productive way instead of ranting like she's a fan playing the worst of fandom Chinese whispers that someone did something against her ship. She was the showrunner for goodness sake! Same with her "straight white fucking" comment, There are much more professional ways to get the same valid point across and not insult her actors filming those scenes and her potential/viewers who do enjoy that who might be put off watching her show. I can see how that would be the final straw. If just a fraction of what KP said is true then it has been coming on for a while.
  2. I put a link to a thorough run through of the drama in TWW thread in Other Dramas for anyone else interested. It does go to show that showrunners vs their own writers, the studio and fandom isn't something that happened with the advent of Twitter. Or is it just about shipping and fangirls. I haven't saved any of KP's tweets but it's probably for the best he locked his twitter down. It was clearly very personal for him and he was going for her viscerally on every possible angle saying "White women fake woke" the worst type of hypocrite by deliberately making her show about white boys and using POC to dance around them and say how amazing they are, saying she isn't actually a real Muslim just uses it for show as she has an Egyptian mother (even though "traditional Pakistani Islam" that he professes isn't the only way to practice/believe either), accusing her of deliberately driving out every single one of her minority writing staff with racist bullying, sexually harassing her actors, deliberately overriding Hispanic writers clarifying their culture, overriding writers trying to give Maria a storyline, making everyone live in fear of her both on set and in LA. Everything. If you were making up a vitriolic hit piece you couldn't get as much as this. Also a thought that along with accusing an international partner of homophobia/biphobia/bigotry and causing them to complain to WB, WB probably weren't thrilled that she "screamed" she was sick of straight white people fucking on TV at the same time, considering that's still the biggest market and she pissed them off publicly both ways.
  3. Just leaving this link here as I mentioned Aaron Sorkin Vs TWOP and the resulting "US Poet Laureate" episode B plot in another thread about showrunner meltdowns and how they affect fans and networks. http://bitchkittie.blogspot.com/2006/02/long-back-story-of-aaron-sorkin-west.html
  4. I have no idea if they dated for not, I have seen gossip that Carina and Nathan had a thing when he was on TO and that's where "messy problems with harassing the lead actor" are coming from but I have no idea how true that is. It's entirely possible that HH had a positive relationship and working experience with Carina. It's a pretty passionate statement for someone who is just being polite. It doesn't make Maria's storyline any less frustrating though. I think it was on life support anyway and they'll see if changing things can revive it a bit or they'll kill it after S3. I guess they might decide to "unrenew" it but there's nothing to indicate that yet.
  5. I guess maybe they thought they didn't need to. Usually showrunners don't have screaming tantrums on twitter.* If they get in to fights with fans over something it doesn't matter as much, but hurling accusations publicly at ITV like a fan was a no-no. Wow, Kamran Pasha is going for broke. Calling her out on absolutely everything under the sun including using their religion as a "get out of jail free" card and not caring at all the rest of the time. Outright saying she was a racist bully and didn't care about actual diversity as long as she could brag about it. Basically saying she openly oggled her male leads and made comments that everyone would agree was inappropriate if the genders were reversed. Re-writing scripts herself isn't entirely unusual but does show huge control freak issues and guarantees only her favourites are actually going to get a POV as she isn't subtle about that. It also erases people's efforts to write the authentically diverse experience she brags about if it's all coming from her pen. Unless she thinks she's more authentic than anyone else. *eye roll*. Apart from *all* the other issues that is such a fandom perspective "no one can say anything against my ship because if you do, you're homophobic!" Except instead of being a BNF in a ship war, she's the showrunner. *The most insane one to me will always be Aaron Sorkin getting in to a fight with one of his own writers on TWOP, being cautioned by a mod and writing an episode about it. All pre SM.
  6. This was before I saw that the WB had ended the deal and yep, more than likely provided the details about what a terrible showrunner she was. It had to be someone fairly high up, THR isn't just going to write something like that on a gossipy interns say so, especially as it's not a huge, important show. Very interesting that the writers room got much less diverse in S2. That puts a slightly different light on touting your show as an authentic, diverse, inclusive story reflecting real life. The triangle and how she handled it was a disaster from the start. An experienced showrunner would have found it difficult to juggle a lot of different moving parts: OG canon, WOC, bisexuality, interracial relationship, same sex relationship, "best friends" threesome etc. And nothing about how she handled it seemed like someone who had been particularly thoughtful about the personal, social implications or fan response.
  7. My Dad used to take me on a boat by himself when I was about 4/5 and we lived on the coast, though I don't think we ever went swimming. The sheriffs say she used to go there quite a bit so this probably wasn't the first time she had a quick swim with him and its usually been fine. I dont think it was suicide either she would have left the kid with someone else or he wouldn't have been wearing a life jacket because it would have been a "take him with me" situation. It seems like this is a lake with enough hidden dangers for unwary swimmers and there's no evidence of premeditation so far.
  8. Reading the THR Is interesting. I didn't see the tweets about ITV and the gay scenes. I don't think ITV and especially not ITV2 are homophobic, but it is on at 8pm which is pre watershed. I think the full scene was on the ITV Hub. She certainly acted more like an outraged fan than someone who has to keep in mind the money and contracts involved in international distribution and issues different channels have to work around. (E4 recently cut a tame sex joke from B99 TV broadcast but it's on the All4 hub). There are ways to express disappointment with editing without screaming and immediately crying homophobia. If HR had to look in to the matter of problems with actors then clearly something was going on and it wasn't a small thing. A showrunner spending time on set doesn't sound terrible but if there was a lot of last minute writing going on that has got to be frustrating for the rest of the writers. And if she played obvious favourites on set as she does on SM that's definitely an issue. I suppose her deal could simply not have been renewed if it was for 2 years in April 2018. But still not good.
  9. It seems like a pretty big deal because it means they (or *maybe* she depending on the details of her deal) have no interest in working together on other projects. Either they aren't interested in looking at her next ideas or offering her a project. Which considering she was a co-showrunner on a show that got renewed for S3 (proving people watch her material) is unusual. I've seen some gossip saying she didn't get on with Jeanine but I don't know how true that is.
  10. I'm not sorry. I haven't been a fan of hers since her Big Name Fan days and subsequent climb up to showrunner. I'm sure she'll get other chances, once you've had one show it's easier to get people to listen to your next pitch. Depending on what actually happened. I wonder if the creative differences over certain parts of the show (relationships, use of actors, planned character arcs etc) or wanting to explore various social and political issues. Although those can certainly be the same thing. But a lot of CW shows have done that. Or something completely different. Shrug.
  11. The press conference Ventura County Sheriffs department held said that she had been a regular visitor to the lake and knew it quite well. Apparently she used it as a peaceful getaway. So if she had gone swimming with no problems before she might not have realised they were in a dangerous position or simply encountered different conditions or hit her head on the apparently large amount of debris floating underwater. Or slipped and banged her head in rough conditions without meaning to go in. Her son apparently had his life jacket on. Which I guess means it's more likely she deliberately took hers off for a quick dip. It's a dammed, man made lake that drains and is interconnected with two others so they know the most likely places to look both recovery and search and rescue. But conditions also mean there are a lot of places where it's difficult to find people because of the weeds, mud and logs etc in the water.
  12. They have hinted more on the completely new but I'm still thinking the latter because they swerved a fair bit of the backlash (though definitely not all) with the Tina=Dinah thing. And there was a lot of "you fired Ruby so you could shove your own OC in there!" going on. I do hope they change the backstory, even if she really is a completely new character, because that was every cliché there is. It already helps that they cast slightly older.
  13. From what I can tell it was originally reported as "young toddler found in boat, search underway for parents." and was attracting media attention as a tragic search. https://www.nbclosangeles.com/news/local/toddler-found-alone-on-boat-in-lake-piru/2393146/ It was then confirmed to be Naya by officials when they called off the search later that night. I presume they had been in contact with her family/Ryan Dorsey at that point. Obviously the kid knows who he is and the company know who they rented the boat to so there were loads of rumours before then. I guess it's like when you hear "a soldier has been killed" on the news but they don't release until the family has been notified and then it's in every publication, whether they want that info out there or not.
  14. I guess keep in mind that this is all coming from a shocked, scared and tired 4 year old and relayed though the media. It might be a very garbled version of what happened. It sounds like it could get rough out there, maybe she fell in having knocked her head. The boat looked like it had a swimming/fishing deck thing at the stern. Maybe she thought a quick dip to cool herself off would be fine because she would be able to see the kid at all times.
  15. According to reports, which may or may not be completely accurate at this point, an adult lifejacket was found in the boat with her son, so no she probably wasn't wearing one. She may have gone swimming and something happened when she jumped in. Possibly getting caught in a boggy/weedy area or some kind of current. Especially as the current story is her son didn't see her resurface. No one seems quite sure if he managed to get back into the boat or never left. Most reports and some of my own knowledge from friends and family in the RNLI (in the UK) suggest they're 99.999999% searching for a body with the use of many divers from different areas, especially as they didn't find her after hours of searching the shore and lake yesterday and aren't looking for a boat or life ring/jacket. Gah.
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