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  1. Meghan's head would explode.
  2. Didn't they include footage of Grandpa Duggar's open casket on the original show?
  3. From the Root article. This may be the best quote of 2019. "However, on December 16, 2019, Black History was made when moderator Whoopi Goldberg summoned the strength of a thousand fed-up ancestral black women and proclaimed, “Girl, please stop talking!"
  4. I think they are trying to keep her through the election cycle. After that, I expect some panel changes and I wouldn't be surprised if she's caught in it.
  5. Not only was is stupid but she ended up contradicting herself on the show the next day.
  6. I was surprised that no one brought up Abby's comments on Thursday about the way regarding the lack of care of children at the border during the conversation on Friday. I was quite surprised at her about face.
  7. We really need a WTF button on this site.
  8. That sounds like the cheesiest of Hallmark holiday movies. Love it! I think it's that we aren't used to this family spawning gorgeous babies so Felici-TEE stands out among the new generation.
  9. Her parents may be a hot mess but she's such a cute baby.
  10. I've said it before and I'll say it again. There is something really unsettling about the way she reacts anytime sex is mentioned at the table.
  11. That was incredibly selfish of her daughter and granddaughter.
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