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  1. Agreed! Witnessing the way she behaves on the show everyday seriously makes me question how happy her home life is.
  2. The fact that they have to do this with a thirty-something in a professional environment is insane.
  3. It's aaaaaallllwaysssss about her!
  4. I just caught up on today's epi on YouTube and...
  5. This will never get old.
  6. Me thinks our little Petunia has been working her mother's last nerve with the grief-a-thon as much as she has ours.
  7. I was scrolling through Facebook today and this popped up. I laughed so hard that I nearly choked.
  8. There she goes playing to her own weird caricature of what a salt of the earth conservative is supposed to be.
  9. Part of me feels like she's trying to be whatever it is she thinks she should be in order to be acceptable to the party and her husband, hence the painting it on thick with the "red state stuff" and taking everything personally. I've said it before and I'll say it again: Meghan is insecure AF and what the kids call a "pick me." She may have dated a lot but I think Doofus was the only one willing to wife her and she jumped at that ish.
  10. WTF is it with this woman and Wyoming?
  11. My mom died at 57 with school-aged children still at home. Meghan can fuck all the way off as far as I'm concerned.
  12. It means she reads the tweets and the comments section and knows people are calling her out on using his death as a crutch. As my grandma says, "Hit dogs holler."
  13. Translation: No one was willing to give her an actual book deal, so she's going with a super-sized podcast instead.
  14. Further proof that she is indeed stunted and has no identity outside of the conservative and McCain's daughter labels. It's truly sad considering she's in her 30s.
  15. That's because she wouldn't make it past customs in any other country. They can't stand her either.
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