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  1. anstar

    Veterinary and Animal Rescue Shows

    Holy cow!!!! thanks for finding that. I'm stunned.
  2. anstar

    Veterinary and Animal Rescue Shows

    does anyone know what happened to Dr. Elizabeth on Dr Pol? I wasn't wild about her, but she just seems to have vanished and now there's Dr. Erin in her place.
  3. anstar

    S03.E08: Beaches, Boats and Bates

    It was "ocean roach" and I loved it.
  4. anstar

    S05.E25: Now / S05.E26: Forever

    Wasn't her baby. That's Gloria's grandson, who she's now raising because Duke killed his dad to end their family trouble... (Random people dropped dead every time the baby cried in a trouble no incarnation of Audrey could ever cure.) So we never learned Vince's trouble...unless it was to have the disappearing tattoo so he could control the Guard, which...lame. I hate the ending Duke got. He was one of the original 3; he should have gotten a happy ending. All in all, I feel kind of 'meh' about this whole loooonnnnngggg season.
  5. anstar

    S01.E01: Run

    Smoking on television is now a kind of writer's shortcut for "bad guy". The good guys don't smoke anymore.
  6. anstar

    S01.E01: Run

    Having never seen How To Get Away With Murder, or Grey's Anatomy, I'm unsullied as to 'old hat formulaic retread'. I was interested enough to add it to my DVR, because I'm curious to see who the terrorist really is. I clearly wasn't paying close enough attention, because the gay/maybe not gay agent kissing scene seemed off to me, but I couldn't tell why. I realize after reading that the man essentially took a selfie while kissing a total stranger, which explains the baffled expression as the recruit walked away. I thought he was just being a jerk. His overly obvious interest in what turns out to be the twins in the single room is interesting to me. There's something going on there! Thank you to whomever pointed out the Stargate: Universe role. That was driving me insane. I knew I'd seen him somewhere and couldn't for the life of me remember. The fact that the FBI failed to notice that a recruit hadn't turned in his pistol and retrieved his "red handle" was a huge issue for me. To make their plot work, they made the elite academy look inept. That would have been spotted almost as soon as the last recruit left the armory, triggering a 'lockdown' and a search. Still, I'm in...for now.
  7. anstar

    S05.E07: Everybody Has Their Reasons

    Haven't we seen this before? The exact same thing happened when they arrived in Charleston. Everything starts out all shiny and happy, then the 2nd Mass comes under attack. Captain Crazy Lady is clearly infected with some alien heebee jeebee, and I'm bored.
  8. anstar

    S02.E10: Erin's Little Miracle

    I felt for Erin there because my first was like that too. Back labor that was excruciating, being told repeatedly that it was too soon for an epidural because it could stall labor and then being told it's too late, the baby is coming now! <grr> where was my window and how did I miss it? Only difference is I threw up with every contraction and didn't have an abruption. Super breeders like Michelle and kelly make it look so easy.
  9. anstar

    S02.E10: Erin's Little Miracle

    She told her mother, after Carson was born, that she couldn't believe she (kelly) had done that 19 times. Then she said she'd rather die than go through that again. Granted it was fresh in her mind, but she doesn't really strike me as the kind to look past it later. She has her miracle and she and Chad can dote on him. If she had never been able to carry a child to term I think she would have felt "inadequate" but she's done it. Tick that off the bucket list and revel in being the only princess in the family. I had a neighbor once who actually cried when she learned she was having a girl because she didn't want the "competition" for her husbands affection. Bizarre but I can kind of see Erin feeling that way (secretly and very deep down).
  10. anstar

    Erin and Chad: Fifty Shades of Pink

    Erin hit the husband lottery. Chad is such a sweetheart. When I saw him crying after Carson was born, I started to cry too. I can't believe that on top of everything, Erin also had a placental abruption. It looks like Carson should really be an only child.
  11. anstar

    S02.E09: The Wedding To-Do List 2015.07.30

    Well Addallee is a mini-Michael. And I'm proud of myself for remembering her name. The little ones all run together to me. I just now figured out which one is Josie. (she has a lisp. That's how I remember.)
  12. anstar

    Willises Got Talent

    I've been wondering if that was Jessica. It sure sounds like her singing.
  13. anstar

    Michaella and Brandon: He Writes Fairy Tales

    "Matron" of honor means she's married..."Maid" of honor is a single woman. Same duties...the title is based solely upon her marital status. I've seen a trend to have one of each and split the duties, but the etiquette hell website has horror stories about two women fighting for the glory and "honor" of standing beside the bride. Michael is an introvert. She is really looking forward to being married, but I think she's kind of dreading the wedding. Being the center of attention is stressful for an introvert (voice of experience here.) I think Brandon is an introvert too. Some people just aren't overt with affection, especially in public, and being filmed for her parent's show is very public. They are also both all about the 'rules' and doing the right thing. If he had work commitments he probably doesn't see trying to change them as an option. If he's already committed to working the weekend before and the weekend after I can see him not even trying to change it. As for the honeymoon, lots of couples leave for one, if they have one at all, a couple of weeks or more after the ceremony. She's more emotional than he is, but they seem happy enough to me. Brandon is never going to be like Chad and shower affection where anyone else can see it. I can see Michael even liking that about him. What he shows to her is for her alone...she will know him (emotionally) in a way no one else in the world does. That makes some girls feel special.
  14. anstar

    S06.E05: Misconduct Game

    I've already deleted it so I can't go back and check, but I thought Jane's picture was on Maura's phone because she was calling her. (Pronoun confusion...that Jane was calling Maura.) It was an iPhone, yes? If I have a picture assigned to someone in my contact list and they call me, that picture shows up on the lock screen. And count me as one who thought Maura's issue with New Guy's phone was that it was on her desk, meaning he was in her office. She's still slightly suspicious of him.
  15. anstar

    S01.E07: A Willis Debut

    Kind of late to the table with this but: I thought she was saying that after her uterus ruptured with Jaeger, she thought she couldn't get pregnant again, that the damage to her uterus was such that it simply couldn't happen. She did say something about it essentially being "shredded". She was shocked to learn she was pregnant with Jada, and after her birth, had her tubes tied to make sure it didn't happen again.