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  1. What stood out for me in the 31-minute story of their courtship was the fact that before they started dating, one of the Bates sisters called up poor John on speakerphone to ask him which sister he "liked." He was 24 years old at the time! So cringe. I bet it was Carlin or Tori. John is a goofball and Alyssa obviously wears the pants, but their dynamic seems to work.
  2. What a crock. Let's face it, Michael will probably never really work as a nurse.
  3. Thanks - I've been wondering why Jinger's baptism is being framed as an act of rebellion against her parents, when it really doesn't seem that way at all.
  4. Yeah, I grew up Catholic, so this is all very unfamiliar. I don't quite understand the point of doing good works (or even getting out of bed in the morning) if you believe you're saved no matter what.
  5. I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around how Jeremy's brand of Calvinism is different from Duggar beliefs. Is Jinger basically saying, "I don't know if my family is among the Elect, but I definitely am"? The whole thing is so confusing.
  6. I keep seeing tabloid stories speculating on whether Jana might already be married, but I seriously doubt Boob would let that go unannounced. As for the pants, I think Jana is just doing her own thing now. Her parents are completely preoccupied with Sex Pest, so more power to her.
  7. In their latest video, Carlin says she's due April 9, but it's likely a March baby because of her blood disorder.
  8. I've been watching since the beginning. IMO their marriage was always a train wreck, with so much contempt and resentment on both sides. I think they married before they really knew each other, and were never well-suited as partners. I am happy to see them both moving on with their lives, and I really hope Amy can keep the complaints about Matt and the farm to a minimum. You've remarried, girl - go be happy.
  9. That cover has gotta be Boob's worst nightmare. Don't they have a longstanding relationship with People Magazine?
  10. The wedding attire is all over the place, which is what I would expect at an outdoor wedding on a farm. Personally I would never wear sneakers to a wedding, but young guys like Zach tend to get a lot of leeway when it comes to footwear.
  11. Gee, I wonder where people got the notion that Tori is trying to get pregnant? /s
  12. I think she just has really good concealer around her eyes. It's the one makeup item that would make a huge difference in Amy's everyday look. Bode is a really, really cute kid. Just looking at him cracks me up.
  13. Amy looks really nice. Huge props to her makeup artist. I fully expect Amy to wear a crown and a "Newlywed!!" sash for the next year.
  14. The cynic in me says Carson is probably talking like a baby because his mother/homeschool teacher is always talking to him in a baby voice, but who knows. I know very little about speech delays.
  15. I kind of expected this to happen, but not this soon. I honestly believe they'll keep going until Erin drops dead. But hey, Carson might finally get a brother. 🙄 ETA: I hope this is why Erin is staying away from the boutique. I wonder if she ever got vaxxed.
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