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  1. It just goes to show how society's values change over time, and it really exposes the fundies' irrational fears of anyone who is different from them. One hundred years from now the Bates' great-great-grandchildren will be probably be dressing up as drag queens, and no one will blink twice.
  2. Roaring 20s is a fun theme, but I cannot get over the cognitive dissonance of religious fundamentalists dressing up as flappers, mobsters and bootleggers. One hundred years ago they would have been denouncing those people as destroying the fabric of America. A few other pics via Brandon and Michaela's Insta:
  3. In their recent YouTube Q&A video, Alyssa & John addressed the question of having more kids. Alyssa says she'd love more, but it sounds like John would be fine with three. In any case, they are realistic about needing to wait longer due to her health, so that's good.
  4. I wouldn't assume it's all because of the show. They said over and over how comfortable they felt with Monica and the Navarro program. It can be really tough to transition from a small junior college to a 4-year university, and honestly it didn't seem like some of them were ready, at least not academically.
  5. That makes me so happy! Her tumbling is a thing to behold. She's so chill and laid back that I wondered where that explosiveness comes from. When she said she used to get into a lot of fights, it all made sense.
  6. Coach Monica reminds me a little of Tami Taylor from Friday Night Lights. She's not as warm and fuzzy as Tami, but every one of those kids would take a bullet for Monica, and that says a lot. Another thing that stood out was how different these kids are from the conservative Texas community that surrounds them. I'm glad the mayor supports them.
  7. Does he have patches of red hair or is it just my imagination? I immediately thought of Bode Miller when I saw the name. It's very cute, but they'll constantly have to tell people how to pronounce it.
  8. Holland Grace was born Nov. 26th. Currently taking bets on when Erin announces her next pregnancy...
  9. Erin claimed her pregnancy announcement was just a slip. Sure, Erin! /sarcasm Interesting that Carlin didn't bustle her wedding dress before the dancing...she must have wanted to show off the train, but it made for rather dangerous dancing.
  10. I'm sure Zach is a terrific guy and all, but she makes it sound like he's the one who went through labor and delivery. It's pretty funny.
  11. You might be looking at Katie? Alyssa's dress has cap sleeves and sequins. I'm 99% sure it's the same dress.
  12. Michaela really does stand out with the frumpiness. And I remember Tennessee was having a heat wave on Josie's wedding day, so the cardigan just makes me cringe.
  13. I think it might be the same bridesmaids dress she wore for Josie's wedding. It's so much better than most bridesmaids dresses, so I can see why she wanted to re-wear it.
  14. Funeral attire really varies depending on the family and the situation. Amy's parents clearly weren't fancy folks. That's a nice photo of the four Roloff siblings.
  15. They must not be officially courting yet, but it seems Katie does have a "special friend."
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