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  1. The family is wisely choosing not to publicly comment on Josh Duggar's charges, but with Gil on the board of IBLP, I wonder what they think. It surprised me to hear that Carlin had looked at buying a used car from Josh, because she seems like someone who wouldn't want to be within 10 miles of him. The Bates really are just Duggars with better clothes.
  2. She did say in her most recent video that she promoted it "for a minute." Then she said she wouldn't actually recommend the book. That made me roll my eyes HARD.
  3. Without a Crystal Ball says she's on the promotion team for Jinger and Jeremy's book. That seems very strange given the fact that she makes gossip videos about their family. What is the deal with her, is she just a professional grifter?
  4. This. Anna will NEVER leave while she's surrounded by like-minded fundies. There's too much pressure to stay in the fold.
  5. All Josh had to do was fool his wife, which is a low bar. The password thing sounds like pure carelessness. He was too lazy to keep track of different passwords, and cocky enough to believe investigators would never get that far anyway.
  6. Agree with this. More importantly, people should not look at his bond release as predictive of the ultimate outcome. There was a much lesser burden of proof. Remember, the feds' conviction rate is over 90%.
  7. It sounds like Mr. Reavers provides ministry to convicts and people in jail. Nothing wrong with that except when one of them shacks up in your house.
  8. Mrs. Reaver sounds like a typical fundie wife to me, deferring to her husband. No WAY should she agree to this if there's a chance she'll be left alone with Josh.
  9. In layman's terms, Josh installed something that divided the computer's hard drive into two isolated sections. He did all his CP stuff on the side that Covenant Eyes could not detect. He may have been tech-savvy enough to fool his wife, but not the feds. They have timestamps for all of this.
  10. Along with being thoroughly disgusted, I'm amazed at how dumb Josh was about his passwords. And shocked that he admitted to having a dark web browser. He certainly can't claim that he downloaded this stuff by mistake.
  11. I'm guessing they tracked the CP images to the IP address of the desktop computer at the car lot. His iPhone is probably the only other device that is exclusively his. Not sure they'd have probable cause to search any other device at the Duggar compound.
  12. I don't think he has a valid argument either - he wasn't being arrested, and it's not like the agents denied him the right to call his lawyer. He just had to do it from a different phone. However, as others have pointed out, his lawyers have to try everything - I won't be surprised if they move to dismiss even if it's based on a really shoddy argument.
  13. I agree, I don't think Mare was framed. No one saw her coming out of the evidence locker and no one knew she had a heroin packet. I suppose Zabel could have gone through her pockets, but that doesn't make much sense.
  14. I see where you're coming from, however I believe Josh will never risk being financially cut off. He may not care about Anna and the kids, but he definitely cares about himself, and finding a real job is the last thing he wants to do. Besides, who is gonna believe anything he says?
  15. I saw that. Even if this shady ex-con exists (hard to imagine anyone shadier than Josh), the feds have a very high bar and I doubt they would have charged Josh without evidence pointing directly at him. Anna's a fool, but I guess cultists gotta cult.
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