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  1. Those crunchy curls... I mean, I know they were a thing in the early 90's for some reason but this photo was taken in 2011. Did she have something wrong with a front tooth at the time or is it just a weird angle or the light? It looks grey.
  2. Girl's got guts to show up dressed like that to a fundie wedding; I love it! I wonder what went through Jessa's head when she first saw the dress and shoes. She looks oddly photoshopped though, like her body parts belong to different people.
  3. I've been out of the loop for a while and I keep reading about Ben and Jessa's lack of communication, like how Ben apparently spent a good long while barely speaking to Jessa, but I can't find the sources for those claims. Are there interviews or videos that adress this? Can anyone hook me up?
  4. Yes, actually trusting the WOMAN to be able to build anything ON HER OWN. Without her HEADSHIP. What a douche. I mean, he is objectively a douche but this seems like an odd thing to snark on. Did he actually say he didn't help her or just that he came home during the building process? And if he didn't help is that such a bad thing? Because if I was building something and then my boyfriend came home and took over in order to hELp mE because he's the MAN I'd get pissed.
  5. I wonder what they meant by addicted. Like, how they would define it. The fundies seem to use the word about anyone who even wants to look at porn so I'm guessing the conservative Christian definition might also be different from an average mainstream understanding of an addiction. Because 68% is a really high number of people to be addicted to anything.
  6. I wonder how much of his apparent stupidity is in fact due to a lack of control of his own finances. How much money does Josh get from Jim Bob? Does he have to account for every purchase or monthly costs? If Boob or even Anna checks his credit/debit card history regularly I can see how it would be difficult to get a VPN or buy a burner anything beacuse they would know and get suspicious about why. They clearly don't trust him to go online without a fundie net nanny so unless he has access to cash that Jim Bob or Anna are unaware of (and where would he get it?) any unauthorized laptop purc
  7. Didn't Jill and Jana use to make all the frumpywear of the Duggar clan once upon a time? One would think she'd be at least aware of the concept of hemming a pair of trousers.
  8. He was in his jammies so probably just got up from sleeping/napping and in need of a pee.
  9. Visiting that page gives me a rather disturbing understanding of her and her ilk's worldview. Total paranoid nutters with massive heapings of bigot on top. I went down the rabbit hole on this one and looked through some links, one interestingly (for me at least, heh) about the Swedish Church and how they have created this 'extreme' survival guide for young queer people, how dare they. The Swedish Church apparently only 'identifies' as protestant (nevermind it's one of the earliest Lutheran churches and was the State Church of Sweden for oh... half a millennia or so) and its teachings goes
  10. Oh dear. On one hand I am genuinely happy that Jill had a close and loving relationship with her grandmother. My own grandma was like a third parent to me, just like Mary appears to have been to Jill and the rest of the Duggarlings so I know what an important part grandparents can play in childrens' lives. Obviously she was very kind and loving towards her grandchildren. On the other hand... while I'm sure she possessed many wonderful qualities in other areas, the constant proselytizing must have been a pain to anyone meeting her that wasn't already part of their sect. Who asks personal q
  11. Mechelle should've become a crazy cat lady, not a crazy baby lady as she genuinely seems to like animals. She hasn't got a clue how to treat them right but I've never seen her look happier or more animated than when she's cuddling, handling, or even talking about animals. Like her pet tarantula she had as a kid. Whose leg fell off. Because of reasons. And she looked very cheerful when she was stuffing that orphan kitten into a jug for the night. ... You know, nevermind. Forget I said anything.
  12. So they are moving from one cramped space into another cramped space? Hopefully the boys' room is just temporary and there are other bedrooms in the house that are just not finished yet, because that looks more like storage space than a bedroom for two growing boys. And I thought the reason they put their dining room table in such an odd position in their old place was that they didn't have the space but I guess they like it that way?
  13. Me too! Or perhaps 25 years ago and longer and without the pockets. There was a trend around '93 where for some reason every teenage girl around here wore those long cotton dresses in that very same model Jill is wearing. Looking at old pictures they did look kinda cute but not terribly flattering though they were very soft and comfortable.
  14. Why is it Josiah can never find clothes that fit him well? Either the trousers are too long or the shirt too tight or his jacket ill fitting. This outfit could have worked for him, it's quite dapper, but instead it makes him look like a well stuffed chipolata. Is it the lack of neck?
  15. Is anyone else finding the writing of spells bible verses on the walls to be hilariously pagan? It's like the modern fundie version of a foundation sacrifice. Bless this house...
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