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  1. I can understand sweetening the beans a LITTLE in the original Alrecipes version because the beans are bundled with salty bacon. There's a sweet/salty mix in every bite! Jill's adaptation is just "dumped" onto a sheet pan with 2 cups of brown sugar (!!!) That's insanity. Why bother using turkey bacon? There is no thought process regarding taste profiles, just "oh well, it's sweet BEANS, so it must be healthy".... Jinger has a far better grasp of cooking than Jill. ... and that onesie is hideous.
  2. When I saw Jill's latest "recipe", I honestly thought she was taking the piss out of all of us. There were years when I worked a full time job and ran a business on the side and I barely had time to do the bare minimum at home. During that time I never resorted to these canned soup disaster meals. My husband isn't picky but I felt it was important to eat healthy. My solution was doing a weekly meal prep then defrosting the servings each day. I didn't even have the luxury of a microwave oven! Jill is home all day --why can't she prepare something simple daily? It takes little time to cook chicken, veggie and perhaps a tossed salad.
  3. Sorry if this has been covered, but am I the only person who is sick and tired of Nev's famewhore wife? She's annoying enough for me to stop watching this.
  4. She had to put the star on her nipple--Instagram automatically deletes any naked photos, including nursing moms (there was controversy about this a while back).
  5. For people SOOO hung up on countenance and being "modest" they SUUUUUURE do make a big flippin' deal out of buying the wedding dress that's "in their heart"....
  6. Just watched this mess. Who would've guessed dress shopping was rocket science?
  7. Ben ate my taco! ! Oh Jinger....lol
  8. She's 43, for goodness sake. The chances of her having a surprise pregnancy are fairly low. I'm guessing she was looking better in July because she was taking fertility drugs (weight gain). Coming from someone who tried to get pregnant from the age of 38 through 44, I find this "surprise" business to be a bit dubious.
  9. I'm all about feeling good about your body, especially when pregnant so please don't look at me as if I'm "body shaming" but she's wearing a damn TRACK SUIT to an awards show. Regardless of the fact that she's making some kind of weird, pregnancy fashion statement that's so inappropriate for the venue, not to mention, ugly as anything I've seen in a very long time. Look at her pants. I get it, it's difficult to wear fitted slacks when pregnant, but if you're going to decide to wear a track suit to an affair, why not buy proper maternity bottoms instead of just pushing them down, under your belly so they bunch up in your crotch? It just looks sloppy, unkempt and unclassy. I expected Nev to end up with a classy woman like Max's wife. Guess I was wrong...sucks to be Nev, I guess.
  10. Up front, I want to say that I'm a fat woman. I'm 5'4" and I'm *almost* as large as Whitney. I'm not sure how tall she is, but the two of us are built alike. At first, I was really happy to see that there was a large, functioning, seemingly confident, fat woman on television, advocating for no fat shaming. I felt for her--I also have PCOS and it's DIFFICULT to lose weight! It's not IMPOSSIBLE, but it's far more difficult (ie: 1000 calories and a 10k walk once a day MAY result in a 2lb a week loss, OR a 5lb gain with no explanation). I THOUGHT Whitney would be the intelligent, confident and balanced voice for fat women everywhere. MAN, was I WRONG. I forgot to watch Season 2, but with a bit more time on my hands this summer, I decided to watch Season 3. My observations follow: 1. People who are confident and happy within their own skin don't get defensive over fat jokes. The comedian that was on the radio station was FUNNY. I actually laughed out loud at her jokes. Whitney's defensive attack on the comedian was enough for me to decide that Whitney isn't happy being fat....at ALL. I thought that going to the show was going to be her saving grace, instead, she decides to get into a heated battle with the woman. I could tell (and remember, I'm FAT!) that the comedian wasn't irrational--she made some interesting points. In fact, I'm not even sure WHY Whitney was so upset over what she said.... 2. Whitney really hides behind her dancing to be the "HEY--I'm doing everything I can to lose weight" but weight loss is also about eating right. A normal, healthy person without PCOS can't eat junk food and garbage and lose weight by exercise alone--why does Whitney think she can? She's educated and knows how to use the internet--why hasn't she Googled her own illness? The LAST thing should should be eating is sweets and junk food! 3. She discusses one day having children. Surprise, Whitney--conception with PCOS is VERY, VERY difficult. Take it from me---I went through IVF, IUI and 8 years of just trying the "old fashioned way" and my only pregnancy ended up ectopic. (By the way, ectopic pregnancies are another side effect of PCOS). 4. Lennie was a perfect example of a guy who "just isn't that into you" but Whitney's lack of self-esteem really kept her in a relationship that was totally wrong for her. Her comment that it took "3 years to find him" was sad. Why SETTLE for someone who's wrong for you JUST because you're fat? I applaud her for breaking up with him, but I'm not 100% convinced that she did it because she was confident in the decision--I think she realized that she was fat-shaming herself if she remained with him. Her "friendship" with Buddy was the emotional crutch she needed to be somewhat happy with Lennie (IMHO).... 5. ...and my final point--the only person who can fat-shame you, is you. Whitney (or anyone else) will never stop others from making fat jokes. Not taking the jokes personally is really the key to this issue. She really needs to recognize that "fat jokes" are not directed toward her. Being defensive and implying that she has proven herself by losing (then gaining) 100lbs is counterproductive to the message that (I assume) she wants to deliver. I'm fat. I don't deny it. I don't defend it. I'm healthy right now, but I know that I won't remain healthy if I don't work on my weight. To be honest, I've NEVER had anyone randomly call me out on my weight in public, as television would have you believe. I think the "fat person being laughed at in public" trope is tedious. In fact, on a trip to Southern Italy last year, I walked up a 1km incline to the top of Mount Vesuvius, in nearly 100F weather, coupled with humidity from the volcano. I was sweating, out of breath, my body ached and I had a UTI, for which I was taking antibiotics....yet, on my way up, people gave me random phrases of encouragement "you can do it"...."you're almost there"...and those who thought I didn't speak the language gave me the universal "thumbs up". When you try hard, it's noticeable. People, for the most part, want to encourage others. Don't believe the hype.
  11. HA!!! I LOVE this.....it's funny because it's true :) On another note--I'm laughing at how gingerly (see how I did that?) Jinger is keeping her hand away from FutbolJeremy's crotch!
  12. ....wellllllll....allllllllrighty then! LOL...(and yeah, he's had some licks of the Jesus stick, just sayin') I'm little late with my comments, but I'm of Italian/Canadian heritage. If Jeremy dares to invite his Catholic (ie: still celebrating Italian culture) family members to a craptastic Duggar wedding, I'll be watching that episode with bells on. Nothing like a good old Italian family snarkfest on the lack of/shitty food!
  13. I'm guessing Jeremy Vuolo is of Italian heritage. The name "Vuolo" is definitely Italian... At 28, having been to University and been a part of the Finnish soccer team---my guess is that he's NOT a virgin, but you know---the men in these religions can proclaim themselves "born again virgins" at any time.
  14. From the very beginning, I kept yelling at my TV, like a lunatic: "why didn't you block her number"? You can block a number from your phone, you can block a person from Whatsapp, you can block people from Facebook---so, if his relationship with Liz was in jeopardy, why didn't he JUST BLOCK HER. I knew it was because he was still into her. She was his "vagina in a glass case" and when Liz left, he felt it was time to "break the glass".... When Vince found out Alyssa was married and he acted all dejected, again, I asked "WHY DO YOU CARE?"........and my voice of reason said "because Liz has been gone 5 days and there is some SMASHING to be done!" He was even willing to meet Miranda because that photo wasn't SO bad and perhaps.....well, SMASHING!!! When it comes to being a FAT CHICK...check out my profile pic. I'm a fat chick. Always have been. I met my awesome hubby of 11 years (that handsome drunk guy, also in my profile pic) online and I didn't lie to him. I've done pretty well without using the internet, too. I wish I could tell these girls--if you can't accept your weight---lose it. If you can't lose it, embrace it! Men like women with CONFIDENCE.
  15. First of all.... WHAT in the WHODILLY fuck was that? Ben RAPPING? SERIOUSLY? To quote "Flashdance"...... Do you do the horizontal Mambo?
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