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S04.E08: All In

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Almost forgot show was coming back this week!

About time we visit a good old sleazy casino because those will never die out no matter how far in the future we go into or what kind of universal threats and destruction happen!  Although, I was kind of surprised that their fights only end once someone hits the mat: I would have imagine those would be way more brutal in a place like this.  Can't remember if we have seen a Ferengi yet on this show, so it was cool spotting a few in the background.

As soon as we saw Michael touching the item when "inspecting", I figured she was either going to sabotage it or put some kind of tracker on it, so that wasn't too surprising, but effective none the less.  Also not surprised Booker is still letting his emotions get the best of him and continuing to go with Tarka on this foolish plan, but I imagine he'll eventually come around in the end.

Heh, President Laira was definitely thinking "Dammit, Vance!  Michael's suppose to be the only rebellious one here!" during that final exchange.

Stamets is definitely warming up to Zora more: especially when she's willing to do the busy work!

At least that cleaning droid got to finish up after Culber shooed it away.  Poor guy really wanted to do it itself!

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I was glad to see Starfleet has finally figured out what a discrete tracking device looks like. It actually melted into the item it was attached to! That was a wonderful improvement over the trackers we have seen before that are always huge, covered in blinking lights and audibly beeping.

Interesting to see a Changeling again. The CGI for the morph looks a lot better but also looks totally different from before. I am compelled to wonder how far in stature the Dominion has fallen considering that a Founder has to hang around at a casino cheating at card games. Is that really the most profitable way to make use of your ability to shapeshift?

Culber, in case Stamets didn't tell you, your ship is now a living being controlled by an AI. Don't abuse the DOTs!

Why does the Federation President only have one outfit? I think we'd still recognize her if she wore something else. I also thought Michael and Owo would ditch the uniforms for their mission but I guess they felt it was important to wave the flag instead.

Also, I know the Federation is still in a period of rebuilding but why doesn't the POTUFP have a staff other than Admiral Vance? Why does she personally have to micromanage Starfleet? I swear these writers have never worked in an organization of any kind.

The over-arching conflict is kind of dumb. "We have to stop Book and Tarka before they make hostile first contact and mess everything up!" Maybe species 10-C knows how to defend themselves and Book and Tarka will just be tilting at a windmill? Maybe 10-C won't care? But as the writing staff of this show seems to lack imagination I have a feeling yes indeed the aliens will be pissed but a tearful speech by Burnham will show them the error of their ways.

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The one thing I liked about this episode was the focus on Commander Joanne "Oh Wow!" Owosekun.  Really bad episode but the Oh Wow scenes were awesome.  

My feelings exactly!   This felt like a filler episode, but the Owo scenes made me wonder yet again why the show doesn't use her more actively— when they do, she’s really good.

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Actually, it would be nice if each bridge member got an episode to shine.  Owo was excellent as I thought she would be.  This was also an excellent use of Michael and her experiences as a courier. "Right Hook" and "Glow Worm" make an awesome team when Book isn't determined to be ridiculous.  It sucks that he was willing to throw his relationship away for Tarka.

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I'm joining team Owo - not only were her fight scenes great I also loved her in the scene with Tarka. I wish the actress got more scenes.

Listen Culber, if you don't want that housekeeping droid drop me a PM and I'll send you my shipping address!


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On 2/10/2022 at 6:56 PM, paigow said:

Boronite... So these guys have consumed every molecule in their own galaxy...

I'm going to go with Boring-ite -- because I was so incredibly bored by this episode.

Agreeing with previous posts, it did feel like filler.

If we find out in later episodes that species 10C (seriously, WTF  ?  Who is doing species naming at Starfleet HQ) that a lone alien bonded with Boronite and then yelled really loud to create the DMA I think I'm out.

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On 2/11/2022 at 1:44 PM, dwmarch said:

I have a feeling yes indeed the aliens will be pissed but a tearful speech by Burnham will show them the error of their ways.

She only got two tongue baths in this episode, from Vance and the President. Must be losing her touch. I fully expected her to replace Owo in the ring.


21 hours ago, CarpeFelis said:

Haz can’t pronounce “dosimeter”.

Who was that actor, he seemed really familiar to me

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So what is Tarka's childhood trauma? Do we know, and have i just forgotten? Or will that revelation be what stops this whole stupid suicidal enterprise? 

I liked Haz's wacky metaphors. 

Why wasn't it blatantly obvious to the Emerald Chain people that Book and Burnham were signaling each other? They practically had neon signs. 

Alien bars are always fun, though this was missing some Star Wars type entertainment. I just had a thought: I know that the two franchises are antithetical, but wouldn't it be a kick to see a recognizable Star Wars alien just hanging out in the bar? Oh well, i guess you can't have universes colliding. Never mind. 

I did enjoy the concept that the bar was located on a raft INSIDE a giant sea monster. What if the beast decides to swallow one day? 


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Thought it would be a better ep. 

I do wonder how tall Saru is supposed to be. Burham looked less than 5 feet high.

We got to check out Mos Eisley spaceport. Or Trek’s version. The Emerald Chai folks needed glasses to see Burnham and Book’s signals. At least she was smart enough to put a discreet tracking device on Book. Maybe Book is playing a long con bromance with Tarka. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

The planet muncher is a mining device?

Perhaps the Federation President is like a man in black - multiple copies of her favorite outfit.

I also wouldn’t mind the housekeeping droid sent to my home.



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Did Owo have a pre-departure visit with Culber for PED / super fast recovery meds? Just for the possibility that cage fighting would be needed to salvage the mission... Sure, she was tanking, but that dude was bringing the pain...

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Of course the first time we see any Ferengi's in the future, even just in the background, its in a sleazy space casino. Not a terrible episode but it felt mostly like filler. And I don't even dislike stand alone or filler all of the time, they can be really fun and give the audience a break from the bigger story if done right, but this just didn't pop. Things happened, like finding out that the species responsible for destroying the planets is probably doing it by accident and Book/Michael fighting, but I mostly found the episode to be a pretty boring way to bring the show back after a break. 

I did really like seeing Owo getting some good material, the actress is so compelling and her character is really interesting, I wish we saw more of her. I also liked that they used more of Michael's time as a courier with Book. I spent the whole episode worried that Owe would die or leave though, that tends to happen a lot on this show. An underused character finally gets the spotlight, and immediately dies or decides to leave the ship.

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On 2/17/2022 at 3:56 PM, tennisgurl said:

Of course the first time we see any Ferengi's in the future, even just in the background, its in a sleazy space casino. 

It’s not the first time. They’ve shown other Ferengi as background characters in Starfleet this season.

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On 2/11/2022 at 9:26 AM, sugarbaker design said:

The one thing I liked about this episode was the focus on Commander Joanne "Oh Wow!" Owosekun.  Really bad episode but the Oh Wow scenes were awesome.  

I have always liked the actress, but the fight scenes were cheesy with no real story telling artistry. There was no indication that "Oh Wow" was doing anything that would allow her to win in the third fight. No commentary of spotting weaknesses, or winks about hustling the gamblers by allowing herself to be beat up twice before easily winning. And if she did purposefully hustle the gamblers, that was about the least interesting way possible to tell that story - and the guy who complained later about being hustled was actually right.

And of course while Owosekun should get more stories, the reason why she was asked to go on the mission was ridiculous. "I know you want to do something, anything, to help." It would have been easy for the show to give Owo *some* skill or pretense for being chosen. Instead, it is Michael randomly choosing a crew member and - ta dah - it somehow works out instead of blows up in her face.


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I agree with those who felt this was a boring filler episode. And there was no suspense about the poker game for me, since I don't have the first idea about what constitutes a good hand in Earth poker, much less whatever alien world poker this was. 

But I did wonder if this was their Valentine's Day episode, because of Haz being all about Michael and Book's love story even while taking their latinum. 

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