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  1. To me it's not so much the bad acting as the cliche writing. We only watched 15 minutes of the first episode before deciding to go to bed. But tonight we watched it from the beginning with closed captioning (because I had trouble following the dialogue with tech talk and British accents), and this time we were interested enough to watch the second episode. It's not great but it'll do while waiting for another good Netflix series. Thanks for the suggestion of The Capture.
  2. In case anyone wants to learn more about the show and exchange lively opinions with others who love it, there is a Facebook group called "Shtisel" - Let's Talk About It. There are a lot of questions and answers about what happens and the religious and cultural customs, but the members of the group are all types of people from all over the world--Jews and non-Jews, and various degrees of religious (or not at all religious).
  3. I'm rewatching episode 3 of season 1 now and don't understand what was going on with his friends outdoors, in what looked like a park. They all seemed to be doing different things (except for Akiva and one of his friends sitting together under a tree reading and talking about a poem to Akiva). One of them was wandering around shouting--this is the one that fell down the hill of rocks and thought he broke his leg, and when his friends came to help him he said he had been shouting for help for hours but they didn't hear him because there were other people shouting. I noticed that there were a few men standing around in the trees, with at least one in a prayer shawl. What was going on in that scene? Was this some sort of religious practice, calling out to "Father" (G-d?) outdoors? ETA: This was explained in the Facebook group that I mention in my next comment. If you don't join the group, this Wikipedia article gives an explanation: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hitbodedut I also don't understand in general who these friends are and what they do. Are they all permanent students who don't work? I think one of them seemed to have a job, but it wasn't clear. How do they support themselves? ETA: According to someone in the Facebook group, some or all of these friends are in a band. But it's still not clear if that is actually how they support themselves.
  4. My husband and I binged this pre-pandemic, and now I am starting to rewatch in anticipation of Season 3. The series was recommended to us after we watched Unorthodox, and we thought both were great (though different). I confess that I started watching Shtisel with a bias against ultra-Orthodox Jews--I am a secular Jew but have ultra-Orthodox cousins, and I am really bothered by the way women are expected to just have baby after baby and not get an education or a career. I also have family living in Israel (some secular, others Orthodox but not "ultra") who resent the ultra-Orthodox for their influence on politics, for refusing to serve in the Army, and for being a financial burden on the state. It became personal to me when my Jewish-American daughter, who moved to Israel a few years ago and became a citizen, could not marry her Jewish-Israeli boyfriend in Israel without having an Orthodox rabbi officiate; apparently a civil ceremony was not possible, and there is no such thing as "Reform, Judaism" in Israel. They ended up getting married in Cyprus. But with all that said, I was moved by the humanity of the characters in the Shtisel and was able to see that in some ways they are not so different from the rest of us. I look forward to seeing what happens to them a few years after the last episode. I just wish they (and especially the women) were not so confined by the expectations of their community.
  5. Paloma

    S01.E07: Vatican III

    Well, hey, I admitted I couldn't spell it. I know, and I admit that I am obnoxious about making corrections. Sorry!
  6. Paloma

    S01.E07: Vatican III

    Dissasociative Identity Disorder. Sorry, I can't spell the first word and can't be bothered to look it up right now. You were close--it's Dissociative Identity Disorder. Sorry if I sound like a schoolmarm, but I edit psychiatric textbooks and couldn't resist correcting the spelling.
  7. I know it's none of my (our) business, so since you mentioned it I have to ask: what kind of performer were you?
  8. I love this comparison! Maybe it wasn't coincidence that the writers of The Americans gave the couple those names, LOL.
  9. I kept saying to my husband, "Why do they keep cutting back and forth to the hospital? What do these people have to do with the story?" I even worried that the real developmentally disabled people in the scenes were being exploited by the film-makers in order to make a contrast between their lives and those of the royals. Of course, it was intended to make a contrast, but it would have made more sense and maybe seemed less exploitative if we knew the underlying reason sooner.
  10. Someone may have already mentioned this, but I thought she was talking about Andrew and Edward, not Charles--that she had them despite Phillip's reluctance to have more children because she wanted to be a more hands-on mother than she was with Charles and Anne, but unfortunately she could not even bathe them.
  11. Same here, but I was the same age as Diana. And referring to your other point about Philip approving of Diana, in my case my father clearly liked my first husband (although his feelings changed after the marriage when my father saw how I was treated), and that was important to me. As you suggest, it is difficult calling off any wedding close to the event, and the pressure on Diana to go along with the program was so much greater.
  12. The offer didn't make sense as a real offer. As far as I can tell, Kristen hasn't been climbing regularly or training in the last few years (a decade or more if we go by the oldest girl's age)--she's been raising kids and working as a psychologist while her husband is off climbing. I'm sure it would take weeks if not months of intensive training to get back into shape for leading climbs. Also, Andy is apparently an experienced guide for Everest and probably other peaks, but was Kristen a guide or just a climber? Even if she was a guide a few years ago, I don't see a company hiring someone who has been away from it for years. Maybe I missed something and she and Andy have been alternating climbing gigs while raising the girls, but it doesn't sound like it.
  13. Paloma

    S01.E08: Two Fathers

    Same here. Agree with this, too. Maybe it's because of the character played by the actor on the Australian series Glitch, but I am giving him the benefit of the doubt. Like Ben, he comes across as no-nonsense and not susceptible to fear about creepy things. I hope those qualities enable him to protect his daughters and not be corrupted by Leland or other demons that are already in the house. Yeah, I don't think we can take anything in the demon baby scene seriously. I'm sure Kristen was hallucinating the demon baby scene. I was mostly laughing through it and after seeing what the baby looked like, thought it was going to be named George (the same demon haunting Kristen's nightmares).
  14. Paloma

    S01.E08: Two Fathers

    Just catching up with this show on Netflix, and this scene really bothered me also. I think/hope it was intentional, to suggest that the "attached to the arm" sister was real and affecting Vanessa's behavior.
  15. Paloma

    S01.E06: Let x = 9

    She tends to know a lot of random facts in general, so I chalk it up either to that or to her learning it through her former work somehow, with some of the cases she's consulted on and such. But how did she gain the skill to make the cut so perfectly, unless she had medical/surgical training? My husband and I just started watching this show on Netflix. I was more intrigued than my husband was by the premise and the first couple of episodes, but there are a lot of elements (all mentioned by others above) that are turning both of us off. It's still worth watching but not compelling.
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