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  1. Yes, it was Bartosz - same actor! There was a lot of speculation after Season 2, and I didn't put much faith in it myself. Initially I didn't see the resemblance either. But, I'm not sure which episode - but it's confirmed when Eva lines up her soldier's in the alt word - she calls him Bartosz. The following episode is the "in between years" episode where we see young Bartosz at Noah's birth, and this actor playing adult Bartosz at Agnes' birth. Thanks to both of you--I'm not sure how I missed that it was the same actor at Agnes' birth.
  2. That was true in season 1, but in season 2 the cause was the drugging and torture of Vanya. I don't think she could be expected to "manage her emotions" in that situation, and she didn't even seem to know what she was doing (because she was hallucinating). I asked similar questions earlier (after the lizard reveal), and although I hope this will be addressed in season 3, I fear that this was an inconsistency in writing. I hadn't thought of it until you said this, but she really is like the Wicked Witch. Maybe her assassins could be considered the flying monkeys.
  3. That bothers me, too. Five is not one of my favorite characters anyway, although I'm sympathetic to his desperation to fix things. But he was/is a brutal murderer just like the Swedes, and "just following orders" should not be a justification.
  4. Wow, somehow I missed that mind-bending connection of Charlotte's husband being her grandfather!
  5. The young guy Noah killed was his father Bartosz. He killed him, presumably, to make the timeline work out. He killed him when he saw that Bartosz was getting ready to stop supporting Adam, just as Adam probably told him he would. Do we know for a fact that this was Bartosz? I know a lot of viewers think it was, but I didn't think he resembled Bartosz at all, and the show was usually good at having actors who were believable as different ages of themselves. The two women were Charlotte herself and Elisabeth, who stole Charlotte from Noah and slightly younger Elisabeth. Our Charlotte was *not* Doppler's granddaughter. Our Charlotte's grandfathers were Helge and Bartosz. Your answers to the questions have been great, but you lost me here. First, which one does "Our Charlotte" refer to? Second, I thought the clockmaker / time machine maker was named Tannhaus, not Doppler. Helge's last name was Doppler. And can you remind me of how Charlotte's grandfathers were Helge and Bartosz? (I probably understood this while watching but have already forgotten.) Again, I think you are mixing up Doppler and Tannhaus. Wasn't it Tannhaus who created the device in the origin world that created the two universes?
  6. Never thought of that, but it makes sense (though I think there is more to it.)
  7. I'm not sure that makes sense. Weren't they about 13-14 when Five disappeared? It seems likely that "Mom" would have named them when they were younger, especially since she came into their lives almost a decade earlier (based on the age Vanya seemed to be when she killed the nannies). Even if she didn't name them immediately after coming into the home, giving them names would likely be part of the function of serving as an affectionate mother and therefore would have happened at a fairly young age. I don't remember which episode in season 1, but there was a scene where Mom was walking by their rooms when they were kids (maybe getting ready for a mission?) and saying encouraging things to a couple of them, including Diego and Vanya (she was playing the violin, not going on a mission). I'm pretty sure she called them by name, but I can't remember if 5 was in that scene--if he was, she didn't say anything to him so we still wouldn't know his name.
  8. That's what I assumed - in fact, I sort of expected young Five to say he was lying about solving the calculation. But it makes more sense he left the flaw in place when he opened the portal to preserve the timeline. Of course, there's still the unresolved paradox that our Five has no knowledge of meeting himself in 1963, whereas the one Luther kicked through the portal would. And the fact that Luther told old Five all the information he would need to stop the apocalypse in 2019. Maybe going through the portal had the effect of resetting the events of Five's personal timeline so it's all back the way it was the first time around (for him). Just reading this comment made my head explode! I love time travel stories but always have a hard time trying to keep track of timelines and resolve paradoxes.
  9. Just watched the first two episodes of Season 3 and am really confused. Guess I should have rewatched the last season or read a recap, because I am having trouble remembering some characters and what led to them being where they are now. I think I will take a break to find a recap before watching more. Just found a helpful recap of seasons 1 and 2 (don't read it unless you have watched both seasons): https://www.radiotimes.com/news/on-demand/2020-08-06/the-rain-season-1-2-recap/
  10. I wonder about that also. I don't remember seeing Ben in any of the Vietnam scenes. I guess there wasn't any reason to show him in those scenes, since their purpose was to show the development of the relationship between Klaus and Dave and then Dave's death. But considering that Ben is always with Klaus and how complicated their relationship is, it would have been nice to see at least a brief scene showing Ben's presence and reaction to what happened in Vietnam.
  11. Exactly. He was a nice guy as long as things were going the way he wanted --obedient wife who didn't mind his absences from home (including going to a bar to get drunk), plus a live-in guest who helped his wife take care of a difficult child (so that he didn't have to). I have witnessed firsthand how quickly a nice guy can change to a bully when things are not going the way he wants, and that is what I saw in Carl. There are plenty of people who get cheated on by their spouses or partners (I was one), but an appropriate response to that is counseling and/or divorce--not threatening to put your child in a mental institution.
  12. Do you mean Luther? Ben can make an octopus monster, so that's more than just being a good fighter.
  13. I see your point and understand your more charitable view of Carl. I guess my view is colored by both modern standards and my personal experience in the early 1970s in a culture that was only just starting to question traditional roles. Of course, the cheating was unacceptable, and he was right to be angry. But the line between rightful anger and threatening to hurt your spouse or partner is easy to cross, and IMO Carl crossed it when he threatened to send Harlan to an institution as a way to control his wife.
  14. But I don't think Carl really cared about getting help for Harlan, at least from what we saw. He used the threat of taking Harlan away first as a way to force Vanya to leave and then as a way to punish Sissy when she refused to be the play the obedient loving wife role any more. Mental institutions in that period were mostly horrible places, where patients were drugged (to keep them easy to handle, not to help them), given shock treatments, and often abused. A nonverbal, presumably autistic child like Harlan would have been destroyed by that experience. Maybe Carl didn't know how bad these places were and thought that an institution could help, but that lack of knowledge would not excuse his using Harlan as an emotional weapon against Vanya and Sissy.
  15. If Reginald is a lizard person, why did the last episode of the first season show him as human (about the same age as he is in this episode) on a presumably alien planet before he apparently traveled to early 20th century Earth? His dying wife also looked human, though I did think there was something strange about her features. Obviously the writers did not want to give too much away then, but it seems like a big continuity problem.
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