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  1. This is exactly what annoyed and frustrated me and my husband. There were other plot holes in earlier episodes but they could be hand-waved more than this one. They clearly had Katz on Heidi's murder, Ingrid/Gabrielle's murder, and attempted murder of Jo, Katz's ex-wife, and Chris. But even if Katz pled guilty to all of this to avoid a trial, the timeline didn't work and there was also nothing to tie him to Tripp (aside from the planted gun) and thus no motive for Katz to kill him. It's likely that Katz would insist that he had nothing to do with Tripp's murder, and someone should have asked questions about where Tripp fit in, unless Katz had a really incompetent lawyer and all the police and prosecutors worked together to cover up what really happened (which apparently they did not--the coverup was mainly Jo).
  2. Mike is such a jerk that I don't know why Thomas, who seems like a really nice kid, is still hanging out with him. Throughout the series my husband and I have been complaining about people not sharing crucial information (which is a typical way for TV shows to create drama and suspense). I guess in this case it's to show the damage done by keeping secrets.
  3. Not sure if you are referring to the subplot of Corinne's fake pregnancy or Suzanne's fake pregnancy--they are both odd--but it's Suzanne's story that especially doesn't make sense to me. I could sort of understand a woman faking a pregnancy to get positive attention, but it sounds like Suzanne has done this multiple times, or at least twice where she walked around looking 8 months pregnant. What did she tell her husband when she "lost" the pregnancy? It's one thing to say you had a miscarriage in your first trimester, but when you are in your last trimester you either go into labor or are induced (or have a C-section), even if the baby has died. It would not be easy to hide the evidence of a lost pregnancy at that stage. Suzanne's husband seems to be volatile and even abusive, so it would be very risky for her to try to deceive him like that.
  4. Maybe it was letting the guards put it down in order to give Will and Ben a chance to escape with Scarecrow.
  5. @Danny Franks I wish I could give double or triple hearts to your whole post! You really nailed the good and bad points of this season vs. the first season. It's still a much better show than many other dramedies (or comedramas?), especially those centered on teens, but I wish the writers would take your observations as guidance to improve the third season, if there is one.
  6. That scene with "our" robot and Scarecrow was so sad--once again showing that the robots can be more human, in a good way, than most of the humans on this show.
  7. Even if it was a plot device, it worked for me. At this point I like the robot better than most of the human characters, and I like the way he is becoming more human and compassionate--especially with the horse.
  8. Viv and Jackson are going to be a couple. I hope they are not going to be a couple, because they are much better as friends and I am tired of almost every male-female friendship having to become a romance in TV and movies. I also have not seen any indication of sexual attraction between them--any hugging or other touching has been for comfort, reassurance, or celebration of friendship (in my mind). I do like the story of Jackson's desperate reaction to the pressure he was under and his relationship with his non-bio mom and his reassurance to her. Normally I don't like jock / alpha male characters, but he is my favorite character next to Maeve. Actually, I wouldn't mind seeing them get back together. This season was overall much sadder than the first season, though there were still plenty of hilarious bits. It also seemed to have more unrealistic bits than the first season, such as the Romeo and Juliet musical (I agree with @DoctorAtomic that a real high school, at least in the US, would not allow such a racy production) and the apparent casualness and comfort that many of the kids have with different forms of sexuality (their own and others). Of course, I am the age of these kids' grandmothers, so maybe this is really the way things are now, or the way things are in England and other European countries--but it doesn't seem consistent with the many U.S. reports of bullying and attempted or completed suicide of bisexual, gay, lesbian, and trans teens, not to mention of girls who have sex with boys and then are called promiscuous. Although I agree with @ShortyMac about loving the solidarity of the girls with Aimee, it seemed unrealistic that all these girls from very different social groups and with very different personality types in high school would bond this way. But I'm willing to handwave that because I love Girl Power. Perhaps most unrealistic to me was the idea of Adam running to the school to openly declare his love (or at least his desire to hold Eric's hand) on stage in the middle of the performance. That simply does not track with his personality and actions throughout the series. I could see his mother's words inspiring him to express his feeling to Eric privately, but not to do something that could humiliate him so publicly. I feel sorry for Adam and how his father treats him, but like @VagueDisclaimer I hate seeing a romantic relationship coming out of a bullying relationship, at least not without a lot more apologetic work done by Adam. I also just don't see why Eric is so attracted to Adam, and it didn't look to me like Eric was so much happier with him than he was with Rahim. Eric and Rahim seemed to have fun together, and Rahim was considerate, patient, and understanding. Rahim was Eric's boyfriend, and Eric just publicly humiliated him by accepting Adam's request to hold hands (and, presumably, become a couple). The whole way this played out just makes me not like either Eric or Adam, and certainly not as a couple.
  9. I can't decide if the scene of Penny and Vijay getting trapped in the trash compactor is a ripoff of the Star Wars trash compactor scene or intended as a tribute. Similarly, the various dinosaur chase scenes in this and previous episodes are either ripoffs or tributes to Jurassic Park.
  10. I think she did have that disk. IIRC, Jo had given it to Chris for safekeeping (leaving a decoy envelope and container with her dad, who put it in the gun safe at home). At some point when the rescue group was gathering (Piper, Alex, Benny, and Chris), Chris must have given the disk back to Piper so she could regain her powers. But I need to go find a recap to be sure this is what happened. Totally agree with the rest of your post.
  11. I was disappointed because there was too much focus on the romantic triangle, which has always seemed forced, instead of giving us more information about the conspiracy (including, but not limited to, what groups are behind the uploading and for what purpose). I also don't like the cliffhanger of Piper waking up with Helen's consciousness, especially if the show is not renewed. And Loretta and the government guy were getting a bit too mustache-twirly at the end (especially with the implied threat to Jo's father's health). I will watch the show if it comes back because most of it was still better and more interesting than other shows of this genre.
  12. I'm trying to resist the urge to make a comparison to some hateful "Christians" (in quotes because I don't consider them true Christians) today using political power to torture those they deem un-Christian or unworthy. Oops, I guess I didn't resist the urge, and I will understand if the moderator deletes the comment.
  13. Helen didn't kill all her creators, since Loretta is still alive--although it does seem a little suspicious that Loretta escaped with nothing more than a little scar on her cheek. Aside from that point, your explanation of the plot points above is very helpful--thanks!
  14. why ewwing? Speaking for myself, and I think some others here, the kissing scene felt forced and unnecessary for a story of this type. This is an interesting sci-fi/mystery story that does not need a romance angle, but the writers have clearly been trying to add a romantic triangle element (with Alex as the other corner of the triangle) because that is what most TV shows do. Personally, I feel it detracts from Jo's independent and focused character--not that independent women can't have romance, but in the context of this story at this particular moment it feels like the wrong time and place.
  15. I'm afraid the plot is losing coherence--it feels like the writers are in "kitchen sink" mode. In previous episodes it was satisfying to have so much happening and so many revelations that answered earlier questions while posing new ones. But this time I felt like almost nothing about the previous episode(s) was satisfactorily explained, and the new plot elements don't make a lot of sense. For example, what is the big uploading threat--who or what was starting the upload, what was the purpose, and who or what interrupted the upload? Maybe it will help if I rewatch, but with only one episode left and possible cancellation of the series, I doubt that much will be resolved next week. Too bad about Justin--he was a charming and very human-like AI. So is Helen now invincible because she gained Piper's powers via Justin's chip? And how exactly is Jo, or anyone, supposed to get close enough to Helen to stab her with the chip remover, especially since Helen now knows that Jo has it? I was EWW-ing, too, although at least in the first kissing scene Jo's response was that Brooks was being overly dramatic--I applauded that line and figured that was the writers' way of acknowledging that a lot of viewers don't want this romance. But then they had to have the second kissing scene with Jo initiating it, and I was rolling my eyes and saying to my husband "Not the time or place!"
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