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  1. I thought it was Jess and Felix together, and that they stole it to get money that Felix needed because of some financial mess he got in--but my memory on this is foggy.
  2. Me, too (to my surprise). I'm sure it is too much to ask that they won't sleep together, but it would be nice to see them have a platonic friendship--it would be good for both of them, unless Murphy makes him become one of her co-conspirator friends.
  3. Are people still watching this show? I thought last night's episode was pretty good, leaving aside that it was hard to believe that Murphy was allowed to leave Pretzel with the guard and that she was able to pass the cane with the drugs under the table (and that Max was able to put the drugs in his pants) without a guard noticing. I would think that watching out for contraband smuggling is one of the main duties of the guards during visiting hours, but maybe they are paid by the smugglers (or drug lords like Nia) to not look too closely. This episode took place the morning after Felix and Chelsea were almost caught by the cops doing the bust at the market, right? Seems odd that neither one was much perturbed by it. Did Felix even realize that this bust was connected to what he was doing for Nia? Ben's making breakfast for Felix and Chelsea and his almost friendly attitude also seemed odd and quite out of character. I guess he was just trying to stay on his sister's good side, and it certainly had that effect when Felix accused him of stealing drugs and Chelsea was outraged at this accusation against her "changed" brother. Poor Jess! Her world is really crashing around her, and she doesn't have anyone left to support her. I had forgotten that she cheated on her ex-girlfriend (don't remember her name), and I guess that justified the anger expressed by her ex-girlfriend, but I don't think Jess is a bad person. She certainly doesn't deserve what's happening to her. Last but not least, Dean continues to be a horrible excuse for a human being. Making his daughter think that he feels guilty for his partner's "suicide" when he actually is responsible for her murder (because of what he said to Nia) and that he and Murphy broke up because she made him feel bad about "feeling guilty" is all so outrageous.
  4. But isn't that kind of the point of the series--otherwise decent, non-criminal women being forced to figure out how to cover up criminal acts that neither of them ever imagined doing? I'm pretty sure I would not have the first clue of how to cover up any kind of serious crime, because I am not a criminal and don't think like one. Of course, that is not the only point of the series (friendship and dealing with grief are at least as important), but much of the humor comes from non-criminals trying to cover up criminal acts.
  5. Devi is attractive as well as smart and not afraid to say what she thinks, so they could both like her for those reasons. They also can both sense her vulnerability underneath the tough facade, and Ben and Paxton would both respond to that because they are each vulnerable for different reasons.
  6. This episode was a perfect ending to a wonderful series that fulfilled the cliche "You'll laugh, you'll cry." Although I wasn't a fan of Ben in the beginning and wasn't thrilled about the Ben/Devi/Paxton triangle setup, I liked that both boys were actually decent human beings who could care about Devi. But I worry that a triangle in season 2 will end up hurting everyone, and I think I'd rather see Ben and Devi as friends. As I said (at great length) in another thread, I could relate to the mother-daughter issues and had empathy for Nalini. When she, in trying to explain her feelings and behavior to Devi, said "I was so scared" (or similar words), that struck me in the heart because that was exactly why I tried to control every aspect of my daughter's life. I loved her so much and was always worried about her health, safety, and success in school and other aspects of life. My husband, in contrast, was the fun parent who rarely said no and tried to be the peacekeeper. My relationship with my daughter is fine now, since I have learned to let her live her own life as an adult and to just be there for support if needed, but it's not easy to let go when the daughter is a teenager taking risks and making poor, potentially harmful choices. I wasn't expecting the McEnroe cameo and loved it. It was a final answer to the question "Why use John McEnroe as narrator for a teenage girl's life?" and added to the meaningful tribute to Mohan, both because Mohan was such a big fan of JM and because JM's loud yell allowed Devi to get there in time to say good-bye to her dad and reconcile with her mom.
  7. Same here, this episode really hurt because I've experienced this dynamic in my own family. both with my parents when I was a kid and then with my daughter and husband (though without a heart attack or death, thank goodness). (TMI warning: Feel free to skip the next part, but I promise that I will relate it to the show.) When I was a kid, my mother was the critical one who made me feel like I wasn't good enough, and my father was loving and the peacekeeper. When I was in my 20s, my parents got divorced (my mother's choice) and I became estranged from her, though she periodically sent me cruel letters about what a terrible daughter I was. So when I got married, I did not want to have children because I thought I would be a bad mother. I was finally convinced by my husband and with the help of therapy that I was not doomed to repeat the past, and when I had a daughter I became Supermom...for a while. But she was a very independent and fierce personality (like Devi), and as she got older (especially teens) we often argued over what she was allowed to do and were very angry with each other. My husband was the "nice" and "easy" parent and tried to act as peacekeeper, but that just made it worse because I felt like he was treating me like a child. I often was depressed at being such a bad mother and felt like giving up because I feared she would stop loving me and we would become estranged like my mother and I. So I empathized with Nalini's outburst about Devi not being her child, and I understood that she said that not because she hated Devi or no longer wanted her, but because she felt hopeless about their relationship. Fast forward to my daughter in her 20s and 30s: Our relationship has improved a lot, in part because we have been able to have long, honest discussions about our feelings. She knows I love her unconditionally, and she has reassured me that she loves me and will never cut me out of her life. She had a daughter 3-1/2 years ago, and I am happy to see that my mothering mistakes are not being repeated--my daughter is loving and incredibly patient with her daughter, but she does sometimes share with me her fear of losing patience and harming the relationship. All of this is to say that, even though they are fictional characters, I am hoping that Nalini and Devi can repair their relationship by talking honestly and sharing their grief.
  8. He's a brand-new detective, and this is his first case. True, but he does seem to have good instincts. I don't remember the details but think he has figured out a few things before Dean did, and that annoyed (or maybe worried) Dean.
  9. She has always seemed a bit flaky, so it's possible and even likely that she really was clueless and not picking up on the anvils but, as you said, And then there is this: Gene's persona may be real, but he does seem sharp so I really hope that he is secretly investigating Dean...or at least suspicious of him.
  10. Thanks, I forgot that a delivery was made to that truck before. When he told Chelsea that he needed to go to the market to get ingredients for lasagna, I was thinking how stupid he was to delay the delivery. But now it makes sense (or as much sense as this show can make). It's funny but also a bit scary considering that he literally got away with murder. I worry that he will find a way to get rid of Murphy permanently (murder or at least prison) to eliminate what he sees as a threat to his relationship with Chloe. Of course, there is no show without Murphy, so it is good to see Dean getting so pissed off about this.
  11. Or these ridiculous coincidences: Felix and Chelsea go to the same market where police are searching the produce/drug truck AND F and C go to the employees-only area of the store to have a quickie AND do not encounter any store employees AND almost get caught by the drug dog that the police brought along, yet the police handling the dog do not go see what the dog was going after! I'm getting a bit tired of Felix's poor judgment and apparent inability to take the situation he, Murphy, and Jess are in seriously, at least when sex is dangled in front of him. Still, I mostly liked the episode and still want to see how things play out.
  12. I'm in the minority here because I didn't really need a whole episode devoted to the poor little rich boy. The writers could have given us some insight into his feelings in the same way they have done with Fabiola and Eleanor, showing a few short scenes of them dealing with family issues. They are much more interesting to me (especially Fabiola) than Ben, and I wonder why he gets the whole-episode, separate narrator treatment. I hope they did not do this as a way of leading up to Ben and Devi becoming a couple. Also, Andy Samberg's narration seemed boring to me. Maybe I would have appreciated it more if I were a fan, but what little I've seen him in has not interested me. I was worried that he would be narrating future episodes so was glad when he handed it back to McEnroe at the end.
  13. It is surprising that more people aren't talking about this, but maybe it's because they already watched the next episode and know the answers to your questions. Still, it was a shocking scene at the end and certainly worth mentioning!
  14. Well, they do have programs to train service dogs in some prisons, and apparently the prisoners love them, so maybe he will go somewhere he is really appreciated. Murphy is hardly a great caretaker.
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