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  1. Yes, but would that approval survive Josh no longer being employed by the IRS? (Though it's still not clear to me if he was fired after Murphy's phone call ratting him out.) I hope so. I'm not usually a fan of letting people get away with crimes on a technicality, but in this case it would be justified.
  2. I missed that course in Law & Order University! But seriously, if he is no longer an IRS employee, how can he act as an agent of the police? Can any detective or other police person just designate any person they want as an agent?
  3. At this point I'm only watching the show because my husband still wants to, but the ridiculousness just keeps piling up. Besides what everyone else here has said, WTF is Josh doing in the interrogation room with Gene--what standing does he have to be there? When Murphy suggested to Gene that he let Josh handcuff her (and he did), I wondered if that would somehow invalidate the arrest or give grounds for appealing any conviction since Josh is not a cop and is (I think) no longer a federal IRS agent. Also, with Murphy being such a wanted criminal, how convenient that no one in the police st
  4. Does anyone know the name and location of the ski lodge that Boone led them to? I know the series was filmed in Alberta, but I would love to know if you could actually go to that lodge. I wouldn't even mind some zombie ghosts. I just found this great guide to the filming locations, including photos. The lodge is actually the Nakoda Lakeside Lodge, 50 miles west of Calgary. https://www.atlasofwonders.com/2019/04/black-summer-filming-locations.html
  5. To be fair (even though I didn't like Olive most of the time), most people wouldn't think clearly enough in a moment of panic to come up with that idea. She may have even forgotten about the ankle bracelet in the moment. But what I find less believable is why she didn't call 911 when she realized she was locked in her room and her mother was in trouble--I'm sure a teenage girl would have her phone with her at all times, and calling 911 in an emergency is something even kids are taught. For that matter, why didn't older Cal call 911 to get help for his mother? I know that would have distracted
  6. This episode had another (probably incorrect) clue to the timeline: Ben said it's been 8 years since he found out that Cal was probably going to die (I think he referred to the "official diagnosis"). I'm not sure how much time went by between that diagnosis and the trip to Jamaica, but it probably wasn't more than a few weeks or couple of months. So with the passengers gone 5 years (or 5-1/2 years), 8 years from diagnosis would mean they have been back for about 2-1/2 years. That would be consistent with Ben's previous mention of "years" of research, but not consistent with Eden's age--even if
  7. I think Beverly said something to Zeke in this episode about 12 years, seemingly referring to how long Michaela and Jared have (had) been together. Presumably because of her dementia she is counting 12 years from before she lost her memory--i.e., before the plane disappeared. From previous episodes (including old photos Michaela looked at), I got the impression that she and Evie were childhood friends and that Michaela and Jared had been together since high school or not long after. Let's say Michaela and Jared got together when they were 16-17, or maybe she was 16-17 and he was 18-19. So 12 y
  8. I'm so sad for both of you but glad you have a video (even if @festivus is not yet ready to watch it).
  9. I have the same hang-up but also know it makes sense from Devi's teenage perspective, because, despite it being in the very distant past, I still cringe when I think about the handsome but dumb boys I had crushes on in high school and even college. I was very much like Devi in high school--a top student with just a couple of friends, not in the popular group and mostly unnoticed by boys. Although hormones and romantic pop songs (this was the 1960s) were mostly to blame for my crushes, the desire to have a handsome boyfriend also came from needing to be validated by my peers. If one of my crush
  10. Although I can't wait to watch the last episode, I'm taking a break to come here and say how moved I was by this episode. First by the presentation by Paxton and his grandfather, which moved me to tears because it made the terrible historical facts come alive (as the lesson was meant to do). Then for Devi's expression of fear that she really was crazy. Finally, my heart almost stopped when Devi's grandmother said "There is no time for hanging up or not speaking in this life"--I felt like she was speaking to me because of what happened last week near the end of a 3-week visit by my 38-year-old
  11. Then I guess this is just a case of girls that age sometimes growing taller and developing earlier than boys.
  12. Another question about age differences just occurred to me, in light of Cal's crush on Stella--who looks older than him. Since Cal did not age and (obviously) did not go to school while missing for 5 years, I assume that when he came back he would be in the same grade that he was in before the disappearance. So he will always be 5 years behind his former peers in school, life events, and physical maturity. The writers did address this a bit when he first encountered a former friend who was now Olive's boyfriend (before TJ entered the picture). But what grade or age is Cal supposed to be now, a
  13. I don't have a big problem with their apparent age difference, considering that within the show Jared is probably supposed to be just a little older than Mick--maybe his character is early or mid-30s to her late 20s. But I do have a problem with the other age-inappropriate romantic relationships: Olive and TJ, and even more Angelina and Pete. Although they seem to be making Olive look older in the last couple of episodes (heavier makeup, I think) and have had dialogue suggesting she is a senior now (that does not seem to fit with the timeline, but maybe @ottoDbusdriver can help with this), I t
  14. Really dating myself here, but when my husband and I were trying to figure out who he looked like, our first thought was Micky Dolenz from the pop group The Monkees in the late 60s. But I also see the Jack Black resemblance now that you mention it.
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