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  1. Despite the implausibility, my husband and I really enjoyed the show and can't wait for Part 2. Having been to Paris a couple of times long ago, it was great to be reminded of some of the beautiful locations. I also enjoyed challenging my old brain to understand the French dialogue (I wouldn't have understood anything without the English subtitles, but the subtitles helped me recognize many words and phrases as they were spoken). One thing confused me and I don't think it's been mentioned in these comments: There was a flashback scene in one of the last episodes where he was in a restaura
  2. I tried tonight, but I'm out after 15 minutes. My husband is still watching--he has a greater tolerance for boredom.
  3. Finola seemed to tell Bryan the whole truth (at least in regard to what her boss told her), but Bryan was still holding back some important information: namely, that his people were actually inside her apartment (not just "surveilling" it, which I would interpret as watching it from outside), searching for clues and trying to get access to her files, and that Bryan was supposed to try to get her password (which seems like a ridiculous order--I'm just an ordinary person, not an investigator who is supposed to keep secrets, but I would never give my passwords to anyone except my husband, and I w
  4. Lady: I happen to know you have stronger Debris that can access communication frequencies. Why would you want this one? Maddox: Because it works. Lady: Is that the only reason? The spinning top wasn't part of the alien debris, it was a way to prove that this was the real alien artifact. The alien artifact was under the spinning top. Thank you!
  5. I missed that it was a communication device--it just seemed to float or be suspended in air. I'm not saying you're wrong, but what made you think it was a communication device?
  6. This is the answer we should probably all be giving at this point. If I continue watching, it will mostly be so I can enjoy the comments here.
  7. I liked the concept also, though for different reasons: (1) the mystery of the missing old people and the teenagers seen with them was intriguing (maybe I am dense, but the explanation did not occur to me until the reveal by the first teenager they caught that he was one of the missing old people); (2) the fear of getting old and being alone is powerful, especially for those of us in the senior generation, so I could empathize with the desperation of the "teenagers"; (3) for once the debris had an effect that clearly could be beneficial to humanity if it could be controlled by, for example, re
  8. I missed FJ because I thought they meant daytime talk show or game show hosts--never occurred to me that the description could include the host of a children's show. But of course the quote totally made sense for Mr. Rogers. Also, it just occurred to me as I wrote this comment--did the clue writers use this as a little TY to Aaron Rodgers? Probably not, but it is an interesting coincidence.
  9. If there is some way this links to the episode, I'm missing it. "dull glow" or "ashen glow" pretty much describes the lighting of all the episodes.
  10. I think you are correct--though I wasn't paying close attention by that point (in fact, I wasn't even sitting in front of the TV for much of the show), my husband was watching and said something to me about seeing a man in Manhattan who was supposed to be dead. If this was a clone, I guess it would explain why the bald man said something like "I will rise again" just before he shot himself.
  11. Enough already with weepy Finola and the calls with her sister! I suppose in this episode there was supposed to be some relevance to the plot, with chief villain singing the Spanish song while waiting for transport. But if this was meant to make me care about the personal relationships, it didn't work. The only thing I liked about the Spanish song element was that I could understand all the words, despite it being decades since I studied Spanish in school. And I love NYC, but it would have been more interesting if they hadn't been able to stop part of Manhattan from disappearing.
  12. Thank you so much for your dedication.
  13. They didn't tell them they were putting them in suspended animation ahead of time. Thanks, I should have thought of that. Your other answers are also appreciated--I guess I wasn't paying close enough attention and/or was too annoyed with other aspects of the show to see that they were at least addressing some of my questions.
  14. Petty and stupid--talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face! Even if Superman was not available for every crisis, he would still be a valuable asset for situations that need fast response and superpowers. Great perspective, and I think it's not uncommon in real life when someone has a sibling (especially a younger sibling) with issues that he or she is expected to be the "easy" kid or even to help with taking care of the sibling with issues. But eventually that role gets to be a burden. When this series started I was more sympathetic to Jordan, but now I am more sympat
  15. Depends which movie you are in. My husband said, "Where's Kevin Costner?" At least Kevin's character got to meet his baseball hero and reunite with his dead father (hopefully a spoiler alert is not needed for this 30-year-old movie).
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