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  1. I refreshed my memory on Season 2's mafia, and they appear to be neither Italian nor African-American. In fact, Brad Garrett's boss was reluctant to let a black man (Mike) run an operation. Going strictly by character names (admittedly a weak indicator, Milligan being a case in point), it may not even be Jewish at this point. So it looks like a whole other faction by the 70s maybe?
  2. Is this show based on a book, like a collection of short stories? Are the stories connected? I hope not because my local station seems to be showing them out of order. Episode 5 was first, then 1, then this one. Haven't seen #2 yet.
  3. I thought it had a nice open ending. I got the feeling that, for the sake of her daughter, she would not be going back down to the basement.
  4. OK Michael needs a steady supply of that stuff, because I can tolerate her when she's not brooding. I don't think I mind her being the saviour of the universe if she's funny doing it. I wonder if the show will alternate episodes between Michael and Book one week, and the rest of the Discovery crew the next. I hope it's not too long before we see Saru and the team again. So is the objective of this season to bring the far flung reaches of Starfleet (and by extension the Federation) together again?
  5. Starchild

    S01.E01: FILE #1

    Evergreen statement.
  6. Which is, I think, unethical. The nepotism I mean.
  7. That's Edge of Forever, there, Redshirt 😉 The obvious answer for why people go back in time to just before shit gets real is for the drama, but if I were to try to handwave a physics reason for it, I'd say that the energy surrounding a major historical event (Tulsa, Pompeii, Kennedy assassination, etc.) draws the time eddies towards it. Obviously doesn't apply to quiet, personal situations but whatevs. The speech during the burning, and the song during Leti's walk, were the same passage. One spoken and one sung. But I don't know the piece and I don't know if the poetry preceded the song lyric or vice versa. Oh I guess it was a poem first. https://furiousflower.org/catch-the-fire-by-sonia-sanchez/ And inspired the show's soundtrack composer to write the song at the end. https://www.newsweek.com/lovecraft-country-catch-fire-song-sonia-sanchez-hbo-1538228
  8. The execution scene was really emotional. I kept hoping Owen would bring the gang back in time, since even he stated they "had to do something about this hanging", but alas they were too late.
  9. Sam was on the dock. Didn't their eyes meet at the end of the episode?
  10. Yeah the Soulmates connection was very tenuous. Just an entry point to a story that could have been told in any other show.
  11. Is this the shadowy figure we saw in the street when Oraetta came back from delivering the pie? Is it perhaps following the fugitives? We've had dead people narrate stories before. I won't mention the most obvious example, for those yet to see it (always new generations discovering old material), but I imagine quite a few of you know what movie I'm referencing.
  12. Starchild

    Room 104

    The series ended with a whimper, sadly. "Generations" had nothing new to say.
  13. Starchild

    S01.E01: FILE #1

    There's a natural comparison to "Person of Interest." Of course in that show, they needed a good AI to fight the evil AI. They couldn't do it on their own.
  14. Starchild

    Room 104

    The Babby one was really good. I've said it before, honest human dramas are this show's strengths. If only they would do more of these.
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