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  1. I neither loved nor hated it. One question to anyone who knows: when the Boy was watching TV, each time he turned away from the screen to say "I can do that", the picture changed to two eerie figures. What was that?
  2. Any chance the ending was tacked on after the COVID-19 lockdowns started?
  3. Hm. Well. That happened. Another show that introduced brand new characters late in the game that we're supposed to care about. (I'm x and I'm you) I didn't hate it, but I'm underwhelmed.
  4. Maybe that's where Diego comes in. Having been touched by Santa Muerte, perhaps he can act as her avatar in the world. His mother seems to think so.
  5. A disheartening representation of religion. Evil gets to walk among us and cause trouble, while Good comes along afterwards to clean up the mess. Help you? Screw you!
  6. I inferred it from her dismayed expression while he was trying to convince the other guys of the theory, but admittedly that expression could reflect any number of things, including a shared delusion with her husband that those guys clearly weren't buying.
  7. I thought by the end that Bengelsdorf would realize the error of his ways, but nope, he just could not face his failures of judgement. He had to construct a conspiracy theory that would allow him to continue to believe he was on the right side. I got the sense that Evelyn, at least, wasn't really buying it, but felt compelled to continue her support of her husband. To the point that she would allow herself to be hoodwinked again, just to maintain her sanity. After all, he is now all she has left. Sad.
  8. I began this episode worrying that something bad would happen to Kim. I finished it hoping that it would.
  9. This was trippy. I'm really liking this season. Looks like Charlotte will be a wild card in all this. On her own side, potentially spoiling everyone else's fun, maybe.
  10. I think the opening chyron for this episode said "April 1942", and some dialogue mentioned the midterms hasn't happened yet, so the presidential election is 1944. I think some of the campaign material was printed like that as well.
  11. I can't really explain why, but I'm beginning to feel more and more sympathetic to Bengelsdorf. I really do think that he believes he's doing right by his people, but the scales will be ripped from his eyes soon enough. He's going to hit the ground hard, and I'm not sure he'll survive the fall.
  12. Note: I haven't read the book so my statements are opinions based on what I've watched so far, not any foreknowledge of the story. At this point, smitten Evelyn is taking her cue from the rabbi, and he's still fooling himself that this attitude of Ford's is an anomaly in America. He'll soon get to the point (when the "relocations" start?) where it will be too painful to admit he was wrong and what he's been involved in, and so he'll go all the way to the wall with his denial, dragging Evelyn with him.
  13. I've never been a Lucy fan, so this episode was meh for me. That said, Debra Messing absolutely brings Lucy to life: physically, aurally and in her behaviour. What an amazing throwback.
  14. I like Princess, she makes me laugh. I heard the finale is indefinitely postponed, is that true? If so, why?
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