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  1. Much more than 5 years. More like your whole life. In my experience, medical school is typically preceded by an intense, specialized undergrad science degree. Which is in turn preceded by a high school experience steeped in science and math. Which is often preceded by a childhood where you and your family are focusing on developing the discipline you're going to need to go through all that (and I got the sense from their earlier conversations that they've been expecting her to be a doctor since she was a little girl).
  2. I was thinking the same thing. I was like, "wait she's their IT director? in charge of IT for the entire hospital? When did that happen?" Also, generally speaking, I always think it's hilarious when shows and movies treat computer work like a car chase lol. Interesting you say that, because when he's onscreen (which hasn't been much lately) I find him the most compelling of all of them. My head nearly exploded when they lied to that patient to coerce a kidney out of her. OMG the lack of ethics on display in this episode was mindblowing.
  3. I think he was also just generally freaked out about having a kid so soon. He did say he thought it would be quite a bit later in their lives that they'd be having kids. I even got the sense he'd be fine if they never did. By the way, I still say Shaun and Lea have zero chemistry. When will TPTB start listening to me and split them up already lol?
  4. Starchild

    Your Honor

    So maybe it wasn't the writing that was problematic. Maybe it was the editing.
  5. I think I will be able to tolerate the daughter as long as teen angst doesn't make up a significant portion of every week's plot. A little goes a long way. (TBH I'm a little surprised that the "best the CIA ever had" even had time for pregnancy.) I got the sense that she actually started working with Bishop now, since he already has an established understanding with the CIA related to his company's activities, and she needs that. Actually, I don't think she freelances for the CIA since she left them. I think she intended to fully retire until she became motivated to start helping ordinary people in tough spots. That got their attention, because full retirement was part of the deal, and she now seems to be reneging. Operating under Bishop's umbrella takes a lot of that heat off her.
  6. Starchild

    Your Honor

    Am I the only one who thought the pacing was really weird? For example: I literally looked online to see if I'd missed an episode. Didn't the last episode end with Adam going off to meet Fia's dad, and the senator steeling herself to tell Adam about his mom's affair? Suddenly this episode starts the next morning with Dad finding out from his mother-in-law that she told Adam the truth, and the meeting between Adam and Jimmy...what?...happened offscreen? Didn't happen at all? I couldn't tell from the godfather hug at the end if that was the first time they'd ever met or not. The episode description talks about how everything is unraveling for Michael, and it was, but it didn't seem to matter. Charlie, Nancy, Lee, they all found out the truth and there's 10 minutes left and I'm thinking, I thought there were only 10 episodes but there must be another one coming to resolve all this. And then they all just...dropped it? A couple of other points re: the writing: OK, the dead mom's affair was a whole lot of nothing, after all that build up between Nancy and the grandmother, and Michael yelling at her the next day, and Adam moping by the river. Adam and Michael just laugh and hug it out? What was the point of having that in there at all? Is there source material that contained this plot line? Because I would have just left it out altogether if it wasn't going to mean anything. That random ending was dramatically unsatisfying, IMO
  7. Starchild

    Your Honor

    I've been under the impression that Adam's attraction to Fia has been about guilt and wanting to get caught, whether consciously or not.
  8. Boo, I missed the high five, is it on YT yet?
  9. Starchild

    Your Honor

    But how did he get the searches onto her phone? Did he grab it when they had been collected by the bailiff, to get the searches on there before they were handed back? How did he get into her phone? She seemed too smart to not have a password.
  10. I was totally expecting the AI and Michael to combine into some sort of V'Ger-esque super-being, first because being pushed into the wall was gratuitously stupid (why aren't there guardrails?!) and had no real point to it besides looking cool, and second because Michael becoming god-like is the direction her character has been going all series. I was shocked when there was no consequence besides coughing up some little blue bytes. On another note, when the door to the data core opened and we looked down that corridor I totally flashed to Galaxy Quest lol.
  11. Hm, maybe that's why they had the arbitrary "holodeck changes your species" thing. Maybe they wanted to show Doug's real face in his final appearance on the show. 😞
  12. It doesn't hurt to have a backup Stamets. They should really be working on some other way to run the spore drive, because having it depend on the presence of one person is stupid. I knew they were going to take Saru out of the captain's chair, and that sucks. When this show was being developed, didn't they say the star would not be the captain? I guess it wouldn't be the first show to change its premise.
  13. I love Leslie Jordan, it's nice seeing him play a sweetheart instead of a bitch lol.
  14. I can't say I wouldn't be the same, but I do miss the days when the doctor was a mentor/teacher rather than a potential romantic partner. It's what made the character unique, differentiated from other shows where a woman followed a man around on adventures.
  15. I think they all have individual cells. I got the sense that the collection of electrified cubes was the exercise yard.
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