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  1. I'm taking bets on when he'll get his own show on FOX News.
  2. This point has been made a few times, but when did she previously go into a dangerous situation without backup? I can only recall the incident of Zabel's death, and that started as a simple series of inquiries regarding the various vans. They had no indication they were going into a dangerous situation when they knocked on that guy's door. They wouldn't have thought to ask for backup for such a routine activity. Am I forgetting something?
  3. Can't figure out what kind of new world order Teddy wants though.
  4. At the beginning of the series, I wasn't really feeling Mel and Harry, but they've really grown on me, and now I think they're adorable.
  5. Starchild

    S03:E03 The Trunk

    Why was Elektra arrested? I must have missed the reason given.
  6. What a waste of an hour. There must have been a less pointless way to ensure the two actual plot movements: the baby's death and Riley getting the key. Instead, the episode was all about the emotional attachment between a character we've never seen before and a character we barely care about. Meh.
  7. I don't recall any of the specific things Mary said about George in BBT (why I don't have large swaths of dialogue memorized by now is beyond me), but my impression is that she alluded to the same terrible behaviour that Sheldon did.
  8. I liked this episode, it was a strong one, with lots to think about (both in-episode, and meta-wise). But... Park wanting to bail on a case because it's a kid? That's BS. I don't buy it. Park loves his son, but he's clear-eyed and pragmatic, not overly sensitive. A clear example of plot driving character, rather than character driving plot. It was all about setting up the breakup at the end. Which, as I noted a few episodes ago, was fated to happen, because he and Morgan just don't relationship the same way. If they do come back together, she will need to change how she int
  9. I was doing some googling. Apparently the actor playing Wendell is on another show right now (one of the NCIS ones?) so he's being kept in the background here for now. Also, it seems Ginny's Pioneers had about a dozen settlements altogether, so I guess for now we're presuming that June, Sarah and Wendell are at one of those that we've never seen onscreen.
  10. So it seems June is staying with Sarah, but at which community? They're not with Morgan or Sherry, and I didn't get the impression they were with Strand.
  11. If it were objective criticism, you would be correct, and I've made what I think are some valid objective criticisms. But this one is purely subjective, and only needs to be valid to me. :)
  12. I did too. Where did a box of doll heads come in? Or was there an oblique reference I maybe didn't get? I watched "Roseanne" in its original run, but I never rewatched, and there were a lot of seasons, so it's been a long time and I don't even remember doll heads in the original.
  13. While I was mildly impressed that the writers worked an accurate use of "apocrypha" into the dialogue, I have to admit this show has disappointed me. The other day I watched the pilot of "Mare of Easttown", and I was so impressed by the depth and richness of the world-building, acting, writing and characterization there that when it came time to watch this episode, I knew it would be my last. I wasn't expecting a lot, but in comparison it is just so inferior I can't justify any more of my time. For those of you this show is important to, I hope it continues to meet or even exceed you
  14. Plus, he called her "Siobhan", not "Mom."
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