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  1. I got a post-Reavers River Tam vibe lol
  2. Observation #1: Can this really be the first time Shaun has encountered an automatic hand dryer? Even after COVID? Observation #2: As old as he is, who knew Glassman would be so emo? Observation #3: Truth serum? How are these doctors not in jail yet, never mind still practicing. Observation #4: Once again the doctors do this creepy voyeuristic thing where they hang around for no reason at all to listen to a private conversation. The patient was in no immediate danger, there was no reason for them not to leave when it became clear the mother and daughter were going to have an int
  3. Remember when a herd of walkers took down the fences around an actual prison? None of those guys would have been held back by a couple of ropes. Good times.
  4. Huh he sounded so different this time.
  5. That wasn't Doug Jones this time, right?
  6. It's funny, if I were part of this group and the guys got positive pregnancy tests, I would not immediately accept that they're pregnant, no matter how weird our experience was. In fact, I would take it as a sign that I am NOT pregnant. Instead I would think that, since we're all sick, that something was introduced to our bodies that was affecting us all biochemically in the same way. And I would insist we all go to a doctor for testing.
  7. My loyalty is to Stephen King, which is why I haven't bailed yet. I read the short story, but so long ago I remember absolutely nothing about it. Probably a good thing, or I might be screaming at the TV every week. It's atmospheric that's for sure. Filmed in Nova Scotia, where I'm from, so that's also a plus.
  8. It seems I'm the only person watching this, but I must admit I'm evil for hoping that Loa is gone. That kid is so annoying.
  9. Observation #1: While it was apparent that the show was pushing this ADHD character for some obscure purpose, I did not see that reveal coming. Well played, show. Observation #2: Lim is going to hire her boyfriend? Does she not remember how things went the last time she had a boyfriend working under her? (Not like that.)
  10. Indeed. I wonder if the handful of rich people who pay half of New York's taxes actually own about 95% of its wealth.
  11. When I was a kid in the 70s in Canada, they used to play the national anthem before a movie, where I was at least. They don't anymore though. I think Bill is oversimplifying the obesity problem. This is more than just people making bad decisions. For some, the bad food is the only realistic option they have. Beyond simple choice, in order to eat well you need at least three things: access, money, and time. Some people simply don't have easy access to healthy food, maybe depending on where they live. Take "mass produced" areas like prison food, or school lunches where hamburgers
  12. Not sure how they wanted us to feel when we saw the new baddies, but all I could think was "Again?" Can't we have some other kind of story once in a while in between all the post-apocalyptic death gangs?
  13. As I recall, when Harry first balked at killing people and said he'd just stop taking the pills and go back to his former mediocrity, Austin told him no, if he stopped taking the pills he'd lose all of his talent, and wouldn't even be able to write bad scripts anymore. His baseline would go from like 3-out-of-5 stars to absolute zero. So presumably Alma would not only lose the ability to play Paganini, she'd lose the ability to play violin, or probably any musical instrument at all. Looks like he thinks the permanent emotional damage she'd suffer from such a loss is worse than her becomin
  14. I love how Daryl is all "Carol's gonna Carol" now lol. She unexpectedly does something dangerous and instead of the usual pouty drama, he's like "yup there she goes, but I was expecting this, so I'm just gonna cover her ass like we planned this or something, no big whoop" I'm looking forward to their show.
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