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  1. I think they had to do that, since they pissed everyone off by booting House Tisci. That was a good decision, IMHO.
  2. Episode 3: I'm sad about the way Inti bowed out of Drag Race. She was so pretty! Drag Race has had problems with their queens of color having a good experience on their seasons... I don't think the judges are so awful, but they can be wildly inconsistent from week to week. I just wonder what was said to Inti to make her pull a Naomi Osaka. Where is the English translation of the song lyrics of "Mocatriz"? I'm just curious. Hugaceo is my favorite! I hope I didn't just jinx them...
  3. Well, that ended in the way I could accept. I had to get off of Instagram because Mother Shannon was posting a lot that led me to believe that House Balenciaga didn't win. I didn't want to spoil myself! I guess Honey was still smarting after the dustup with Law; she didn't vogue with the power or charm that I am used to seeing from her. We should have had Leiomy vogue down with Deshaun instead of Bebe Rexha. I did like that Deshaun debuted his House. Diego has himself a fan club! (I'm in it, too!) Mother Shannon will have to cut all of us. Heh. Congratulations to the Ho
  4. Something struck me as odd, so I rewatched the shows. What is it with Balenciaga and the inability to keep shoes on their feet? Kalik lost his shoes in one performance, Honey complained about her shoes, Mother Shannon fell on the Grand March performance and lost her shoe during the 3 Fab Mice runway. I would love to know the BTS tea on that!
  5. Episode 7 & 8: I saw the dust up on Twitter about this week's show and I knew that my faves were going home on some bullshyt. Listen, I loves the Balenciagas, but they are so sloppy; sloppy to the point that my ballroom virgin eyes can see. If the Legendary House is chosen through producer shenanigans than the actual competition, it needs to be edited better so that we don't know it! Now, correct me if I'm wrong; does the Houses get to choose their own footwear when designing their outfits? Unless Honey was acting the fool backstage once she returned to the competition, sh
  6. Episode 1: I'm in! I'm rooting for Inti, Dovima Nurmi, and Drag Vulcano. Carmen Farala reminds me of Envy Peru. Drag Race is worldwide; and yet we still have queens who come on this show not knowing how to sew. Come on! You know one of the usual maxi-challenges is a sewing one. I'll bet Saggitaria was so glad she didn't have to lip sync in that outfit. How did that bitch breathe? Poor Macarena. Once the wig flies off, you will sashay away.
  7. What would make this story more awesome is if the Chosen One is Althea instead of Nicky...
  8. Episode 6: And to think I thought that the Balenciagas would rely too much on Honey... I loves Mother Shannon, though. She done told us that she doesn't dance, so the judges might have to dock a point or two for that. Can I be a Tisci? They are my favorite House! Simone's knees are made of titanium like Megan's, clearly. I thought Father Orrici would have given her a run for her money, but Simone wouldn't let up! The Garcons are relying too much on Tonka in their performances. Their look was over, but the performance was slow in parts.
  9. Fun fact: That wasn't the first time Mother Shannon Balenciaga wore that tiny dress! On her IG, she is lounging on the judge's table at a Ball in that dress. I flove her!
  10. Episode 5: Listen, Mother Shannon Balenciaga? Did not come to play with these heauxs. You know what? She was right to chop Tonka Garcon from the Body category because the judges would have ate that up! I loved the fact that Megan was scandalized and that's probably why Shannon popped her kitty in front of her. Mother Stasha Garcon isn't no slouch either. Diego... He was yummy! Dro Tisci can also get it. It was the Icon's time to go. I did have to agree with the judges on how the Muglers seem less family-like compared to the Icons. Yes, Malik tore Father Jamil Icon up, and righ
  11. It could just be that Art Simone was not built for Drag Race level competition. Much like Joe Black, she wasn't prepared on how things are in Ru Land. Ultimately Ru decides which queen she will favor or tell to sashay away. One good thing about it is that Art is now a Ru Girl and can use that to propell his drag to higher levels. Leaving the show has not been a death sentence, not even to the queens who left under worse things than a bad lip sync.
  12. Interview with Father Drama Chanel!
  13. *read the article* Wait. Art Simone thought that RuPaul didn't know who Bindi Irwin was? No mama, Ru knew who she was and that you were certainly going to bomb as her. The lip sync song was "too black for the whites, too gay for the blacks"? Really? I wonder if Art knew he was lip syncing to one of Ru's songs? ETA: I listened to "I'm that Bitch" on YouTube and realized that line was one of the lyrics in the song. The last question still applies, though. That's not even the most offensive of Ru lyrics!
  14. Episode 2: Snatch Game was entertaining, even with the cringe factor of the queens who didn't follow the main instruction: Make Ru (us) Laugh. I wonder if Art would have done better if he had done Steve Irwin as opposed to Bindi. That lip sync was lackluster on Art's part. Guess that leaves Coco to root for!
  15. I watched all 3 episodes so my notes may be heavier on Episode 3. I am rooting for House Balenciaga and House Miyake-Mugler. I was rooting for House Prodigy as well. The thing about House Balenciaga is that having been introduced to Honey last season, I tend to focus more on her than the rest of the House. I am in love with Mother Shannon Balenciaga, though. "I don't dance! C'mere. I. Don't. Dance!" In the Tinseltown Ball, nearly all the Houses made the correct member selection for "Face". House Luxe was already down a member due to injury; why oh why didn't they make Becky
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