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  1. Stardancer Supreme

    S01.E18: The Replacement

    Galvin was just a poorly written character with an actor who had no chemistry with the sisters. He only became more interesting with a demon in him. I'm not going to miss him. Macy deserves better. Why didn't Mel claim to be sick on the night of Niko's engagement party? Now we are stuck with a character who should have been erased off the TCO board. A nitpick: I thought Macy died as an infant, according to the flashback. Maggie describing it as Macy being stillborn doesn't make sense. Macy was a dead child. I actually like the new Whitelighter. She might be the one to teach TCO how to step up their game. I'm mad that we didn't get a Sarcana led episode before wiping them out. We should have seen a least something from Fiona's perspective. Maybe she becomes the Source? At least Jada survived the carnage.
  2. Stardancer Supreme

    S08.E02: A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms

    For reals. Tormund has no game whatsoever. As soon as Arya asked Gendry if he had any experience, I knew what was going down. Arya even got the bonus of now knowing Gendry's parentage. Poor Daenarys. She struck out with Sansa and learned she wasn't the last Targaryen in one day. Girl, he RODE your dragon. You should have gotten a clue then. Gilly looks well fed. A new Tarly on the way? Is it next Sunday yet?
  3. Stardancer Supreme

    S31E01: You're In Our Race Now

    Janelle is the real life Domino for real. Becca and Floyd were strangers racing together in their season. I think it's almost cute that they are dating; Floyd has already seen the worst of Becca, so this race should be more fun! I got a hearty cackle when Bret climbed the mountain, sat there, and asked what he was supposed to do with 4 clues right next to him. Heh. Chris standing there dumbfounded and knowing he couldn't say anything just took me out. Bret actually read the clue out loud and forgot what he was supposed to do. Love it! My show is back and I will enjoy it more once the Survivor teams are shaken off. #NoMoreRupertCBS
  4. Stardancer Supreme

    S08.E01: Winterfell

    Especially considering that Ned didn't trust her enough with the truth to keep her (and Sansa) from treating Jon like trash through his formative years.
  5. Stardancer Supreme

    S01.E17: Surrender

    Yes, that was Parker in full demon cloud mode. I would hope that he decides to stay a full demon. He is more useful to TCO as a demon.
  6. Stardancer Supreme

    S01.E17: Surrender

    I think Tartarus is a neutral place; it's just that everyone can send anyone there. Plus Alistair intercepted Charity before she got to the portal. I am confused about how none of the Elders are aware that Chastity didn't make it to Tartarus. Who did the 2 guards belong to? Wouldn't anyone notice that they didn't come back?
  7. Stardancer Supreme

    S01.E17: Surrender

    Look like Fiona has a hidden agenda... Hopefully Harry will be okay! The Elders are ridiculous. I would have made sure Chastity made it to Tartarus in light of other shenanigans currently afoot. We need a Sarcana episode soon. Clearly Jada and the others are about to be pawns in whatever Fiona is cooking up. My only quibbles are that 1) I didn't quite buy Maggie being able to overpower Mel when it comes to scrapping. 2) Why is the show pushing Niko on us? Is the spell used on her about to break? 3) Did TCO hear Fiona "whisper" to Jada? Worst acting voice ever.
  8. Stardancer Supreme

    S11.E05: Monster Ball

    I think that is part of Vanjie's appeal! To look so feminine and sound like a trucker.
  9. Stardancer Supreme

    S01.E16: Memento Mori

    That was sloppy. The girls actually hang out in the attic. They kicked Harry out of it when he was living there. It would have made more sense to keep the body in that cellar you told them to stay out of...
  10. Stardancer Supreme

    S01.E16: Memento Mori

    This episode is so messy. Basically Charity wanted to stop the Power of Three. Is this the first time the Prophesy was mentioned in how many episodes? It seems like scenes were cut out of the episode. Why would Charity leave Priyanka's body in the attic? That was stupid. She killed Marisol because she didn't like her method of securing a set of Charmed Ones. Plus she wanted to outshine her sister. Eh. I can't root for a Harry/Macy romance now, since he was laid up with Charity. Ew. Macy also needs to get rid of that half wool/half lace concoction she was wearing. I can buy Mel knowing how to fight. Maggie just jumped in with a kick. Hopefully Harry or someone else can teach them proper hand-to-hand combat. So Alistair now has Charity. At least the remaining Elders should be safe, since the killer was one of them all along. Will they be as useless? I wish Parker would stop fighting his demon heritage and fully embrace it. Then he can truly be free. Macy's "darkness" only opened up a stronger power. I wonder if we are going to get a Sarcana episode?
  11. Stardancer Supreme

    S11.E03: Diva Worship

    I cackled all the way through this episode. I'm glad Ru made the whole Mariah team LSFYL. They were awful in that skit! Vanjie is bae. Yvie is second bae. How old is Honey Davenport? She seems so ... young to be someone's drag mother. I knew she was a goner when she went off the stage. Plastique needed an exorcist. "She scared me! But she's pretty, though." *snort*
  12. Stardancer Supreme

    The Umbrella Academy

    I could handwave Vanya's dullness due to the fact that she was drugged damn near all her life. If Season 2 starts with the siblings starting over with their current knowledge, Vanya should be a bit more alive. A few more nitpicks upon rewatch: Why was Luther so focused on Reginald's monocle? Why did Diego take it just to chuck it in the river? Maybe Luther wanted it as a memento? When Agnes closed her donut shop, why did she leave donuts on the shelves? That struck me when Cha Cha came to burn the place down.
  13. Stardancer Supreme

    The Umbrella Academy

    I would say that the serum was made from Pogo's plasma.
  14. Stardancer Supreme

    S01.E13: Manic Pixie Nightmare

    This episode hit most of the feels for me. The pixie situation was handled well! For once the supernatural threat wasn't truly evil. Mel! How on earth did you let Jada get hit by an arrow? You had enough time to stop the event from happening! Now I really want to know who Jada's adoptive parents are. I'm through with Galvin and okay with Parker, although dampening his demon half will not be helpful to TCO.
  15. Stardancer Supreme

    The Umbrella Academy

    I loved this show. Being the comic geek that I am, I will probably get the source material as well. I also wondered about the other babies born that day. Reginald knew of 43 suspicious births but only got 7 of them? I fully expected Harold/Leonard to be one of other 36! But he just had the misfortune of his mother dying in childbirth and his father becoming abusive. Nitpicks: I didn't like the way that Klaus just dropped into someone's barracks dressed oddly clutching a briefcase and they just waved him in. "Get dressed! Shoot Somebody!" Speaking of the briefcase, wouldn't the Commission know when one of them are destroyed? They knew about the unauthorized trip... Klaus could have told his siblings about Ben much earlier. You have a brother who speaks to the dead; drugs or no drugs, you should have taken him more seriously. Allison giving Luther the side eye after Klaus dropped the sex with the Rave girl tidbit. Honey, you have a whole husband and child! Why be scandalized at your brother/crush? Speaking of Luther, I would have bought the ape-like appearance more if the hair was less wild. He could have shaved. Can't wait for Season 2!