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  1. Seriously! Her whole tantrum had a tinge of "Now I can't play with my new toy, err huzzzzband!"
  2. Thanks for the info! I'm just going to call them bougie cookies now. Thanks Gil!
  3. He was very specific about wanting 2 boys and a girl. Hope his DNA gives him close to what he wants...
  4. Rachel and Jose are still on their best behavior. The cracks in that facade will show soon enough. Ryan is pressuring Brett about sex and babies really hard. Typical of someone using outside things to fill a gaping hole in their personalities. Ryan needs a therapist.
  5. Lawd. Myrla is ... something. Poor Gil. She couldn't even go to the pool with him? Who works on their honeymoon, even if its with a stranger? I did chuckle when he called macaroons a "bougie cookie". She even took off the generic wedding ring! Michaela, honey. Zach didn't get COVID on purpose to ruin your honeymoon. Thank your lucky stars that you didn't catch COVID since you were all over this man since you met.
  6. Fred got new stylists this season? Mother looks good on the runway! I'm rooting for Love Masisi. I hope this experience builds her up. I hope the rest of Ivy's wigs aren't so crunchy...
  7. Rachel's people clearly don't like her. I want Johnny and Bao to make it.
  8. Waiting patiently for everyone to see Season 2, Episode 1...
  9. Heh. I could see her wanting to keep her last name if she was her father's only child. Myrla has a brother. She might not win that battle! The look on Gil's face when he told her that he expected her to change her last name...
  10. Wouldn't they rent the gowns? You can't tell me that they get paid enough to buy those gowns.
  11. Like I said before, the "experts" are supreme trolls. I saw there was an issue in the matchmaking episode. They paired Myrla and Gil for purely dramatic purposes in hopes to humble her. That sucks. That said, Gil's dog is a pit bull mix. The dog didn't look so dangerous in the home shots with Gil. But if a woman states that she doesn't want a man with a dog, that should stand. Myrla should have committed the best decision for herself and refused to marry Gil once she was furnished with the info that she didn't want to hear. I mean, we still see her on tv, we know who she is; I'm not l
  12. I'm willing to bet that the tea ceremony was pre-planned as soon as Asian contestants were selected. If there wasn't a perfect match, I'm sure Bao would have been "introducing her non-Asian new husband to her culture" as part of her storyline.
  13. I don't think Myrla wants to embrace her Latina background. If I were Gil and if he knew his future wife was Latina, I probably would have greeted her in Spanish.
  14. You'd think being able to communicate with her mother is a plus. I feel that all of Myrla's people sensed that Gil was too good for her.
  15. Yep. That was an interesting top on "Hurricane K". Myrla has that "I'm here so I won't get fined" look.
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