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  1. As a person who knows a few Japanese people and others, such as my brother, who lived in Japan for many years, I don't understand why Shota didn't use a rice cooker. I'm sure they have access to any appliances they need, such as sou vide machines, etc. so I'm sure he could have gotten one. He was only making plain white rice, not some special risotto. It's not cheating, any more than using a pressure cooker is cheating. You just put in your rice, fill with water to the line and set the time you want it to be done, and, voila, perfect rice every time. I use mine all the time. He was my fav
  2. My brother makes this, and it is so good. I'm going to visit him in San Ramon, CA in July and have already put in a request. Whenever he makes it, he posts photos on Facebook and gets meany jealous comments from those of us who have had it. Living in NJ, I also didn't get the problem with the restaurant locations, not knowing any better. I like Shota and Dawn the best. Byron didn't really make much of an impression on me and Jamie is kind of annoying. (though the other chefs seem to love her, noises and all) Maria is kind of a lot. The way I saw it, Dawn sliced her finger. A
  3. "Hey, Mom, guess what? I landed a part on This is Us!" "Oh, honey, my favorite show! Who will you play?" "Madison's old boyfriend and (mumble mumble)" "What?" "Uh, nude model." So what are the chances that next week will see a lighthearted wedding episode? Having just seen the "wedding episode" of The Rookie, I seriously doubt it. Why do wedding episodes alway have to be so fraught? I know that Madison is not Kevin's soulmate. But I don't think that Sophie is either. Are we really going to have to deal with Sophie's issues next season on top of Madison's. If Mad
  4. So, unless the wedding is tomorrow, how did Madison's father manage to conjure up a job "emergency?" That's like saying, I can't attend your wedding in 6 weeks because I'll be having a headache. Be funny if Kevin's movie was a surprise hit, while being a critical failure. Happens all the time. Also, in these days of streaming everything, why couldn't they watch Bridgerton AND the Great British Baking Show? Why did it have to be an either or situation? Yes, Kevin is a people pleaser...he hates to let down anyone. Having Zoe point that out, however, is not helpful this late in the da
  5. Congrats to Rachel, who apparently won a Grammy last night for her book recording! I wonder if she will mention it, or if Chris Hayes or Lawrence will. I don’t watch the Grammies but somebody posted it on the Fans of Rachel Maddox website.
  6. The funny thing is that while western style toilets were very much a novelty in 1983 when I was there, the Japanese have since taken the concept and run with it. Japanese toilets are now incredibly high tech, with seat warmers, build in bidets, lights, music, and about 20 different settings, to do who knows what! My brother has one in his home in California, and it's always an adventure to use it. Not that you will find them in everyday people's homes, since they are expensive, but the western style toilet has definitely taken over in Japan. And yes, if I were to go back to Japan, as a 70
  7. I got used to "squatty potties" when I went to Japan in 1983 for my brother's wedding. That's all they had. His mother in law would actually take the train into town every morning to use the department store toilet! Years later, when on a tour in China, my expertise came in handy. All of the women would wait in line to use the one western style toilet, while I got in and out. My favorite thing, however, was over the western style toilet in the department store, they had a diagram of a person squatting on top of the toilet seat, with a diagonal line through it.
  8. I live in a modern condo in New Jersey and my master bathroom suite had a separate toilet room, the idea being to provide privacy so that two people could use the room at the same time. I say "had," because I had the door removed since I live alone and it was always getting in the way of the main bathroom door. With the door removed, it's just a little toilet alcove now.
  9. Was I the only one yelling at the screen, "Don't open that box?" Have these people learned nothing? Especially right at the end of the episode like that... I think it's interesting that the writers have really been listening to the issues that POC have been dealing with. Not just racist police, but Doctors who discount Black women's symptoms as just "being dramatic." This was something that I knew nothing about until recently, and I was shocked at how much higher the fetal and/or maternal death rates are for POC than for White women partly because of this very issue. I was very impressed
  10. Another thing that has always bothered me: Laurel managed to keep herself clean for her entire pregnancy, but then the post pregnancy pain was so bad that she lapsed. Big time. Okay, I've only given birth to two children, and it was a long time ago, I admit. But I just don't recall anything except stitches itching that would make me think, "Man, I wish I had me some heroin." I mean, really? She kept herself clean for the baby, and then when she actually has the baby to care for, she just gives up? They have just never sold me on this storyline.
  11. Alligators? I was worried about water moccasins. Yeah, I wasn't all that interested in Laurel's tragic story. What really bugged me was that the last actress didn't reassemble her younger self at all. Usually, the casting is really good, but this one was really off, IMO. So many plot holes, like her rich parents. What happened to them? I assumed that aunt Mae died and Laurel continued the farm, but what happened to mom and dad and their estate? All that money that Randall’s been paying for therapy and it turns out all he needed was to scream in a lake. I guess he’s cured now.
  12. Wasn't Discovery on board a much larger Emerald Chain ship? Because at first i was wondering where all that interior space came from with the zooming elevators, etc. But they were in the much larger shop trying to get to the data core. I think. I always find this stuff kind of confusing. It looks cool, but I sometimes need somebody to 'splain me the logic. Osyraa would have been a much more compelling villain if she hadn't had the makeover by Galinda. Somehow she just looked like the unpleasant CEO in a Hallmark movie who needs to learn the meaning of Christmas. With a bit more bloodshed
  13. So Hemingford Home is now an Assisted Living Place and Mother Abigail is just sitting there surrounded by dead people? Are you kidding me? I hate this! These changes are just so pointless and diminish the characters so much. I can't believe that Stephen King authorised this travesty. But I assume he did, since he had a photo cameo in the Hemingford Home poster. Am I going to watch the rest of this? I don't know. I love the book so much I kind of want to see how it plays out, but I dunno if I can get through it without throwing something at the screen.
  14. There are so many things about this series that are causing me to yell at the tv screen. I have no problem with Larry Underwood being Black, or Ralph Brentner being a woman, but why couldn't Nadine's hair be black? First of all, since they keep switching timelines, I got her mixed up with Rita Blakemore. But more importantly, Nadine's hair reflects her conflicts, adding more and more white each time she rejects love. Blonde hair is just ordinary. And what's the deal with Mother Abagail only communicating through Nick Andros? She's coming off like some horrible celebrity who refuses to talk to
  15. It was "We have a contender," that she didn't understand. It did seem odd that she taught English, since English is obviously not her first language. But she does speak it well, even if she doesn't always get American idioms.
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