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  1. I like how they made a big deal out of Jolanda killing someone and Hourman not killing someone only to have fucking Mike kill Icicle for comic relief...
  2. As far as Groundhog Day episodes go, this was actually a really good one with some fun fresh ideas. Well done, AOS.
  3. 80's music, 80's slasher aesthetics, A-Team font, Cylon eyes, cheesy oneliners, Phill Headroom, this episode had it all. This was Legends of Tomorrow levels of crazyness, balls to the walls sillyness and creativity.
  4. Ok, can someone please confirm that the guy who played Nathaniel is related to Evan Peters? They look and sound so much alike, it's driving me nuts.
  5. So, as a non-American, i have to ask: Is there some legal requirement for kids to build volcanoes for science fairs? Because in every american tv show i've seen that has a science fair, someone builds a volcano...
  6. mrspidey

    S01.E04: Wildcat

    So, Buffy, basically...
  7. Spartacus ended because they had exhausted all the interesting historical material. And Liam McIntyre did just fine. By the end, he was Spartacus. As for the BW replacement...fuck it...just put Rachel Skarsten into the suit. Just retcon it to "What? They've always been twins!"
  8. Couldn't help but recognize "Order of St. Duma" when we got a glimpse of Alice seeing the translated code. Does this mean we're gonna get Azrael at some point?
  9. *cough* Corona *cough* In all seriousness, though, yes, this was dumb as fuck.
  10. No it's not. It's a predictive algorithm. A highly sophisticated one, but still just that. If it were sentient, hosts becoming sentient wouldn't have been such a big deal. Serac might have treated it like a sentient entity because he saw something of his brother in him. Anyway, i liked it. RIP Dolores, RIP William and, of course, RIP Rehoboam. We hardly knew you (but you sure knew us). I assume Bernard woke up in the same timeframe we saw old Host-William at last season's post credit scene?
  11. Wait. Didn't we know this already? Didn't HE know this already? I'm confused...
  12. Remember when he put her in the "doghouse" for like a thousand years? And how he didn't even let her out after she got him Mesa Verde? Kim sure does.
  13. Elon Musk's BFR must already be available for fast worldwide public transport in this future. Or The Matrix when Cypher unpluggs Switch and Arpok.
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