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  1. The red alert klaxons in the russian base were the same as the ones on the Death Star.
  2. Kinda weird, watching this tha same day as "Stranger Things". The Big Bad feels kinda samey...
  3. This was the absolute best FitzSimmons episode ever. A real Tour de Force by Ian and Elizabeth. You could tell they had a lot of fun with this one.
  4. Jessica backhanding Trish all across that alley felt so damn satisfying. What a self-absorbed moron.
  5. Pretty sure he was on his way to become King beyond the Wall there at the end. Good ending for him. House Stark basically rules ALL of Westeros now.
  6. mrspidey


    Jesus fucking Christ, those Geiger counters going crazy at the end... More terrifying than any horror movie. BTW, the firemen's suits are still lying in that room to this day. They are also still extremely radioactive.
  7. Technically, the prophecy was kinda fullfilled. Cersei died by a Cave-In caused by a younger sibling of Rhaegar. The prophecy never specifies whose younger sibling it is.
  8. But that doesn't even make sense! Last season, Thanos was already attacking New York and now, one year later, the Snap hasn't happened yet? What the hell??
  9. Soooo, i'm guessing the AoS runners weren't told about the five year jump and just assumed everything would be back to normal one year later and the Snappening never even happened?
  10. Cygnus X-1, huh? That's actually the designation of a stellar black hole in the constellation of Cygnus (duh!). Is that what that secreat weapon does? Create black holes?
  11. Assuming, they survive all of it: Dany and Jon married and as equal rulers. Jon rules the North (and the Riverlands), Dany gets the rest.
  12. It's why the german word for thunder is "Donner". Also, we call Thursday "Donnerstag" (Donar's day)..
  13. Since this is the Book Talk thread: Raeghar didn't care about legalities. He was obsessed with the prophecy about TPtwP, whom he believed to be Aegon, his son with Elia. But the prophecy also speaks of the dragon having three heads, so he had to father another child. Unfortunately, Elia was weak and sickly, and was unlikely to bear another child, so Raeghar chose Lyanna.
  14. Also...that moment when you realize Bran had been sitting by that gate waiting for Jamie to show up for the whole episode.
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