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  1. To be fair, climate change doesn't cause volcanic erruptions or tsunamis.
  2. Is it? The animated comic was quite clear in that there is only one timeline. Had Steve created an alternate it would have been reset and Steve wouldn't have been able to grow old in it and then return to give Falcon his shield.
  3. That's possible but completely beside my point, which was that Steve ended up with Peggy in the very timeline that all MCU movies take place in. This should be of note because there have been debates about this.
  4. I guess this just means he did indeed go back to an earlier point in the prime timeline and him being with Peggy was always supposed to happen.
  5. I'm pretty sure it runs on alcohol that he brews himself or something.
  6. When you decide to take a break but instead the entire world does...
  7. I'm confused. Why was HR in Nash's brain? He died long before the multiverse was destroyed. They literally showed his death in this episode...Did Barry flashpoint again and i missed it? And if he was in there despite having been dead, where was original Earth 1 Wells?
  8. I swear, Jacob Kane shrugs off stab wounds like other people shrug off scratches.... *get's stabbed twice in a row. "Yeah, whatever. So what's with this secret clinic thing, huh?"
  9. Wait...so DC Comics exist in the Arrowverse? There's even a series about the Green Lantern Corps? Does that mean we won't be getting actual Green Lanterns, because that would be weird?
  10. No, this is the actor who played the X-Men version of Pietro in the X-Men movies and it is quite possible that this is actually that Pietro and not just the actor.
  11. Well of course it does. It's for blind/visually impaired people, who wouldn't recognize the meta twist otherwise.
  12. They killed him off in post-production after firing the actor due to about 40(!) sexual assault and harassment charges/allegetions made against him. https://screenrant.com/expanse-season-6-cas-anvar-not-returning/
  13. Well, that was certainly an interesting take on Victor Zasz. In the comics he's just an extremely dangerous serial killer, not a professional and renowned hitman. I also don't remember him to be this talkative and, erm, "cultured"... Also, Mary got over the death of her assistant a bit too easily...
  14. Thx. I'm really bad with abstract art...
  15. This is why i don't understand the "what if Kate was really abducted"-argument. RR is gone and won't be back. Period. And if they wanted to recast her, they would have done so already, which means Kate is dead dead. I guess the premiere was as ok as it can get after a tumultuous year of lockdowns and the lead actress quitting. Still would have preferred a recast in order to continue the Kane-family dynamics which is pretty much the only thing that had kept me engaged all through season one. But we're not getting that, so i appreciate the attempt to create a new dynamic by turning th
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