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  1. Thx. I'm really bad with abstract art...
  2. This is why i don't understand the "what if Kate was really abducted"-argument. RR is gone and won't be back. Period. And if they wanted to recast her, they would have done so already, which means Kate is dead dead. I guess the premiere was as ok as it can get after a tumultuous year of lockdowns and the lead actress quitting. Still would have preferred a recast in order to continue the Kane-family dynamics which is pretty much the only thing that had kept me engaged all through season one. But we're not getting that, so i appreciate the attempt to create a new dynamic by turning the old one on its head and have Batwoman seeking revenge on Alice instead of the other way round. Poor Sophie, though. Without Kate, she kinda feels... unneccesary. What do you do with the main charater's love interest if you kill off the main character? Even as a regular supporting cast member she doesn't seem to fit well. If they kill off Jacob, she could have a purpose becoming our remaining inside look into the Crows. I did like how Alice explained the original plot of season two to us. At least we now know how things would have developed... One thing i'm confused about: Did Ryan bash Tommy's head in or just his fake face?
  3. This show is giving me some serious Fallout 3 Tranquility Lane flashbacks.
  4. Random thoughts during the episode: -Beams are back, yay! -and they're blue, double yay! -actually, everything seems to be blue, meh.. -Discovery is now a Tardis? Oh right, the 33rd century must still use that subspace manifold tech we saw on that tiny timeship in ENT. -red antiproton cannons? Someone's been playing Star Trek Online. -after establishing the EC as a political bloc awith a legit body of government, all it aparrently takes for it all to fall apart is the death of one minister. -Discovery is now a dilithium hauler. Wonderful. Congratulations, freighter captain Burnham. -wait, why are they using their warp drive to deliver that stuff? Wouldn't the spore drive make delivery much faster?
  5. It's gonna be a Section 31 show. They know how to keep stuff hidden.
  6. "Vengeance" *goosebumps
  7. Maybe he doesn't trust combustion engines because all the cars on his world seem to be electrical.
  8. Can we please stop fat shaming the poor cat?
  9. If i remember correctly, that joining was unstable and would've killed Riker.
  10. So CRM is the Enclave and they just genocided the equivalent of a Vault to probably get their hands on the equivalent of a G.E.C.K? Has Gimple been playing Fallout 2 lately?
  11. I like how they made a big deal out of Jolanda killing someone and Hourman not killing someone only to have fucking Mike kill Icicle for comic relief...
  12. As far as Groundhog Day episodes go, this was actually a really good one with some fun fresh ideas. Well done, AOS.
  13. 80's music, 80's slasher aesthetics, A-Team font, Cylon eyes, cheesy oneliners, Phill Headroom, this episode had it all. This was Legends of Tomorrow levels of crazyness, balls to the walls sillyness and creativity.
  14. Ok, can someone please confirm that the guy who played Nathaniel is related to Evan Peters? They look and sound so much alike, it's driving me nuts.
  15. So, as a non-American, i have to ask: Is there some legal requirement for kids to build volcanoes for science fairs? Because in every american tv show i've seen that has a science fair, someone builds a volcano...
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