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  1. The Tech on the ship Noami was on seemed retrogarade, like the wiring one would find in our own era. I suppose it was a super-old ship. If you want to bobby-trap a ship, why not plant a cumputer virus or something? Nevertheless, glad we saw Noami being an actual engineer doing engineering things.
  2. I'm still not clear on why some factions on Mars would be Marco Fanpeople. It certianly came back to bite them on the butt as Mars was attacked. As much as iI would enjoy watching Marco be pushed out the nearest airlock, turning him into a martyr would create another set of problems. A lesson of this season is that finding a bunch of new worlds to colonize will not magically solve all your problems.
  3. I fear it will be some time before we see Season 4-all that fighting is hard to do with COVID requirements. Unless they do nothing but katas and drills, which isn't what this show is mostly about. Netflix has sent Hillary Swank to Mars on what may be the most badly-designed spaceship in TV History. I would love to see her return, maybe as a Sensei of another dojo.
  4. FFS, please let Avasalara retake control of what is left of the UN. She’s right: killing civilians will do nothing but waste resources and create more enemies. Paster is compensating for his inexperience with what he thinks is a show of strength when a more surgical approach is called for. My favourite part of this season is Amos and Clarissa trekking about a post-apocalyptic Earth. Either those are antique e-bikes, or the design of e-bikes hasn’t changed much is 300 years. I bet Clarissa's dad is chilling at one of those houses.
  5. marinw

    S05.E06: Tribes

    Marco is the Daenerys Targaryen of this show.
  6. marinw

    S05.E07: Oyedeng

    I hate to say it, but this may be the first episodeof The Expanse I found less than riveting. Except for that nice battle and Noami's escape. Marco is no Sadavir Errinwright or Jules-Pierre Mao, he is just not an interesting or complex villian.
  7. marinw

    S05.E07: Oyedeng

    Show, I love you, but please: Less Marco and more Amos and Avasalara.
  8. Maybe the show will be filming from Trevor's new home?
  9. I find Dickenson a sexier show than Bridgerton even though it has a lot less sex.
  10. Two questions: Where was Hetbthis whole time? Her disappearance for hours at a time is a bit of a running gag. What happened to the Borg? Where all the cubes disabled is the Burn?
  11. Is Book a distant descendant of Jack Bauer? He was running around, kicking ass and learning how to operate the Spore Drive just after being almost tortured to death. Adrenaline fixes everything! Best line: "She's a queen!" This season started out well, but this finale felt like a bit of a mess.
  12. Is anybody but me watching this show? I find it delightful.
  13. I didn't even know this category was a thing! Thank you @paigow. I will now scream at the sky because The Expanse isn't nominated for anything. I am please that Patrick Stewert got a non for Star Trek Picard,
  14. marinw

    S05.E06: Tribes

    I also want to say that the visuals this season are as stunning as ever, both beautiful but also very real-looking and lived in.
  15. I also appreciate how even though Mr. Miyagi is still up on his immortal pedestial we got a little insight into how he was once engaged in a more violent form of Karate and he probably wasn't perfect. Mr. Miyagi was still an admirable person, but this gives him a bit more complexity.
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