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  1. I really enjoyed this one, partly because it had so many of my favorite TNG/DS9/Voyager tropes. "SMORSBORG!" That may be low-hanging fruit, but I found that halarious. My bar is set low these days. I find the animation of the ship, spacescapes and planets quite lovely.
  2. Thank you, @ReidFan. A Canadian Channel (I forget which one) airs The Handmaid's Tale, also a Hulu show, but that does not mean that channel would air the Orville. And don't even get me started on how HBO MAX works in Canada....
  3. I liked this, but it was a little frantic. Second Contact is actually a interesting idea. Two biggest question: Why doesn't Mariner just leave Starfleet? Why did Rutherford become a cyborg? Accident? Something he wanted to do? Speakig of, I did laugh during the opening credits when the Cerritos fled a bunch of Borg Cubes. I hope they do a Borg episode. That muti-eyed giant bug looked really famalair. Rick and Morty? I'm comparing this to The Orville more than anything else.
  4. Does anybody know if/where Season 3 will air in Canada? Canadian broadcasting liceniceing policies are so Byzantine.
  5. I thought the book series was concluded
  6. Not that-specfic info on season 5: https://www.inverse.com/entertainment/expanse-season-5-release-date-trailer-cast-amazon
  7. Any relese date? I bought a new iMac in January and my free year of Apple+ will be over by 2021! I loved season one, as I am a sucker for a good AU.
  8. Eureopean children on average tend to be more "Free Range" than American or Canadain kids. They also ride bikes without helmets! Agian, I compare this show to 12 Monkeys, which also featured a lot of forest and convoluted time travel.
  9. Dumb question: Did the Nuclear Meltdown effect the who planet. or just the Windem part of Germany? In one of the rainy late 2020 scenes some soilder guy told Elizabeth that they were quarantining the area and all the survivors within. Correct me if Iheard that wrong.
  10. Another great song from Season 3 is "In the woods somewhere" I do wonder why the final song was a cover of "It's a wonderful world" instead of something original.
  11. So what did Bartosz and Jonas do for money when not inventing time travel? Adam certianly had a nice library/art gallery there by the early 2oth Century.
  12. I do respect the show for having the transformation of Jonas into Adam happen mostly off-screen. We just had that one shot of Jonas burning his arm to foreshadow how the transformation was going to happen. Not many shows can practice restraint when it comes to body horror.
  13. My mistake. I would edit if I still could.
  14. Season 4? https://www.inverse.com/entertainment/dark-season-4-netflix-release-date-trailer-plot Another show I compare Dark to is 12 Monkeys.
  15. I was moved by how Jonas and Martha were willing to erase their own exsistance, and how Adam and Eve held hands while they faded away. I agree with @Frisson that the actress playing young Martha is not a strong performer, but young Jonas gave a very compelling performace. I wanted to wrap him in a blanket and tell him everything is going to be okay, which would be a lie.
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