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  1. Did Data's request to Picard remind anyone of the finale of The Good Place?
  2. True, but racism and xenophobia won't go away overnight. I suppose Picard can just not tell everyone except a few trusted people that he is now an Android, as he can still easily pass for a regular human.
  3. Picard seemed weirdly ok with becomming an andriod without his consent. If Synths are still banned, that means he can't go back to Earth. Very CGI Uncanny Valley. I'm glad they didn't give Picard his 50-ish TNG body, hot as it was.
  4. Picard has a robot body? WTF? I'm still digesting that. I thought Irumodic Syndrome was like dementia. Not a death by migrane thing. Overall I kind of loved this. Elnor's crying reslly got. to me. Seven/Raffi came out of nowhere but I'm here for them if the show gets a dsefcond season. Stating the obvious: Sir Patrick was wonderful. Maybe he will finally get an emmy nod, after all these years.
  5. marinw


    Cathy Jones is a national treasure.
  6. Which leads to my suspicion that Soong keeps cloning himself rather than reproducing normally. Or this Soong is an Andriod claiming to be human who can age or de-age himself at will.
  7. Just the spouse. The law doesn't say anything about other friends or family members.
  8. marinw


    Perhaps our current reality will inspire the Canadian medical bureaucracy to reconsider and simplify this process.
  9. She was delicious.
  10. I was reminded of the TNG Episode "Justice".
  11. marinw


    Intense episode! I liked how the helicopter dad who was freaking out about a school drop out gained perspective and became Bash's ally. Unexpected but welcome resolution of Bash's transcript issues.
  12. This show is exactly what I need right now.
  13. marinw


    Thank you @statsgirl. Halifax is my hometown! This show is literally shot in my backyard so I course I have to love it, even though Marcie is impossibly noble. It's nice to see a less glamorous area of the law, and how many of Marcie's clients are unlikable without being cartoon villains.
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