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  1. Agreed @starri. During season one I was thinking that Jeri looks just as good in a leather jacket and cargo pants as she did in the infamous catsuit.
  2. I have been watching this show, this is my first comment. I usually LOVE X-Files/Fringe type shows but this is leaving me cold. George is like Walter Bishop, but boring.
  3. Just the 2004 BSG version, at least in Canada. The producer of Mr. Robot is planning another reboot for some reason.
  4. I love FAM! I even kept the Apple+ account that came with my new iMac a few months after my free year expired., and I plan to re-subscribe when either a new season Dickenson or FAM drops. FAM is a very interesting counter-factual about what would happen if the Soviets had beat the Americans to the Moon. Unlike BSG, it's actually quite optimitistic. As long as I'm here, does anyone know if the original 1978/79 BSG is streaming anywhere? Ever so so ften I get the urge to revisit.
  5. Jamestown needs more help than a seadragon at this point, The base will need extensive repairs, and most of the astros have probably been evacuated down to Earth for the time being. If the show goes on to the 2010's and 2020's someone will point out that that the name "Jamestown" could be problomatic.
  6. I will do a Slow Clap if Mars-Related research through the rest of the 80's and 90's results in a breakthrough cure for Glaucoma.
  7. It's there now! Thanks @Trillian
  8. I am so intriqued about season 3! Does the Berlin Wall fall in the FAM Verse? How does that effect the Soviet/Russian space program? Does everyone work together to get to Mars?
  9. So what happened to the Defector?
  10. I though Tracy would have gone out by herrself, she is smaller than Gordo and would have been able to wrap herself up in two layers of Duct Tape. Still, I respect the show for killing them off in such a beautiful, herioc way. They both had such great arcs this season. Gordo getting back into shape and Tracy going from an entitled brat to a brave astronaut who died in her (ex) husnads arms. The HandShake that stops WWIII was more than a bit of an eye-roll, but good on Poole for ignoring orders. Speaking of which, Sally Ride is so going to be charged with space crime unless Ed decides to qu
  11. And there it is showing up on my DVR!
  12. Still not seeing it on CTV Drama Weird
  13. Not seeing this on my DVR. Anyone know when Season 4 starts in Canada?
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