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  1. So why shoot down the Impetial Ship supposedly capable of jumping through space and then highjack a slow ship? Did I miss something?
  2. Demerzel gets a new outfit when they visit Arrakis Desert Planet! That was my main takeway from this episode. "Out of the woods" The dialogue on this show is so weird. I know that they aren't really speaking English but some sort of Galactic Standard language, so why would such a cliche term last thousands of years? Also, what is going on with Hari and Gaal? We better get back to them next epsiode. I'm worried about Botanist Lady. This will not end well for her.
  3. Avasalara in another fabulous winter outfit!!! Marco is still around. Ugh.
  4. marinw


    This is the first time I've seen Susan Kent outside of 22 Minutes.
  5. Can a habitable planet orbit a Dark Star?
  6. So now they have to put all the hull plates back. It looks like they just floated off into space
  7. Can someone mathy tell me if Gaal's workaround makes sense, or if she was just spouting technobable. Not sure what to make of this show. This episode drew me in, especially Gaal trapped aboard the mystery ship. But something is missing. Was that Hari or a Hari Hologram? I suppose we will find out. How did Gaal know of the contest in the first place?
  8. Nice article: https://gizmodo.com/star-trek-lower-decks-mike-mcmahan-breaks-down-season-1847858312
  9. Does the Enterprise shirt read "Enter" or "Prise"?
  10. This. I love it more than ST: Picard, which is a surprise. The finale was EPIC. Great ainimation from Titmouse.
  11. So how many standard years between "Q Who" and this episode if Riker became Captian of the Titan at the end of "Nemesis"? Gomez's rise through the ranks must have been rapid.
  12. LD has been criticized for relying too much on references to past Treks. Other than Captian Gomez that is kept to a minimum his episode (there were a couple) letting LD be it's own thing. Removing the outer hull is a first. Note that there are no references to Discovery becuase that ship was erased from the records or something. Great internal consistency there.
  13. Great episode. But Freeman has a lot if alibis and witnesses. What did I miss? I find an Andorian named Jennifer halarious I loved all the technological stuff and how it was done without too much technobable. And the dolphin crewmems!
  14. How can we Canadians see this? I can't find it on You Tube.
  15. I find Lee Pace unbearably hammy. Brother Dawn stalking Botanaist Lady is so creepy.
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