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  1. Some minor spoilers: https://www.themarysue.com/the-federation-isolationist-star-trek-picard/ Behold; https://variety.com/2020/tv/features/patrick-stewart-star-trek-picard-cbs-all-access-1203459573/
  2. One of the reasons why his ultimate reunifacation with his daughter was so moving. He spent so long looking that the emotion of that moment felt earned.
  3. No new podcasts! I wonder what is up with that.
  4. Tumblr has several Expanse communities, not sure about the gender of said Tumblrs.
  5. Thanks for this @Holmbo. I am surprised that the audience is mostly male.
  6. Choosing three favourite characters was so hard! I love almost everyone, and I love to hate everyone I don't love.
  7. I will say that Filip is well cast-he does look like he could be the son of Dominique Tipper and Keon Alexander.
  8. New spot! I burned through Season 4 of the Expanse in one weekend, so for that and other reasons I am really looking forward to this. Much more so then STD.
  9. Naomi obviously works out too (Dominique Tipper is a dancer), but the gravity of IIlus was too overwhelming for her. As for Alex, good point. We aren't told if Alex has ever been to Earth. On Mars he went outside, but this would have been the first time he breathed "real" Air" That was great. The Martian diet includes a certain amount of Kool-aid.
  10. Question about Naomi: In this episode she briefly returned to Ilus with no apparent ill-effects, although she did not leave the Roci. So had she adjusted to the gravity drugs? Alex seemed ok on Ilus. So is the gravity on IIlus closer to Mars than Earth?
  11. Agreed. But how much of this is public knowledge? Even if it is, the average Earther may be more concerned about thier day-to-day lives and the oppurtunity to leave for a new frontier.
  12. And then there is poor, underused Alex. His strongest moment was performing surgery on a still-concious patient.
  13. Great aticle, thanks for linking @Gillian Rosh. I can't help but to compare the plight of the Earthers and Martians to the Utopian Vision of Trekanomics. The people in Star Trek live in a post-scarsity economy, the Expanse Folks clearly still have to deal with shortages of things. The Belters have endured plenty of harship, but every Belter seems to have a job and a purpose. Their economy must be set up differently.
  14. I'm confused about Mars. Are they terraforming or not? Because the Boy Bobbie rescued from his life of crime said he was going to work on terraforming, yet in a previous episode the terraforming towers were being decommissioned.
  15. Some (myself included) have described James as Space Jon Snow. I would say Steven is a better actor, it took took awhile but he grew on my. Shallow request: More Shirtless Holden and shirtless Amos please!
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