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  1. One of those episodes while all the shit happens at once. I'm sure the UN and Belters will get along FINE stuck for weeks in a now-soggy dark structure with inadequate supplies. The adventures of Bobbie don't have much to do with the rest of the plot, but I am enjoying Life on Mars.
  2. As I said above, I have a Chromecast. An older version but it works. My next TV will be a smart TV, I'm just one of those people who hangs on to stuff for as long as possible.
  3. marinw

    S04.E02: Jetsam

    I think Jim's still traumatized from that mind-meld last season. Still not sure if proton-Miller isn't a figment of Jim's imagination
  4. Plugged the USB from the Chromecast into the 4K DVR and cast from my phone. Looks spectacular! Worth the extra fuss. Jumping through hopes for the privilege of watching my own TV gives mw a weird sense of occasion.
  5. And her wardrobe does not disappoint.
  6. marinw

    S04.E02: Jetsam

    I cringed for poor Bobbie. I was wondering why Avasarala wasn't sitting next to her hubby, but she knew enough to make sure Bobbie had someone to talk too. The Martians aren't sure what to do. They spent generations terraforming their planet, but with 1300 habitable planets out there, why bother?
  7. So much to think about and unpack! I will just say that I am SO HAPPY this show is back! Hope it gets more publicity on Amazon then it did on SyFy or Space or CTV Sci-Fi or whatever. I thought Avasarala had an excellent point about not getting too reckless with all the colonizing. Yet a total blockage seems too extreme. There needs to be a middle ground.
  8. Hurray! I thought I used up my free trail, but I guess not. Got it to cast to my TV from my phone which took some doing. Will test with my laptop tonight. Thanks for all your help. I know what I'm doing this weekend!
  9. One of the annoying things is that my DVR is 4K but I have to bypass the whole thing!
  10. Plug it in. I have, Thanks, I already miss simply programming my DVR!
  11. Not sure where to post this so I have started a new topic, Please be gentle with me mods! Technical-Type question: I’m Canadian and the Bell Overlord have not deigned the Amazon App worthy of Fibe TV, although the Netflix and You Tube apps are on offer for Fibe. In preparation for The Expanse, last night I spent a long time getting my Andriod Samsung phone on speaking terms with my not-smart 2012 Panasonic TV via a Chromecast thingy. I can also hook up my laptop with a HDMI cable, but I would rather not as that really drains the battery. Which method results in a higher quality video? The Expanse definitely needs to be seen on the largest screen possible!
  12. The Churn podcast is back. The most recent episode is mostly a recap, but has some interesting stuff about the Ecomonics and Politics of Earth, Mars and The Belt.
  13. “Journey to Babel” is one of my favourite Star Trek episodes of any series. I have seen it dozens of times and will happily watch it dozens more. Thank you DC.
  14. Spoiler about Bobbie: https://io9.gizmodo.com/in-the-expanse-season-4-bobbie-embraces-a-new-and-dang-1840037009
  15. Saw the trailer after that super-serious Watchmen episode. I am so ready for for a futuristic Love Boat, or whatever this thing is.
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