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  1. I am pretty sure a pool of blood as large as the one under Scarlett's seat would smell something fierce. And if liquid can escape, gas can escape too. The inside of that cab would have smelled absolutely awful but somehow no one noticed. That was my favorite part. It seems strangely realistic that even though they might hate each other and might be plotting each other's deaths, they're still polite to one another at family functions. I also got a kick out of Cheyanne stealing half of John Wayne's sandwich. Seems like something the bratty little sister would have gotten away with many t
  2. Could someone please spoiler code it for me? I have watched the scene a few times and I do not recognize her at all.
  3. I know a Blacklist episode is not a favorite of mine when I can't even come up with any good snark for it. This is one of them. Maybe I missed this because I was only half watching but the idea was that one of these special machines is in a museum, right? So how is anyone communicating with anyone? They are somehow using the museum piece to do man in the middle attacks? Why go through all the effort and then use such a terrible code for hiding the messages? And good luck if you want to spell out something complicated. They've also somehow managed to suggest that this thing is basical
  4. I think it was retconned in one of the later novels. He was apparently on the chopper that went in after the bad guys who were hiding out in North Africa. So he might not be mentioned by name in PG but he's supposed to be there in the background.
  5. As a Tom Clancy fan I can say I enjoyed the movie but noticed significant differences from the book: First and foremost, the book is set in the Vietnam era. John loses his first wife Tish at the beginning of the book. He meets his eventual wife Sandy while he is in rehab for his injuries. In the book, Pam is a prostitute that John picks up while she is hitchhiking. John knows her for all of a couple of days before she is killed. She is not pregnant. He was injured by a shotgun blast through his car window while scouting the neighbor Pam escaped from. Pam's death i
  6. Well that was a good run. I wish things had played out for another season because as I predicted, Desi's ex was indeed meant to come back and break her and Mac up, leading to Mac and Riley getting together: https://tvline.com/2021/04/30/macgyver-recap-season-5-series-finale-season-6-spoilers-mac-riley-desi/ I'm not sure how much I love the revelation that it was actually the US government that was the bad guys all along but these CBS procedurals really hate inter-agency cooperation.
  7. Season 5B trailer has dropped:
  8. For those who enjoy Star Trek novels or wish to start, Simon and Schuster puts a selection of them on sale every month for $.99. It's usually a mixed bag from all the various series but at $.99 a piece you can't go wrong. Last Best Hope has gone on sale twice now. And while it says US only, I'm in Canada and these deals appear on the Canadian sites as well. https://www.simonandschuster.com/startrekbooks (click the banner "ebook deals", I'd link to it but they change every month)
  9. I wish the show was a little more enlightening as to why everyone is so super shit-scared of the Kleinsasser family. Okay, Rand is a psycho and will murder someone for kicks. John Wayne will kill his own brother to protect that particular family secret. Cheyanne is cold-hearted enough to know what John Wayne did and use it as leverage against him instead of going to the authorities about it (while simultaneously slowly dripping info to Jenny but in a way that doesn't lead directly back to her). Pa is crazy and casual with firearms inside the house. Mom will spit in your coffee and then ask you
  10. Well, if we had any doubt that this was a Joss Whedon show... Damn, that shit was rough. I don't like seeing beautiful women get murdered and this show made sure to put a bunch of exclamation points on it by having Mary get shot over and over again. It reminded me of a similarly gratuitous moment from Serenity and if you've seen that you know exactly which one I mean. I thought this was a great episode even if I am having a hard time following the intricacies of what is going on. That underwater fight was amazing. The Beggar King is going to be really disappointed in his giant minion
  11. Network: Hey David E. Kelly! Nice strong start to this show but can you do us a favor and make it weirder? Like, a lot weirder. Season 2 of Goliath weird. Just go nuts. Throw the Tiger King in there if you can. I know that was Florida but Montana's just as goddamn weird and we really want to showcase that. DEK: Let me see what I can do... I'm not sure what to make of the new episodes so far but the show manages to be simultaneously creepy and whimsical which is oddly alluring. Cassie getting pulled over was super tense and very on point. Nice to see Michelle Forbes again. Have
  12. I think that's exactly what he was doing and I think that's why he was brought in. He's a great director under pressure. Fox didn't like the first episode of Firefly. He had to shoot a second pilot over a weekend. We get "The Train Job" from it. He shot an extra episode of Dollhouse using what was basically spare change he found under the couch cushions and we got "Epitaph One" out of that. When it comes to time and budget constraints, Joss Whedon can produce. And write. And direct. Snyder is much more indulgent as this movie shows in great detail. I feel bad for Joss because what has bee
  13. The marketing on the other hand is genius. They sell you one figure with parts for another one in there but not the complete set. So you have to collect all the figures to build the bonus figures. That is comic book villain brilliance right there.
  14. So Red and everyone have been going on endlessly about Lizzie being so dangerous and whatnot and as it turns out she was just offscreen the whole time screwing things up and talking to her imaginary friend. And in a stunning display Lizzie calls out Townsend on the exact same bullshit she pulls later in this same episode! "Shoot him already!" Well, you could have, many times. I forgot that Lizzie can talk to ghosts. I hope she pets her ghost dogs once in a while. Townsend had some dealings with the Russian mob and Red somehow wrecked this using the archive. The Russian mob then proce
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