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  1. The other blonde gal is Judy, D'Arcy's frenemy. They insult each other (usually about who is the bigger slut) whenever they meet other but are otherwise affectionate. The male government agent was hiding out in Ethan's house at the end. As for Linda Hamilton, it's obvious but I will spoiler code it anyhow: Ethan was the other town doctor. The government agents kidnapped him in a case of mistaken identity.
  2. The turtles were planted by Chuck and his friend who needed the research money. So even if he got rid of them Chuck would just drop more off.
  3. dwmarch

    SEAL Team

    When the sad piano started playing during cuts back to the family scenes I was getting really nervous for Clay. But all in all I'm not sure who's going to bite the dust here. Could be Sonny. Probably won't be Ray because he's not done annoying me yet. Brock would be a cheap choice since we already lost Metal not too long ago. Maybe it will be Jason himself. If he died, he'd totally still appear as a ghost and would haunt the team forever. I guess Cerberus really is retired. He doesn't even bark when someone knocks on Jason's door. Doesn't care one bit. You'd think a Navy SEAL dog would be
  4. To be fair, she doesn't really act now either.
  5. I know I said this a week or two ago but this show is starting to look like Star Trek! A temporal anomaly, lots of technobabble and a crew overcoming their differences to solve a problem is pretty much as Trek as it gets. I guess it's possible this is because of the Diviner's shenanigans but the Protostar does not seem to have any kind of security. The kids straight up tell Janeway they stole the ship and she reacts with mild disapproval. The vehicle replicator can be programmed to make Diviner mooks which are then free to roam about tossing the crew around and deleting essential programs
  6. I liked what they did with Vigilante here. He's been set up as a comedic character but when we see him being taken into jail we just know he's going to kick some ass and he delivers. That was an awesome scene. The White Dragon is a wily old man too. He knew what was up and he wisely stayed out of it. He didn't get old by being goaded into fights. It was also a very quick moment but I liked how when Peacemaker complimented Harcourt on her... shirt you could tell his heart wasn't really in it. And then he gives her the puppy dog look just in case her heart was. That was equal parts sad
  7. So Marvin has got to be the traitor, no? He doesn't agree with Red's motivations or tactics and I vaguely recall that Red hung him out to dry last season after falling for an absurdly dumb plan that Lizzie somehow pulled off. And this show does love a "the bad guy has been standing right there all along" reveal no matter how stale it might be by now. Isn't Dembe straight up African rather than African-American? His daughter is all upset with him for not being in perfect alignment with the African-American cultural experience but that would seem to be a feature, not a bug. And up until the
  8. The musical cue at the end when Shand suggests renting some help is from the Mandalorian. Hopefully Boba is smarter than he looks thus far and knows they are going to betray him and has a plan for it. It's good work if you can get it. I think it is hilarious when Boba sprints over to his Bantha as if it is capable of understanding the concept of hurry. Just my imagination I am sure but I think she is kind of into him. How could she not be when he takes her to such nice places like the Sarlaac pit?
  9. I can't help but wonder if this is a really deep cut Smallville reference as one of the actresses from that show was also involved in a cult. No kidding, right?! Superman seriously needs to brush up on this kind of stuff. When does "let me out of jail, I'm totally harmless, I swear!" ever lead to anything good? I know they won't go this route but it would be hilarious if Jordan ended up having two girlfriends who were also into each other at the same time. Lois walks in on them getting frisky someday and says "You know Jordan, I'm supposed to give you a lecture right now but ho
  10. dwmarch

    SEAL Team

    Well this episode was a bit of a return to form in that the team is now fighting bad guys instead of fighting each other. Lots of apologies and forgiveness going around but Clay isn't in the mood to forgive Sonny yet. Come on Clay, this can't possibly be the first time you've had to murder gangsters chasing you because of your buddy's coke habit! Give Sonny a break, he had two girlfriends at the same time and unlike your situation he couldn't make it work with the one he actually wanted. Sonny is just trying to get back to loving himself and that means finding an outlet for his hedonism and hi
  11. I never realized how much Star Wars needs Danny Trejo until I saw him on screen. I legit cheered. Yeah, they took me out of the episode a bit. Star Wars really has its own style and they don't seem to fit. Like the gal with the funky leather vest. Nothing about that vest says Star Wars to me. If I saw someone walking down the street wearing it I would think "cool vest", not "cool Star Wars vest".
  12. FWIW, I found this to be the most Star Trek-ish episode so far. You don't have to put combadges on cargo to transport it although I will attribute that to the crew not knowing how the transporter works.
  13. Well, if Ressler's deflated balls are any indication... (too soon?) Speaking of covering tracks, I thought it was kind of funny that the Dr. was giving the athletes their injections right where a junkie would do it. Tracks come from the needle, not the contents. From what I have read, people who want to hide such habits will inject between the toes. I guess it goes to show that whatever drugs these writers are on, they are not the injected kind. I had a similar thought although I will spare you the specifics. But I guess if she didn't have time for that she could have just held th
  14. dwmarch

    Eternals (2021)

    My thoughts as well. There was a scene where Sersi is talking to the big boss and for some reason he feels chatty and he takes her on a tour of the Skynet factory where Terminators are made. Except for some reason this factory only sends out the warm fuzzy Terminators like Uncle Bob, Pops and Carl and it gives them a mission that contradicts itself. They also seemed to have a squishy version of the Prime Directive where they pledged not to interfere except kinda-sorta here and there depending on scale. So Celestials, here's what you do. Create some new Eternals, blank slate. Have them understa
  15. There is a knife twist to his ending that I did not realize until later and the show actually set it up with another character. Remember how mom got dragged in to interrogate that young lady who claimed the prison guard raped her? The outcome of that story determines whether or not the guard's family gets survivor benefits. Same with this guard. He clearly pulled a blue-on-blue here and since there were multiple witnesses to it, he's screwing his family out of his benefits, leaving his angry widow to fend for herself and look after their disabled son. That is some next-level revenge right ther
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