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  1. From 5x10, Wags the Legendary: Does my office look any different, Tuk? The tablecloth? The candlelight? Maybe the beautiful, young inamorata sitting right here? Do any of these signs tell you that now is not a good time? Let's review some basics. I am the goddamn CEO of Axe Bank. I am neither your department head nor the person you come to with your imbecilic questions. I have much, much bigger fish on my metaphorical plate and a fucking cold coq au vin on my actual plate AND NOBODY LIKES COLD COCK, YOU KNOW WHAT I'M SAYING? He needs to be made a fucking example of! Don't you run from me, you
  2. I loved this episode. I'm not sure quite what is going on timeline-wise here (is the pandemic over or did it just start?) but other than that, I thought there was so much good stuff in this one. I still think Chuck Sr. is entirely in league with Chuck Jr. I'm not entirely sure what the long con is but it seems like maybe they're going to encourage Axe to invest heavily in the cannabis sector and then trip him up with federal laws? I'm pretty sure they didn't have that dinner so everyone could figure out how to make Prince even richer and I'm pretty sure they didn't bring marijuana up by a
  3. I'd watch Jewel Staite read the phone book so it was great to see her here. And while Kaylee was a sweetheart, Abigail most certainly is not. She still comes across as likeable though. This show is wonderfully Canadian! The glory shots of Vancouver were great. And yes, East Hastings is where you would go to meet someone sketchy. Also great to see a Canadian artist getting the title song! Jeremy Fisher performed at a private concert for the company I work at and I have "Uh-Oh" saved on Spotify. The song works great with the show. Abigail's tattoo had three names on it: Frannie, S
  4. They never call out exactly what brought it together for her but if I had to guess I'd say it was the zombie wedding guests. Ella has seen many dead bodies and she knows them when she sees them. We know from her conspiracy board that she had already filled in most of the blanks (with some hilarious speculation included as a freeze-frame bonus) so it's reasonable to assume that all she needed was good physical evidence to tie it all together.
  5. I think Chuck and his dad are running a long con on Axe. Chuck knew Axe could solve his dad's kidney problem and he probably got his dad to agree to it beforehand. And in the process, they also canary-trapped Wendy, feeding information back to Axe so he would think it was his own idea. Having said that, Axe is not dumb so he's not going to do anything too outrageous in plain sight. Last week I had been wondering if Axe forgot about Wendy. No, turns out he was just momentarily distracted. This week he trashes her relationship (which you can tell by him saying he was "just trying to help",
  6. I'm glad to have this show back but it does feel a little disjointed from what I remember of the first half of the season. Axe was obsessing over Wendy and was quite upset by her sleepovers with Tanner. If he's still mad about that as of this episode, he's buried it pretty deep. Although I guess he did subject Wendy to interrogation by Spyros and he did drag Tanner to a bunch of functions where he knew the dude would not be in his element so I guess Axe has decided to go the passive-aggressive route instead. I also distinctly remember a reference to the pandemic (shouted loudly by Krakow)
  7. To each their own but I thought it was pretty clear they were a couple at the end of the movie. They snuggled on the beach after the big fight and they linked arms when they went off with Wong. There was also the moment of Katy swooning when she saw Shang-Chi with his shirt off. Great movie but I expect no less from Marvel/Disney at this point. I thought there was a good balance between action and character-building scenes and the flashbacks were smoothly integrated. All of the cast was great but Awkwafina impressed me with her humor and reactions to the situations going on around he
  8. I thought this episode was hilarious from start to finish but Mariner had one line I especially loved for how it was delivered: "Of course Starfleet Command didn't put it in the official records! Do you know how embarrassing it is to lose a starship to lice?!"
  9. dwmarch

    Your Honor

    That headline definitely caught me off guard. Of all the shows out there that need a season 2, I would not have counted this among them. Having said that, I'd watch Bryan Cranston read the phone book so hopefully they'll do better the second time around. Personally, I'd like to see less relationship drama and more gangster drama. If Judge Desiato sees his son as the casualty of a gang war between the Desire crew and Baxter's crew there could be some great stories where he plays them off against each other or uses the instruments of law as blunt objects for revenge.
  10. Hilarious episode, as usual. I like that while this show isn't afraid to make fun of Star Trek in general, it's also not afraid to make fun of itself. We get explicit callouts here to the character pairings thus far and how people who spend that much time together would be considered a couple. Mariner does not seem to think Boims is dating material while Tendi says that her and Rutherford are "not really" dating. Tendi the stereotypical Orion was hilarious as was Mariner's reaction. I also loved "now you're just showing off" in response to Tendi knowing Mariner's first name. The
  11. Den of Geek has a good list here although I see they didn't catch everything: https://www.denofgeek.com/tv/star-trek-lower-decks-season-2-episode-2-easter-egg-and-reference/
  12. Did anyone else see this movie? It has been released on demand now. I have been a G.I. Joe fan since I was a kid so of course I was excited for this one. I see from RT that it is not getting good reviews and on reflection I can kind of see why but I still enjoyed it. Overall, I thought it had great action sequences. The movie takes itself way more seriously than the previous G.I. Joe films. There are some laughs and I thought Samara Weaving's dry humor was a highlight. For old school G.I. Joe fans, this movie does not follow any established continuity that I am aware of. For one
  13. Fun episode, as usual. They really packed the Easter Eggs into this one with the Collector's ship (which is an Easter Egg unto itself from TNG's "The Most Toys"). I appreciate the moment where Mariner realized she didn't have to be in charge all the time. Having said that, I hope Rutherford and Tendi are a little less hesitant to speak up in the future knowing Mariner is just bossy by default. So Kahless has a sex helmet now? Okay... However, I did get a good laugh out of Tendi's enthusiastic "safety first!" quip. And now we have two Boimlers, courtesy of the same method that ga
  14. Does the rest of the family know that JHI and Lois were married in JHI's universe? Because if not... awkward!
  15. Line of the episode goes to Gen. Lane with his "I don't give classified intel to drunk teenagers!" A couple of episodes ago when Jon was getting interrogated by Miss Mixed Messages he could have told her something similar. Dude is in the military and takes that stuff seriously. He doesn't gossip about it at the dinner table. Are these new Kryptonian hosts similar to the old ones in that a good impact with the ground will set them back to normal?
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