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  1. We have a Season 5 teaser trailer now and a date for the Season 5 premiere: Sunday, May 3rd.
  2. Thanks for clarifying, I don't remember him from Season 4 but it's been a long time since I watched it. In 8x01, Saul asks Tasneem how her father is doing and she corrects him with "step-father". In that same scene she says he has MS which is getting worse, he's going blind (bad news for a guy who amuses himself trying to shoot squirrels in his back yard!) and he passively disapproves of Tasneem's career choice.
  3. That's Tasneem, the Pakistani version of Carrie. She was also in Season 4, working for the ISI (Pakistan's CIA) and handing Carrie and friends their asses as they tried to operate in her territory. The man she was eating with is her father, who is apparently still a player somehow. He's new. The only thing that bugs me about Saul's role this season is that he's supposed to be the National Security Advisor and as such, he's definitely micro-managing his assets. But that's a constraint of television since it would be difficult to show the seventeen layers of bureaucracy Max's breathless reporting would have to trickle through before ending up as a footnote on page 57 of a PowerPoint deck that the National Security Advisor may or may not have time for. The note on Carrie's desk was weird. She's inside an ultra-secure CIA station in hostile territory, it's not like a friggin' courier could just drop it off right on top of her keyboard.
  4. The terrorist is Haqqani, the villain of season 4. He is meant to be an Osama Bin Laden level bad guy. The woman who was interviewed is a corruption investigator who knew what the VP was up to with the fake military unit and base. She is a new character. The woman from last episode was the wife of one of Carrie's old sources (unseen). She was there solely to establish that Carrie may have broken under pressure and betrayed her sources. I doubt we will see her again. She is also a new character. I totally get where you are coming from because this show will not hesitate to drop in a new character and make it like you are supposed to know who they are.
  5. Laris: Cheeky fookers! Hugh: You're kind of a know-it-all, aren't you?
  6. Personally, I always liked the theory that Arik Soong and Noonien Soong are one and the same, with Arik becoming Noonien while hiding out in the Briar Patch. Remember how Picard was trying to dumb it down for the Ba'ku regarding Data's injuries and they were all "yeah we know how to fix positronic shit, no problem!" And Soong made a backup wife so maybe he made a backup self.
  7. I always appreciate a break from the formula on this show so this was a good episode in my books. Since the veterinarian is seeing someone, has McGarrett looked at his adorkable botanist neighbor? She already likes his dog! I am a little disappointed that Eddie's PTS was not related to Junior being gone. I was sure that was going to be end up being the answer. An HPD patrol car was the first emergency vehicle on the scene of Danny's accident. Danny identified himself as 5-0 when he radioed in. And no one called Steve? Again, I hope Adam showed up at Steve's place to tell him the whole story and set up some plot where he appears to be the Yakuza's inside man but in actual fact he's setting them up for a hard takedown. Hope springs eternal.
  8. http://www.ex-astris-scientia.org/treknology/treknology-r.htm Under Replicator we see that "According to the STTNG Technical Manual, up to 82% of waste on a starship can be recycled to food. Bon appetit!" It's poop. Replicated food is poop.
  9. Confirmation that the Stormtroopers have just as bad of aim with their fists: https://www.thedad.com/the-mandalorians-baby-yoda-prop-cost-5-million-dollars TLDR version: the Baby Yoda puppet is worth $5 million and they didn't want to risk damaging it!
  10. I think this is definitely the best of the Short Treks by far. There's a nice juxtaposition that I think adds so much impact. When the girls are about to get lectured by the principal, there's an announcement about how some science class has been moved to a different location. Right after that, the school-wide announcement is about the attack. Going from a mundane announcement to an emergency announcement reminds me of how my dad woke me up and told me to turn on my TV almost twenty years ago because "there's something going on in New York". I also thought there was some great subtlety imparted by the sparsity of the dialogue. For example, when Kima is trying to get to class ASAP she runs up the stairs but when she sees the stern Vulcan principal watching her she settles into a fast walk. No running in the hallways! Great touch there. I take it there is a bit of time compression going on once the attack starts otherwise how did they get a comment from Admiral Picard about thirty seconds after it began?
  11. Well, a remarkable 5-0 episode in that no suspects were shot or tortured and the people who helped did not turn out to be bad guys! Well, except that Yakuza boss but that's not a bug, it's a feature and Adam knew it going in. And Adam, now that you get to be the obayun in disguise? Tell Steve! Tell Danny! Tell the whole damn team. I always hated those 24 plots where Jack Bauer had to pretend to work for the bad guys and would always lose the trust of his own side because he couldn't tell them he was undercover or his family was being threatened or etc. The high-speed golf cart chase was ridiculous but in a fun way. The only thing that didn't work for me there was the car crash noise when they collided. I don't think golf carts colliding would sound like that although I am fair certain if I look up golf cart collisions on the internet I can find a definitive answer. They missed an opportunity with Tani walking into the empty 5-0 headquarters. She should have said "not the CIA again!" I loved seeing Duke shit a brick when he opened that fake wall full of fake cash.
  12. He called her Kiddo several times in his last appearance so that's my guess.
  13. I have watched the first few Magnum episodes and while I found them entertaining enough, I didn't like how often Magnum was getting beat up and/or humiliated in each episode. But I might go back and watch more, I've heard this show has had an impressive number of great guest appearances. On the other hand, if you are not a 5-0 fan and have been wondering what that show is all about, you have it one right here: most of their time is spent chasing the wrong lead, they torture and/or murder suspects all the time and there's lots of unresolved sexual tension and forced comedy (like Kamekona trying to bribe a cop for example). I take it Magnum does not often take a gun from someone and shoot their lackeys with it? Welcome to 5-0 where we do not represent for Team Non-Lethal! Want to straight up murder someone for getting in your way? Just make sure you're standing near a 5-0 member when you do it and you're all set! Seriously, it happens all the time on 5-0 where they will unofficially deputize someone who then gets to do everything they do up to and including icing bad guys without a second thought. I appreciated that we got a guest appearance from Eddie. I wonder why he didn't like Higgins. He's also kind of a terrible guard dog. Wouldn't most dogs be barking as soon as they heard someone at the door? I guess Steve has trained him in Navy SEAL ambush skills. How is it that the palace that is 5-0 HQ has no friggin' security at all? That place has been taken over by bad guys so many times. However, I see the team has conveniently developed an "escape from the CIA" hatch in that slow-ass elevator.
  14. If the Stormtroopers have just as poor hand-to-hand combat skills as they do aim, it's entirely possible that they never actually punched Baby Yoda at all and all they did was shake the bag he was in.
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