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  1. dwmarch

    Star Trek: Picard Anticipation

    I'm calling it now: the dog will turn out to be Q.
  2. dwmarch

    S06.E09: Collision Course (Part II)

    It must have been what Davis and Jaco split up. As Jaco was doing a very non-stealthy creep up the stairs he sees that Izel has disappeared but hey look, it's Davis! And he has no idea where she went either... I think some explanation of the body hopping is due eventually because that's part of the central mystery of why Sarge is identical to Coulson.
  3. dwmarch

    S06.E09: Collision Course (Part II)

    There were some little details I loved: various people at the party drinking Zima, Yo-Yo rocking some S.H.I.E.L.D. leggings, Jemma's face when Fitz told her she smelled good. A nuke would be trivial to disarm if you had Daisy's powers. Well, an earth nuke at least. If it's a gun-type device you break the path or squash the uranium "bullet". If it's an implosion-type device you pull the explosives off of it. There's handy diagrams here. But we needed that nuke for the end so I will fanwank that these obvious solutions would not work because it's a space nuke and it works differently.
  4. dwmarch

    S03.E13: AKA Everything

    I was surprised they never did go this way with Jeri's story. In The Defenders, Sigourney Weaver's character was trying to extend her life by digging up some dead dragon juice. Runaways did a similar plot over two seasons. And by now Jeri must realize that she's surrounded by supers who have solved a colorful variety of problems in their lives by having powers. But here's Jeri Hogarth, trying to solve her problems by falling in love with an ex. Maybe such a plot would have clashed with Trish's must-have-powers-at-all-costs plot. Nonetheless, I am surprised Jeri never looked at the option of a mystical/magical/powered solution.
  5. dwmarch

    Terminator: Dark Fate (2019)

  6. dwmarch

    S06.E07: Toldja 

    I also enjoyed Deke's emotional moment and I appreciate that he's turning into more than just comic relief. I had the same thought about the mystery lady who is ever-so-conveniently heading to Earth. Simple necessity, they only have one containment pod.
  7. dwmarch

    S04E12 Extreme Sandbox

    My head canon for their relationship is that she was a professional dominatrix at one point and after Chuck's first session with her he just followed her around like a puppy dog. Combine that with his willingness to let Wendy grind her spike heels into his soft bits and put out cigarettes on his chest and I could see her deciding okay, he's not the man of my dreams but he'll do what I want and that's good enough for now. Time and chance did the rest. You may already know this but Damien Lewis played Lord Capulet in a 2013 film adaptation of Romeo and Juliet. Paul Giamatti was in there too but as Friar Lawrence.
  8. dwmarch

    S03. E02. #slipperyslope

    I think the salty language is realistic enough (in that I'd expect people in such high-pressure jobs to swear like sailors) but I agree, Netflix way overdid it. In the network days, Kirkman might get really mad and call someone a son of a bitch. Now he spends five seconds with a Rubik's Cube and declares "these fucking things are impossible!" even though there is no one present to hear him curse. Maybe it's a deep 24 reference. We never heard Jack Bauer drop f-bombs and we never saw him taking a shit so maybe this scene is the answer - he would only curse while on the toilet. In any case, when everyone including the pre-teen girl on the show swears it stands out as a glaring difference to what this show was before Netflix to what it is now. And someone should have pointed that out to them. With Lucifer (another network to Netflix show), they didn't forget they now have license to swear but they kept it pretty toned down (especially in a show about the Devil!) and situation-appropriate.
  9. The only basis for comparison I have is Lucifer. That show had an uneven season three on Fox followed by a solid season four on Netflix. Some of the storylines mentioned in that article seem questionable (and I see from one of the pictures that Hannah has abandoned her sensible wardrobe for some action-girl leather pants) but I will hope for the best.
  10. dwmarch

    S04.E11: Lamster

    Spoiler warning for those who will not be watching this episode until it airs. Billions leaks every Saturday night well in advance of the scheduled time so I have already seen this episode. Long story short, I loved it! Lots going on from the Connerty brothers safe heist to Axe living up to his name. There were so many good lines in this episode! I loved Mafee's reaction of "fuck you, math guy!" and Chuck Sr. dismissing the smell of prison as "dick... I bet it smells like dick." There was also the bit where Connerty told Jock that he had seen Chuck Sr's ass along with Jock's... dismay on the matter. I can't get a read on Sacker. Is she Chuck's undercover soldier, taking down all this corruption from within or has she bought in to the Jock regime? Sometimes this show zigs when I think it is going to zag. Speaking of which, what the fuck Rhoades family, particularly Chuck Jr.? You have planted bugs on people! Did it never occur to you that the same thing could happen to you? I was certain the whole setup with the safe was going to be a trap deliberately set for Connerty and Co. but instead they seem to have no idea. I like the unusual pairing of Wendy and Wags and I hope they have more cause to interact in future episodes. I also enjoyed Wendy telling Spyros to fuck off. It looks like because Rebecca cut a deal with Taylor and rejected Axe's heroic solution, Axe is about to sell Rebecca down the river and I think that is a terrible idea.
  11. dwmarch

    S04. E20. Coder to Killer

    Also, since they're faux leather, she's lucky they didn't melt. Although if they were melted onto her that would certainly help to explain why she wears them at such odd times. Is the FBI field office supposed to be in One WTC? They always show that particular building when zooming in for office scenes.
  12. After how angsty everyone has been, the comedy was refreshing. Daisy: I am TRIPPING BALLS! I loved stoned Daisy and Simmons, fumbling their way down the stairs, having an "I love you" moment and sitting under a table for twenty minutes. Got a kick out of the bouncer with a heart of gold who told Simmons that a nice girl like her shouldn't be in a place like that. I also loved Enoch's casual suggestion that he and Fitz go work in the brothels to make money. Apparently he is "fully functional". His meltdown was low-key hilarious as well. Before season 4, would Fitz have thought of cutting a dead guy's arm off so he could make an improvised explosive out of the blood? Dr. Leopold certainly wouldn't have hesitated. Speaking of cruelty upgrades, Daisy can now use her telekinetic powers to selectively break bones.
  13. dwmarch

    Terminator: Dark Fate (2019)

    This movie is supposed to be a sequel to T2 and as such will disregard movies 3-5. However, I can't help but notice: Gabriel Luna's Terminator is basically the T-3000 from Genisys, with a mimetic polyalloy coating over top, like the T-X had. There's a Terminator that thinks it is human, just like we saw in Salvation. The good guys are helped by an aged T-800, which was also in Genisys.
  14. I'll go one further and say that Junior should have arrested his father for attempted murder. Imagine if you walked up to a random cop, showed them your loaded gun and told them you were going to shoot a person but you chickened out. Remember a few seasons ago when Jerry figured out that there was some conspiracy going on in a bookstore and ended up getting kidnapped by the bad guys? They should have done this back then. The baddies were behind Jerry as they were leading him up a set of stairs. I can picture him saying "You guys are forgetting something... fat people are hard to kidnap!" Squish squish squish.
  15. dwmarch

    MacGyver (2016)

    MacGyver and Hawaii 5-0 share a universe and 5-0 has already killed Peter Weller in the "Hookman" episode but I can see how the show wouldn't be able to turn down such a great villain. Star Trek used him twice as well. He was the leader of Terra Prime in the two-parter that was Enterprise's real finale and he was an Admiral Evil in Star Trek Into Darkness. Mac is being a dick at the end of the episode. Dad tells him, "oh yeah, about that special operation... we were rescuing you" and Mac comes back with "That goes against everything I believe in... you'd better leave!" No one asked you for your opinion on that rescue, it was happening whether you liked it or not! And let's not forget you get rescued by generic Phoenix/police mook squads all the time. You're surrounded by nameless, faceless generic security troops, the people who have the actual job of charging into gunfire on your behalf! You've also been on tons of missions where people died because (and only because) you were present. So don't give your dad shit about it, it's the life you live and it's not going to change. Punk.