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  1. Elodie made her on bed on this one seeing as to how she specifically told Aram there was no pre-nup. If she hadn't mentioned that it wouldn't be an issue. Now Aram is going to think that she did something to cause his recent medical issues and he's probably going to be right. I don't see Glen as being careless with this one because who could anticipate that a dealership is going to take a special order truck and turn it into a contest prize? If anything, Glen really had something to prove here and he did it, even though it was two days of pain. I am pretty sure the last time we saw Glen, Red lost his patience with him and threatened his life. Glen was trying to remind Red that he is a lieutenant (or lackey) worth keeping around. I appreciate the ambiguity about whether or not the pastor accepted Red's bribe. No kidding about Ressler! Is Harold trying to make sure he doesn't get hooked on the hillbilly heroin again? Why else would you send the two tiniest, most adorable FBI agents (with no backup) to confront a ruthless murderer? I like that Park has a streak of darkness to her and a snarky sense of humor to go with it. I wonder why they did an explicit callback to that wooden box matching Lizzie's burn scar. She even had to twist her arm around awkwardly so it was visible. I am not counting on this show to give me a resolution to that mystery that will begin to pay off keeping it going for seven seasons. Nice contrast with the classic "Eye of the Tiger" and the cover version that was all sad and mournful. Speaking of contrasts, I like that Red is having fun. All the angst that was front-loaded into this season is boring quite frankly. Last but not least, line of the episode goes to Dembe: "I'm not massaging his feet." Someone on the writing staff is a Pulp Fiction fan:
  2. Due to the pandemic we only get seven episodes with filming to resume later: https://etcanada.com/news/619139/showtimes-black-monday-billions-to-air-split-seasons-due-to-coronavirus-production-shutdown/
  3. Indeed, I think they titled the wrong episode "Fucker Shot Me". The executions in this episode were casually brutal. I would laugh hard if it turned out that Yvegeny was actually really invested in Carrie's mental health and his actions thus far were actually aimed at helping her overcome some of her issues like living in the past and taking her true friends for granted. She thanked him, making him about the only person she has ever thanked for anything. I have seen a couple of reviews that say the Special Forces team never showed up but they actually did and I think the timing of their appearance makes the situation more tragic: instead of swooping in for a heroic rescue as we would expect they show up in time to pick up a body and arrest someone who is (supposed to be) on their side. Carrie and Saul accuse Mike of sitting there with his thumb up his ass but it isn't Mike's fault that Max got into this situation. I'm not a hundred percent sure Mike was even read in on Max's mission. Saul likes setting up his own little off-the-books shops and it bites him in the ass every time.
  4. Two things about that scene made me laugh. First, Gus giving the fryers a look like "damn, these are clean" and second, Gus needing to get a chicken from the back involved because the fryers weren't greasy enough to ignite on their own. I am sure Gus has good insurance and his restaurant will be back up and running in no time. In the meantime, Lyle probably appreciates that he's going to get some downtime while his hands heal.
  5. Sorry, can't help you there but FWIW my copy fell off the back of a truck a few hours ago so it was released by someone somewhere... I'll save my reaction until more folks have had a chance to catch up since there was some big stuff in this episode.
  6. dwmarch

    SEAL Team

    I was not impressed when Natalie repeated back to Jason what he had just said to her and he got mad at her for it. Why is it that Jason Hayes can calmly, rationally discuss how to take a team of his brothers through live-fire deathtraps full of angry terrorists but he can't handle discussing how his job interferes with his personal life? I was liking his leadership style when Lindell dressed him and Sonny down but Jason went off the rails by the end of the episode and I was back around to not liking him. I'm not sure if this is just the randomness of the US Military but this show gives us a Navy SEAL going to an Air Force base to attend what sounds like an Army school (Armor, which I tend to associate with tanks). Can anyone shed some light on that?
  7. When Commodore General Oh ordered "Planetary Sterilization Pattern Number Five" I couldn't help but think (with apologies to Lou Bega): A little bit of Romulans in the sky A little bit of Riker standing by A little bit of JL is all I need A little bit of Raffi smoking weed The Borg ship got powered up again but did not end up being a factor in the standoff so that was kind of a waste. Narek, in the manner of a true Romulan (sneaky fookers) just disappears. No one remembers that he was there. I got a good laugh out of Narissa asking Narek if he had fucked any of the synths yet and his deadpan "not yet". Maybe that's where he is at the end. Narissa is probably not dead. We have seen that she has a personal transporter for getting out of bad situations on the Borg ship. However, public service announcement: just because Buffy the Vampire Slayer can fight hand-to-hand while wearing tight leather pants does not mean that you can as well. Raffi and Seven sure got friendly with the quickness. Picard gets himself a new body! That was pretty telegraphed but hey, why not? However, in addition to noting that his new body did not have the brain irregularity they did not say anything about the Borg leftovers or artificial heart that he was carrying around in the old one. Seems a shame to bring Data back just to kill him off again. Why didn't he ask if they could whip up a synth body for him? That way he could experience what it is like to be "human" but also have a normal lifespan. Oh well, he's not really dead-dead as they did establish he exists in that simulation courtesy of a single positronic neuron. Or Q could bring him back or he could fall out of a random time portal or...
  8. Saul's car was worth $75 for a minute there! Everything I know about social engineering I learned from Mike. I don't remember Lalo killing an innocent bystander but that is probably because this show waits 87 years between seasons. I thought at the end that Kim was going to say that Mesa Verde dumped her firm and her firm dumped her. I guess not though.
  9. And here's the Season 5 trailer: Looks intense!
  10. dwmarch

    SEAL Team

    Well that was a pretty meh episode. Jason is pushing his girlfriend away because he wants to be Mr. UberSEAL. Yawn. Why did they jump on the technical and start firing at the tank? The only reason I could see for them to do that was to draw the fire away from something else but I don't remember them calling that out. In tank warfare, if there are squishies crawling on your tank a fellow tank will engage in a practice called "scratch your buddy's back" which involves hosing the first tank with machine gun fire as tanks are impervious to it and squishies are not. Clay is going to be an Admiral? He does bear a bit of resemblance to Captain Kirk but this seems sudden. With the Ambassador, it was established that she was friendlier with one side in the conflict than she was with the other. Yes she died trying to make peace but it's easy enough to imagine one of the factions not seeing it that way (or seeing it in a way that would put them at a disadvantage). There isn't much that Clay can say to redeem her. But in today's world of the rapidly evolving 24 hour news cycle, she's old news again in a few days anyhow. Didn't Sonny agree that Lisa made a bad choice when she got into a bar fight not too long ago? Like a potentially career-ending bad choice? So what is Sonny doing tussling with a wannabe who was trying to impress some ladies?
  11. I got a laugh when she went to Yevgeny's apartment and asked him for a favor and said something like "now don't go thinking this is the beginning of you recruiting me!" Pretty sure that ship has already sailed, sank and is now a thriving coral reef. The VP was explained as a make-nice gesture from the incoming President who replaced Keane. Way back in the day it was traditional to appoint a VP from the opposing party and since America was almost torn asunder by the events of last season, they decided to resurrect this tradition*. Maybe they picked this guy because they thought he was too dumb to be a threat. Remember how they shit a brick when they found out he was thinking about running for office? FWIW, I think Saul consciously or unconsciously recognizes Carrie as his best weapon, even if she is a total loose cannon. That's why he gave her the lecture of "I'M VERY DISAPPOINTED IN YOU... (you have 30 minutes to figure out how to escape my clutches!)" He could have sat on her for 30 minutes but instead he just gives her the space she needs to coordinate her escape. Or it could be that Saul's tradecraft continues to suck, as we have seen numerous times already. Six of one, half a dozen of the other? *This also happens in Tom Clancy's Debt of Honor...
  12. dwmarch

    SEAL Team

    The show has been weirdly cagey with him. I know at some point there was a joke made about Full Metal being his actual name and we didn't see him doing the NASCAR thing where the character names were spelled out in full on their helmets.
  13. B4 is in pieces in a drawer at the Daystrom Institute (as seen in episode 1) although it's possible that could be a copy.
  14. She's Pakistani and she is the Director of the ISI, Pakistan's CIA. She promotes Pakistani influence/stirs up shit with the Taliban depending on which side of the coin you look at. G'ulom knows she's trouble which is why he told her to scram. The helicopter maintenance plot was something we don't normally see on this show: the suggestion of a conspiracy (that didn't come from a Carrie manic episode) that actually turns out to be something routine. Saul and Carrie thought that because the helicopter was swapped for another and because the soldier who did it was AWOL that they had the perpetrators of a plot to shoot the helicopters down. But it turned out that the helicopters were swapped because the mountains of Afghanistan are hell on routine maintenance.
  15. So we have non-verbal confirmation that Riley does have some feelings for Mac that go beyond friendship. Interesting although I hope it doesn't blow up right away. Mac and Desi don't seem like they work well together as lovers so I am sure they will eventually figure this out once the adrenaline and kiss-cam novelty wears off. And Riley has a boyfriend already although I feel almost certain that he's a bad guy. I like the new format of the "screen boogers" as we used to call them. It used to just be super simple - paperclip, sack of bullshit, fully charged contrivance. But now they use graphics in a much more dynamic way and it looks a lot better. It's a great way to show what Mac is actually thinking. I don't buy the Maddie thing at the end and I am not sure what is going on there. She appeared to be as tall as the lackeys when she was sitting with them so that would mean if it was Maddie she'd be sitting on a box or something. It's got to be a deep fake. The team used one in this episode to sell Desi's background. It is clever of the bad guys though. Maddie is not exactly the most open and transparent boss and the team has been betrayed by their female leader before. If you can't beat the team, use the team to beat themselves. It almost worked against the Avengers so why not? I wonder when Murdoc is going to get dragged into all of this...
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