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  1. Sarah Palin rapping was about a thousand times better then Sean Spicer dancing.
  2. At first I thought I didn’t know who Bella Thorne is because I am old. Then I looked ar her acting credits and realized I haven’t heard of her because she has been in a lot of bad movies and TV shows that I would never watch.
  3. Are there any plans for a spin-off with Wunch as a Korean toilet ghost? I would watch it.
  4. Holt’s balloon arches were magnificent! Nice continuity.
  5. Martina Sirtis is 5’3” so she is tiny. I think I remember reading that sometimes she stood on a box for scenes in TNG with Jonathan Frakes and Michael adorn, both of whom are over 6 feet.
  6. The White Tiger is such a bad singer. Who is voting for him??? Chaka Kahn’s voice was not as good as I remember. Not sure if it hasn’t aged well or maybe the costume was throwing her off. But compare to White Tiger, she was so much better. My husband actually looked up from his computer and commented during Turtle’s performance which means it was the best of the season so far.
  7. It was not explicit, but somehow several people in wheelchairs seem to have been killed in Lourdes. All I remember is one scene with several dead people outdoors in wheelchairs. I wish more time had been spent developing this story and less time devoted to Pius XIII breathing. I can’t believe the Pope would actually accept Sharon Stone’s shoes as a gift. That was ridiculous even among his many eccentricities. Sharon made a good point about the Vatican supporting living artists.
  8. I feel like there hasn’t been any consistency in Caliban’s motives. He seems to do whatever is useful to advance the plot and that’s why he alternates between helping and hurting Sabrina. He helped Sabrina and her friends when they went to hell because it sets up challenges they will face in 5he forest. He steals the crown n the first challenge because it’s better dramatic tension if Sabrina is behind in the challenges. And now he helps her because if he didn’t, he would win and we wouldn’t need a third challenge. It also bothers me that Caliban has the same hair as Dorian. Fortunately, they are not sharing scenes because I would get them confused.
  9. I loved The Young Pope, but I have been disappointed by The New Pope. I feel that character development has been sacrificed for plot lines intended to shock us. John Malkovich is a great actor, but it doesn’t seem like he has been given much to work with besides, “Generally act weird, and you resent your parents for obsessing over your dead brother.”
  10. Apparently, they can: https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/kochi/kcbc-slams-nuns-strike-terms-it-against-christian-values/articleshow/65936748.cms
  11. What was Malkovich’s other role besides Brannox? I think duality is a big theme. In addition to what you have listed, Brannox had a twin brother and the middle way that Brannox advocates represents a compromise between dueling natures of the Church.
  12. My husband commented on how that sponge bath didn’t seem to follow normal procedures, and my answer was, “Its normal for giving Jude Law a sponge bath.” Hard to say ... I think that part would be consistent with Biblical depictions, but a lot of other things not at all like demanding Easter cake when it’s not Easter, installing cameras in the bathrooms, and threatening to reveal secrets learned in the confessional. But these actions show how imperfectly Jesus’s teachings are implemented by humans—we tend to take what we like and ignore the rest. The sandals were very Jesus though. I am hoping the Venus of Willendorf (which is not owned by the Vatican in real life) did not get sent to Christie’s and turns up again this season. I think Voiello would have hidden it so it didn’t get sold.
  13. I’m not surprised. Being outraged would be un-Buddhist. The evil looks Kristen was giving Leeland in the courtroom were much scarier than any look he has given. The Devil picked the wrong person to be his minion. I hope David has learned a valuable lesson about calling the police next time he is tempted to follow a trail of blood into a basement. I say this only because this is a TV show, but I was hoping the daughter would die so there would be one less of them screaming and talking all at the same time. I press mute whenever I see those kids on the screen.
  14. Athena5217

    S01.E11: Room 320

    The note Kristen showed the nurse was just scribbles.
  15. This has been the most ridiculous storyline. I hope it is finally resolved by Edie being removed from the case. I can’t believe she actually acted offended that her client would request a new lawyer that is not dating the prosecution. Maybe she inherited his warped sense of ethics. I missed the first half of this show, but based on the episode description, I assume it starts with Roxy getting out of rehab. I don’t like how the show just fast forwarded through that. It feels like one of those “very special episodes” of sitcoms where a character miraculously overcomes an addiction by the next episode.
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