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  1. I am surprised Dr. Ebonie did not suggest orthotics for the woman with bad calluses since she was reluctant to have surgery. Has Dr. Ebonie ever given a patient orthotics? I know Dr. Brad has a few times. I guess orthotics don’t makes for good television.
  2. The sex with animal masks may be the most disturbing thing I have seen on a non-HBO show. I bet Cheryl was thinking, “That’s my girl!” when Andy told her about Kristen hitting the guy in the supermarket.
  3. I can’t believe they had her sleep in that creepy room. Seems like a sure fire way to have the silence broken by someone screaming at the creepy statues. I thought Kristen’s behavior was over the top. I understand her anger at how the monks treated women, but I would expect her to be more professional since the Church pays her salary. I found myself fixating on how inefficient the winemaking process was because of bad equipment. Why not use a sponge mop to coat the barrels with whiskey? Why not use a wagon with spacers for the bottles to transport them? Using a shallow wheelbarrow would
  4. I’m pretty sure all the Kents know this. I remember Jonathan seeing alternate Earth footage of alternate Lois and JHI together when he went into the trailer with Lois.
  5. The gross out factor wasn’t bad in my opinion. There was a surgery with a metal rod. The only thing that really bothers me enough to look away is toenail removal. It just seems so painful. I was disappointed with the Olmsted syndrome story. I looked it up and there is no cure so I guess that’s all the doctor could do for that poor young woman. It seems crazy that she went out of state to get her calluses shaved down.
  6. I really want to know exactly what that thing was on the guy’s butt. I’m assuming Dr. Lee sent it to be biopsied. I remember her telling patients biopsy results on previous shows.
  7. My head hurts from being hit repeatedly with the metaphor that Christine is trying to satisfy her emotional hunger with food. I found the other story strange like they were trying different plots to see what stuck. There were suggestions that Ruby is bisexual and was going to have an affair with that woman, but then she just got a tattoo. Why can’t her husband and kids visit her on the island?
  8. I really hate this storyline with Sarah and the reporter, but not because of Grover. Sarah was way too forgiving of being compared to a dictator. Has Sarah had anyone tortured or murdered? Has she banned any religions? Tried to take over any neighboring countries? Then maybe the comparisons were a bit unfair and frankly insulting to people who suffered under dictators like Idi Amin and Mao Zedong. But does Sarah the history teacher point out any of this to him? Nope! Like so many women in literature, TV and movies, she proceeds to fall for the man who has treated her badly. What a great messag
  9. I hope we see the voodoo lady again. She fixes cell phones, makes potions, and is reading about stem cells? Ben may have some competition. As satisfying as it was to see Leland’s skin burn, the substitution of ammonia for holy water was not plausible. Ammonia has a very strong smell. It would have been noticed when David used it on Leland.
  10. I knew the American flag was not the flag the coach meant. There are a number of offensive flag possibilities so I just wasn’t sure if it was a Confederate flag, a Trump flag, etc. i think Morgan Hurd had a pretty good idea she wasn’t going to make the team in her talking head head segments. She was dealing with rehabbing her elbow and being off from training because of COVID. It is a shame because she is such a talented gymnast. She does amazing switch rings on floor and balance beam.
  11. The coach was asked if she brought politics into the gym, and her answer included a comment like “you can see my flags around here.” The only flag I saw was an American flag, but that can’t be what she meant. Now I really want to know what flags she was talking about.
  12. Having her kids watch the video about how the guy playing the monster gets made up is a logical way to dispell their fear. Taking her kids to the building to investigate serves no logical purpose. It seemed like bad happened to that couple’s son whether it was supernatural, a crime or an accident. What if her kids saw the son being kidnapped on the security footage they all watched? Also, did she not consider the apartment security guy would prefer not to deal with her, Ben AND her three loud daughters?
  13. The production staff did an amazing job with this episode. So many obscure products found theIr way into the void.
  14. I recently rewatched the Season 1 episode where Kristen cuts Leland’s throat when he shows up at her house as her mother’s date. In a few second she formulated a plan and carried it out without hesitating. Based on that, I think she is capable of killing Orion and talking to someone about it. I don’t think she enjoyed killing Orson, but she has no regrets because her kids were threatened, just like when Leland showed up. Demons need to learn It is dangerous to mess with Kristen’s kids
  15. It’s driving me crazy that we did not see what happened after Lexis bit the dentist’s finger off. Does she know what happened? How did Kristen explain to her why she still has those teeth? Did the dentist go to the ER to have her finger reattached? How did they explain what happened at the ER? Hilarious that the grandmother told Leland how much she “loves ancient documents.”
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