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  1. What was the purpose of the yield hourglass if it was a non-elimination round? The only thing that it could effect is who got 1st.
  2. My wife is into medical dramas so we stumbled on this show. I am a little confused by the total lack of anyone with a Canadian accent on this show. Is that typical now for shows meant to be shown on the CBC or CTV? Probably a strange thing to observe but I used to live in Canada and it seemed odd that the only people with accents were the Syrian doctor and the chief.
  3. I just can't figure out how people living on this moon for something like 10 generations can steal a spaceship, presumably the first one they've seen in 240+ years and take over another ship before even knowing why they are there. What if it was a long lost supply ship full of papayas, apples or oranges from earth? Did not understand all that.
  4. I'm done with this show if this is the case. Norah wasn't great but at least she was a real journalist compared to Gayle. My favorite was Erica Hill but she's long gone.
  5. I am just amazed that no one picked up on Ron being gay!? The discussion that sealed it for me was when he had a TH about Aurora. They are way more alike than they realize. He is a queen.
  6. I've been surprised that Rick has been such a divisive player on this board. There's almost always a player like that, I'm just surprised it's Rick this season. Personally, I've liked him all along. I like his attitude and even with the stupid loved one episode he didn't get all weepy for someone he'll see either way in a couple weeks anyway. Say what you will about him, but he played that TC and the jury wonderfully. He called out Aurora for going through his bag in front of the jury and doubled down by showing how skeezy Ron and Julie were with that expired advantage. It's clear the ju
  7. This has been a great discussion. On my end I still think, and I appreciate other opinions, that Gayle's only purpose on the show is because of her connection to Oprah and pop culture. I choose to watch CBS over the other channels because historically they do hard news. Gayle doesn't do that. She IMO doesn't do any of that. I might have an unpopular opinion here but I just don't want to hear an editorial opinion at the end of every news story they do, she does that. I'll watch another show if they keep this up.
  8. The only reason Gayle is on this show is because of Oprah. I just can't stand her commentary. Do you think Oprah would show up on The Today Show as often as she does on CBS This Morning? I'm sorry. They pumped up the R Kelly interview on late night and any other CBS show they could to make it a big deal. She does not do real news. Just watch the first 20 minutes of the show. She's always the last to talk and throws in some short editorial quip at the end. Not what I want to hear.
  9. They picked the wrong anchor to get rid of, I am so tired of Gayle. She has to put some opinion quip at the end of every story. So annoying. Just give me the news I don't care about your opinion.
  10. If this, as Peaches said, was supposed to be some iconic Survivor moment, why did they spoil it a couple days ago when I was watching something totally unrelated like CBS This Morning?! I try to not be spoiled but this pissed me off. I am not really all that interested in the Edge of Extinction Is. But if you do something that new why tease it everywhere?
  11. Subrookie

    S37.E13: Finale

    I'm a little late to the party here with an unpopular opinion. I actually thought Mike played a really good game. I can't think of anyone who was any sort of celebrity going into the game that went as far as Mike did. And, in order for him to do that he managed to play a solid social game where his name almost never came up as someone to vote out. Don't get me wrong, Christian was and still is one of my favorite all time players but I don't get all the Mike hate or that at Christian because he appreciated it. It was quite clear he was working the vote every tribal so that his bigge
  12. I don't know. My wife and I let my brother in law live with us rent free for a year to save money for his own place. I told him it was time to find a place ASAP when he brought home a 55" 4k TV for his bedroom. It may not be Mike and Vanessa's money but it is pretty naive to plan an expensive European vacation given the reason Mike is letting them live there.
  13. It took me a minute to realize this episode that new Mandy wasn't some random woman hitting on Kyle.
  14. I said I was going to give it another chance because I thought they were going to tone down the politics, but with this new info I don't think I will. I'm totally fine with Tim's politics in the show. Hillary Clinton was just on Murphy Brown. Nobody complained about that.
  15. That is fat shaming. I don't care how round he is, even if he hadn't lost weight he appears to be a great role model.
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