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  1. Joyce Mitchell, the woman who helped the NY convicts escape,was denied parole for the third time Sept. 13. Not a lucky Friday 13 for her! I think she's going to serve her whole sentence--and she got off lightly, IMO
  2. I read the the person who put in the new seats saw the blood and kept them in case the cops needed them for evidence.
  3. Dear Keith Morrison we, your devoted watchers respectfully ask, no DEMAND a two hour special on our favorite psycho PAM HUPP-- from her framing Russ Fiera to taking an Alford plea to avoid the Death Penalty. Come on Keith, enquiring mind have to know
  4. I am sorta disabled and can't do much writing or typing, but I LOVE this forum and the hilarious insights. Thanks for all the laughs!!
  5. OOPPPSSS my goof It was Andrea Yates who is a "guest of the state.
  6. Susan had David first name? Parnham as her attorney and he specializes in making women, who have committed into,crimes into victims who are on trial and getting them the lightest sentence. He's a piece of dirt. Susan could be declared fit tomorrow,walk out of the institution and have another kid next year. She's not in jail she's in a mental facility.
  7. Pam Huppp did an Alford plea to killing the man she lured into her home supposedly to make Dateline call and and killed him has been sentenced to life w/op parole. I don't know why, but this case fascinates me.
  8. Pam Hupp gets life in prison. Can't link it, but google is full of it.
  9. Mea Culpa: Ted Tapes tonite@ 9 pm, ID
  10. I sent a copy of Helter Skelter to a guy I knew in prison {don't judge} and he told me he and a few other guys were creeped out! {this was political asylum, not criminal} PSA: Ted Bendy 2 hr special on ID tonite eta vol.2--I don't know what happened to the Ted Tapes ,but they seemed to be scrubbed of the air.
  11. Karma baby, karma Byrd and Judy are paying for this child :)
  12. One more freaking SSSSSSHHHHHHHand I'm gonna reach thru my screen and smack her so hard he false hair will all fall out, and I heard a new one: I droven the car.
  13. I don't remember which show I saw it on but this was horrifying. A girl gets pregnant, baby daddy not happy, she disappears and later on the mother received either a dvd or cassette of her daughter having a forced abortion with no anesethic. It was filmed live. I don't know how the mother retained her sanity, and I'm not sure the perp was ever caught.
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