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  1. re: the 70s--the decade fashion forgot; WE WERE TOO STONED TO CARE!
  2. I hate you, I hate you,I hate you drop dead {Blanche} {I'm paraphrasing this} when Blanche works out with her trainer: Don't let it out but Derek is 5 younger years than me and Dorothy's booming voice comes out with "In dog years?'
  3. I don't mean to insult any vegans, but I found that hilarious. I HATE fish, especially when it's being cooked--but I wouldn't take my husband to court over it.
  4. Don't forget "she was beautiful" and "she had so much potential she would have changed the world."
  5. I saw a documentary about little Hayleigh Cummings--the 5 year old from Florida who disappeared about 5 years ago. I don't think Misty was involved {Maybe peripherally}, but I think Ronald Cummingers owed a big time drug dealer whole lot of money and this was payback. Ronald and Misty were scum, but with 26 years staring in her face, I think she would have told them anything she knew. Ronald was at work so he was "cleared, but I put the blame primarily on him.
  6. Sorry Rose, you ; lose again: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/07/16/us/minnesota-state-fair-butter-sculpture.html
  7. Fell asleep twice during it. What was the verdict?
  8. {I'm wearing a caftan} Girls, I'm devastated, just devastated. I live in the tri state area and have tickets to the Rod Steward concert. My BIL just told me all concerts were cancelled. Well, maybe I'll call Mel Bushman and we could to go bike riding. Or see if Merrill is still on parole
  9. I swear Byrd has the sunniest smile and I always appreciate the Byrd Boot.
  10. Last week end I spent about an hour on Youtube watching all the bloopers and outtakes from all the all series and movies and forgot how funny the show was. I especially like seasons 1&2-especially-the Open Day Temper Temper tantrum. Freaking hilarious. Unfortunately my DVR is broken and I can't find my VCRs.
  11. I'm really enjoying Dawson's portrayal of Alfred -- his carefully thought out strategies and reasons for them are really interesting. And when he told Edward his decision to join the fight was worthy of being a king he had to rake him over the coals before the compliment {being a typical father} was Arthur at his best. And the make up people aged him so subtly compared to the other characters.
  12. When my son was little {around 4-5) I would use the "Romanian baby. So my MIL took it seriously and asked when thee baby would arrive. When he was in college he got a job at one of those Chilis in the area and a co-worker heard me call him Sweetie and was told, not too politely that there was only one person in the world who was allowed to call him that and he wouldn't be too polite if he heard it again. Some people have no sense of humor.
  13. I think JJ dragged her story out about where she was living, who was the father of the baby which roommate was banging etc because she was personally disgusted with he casual attitude She went in guns blazing.
  14. with all the Ethels in the show,I wouldn't be surprised if Ethel Mertz showed up! sorry for the spoiler glitches. I binged thru to episode 8 and I just finished it and am looking forward to everyone's reaction. Al I'm gonna say is
  15. with all the Ethels in the show,I wouldn't be surprised if Ethel Mertz showed up!
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