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  1. I totally agree with you. The mother absolutely smirked her way thru the whole proceeding.
  2. I would have awarded him $5,000. Once something like that out is out there it will haunt you FOREVER CRAZY--I mt have been really drugged up to imagine they had big special for her!😚
  3. Crazy--I was in the hospital when JJw went off, I was in a haze of pain and drugs--did I imagine the finale-- or was it a low key affair?
  4. I gotta be honest. I thought a white wedding dress and veil on Louise was so out of character--and I may flamed for this, but there is an age ,IMHO,, when a woman wearing the whole wedding regalia looks, well, odd.
  5. I think, like I Love Lucy they will go on FOREVER. At least I hope so.
  6. i did not go to college when I graduated from high school. I got an office job and had to pay money every month and had to pay my own medical bills I don't think my parents actually need the money but it taught me abut budgeting.
  7. Because we learn that canned peaches are pretty good over English muffins?
  8. You just made my head explode! Sorry to say I don't miss Alexis at all.
  9. That's a really good observation. IMO Louise can do better. Again I ask the question; WHY THE FUCK HASN"T DAVID BEEN PAYING CHILD SUPPORT?
  10. Well,for Christ sake, he didn't have insurance,so why would he bother with a will? And as much as i LOVE Louise, please,PLEASE don't go with the whiet dress and veil. Please. Thank you.
  11. Not to mention those artificial lips. Yikes is right.
  12. I thought I was the only person who remembered that.
  13. Anyone watch the Toolbox Killer the other nite on Snapped? A female psychologist "studied" Lawrence Bittacker who was one of the most sadistic killers ever. S he spent a LOT of time with him and it seemed to me she had developed sort of a crush on him-- if you listen to the phone calls--and I noticed rather provocative outfits she would wear when she visited him. {the dirtbag died recently of cancer}. I don't think she was objective at all, and dare I say it, had a little bit of a crush. Anyone else see it?
  14. I in NO WAY meant any criticism, I was merely curious because every time I tuned in I saw the blue blazer,that's all.
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