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  1. Help me out, please. I have FIOS and saw a commercial for Court TV. Does anyone know what channel it is?
  2. Did she? I've always had the impression that the character was intended to be southern from the very beginning. I recall Rue saying that she wanted to play Blanche because she identified with a southern slut character more than she did with Rose. She had a regular accent in the first episode and I remember reading an interview wherein she said she wanted to give more flavor to the character. But maybe she was taking credit for the writers.
  3. I think Rue hit it out of the park by deciding to make Blanche Southern. The way she draws out certain words and her stories {much better than Rose's}. Blanche considers herself the true Southern Belle {Miami's answer to Scarlet} and will ALWAYS consider herself the prettiest girl in the county. I've been watching a few episodes each nite from my dvd collection and I think she delivers her lines with just enough sass and humor.
  4. Paula Zahn and Tameron Hall both put me to sleep. Hall mumbles and Zahn emphasizes every other word trying to be compassionate. Two of my least favorite shows.
  5. But then she calmed herself by calling herself Water Lilly!
  6. It's not a quote but the second funniest sight gag on TV {Carol Burnett as Scarlet O'Hara is my absolute first}, but the episode"The Actor" when Blanche's inflatable bra deflates and watching Rue trying not to lose it makes me lose it. Every.damn.time.
  7. Crazy: There was that Killer Woman episode I saw this weekend about Mary Jane Fonder. Keith Morrison {who else? :)} did a whole show about that crazy old bat. She had feelings for the minister and was jealous of the new girl in the office.
  8. HLN on demand has the story of poor Hayleigh Cummings and her short tragic life. My guess is Ronald owed a dope dealer big time and this was payback. And Misty has told so many lies she probably can't remember the truth. I think she was also involved.
  9. Yeah, and the plaintiff's eyebrows ere tweezed better than mine!
  10. {I'm somewhat handicapped,so bear with me, pls.} What really pisses me off is how lack-a-dasical the SSMO however many children, usually by different fathers, are exposed to untold dangers. Moms moving them into whatever situation is convenient and LEAVING THEM WITH COMPLETE STRANGERS. I want her honor to scream; where re the fathers and why aren't they supporting their spawn. Byrd and I are sick of paying for them.
  11. Just ask Joyce Mitchell about that!;) Seeing Byrd totally lose it yesterday was the highlight of my day!
  12. That's just an expression for "he hasn't aged well". I never would have thought it was Tad.
  13. Haven't been here in AGES but just a few observations: New Nina's acting is so bad I wonder if she just won a local high school drama club and this is her prize. Talk about over emoting.. And I'll bet she's never hungry with the way she chews the scener.y Jesus Tap Dancing Christ--the lawyer is TAD MARTIN??????????????? Boy he has't been moisturizing. No matter how bad Valentine is I just can't quit him. mmmmsexy Listening to am is like taking an Ambien one tip for Monica--better veneers. back into hibernation.
  14. Now that's one I would definitely watch!
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