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  1. the girls are sitting around the table discussing age when Dorothy says "young to me now is 40". Blanche simpers "why Dorothy, aren't you sweet"?
  2. Yeah, my DIL is Cuban and says that. We heard Judge Millian say that a lot. I just wanted to smack the house plaintiff. He could not listen to JJ and his halterview and apparently showed he Just. Did. Not. Get. It. Or he did, but thought he could talk his way to winning his case.
  3. If you have Verizon you can get it on Ch. 659.
  4. He has a GORGEOUS crystal swan bag that I desperately wanted but I had a crystal leopard bag and I couldn't justify it, as I usually use my original bag 1-2 times a year😡
  5. She looked like a nasty bitch who forgot to wash her hair. I do feel for the daughter being bounced around.
  6. I'm a long time Eastenders fan but I'm about to bail. They did me a favor by getting the Miller family out, but OMG--I freaking HATE Bianca and her shrill voice and her kids. I know we are WAY behind UK, but I don't think I can last much longer. And Max Branning?--totally repulsive. I do love me some Dot--her quoting Scripture all the time is endearing. Like--they are on thin ice with me....
  7. Could someone help me out, please. I was following the case on Court TV involving a mother who dropped her baby son on the floor and he subsequently died. Last time I saw it was when the father admitted he got a urine sample from his son because he couldn't pass his parole urine test. I remember the mother was {obviously} a nasty bitch on the stand. Thanx in advance.
  8. I can't believe JJ did not shut her microphone off--she didn't shut the fuck up the whole episode. I honestly think she goes thru life tossing her hair extensions a just steam rolls people until she gets what she wants because people are just exhausted listening to her. She thought she had an iron tight case, but she came out looking like a fool.
  9. Dear Lord, she looked like Orca the Whale. Someone should tell her tight, flesh colored tight top wasn't doing her any favors. And the plaintiff should have called the Fire Department in his town, she'd be out of there asap.
  10. Not only was she lying, she just did not care about her dogs' behaviour in court, which made me to think she has the same attitude in daily life. wever, pawnshop owner says she's only willing to return the jewelry, if they pay her for everything they've lost because it expired, including guns, bicycles, and other items. They're going to need more than the $2100 for the jewelry. JJ says to let the people redeem the three tickets only for the jewelry, and if pawnshop still has the jewelry not melted, then she should call plaintiffs or the court and say she has the jewelry. Plaintiff will either get nothing, or get a chance to redeem their jewelry. (My guess is if the jewelry wasn't melted before the case, then it certainly was the second the defendant got to a phone). From of these look the male plaintiff gave the pawnbroker I was thinking he'd get the Mexican Mafia on her, But we do have to thank her for the EPIC Halter View we had in a LONG TIME.
  11. hmm....I'd have my mortgage paid if is the gas I'm thinking about.
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