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  1. I wore it last nite with black jeans and black t shirt, it look fab and strangers were complimenting on it.
  2. We are turning out real dunces, I live in a nice area {area A} It against the law to live in another town {B}. I was reading the paper--the inquiring photographer--and he asked the kid where do you live City B} and the guy asks the kid what he school he went to was so stupid and said school A. I am ashamed to say I called the BOE and bitched. Our schools so overcrowed enough without students from another city--we is to go on split sessions as it ...sorry, not sorry. PS--his family had the BALLS to make up a street in city A.
  3. Well, YMMV, but I think the quality and originality has gone waaay down.
  4. So, did her majesty et offended and remind them she didn't go school for6787 years to bother with diffuser/ [ actually would agree with her].
  5. I wonder if the people in her office will report this?!?
  6. She is wearing it wrapped around her brain?
  7. I have a rule that I only buy quality, not quantity and have things that have lasted me {things like sweaters and blazers} for 15 years or so. Of course I keep them in good condition, tailoring when necessary keeping them scrupulously clean, I'm not fashionable at all, I have my style which has nothing to do with fashion. But if something turn into crap I dispose of it. I remember when QVC sold a few good items. Also, Joan Rivers is probably turning over in her grave when she sees {in my humble opinion} what David is selling.
  8. They should have called her Mount Kimoni!
  9. I absolutely loved the smack down she gave to Avery and his sister! JJ at her finest!!😏
  10. Lotsaluck with that--I have a small hallway { mean REALLY small} and it took a Home Advisor guy three days--one to scrape a border from the wall-- she had unreasonable timeline.
  11. yeah--and I weigh 89 pounds. He's not a person who should be selling cookbooks, he's looking rather portly isn't he?
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