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    If you have long legs, try Victoria’s Secret pants (according to Robin). Only $100 per pair...
  2. There are also some weird moments like Jim Bob saying that Josh is a caring person who sympathizes with others 🤢 and then Meech blabbers on awkwardly about Josh saving his purity and how precious that is. Then the girls chime in even more awkwardly...it is just infuriating and amazing to watch it through the lens of knowing what we know now
  3. I encourage everyone to go back and watch the engagement episode on YouTube. It is unintentionally hilarious. Pest pontificates on his purity and how Anna can trust him with anything He was repulsive even before we knew he was a sex pest plus there are “Easter eggs” of how aware everyone is of Josh’s predictions if you read between the lines of the talking heads featuring Boob, MOTY, and the victims
  4. I used to laugh at this too but it does seem that there is some variation amongst the couples. Hence my belief that the strict rules were meant to contain Josh. Then again, I need to stop thinking about these fools. I just detest Josh soooo much
  5. Courtship theory: speculation people on other boards have been commenting on the Anna/ Josh engagement episode. It led me to think more about the courtship rules. I know courtship is something many fundie families value. That said the engagement episode is where we are first exposed to the rules of side hugs only and no hand holding until engaged. It was smugger himself who sanctimoniously explained the rules. I feel the stricter rules were in place BECAUSE of Josh They knew he has no self control and perhaps it was also to protect Anna a bit. It is telling that beyond Jill and Joe, other couples have been suspected of being much looser with the rules. It is also telling that Josh and Anna had two chaperones: Jana and John. I know the show made a production of raffling chaperone rights and that the movie needed an 18 or older chaperone but I think it had already been decided that “house mom” Jana would keep Josh in line and that John was her backup. Just as the TTH rules had to change (no hide and seek, no sitting on laps) the courtship rules had to be implemented. I believe these were just more “Josh rules” that they had to pretend applied to everyone
  6. I want this to be popcorn-worthy more than anything but doesn’t JB own and keep a cop car on the property for security purposes? I thought I read that somewhere
  7. Someone posted this on Reddit regarding Duggar grifts It says it all about JB and control and money
  8. I like that! But I also want to make up my own J name. Like Jelly Roll. Or Jalapeño with a pronounced J as Rim Job would say it
  9. OMG he is Jan Brady. If only someone could photoshop him in this wig Or even this one
  10. Wouldn’t it be amazing if a few of us could sneak in there in our buttoned up shirts and long denim skirts and take Jing and Books and Jill and Derelict’s seats and they wouldn’t notice the difference? We could get the inside scoop!
  11. Stupid question: do twins talk about themselves in singular birth order? For example, I have a friend who is a twin. She and her twin refer to themselves as “the oldest” as they were born first among their siblings. They don’t assign first and second to each other. Then again they come from a family of six and not 19 where counting is so blessedly important (or the only thing that is important). As he and sinner twin were being born did Meech call out “ten and eleven” and then continue to remind the boys of which one was first ? Gawd Jedi is so smug edited to add: or are he and sinner twin collectively the tenth of 19 and j whatever is twelfth?
  12. I keep reading Jed! As Jedi (like Star Wars). And then I think of Jed being a young Jedi warrior and I laugh and laugh
  13. Season 1 was just meh to me but I thought season 2 was brilliant. Loved it.
  14. If anyone ventures into fan fiction with this scenario please tag me. I would love to read it. Maybe we can have Kendra’s steamy yearning journals just like we had Sam’s plotting escape diary
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