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S10.E19: Reunion (Part 3)

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Denise finally tells the women the truth about her friendship with Brandi; a defensive Garcelle is questioned for not supporting Erika's Broadway debut; Erika and the others voice their crushing concerns about Denise's marriage.

Airdate: 09/16/2020

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What does Teddi’s father being famous have to do with Teddi repeating what Brandi said about sex?  Is Denise implying that there is something nefarious and sexual going on with John Cougar Mellencamp?  Should we not talk about the father?

Hahaha at Andy even having to call Denise on the intra-sentence contradictions she was giving.  I can’t imagine how frustrating it would be to have this woman as a co-star.  Words don’t mean anything to her.  She just talks and takes no responsibility for what she says.  Talking to her is like banging your head against the wall.  As far as the final party, first Denise had a ”family emergency” then there was no “family emergency” and now she is saying she had a fever.  Change your story on a few more things, Denise.  

Why would Denise have any problem with Lisa sharing the text messages between Denise and Brandi if anything Denise is saying is true?  If the texts were real and there was nothing to hide, show them.  If the texts were fabricated, then have Lisa read them and make her look like an ass.  What’s the problem, unless there’s something to hide?  Rather than saying Lisa Rinna needs to “be careful” over and over again, why doesn’t Denise just get real and explain whether the texts can be read or not and why?  All she does is talk bullshit—like a cease and desist is a mechanism to get someone to tell the truth—and it’s so tiring.  

This is where I feel like the cover up is worse than the crime.  Obviously no “crime” was committed, but it’s an expression or an analogy that whatever Denise may or may not have said or done couldn’t be worse than the double talk that she’s doing at the reunion.  At the season six reunion, Lisa R brought her telephone records to prove than she and Lisa V had spoken on the phone, which is something Lisa V had denied during the season.  I love that shit.  Awhile back, Andy banned props at the reunions, but not “evidence.”  Bring everything.  Let’s see it allll.  

I think everyone on this show has had to face their share of shit and now it’s Denise’s turn.  She just keeps deflecting and defending and that’s why she doesn’t survive it.  As much as we make fun of “own it,” there is more than a bit of truth to it.  With the Munchausen’s thing, Kyle and Lisa Rinna thought Lisa VanderPump threw them both under the bus, and all they wanted her to do was admit it aka own it and they were willing to move on.  Kyle and Rinna were completely good with Lisa as soon as that season ended and season seven began.  So, while this may be an UO, I think if Denise took one scintilla of responsibility for her bullshit, they would let her back in. They want the show to go on more than anyone.  

I think a good example of “owning it” or copping to it or taking accountability or whatever you want to call it is when Andy asked Lisa what the difference was between Erika’s go-go dancing and her daughters posing half-naked on Instagram and she said there really wasn’t a difference.  Lisa is a snake in the grass, I don’t trust her as far as I can throw her, but she really does own her shit.  Sometimes she even makes the things she said and did worse than they are to create a storyline, like she did with Yolanda and the Munchausen’s for the sake of a storyline.  Yolanda had forgiven Lisa for saying Munchausen’s and Lisa just kept saying how horrible she felt about having “engaged in” talk of Munchausen’s.  So, while Rinna will throw anyone under the bus in the blink of an eye, she also will throw herself under the bus in order to keep the show moving and I have a grudging respect for that.  Game recognize game.  

Wow, Denise unapologetically admitted to attempting to get Bravo to remove Brandi from the show because she wasn’t a cast member?!?  Girl’s got balls, I’ll give her that.  

Garcelle spent the entire first half of the season flying around the country and it wasn’t a small plane that they used to get to New York.  She changed her story in a hot second.  I love how she said she was sticking to “[her] truth” right after doing a 180 from her lie about the small plane to having to take care of her kids.  I take it she has enrolled at the Denise Richards School of Truth.

Teddi calling Aaron an asshole in her talking head was perhaps the most I’ve ever liked Teddi.  

And there we have the footage of Denise standing right next to Aaron at Sutton’s party while he chastised the women, when she had said in Rome she wasn’t there.  And the hits just keep on coming.  

Aaron won’t be at the reunion because none of the other husbands were there?  Guffaw.  It’s never stopped him before.  And I don’t care if Aaron speaks to women, but it is rich that Denise is now using the man-woman barrier in her defense.  

So Denise’s point to Erika is that Aaron is allowed to come to Kyle’s barbecue, lecture everyone, and Erika is not allowed to ask him about it at Sutton’s event?  Apparently this is Denise and Aaron’s world (the world where cancer is your friend) and the rest of us are just passing through.  

And Aaron is allowed to get away with threatening to crush Denise’s hand because he supposedly doesn’t remember saying it??  But there’s footage, so whether he remembers is of no moment—he said it!!  Dorit and PK had to pay the piper when they said Lisa Rinna and Eileen should have disclosed their parents’ deaths to the rest of the women and then didn’t remember it and they both showed up to the reunion and had to answer for it.  What a pussy to drunkenly yell at women at a barbecue, but when they are prepared to face him, he can’t even be bothered to wander into his own living room in order to answer a few questions.  That’s a real catch Denise has gotten for herself.  

This installation of the reunion was actually kind of fun until Dorit gave a full view of her gross hair and then I threw up in my mouth.  

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21 minutes ago, Choco9 said:

Literally if you come out of this three part reunion not FIRMLY team Denise and Garcelle, I will never understand you.  

Shrug. I am not Team Denise - I think she's too fragile and controlling for the show. There are parts of Garcelle I like but I am not really team anyone here. Rinna's behavior is confounding to me. 

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9 minutes ago, 65mickey said:

Rinna just said it twice. She said to Denise Why don't you leave this show and stay on the B&B? She just said if she had to do it over again  she would not have had Brandi come on the show There it is. The entire season has been engineered to get rid of Denise. And they succeeded. 

Oops typo, Rinna said that she would not have had denise come on the show.

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28 minutes ago, RealHousewife said:

I'm really disappointed in Andy Cohen. I understand he's got a job to do and these women sign up to deal with SOME crap, but Denise does not deserve this. How do these people sleep at night?

Exactly.  It was so pathetic when he closed the show and said something like "We've done a lot of damage to a lot of women's lives over the years, and yet they've been able to remain friends.  Isn't that nice?"

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Aaaand done! What a bad season. I don’t blame Denise for saying peace out and not coming back. Garcelle is too good for this show, she doesn’t fit in with the harpies anyway, she’s not friends with them, she has her own group of friends that we saw in the beginning episode. 
also did not think Sutton was interesting. I just didn’t warm up to her. 
Can’t stand Rinna but unfortunately she has nothing else but this show, she’s not going anywhere. And greasy Andy likes her.

The rest of them aren’t going anywhere either, I think we’re stuck with them.  

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Clearly the show isn’t important to Denise if she’s texting while they show the package of her and Lisa’s failed friendship.  I guarantee she was texting Aaron “what the fuck do I say to this?”  Why did Denise even show up?  Was it to show us that she didn’t care?  Because I’m pretty sure she made that apparent long before the reunion.  I think what Denise has proven by appearing at this reunion is that she can’t hang.  Grabbing the script and her lucite heels was such a desperate gambit to show us she has other things going on in her life.  As if every single viewer didn’t know she works on a soap opera.  

Kyle is kind of a beast, but it was a sorely needed reality check when she chimed in that the reason that no one pulls each other aside is because they’re on a TV show.  

Nice try in trying to expose Lisa for not liking Brandi, Denise.  Epic fail.  You know why?  Because Lisa owned that she didn’t like Brandi.  Easy as pie!  Denise is so afraid of anything coming out about her, and it makes her a shitty opponent.  Why can’t Lisa talk about Heather Locklear and the fact that Heather and Denise were friendly when Denise started banging Richie Sambora if Denise did nothing wrong in that situation?  

My heart weeps for Dorit and her poor feelings about the Lisa-Denise fallout.  

Garcelle knows how to keep her options open.  Instead of constantly making the show look bad, her parting words to Andy were that the show was not scripted, which he loves for them to say.  That’s what it looks like not to burn a bridge and show your ass, Denise.  

This was by far the best reunion installment of the season.  I think the show would have been better if they’d completely scrapped parts one and two and just given us this.  

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