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S12.E19: 21st Century Sonja

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On the ladies' last night in Cancun, Ramona addresses Dorinda's anger issues in a group text; in New York City, Leah works to improve her relationship with her mother; Ramona sees a therapist; Luann preps for a cabaret workshop; Sonja hosts a party.

Airs August 20, 2020.

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Why am I so surprised Ramona did that? I would be beyond pissed if I were one of the other women.

What in the hell is Dorinda wearing? It looks like grandma threw in some sparkles when she crocheted the afghan that hangs on the back of the couch.

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3 minutes ago, jaybird2 said:

i can't get bravo on streaming so i'm depending on y'all to keep me informed

It’s not just you, but I have one tv connected to cable so that’s the only reason I can watch. It was the only channel not streaming too. 

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1 minute ago, Mindthinkr said:

It’s not just you, but I have one tv connected to cable so that’s the only reason I can watch. It was the only channel not streaming too. 

maddening ...it;s the only channel can't get..it's stuck on an add.

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1 minute ago, nexxie said:

In the moment, when Dorinda is acting out, they need to say no fucking way - and, like any bully, she’ll slink off somewhere. And they should never apologize for drawing a line.

They should recreate that scene from 12 Angry Men when the one juror starts ranting and everyone else just turns away and refuses to give him their attention.  Let her deflate as she realizes that by being so hateful she's made herself irrelevant to the people around her.

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The only person complaining about the wine was Ramona. Wine snob is now being added to my list of things she is a snob about. 
Friend snob. Label snob. Food snob. One of those I can do no wrong snobs who oops craps on the floor. Literally. 

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I actually lol’ed when Ramona sent the anger article as a group text.  That wasn’t passive aggressive; it was actually a really functional way to discuss a sensitive topic without singling anyone out.  Interesting that Dorinda would think it was directed at her though.  If the shoe fits...

”It’s ok, you can have my life”?  What a strange thing to say.  What exactly would have been Dorinda’s response if Ramona were to take Dorinda up on that offer?  Epic fail in trying to get a rise out of her too.

Luann trying to sit down with Dorinda and discuss her attack in the mildest, least aggressive manner humanly possible is Exhibit Q as to why confronting Dorinda directly is an exercise in futility.  

Dorinda gets a word in her head and uses it on a loop.  Schadenfreude.  Deflect.  Minutiae.  Ay, dios mios, we got it the first time!!

I hate myself, but I love Leah’s new pink satin jacket with black buttons in her talking heads.  Very eighties chic.  

Ramona was being a pain in the ass about that wine, Luann was on a high horse about the text message, Dorinda is Dorinda, Sonja is shitty background noise and Leah actually made me laugh when she said, “what did you do?  And why wasn’t I on the group text message?!?”  Is Leah my favorite character this episode?  


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2 minutes ago, Keywestclubkid said:

Dorinda gaslights you until you give up ... I will say this again she is just like an abusive spouse ... and these woman are so scared of her they are backing down ... that’s fucked up 

She really is like a drunk, abusive spouse. I know from personal experience. That was luckily a long time ago and my wonderful hubby and I celebrated our 25th Wedding Anniversary a couple of weeks ago. We had a big party, we went hiking in a State Park (damn COVID)

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30 minutes ago, Keywestclubkid said:

Why can these woman not control their bowels??? 

I can say that vacation eating is not the same as eating on your home turf, eating too much or food you do not normally eat can throw your digestive system in to a mess...also drinking more than you eat is probably not good.  I have Crohn's and it is hard to pinpoint what upsets the apple cart with me, it can be a few days before I am back to normal so I cannot hate any of those women for having intestinal distress...the crazy anger issues I cannot understand but the stomach issues, yes.


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Dorinda's crocheted bedazzled granny square pants were terrible, they looked like really heavy to wear and not very Mexico al fresco dining.  

There was a Century 21 store in Philadelphia, I would leave empty handed every visit. 

Ramona has a drink holder?


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Oh man, I will never live down how grating Luann’s cabaret coach/manager person’s speaking voice is.  When he said he couldn’t be there because he was having a winter wonderland party on Fire Island, I wept for all of the people who would be subjected to that voice between Manhattan and Fire Island.  What annoys me perhaps the most is that this is under his control and he chooses it.  He doesn’t have a speech impediment.  It’s just a giggly, gravelly mumble that could be improved with one diction lesson.  

Maybe Sonja skipped the rehearsal because she wanted to avoid that voice. 

Did Leah threaten to walk if they didn’t mention her stupid clothing line or something?  We heard about it once at the beginning of the season, and it was discussed last episode and ad nauseam this episode.  I find it less interesting than Skinny Girl, which is only slightly less boring than watching paint dry.  

I don’t know why it took me so long to realize this—Dorinda and Leah are the same person in different forms—they both feel personally wronged if their every action is not met with unconditional acceptance. 

Why do these women get so psycho whenever they get a microphone in their hands?  I’ve said before that I think all five of these women are suffering from mental illness to one extent or the other—the insufferable Carole was the last cast member who seemed sane—but the microphone makes it worse by a factor of five.  

They all, except Luann, whose necklace didn’t work for me, looked pretty horrific at Sonja’s party.  Dorinda was nothing to write home about.  Sonja looked lumpier than usual, which is tough, Ramona was wearing lingerie that she shouldn’t even wear in the privacy of her own home it is so unflattering, and Leah was just a fashion no with the cut out shoulders that were the same color as her skin and the boots that came up higher than the hem of the dress.  Very frumpy all around.  A very disappointing fashion turn-out.  And their personalities ain’t making up for it.  

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Jeebus. That was QUITE the counseling session wasn't it??  Why did Moaner even think she needed to go to say all that self important shit to that guy???  Looking for a date perhaps?

And SERIOUSLY.... Ramona can be the new face of Depends!  The hell with Lisa Rinna!  Moaner can do it!  All she has to say is: "I've crapped all over the world before I discovered DEPENDS!  You TOO can crap everywhere honey; and NOTHING can escape this fabulous DEPENDS!"


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