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S12.E19: 21st Century Sonja

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14 hours ago, bravofan27 said:

Leah's clothes are inexpensive, because who is going to pay a lot of money for a shirt that says they are controlled by dick or a huge bitch. I think it's niche. Maybe like bachelorette party or something. In any case, most people are wearing those slogans casually-- it's sort of a joke or for fun. For a certain occasion it might work. It's kind of like a cross between Claire's and Spencers.


I am willing to spend money for clothing but I don't consider $60 to be inexpensive for a generic sweat shirt nor do I consider $29.95 to be inexpensive for a fugly t-shirt. I have no idea who would want to spend that for clothing that has MTTM on the front and the sayings or whatever lack any kind of wit or social relevance or otherwise contain a message that would seem to be something most women would want to "claim" as their philosophy.

I really don't understand how one could make a living from a company selling these items - maybe an ETSY shop to bring in a few dollars for whatever limited market there is. But Leah has a relatively affluent lifestyle considering she lives in Manhattan with a fairly decent apartment and presents herself as self supporting - e.g. she doesn't claim to have received large amounts from the father of her child nor does she claim to have inherited money or be supported by her parents. Most of the women are pretty upfront about either having settlements from the exes or being born into wealth like Tinsley. Since Leah has her dysfunctional relationship with her parents as part of her story it would really be *fraudulent* if they were supporting her in some way because certainly that would be a major part of the parent/child dynamics if true.

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On 8/21/2020 at 11:01 AM, RedDelicious said:

And the funny thing is, from that I noticed again that Sonja actually has really nice feet.  And I don't mean that in a creeper way.  Going back to that women of a certain age thing, some women can't help developing bunions and hammertoes as they get older and Sonja doesn't have any of that.  Her feet look young. 

Wait, did I miss a scene?? Ramona did it again?!?! 

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6 minutes ago, RedDelicious said:

She did, she 💩 in her bathrobe before dinner and a little went on the floor. I really wish they hadn’t shown that 🤢

I just went back and watched it smh. We couldn’t room together and she would have gotten that up. 

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On 8/22/2020 at 7:25 PM, ChitChat said:

Ditto on not knowing about her or MTTM.  Looking at her clothing line, I guess anything sells these days!   Well, except for Sonja's toaster oven.  Speaking of Sonja, why does she continue to act like she personally designed "her" clothing line?  It's all so ridiculous.

Geauxaway, here's hoping you and your family stay safe with the oncoming hurricanes.  We're getting ready to batten down the hatches over here.  This year would not be complete without a hurricane heading up the Gulf with another one right behind it.  Oy!  

I’m just now watching this episode and reading the forum.  Thank you for your kind thoughts!  I’m based in the Midwest currently, but my people down in LA made it through safely (thank you, Jesus).  Said she was a big and scary (and loud) one, but no damage and didn’t lose power or anything.  Ay yi yi!  Y’all make it through OK?

As for the episode, I cannot with Leah.  But that’s nothing new.  At this point, I can’t even stand to listen to her talk.  She claims she is a smart cookie, but she sounds so dumb.  I need to know how this online only T-shirt company affords her a NYC apartment and lifestyle.  

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On 8/29/2020 at 9:59 AM, geauxaway said:

As for the episode, I cannot with Leah.  But that’s nothing new.  At this point, I can’t even stand to listen to her talk.  She claims she is a smart cookie, but she sounds so dumb.  I need to know how this online only T-shirt company affords her a NYC apartment and lifestyle.  

I'm catching up on this season after being away for a long time. This is the central mystery of new girl Leah to me. I feel like someone has to be supporting her. She may make a few $$$ with the lame clothing, but not enough to support a Manhattan lifestyle. Her ex doesn't look like someone who comes from money, but I could be wrong. Could be funded by her parents, but again, not sure. What a family of odd ducks - I couldn't get over the rice-cakes and broccoli combo. And whoever said upthread that Leah's Mom looked like the witch from Hansel & Gretel if the witch was an old hippie was pure genius!

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On 8/21/2020 at 1:05 PM, Pop Tart said:

Ramona's blasé attitude towards poop on the floor was bad enough when it was her dog, but her own? The height of classless, selfish privilege. Of course she doesn't have to care. 

Maybe she thinks her poop doesn't stink because of her "sensual body."

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