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S12.E18: Hitting All the Wrong Cenotes

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In Mexico, the ladies tread carefully at breakfast when Dorinda snaps at Sonja and Leah; Luann and Leah pick up two men while strolling on the beach and bring them back to the villa; the ladies enjoy a fancy dinner with their new male friends.

Airs August 13, 2020.

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Well, that went downhill fast. They took over the restaurant and made it about them. There were kids there! These ladies are just trash....

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This post was about the last episode, sorry.
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Lol at Dorinda teaching aerobics!  She’s got some moves like Jagger too.  She’s so fun when she’s sober.  The guys were good sports too.  It’s nice to see male staff members not to be glad-handled by cougars every once in a blue moon.  

I kept waiting for Luann to make eggs a la francaise.  

I thought I couldn’t care less about Sonja’s fashion line.  Then Leah started talking about hers.  

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So I'm about 15-20 years younger than Luann, and I seriously envy her physique game. I definitely need to look up her fitness regimen. I couldn't understand all the crosstalk at the Sonja Pretends She's a Fashion Entrepreneur Like Leah scene. What happened?

Nevermind, Dorinda is having an Etiquette Rage Moment. I wish Heather was there to talk Leah through it.

real housewives GIF by Slice

[Gif of Dorinda scolding "Be present! Enjoy us."]

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Just now, eleanorofaquitaine said:

OMG, STFU Dorinda! Leah was the one who was actually sitting this first, doing her work.  And it's so frustrating to see them all coddle the big bully Dorinda. 

I was just going to post exactly this, Leah was there first. Dorinda goes from zero to ratchet bitch in 0.9 seconds.

These two guys were definitely plants, so scripted. 

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2 minutes ago, Keywestclubkid said:

How was she right? Leah and Sonja were working they decided to come over ... 

Right?!? They were the ones sitting there first! They were just trying to get a little bit of work done but no doubt that makes Dorinda, who has nothing else going on in her life, feel bad, so she needed to make them feel bad. 

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Just now, Kiss my mutt said:

Luann is beautiful and that body is tdf but her voice throws me off every time. It seems to get deeper and more gravely every season. 

Thanks, Virginia Slims.

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They were being so decent at the restaurant, to each other and the staff.  They say if you give monkeys typewriters to bang on, eventually one of them will write a coherent sentence.  I’m surprised this happened first.  

Does anyone miss Elyse?  Anyone?  Bueller?  She has her truth canon moments, but mostly I find her to be a downer and the fun police.  

Leah, in true Tinsley fashion, making out with an age appropriate man in a restaurant in Cancun—ding, ding, ding, it only took 18 episodes, but Leah is finally doing something only borderline naughty and inappropriate.  This is what having fun and not causing an uproar looks like for future reference, Leah!  Congratulations.  

Leah also had the foresight to kick the guy out, unlike Luann and Ramona in Turks & Caicos.  And she didn’t sleep with him.  Alright, what the hell is going on? I think I’m being punked.  

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10 minutes ago, Keywestclubkid said:

You peed the bed and yet don’t see a problem with that? 

I know!  She's got at least 30 years to before THAT starts happening!*


*You may not find that funny because you're not a 60+ woman.  But trust me! 🤫😉

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1 minute ago, JD5166 said:

Lol Morales? 

I would probably not go down that hole, I’ve seen The Descent. 

The cave creatures from The Descent would probably be a nice change of pace from Dorinda on any given day.

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