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S12.E09: Hurricane Leah

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The ladies head to Newport, R.I., for a much needed weekend getaway; Leah invites her sister Sarah to join the trip, which Ramona is not happy about; the drama continues between Tinsley and Dorinda, and Leah loses her cool at the evening clambake.

Airs May 28, 2020.

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I don't get why Tinsley takes her pillow with her.  Does she take sheets with her too? (that actually makes more sense to me)

How drunk is Dorinda?


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Leah: my sister is just like me. Quick, hide the booze and tiki torches.

Those drinks look good. Lu took one, it has vodka in it. 
When I used to go on girl trips a lot of the girls brought their own pillows so it’s not strange to me. 

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1 minute ago, Keywestclubkid said:

I run a guest house here in key west and I can say a shit ton of people travel with their own pillows 

I've never heard of traveling with your own pillow.  Pillow cases, (especially satin) yes.

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5 minutes ago, LibertarianSlut said:

“You know, my late husband and I used to come here.”

What she actually said.  Which is in keeping with what Shawnalanne says below.  


17 minutes ago, ShawnaLanne said:

Dorinda is a professional widow


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I think Leah has a drinking problem.  I don't know if she's an alcoholic though.

Tinsley is an idiot, "She's not an alcoholic, she just asked for two more shots in her drink."  Cause she wants to get sloppy drunk until she blacks out. 


Leah is a younger and sloppier Sonja.

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1 minute ago, Rhetorica said:

Who is the brunette that shows up at events?

Elyse. She's a friend of Ramona's (or possibly an ex-friend, given some of the comments Ramona has made about her recently).

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18 minutes ago, mjstrick said:

Also,  when she says she has allergies, that may include down.  I've had a near asthma attack in a hotel from down pillows before.

I believe that is what Tinsley said when she moved into Sonja’s townhouse.

If I have to hear Dorinda say she wants Tinsley to be her best For a third time I’m gi ping to scream.

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15 minutes ago, Chicklet said:

Leah is already drunk, this is getting boring.

Yes, I'm already tired of her.

11 minutes ago, Steph J said:

Um, Dorinda, Ramona cares about how much Leah drinks because the last time Leah got blasted Ramona's pool and its accessories got trashed.

Plus, you know that when Leah goes nuclear Sonja's gonna get FOMO and follow her.

I think Leah is getting drunk just to make a show for the camera. She's thirsty for a contract next season. Sonja joins in to bring the drama as well.


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16 minutes ago, Neurochick said:


Luann sounds like a person who has spent decades on a bar stool, drinking whiskey and smoking cigarettes.

I think that’s probably a pretty accurate description of Lu actually. 

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