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S12.E09: Hurricane Leah

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1 minute ago, Keywestclubkid said:

Why do I feel traumatized from watching this? Jesus fucking Christ. She threw and temper tantrum and got her way what is she 5? What was that?

No no, she's in control. Yea I didn't think so either.

And I get the feeling that someone watched Scary Island and knew a way to draw attention.

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No men again .. just them taking another close trip to drink and cause trouble.  Kiss ass Ramona kissing Dorinda every minute, and what’s with Tinsley talking to Dorinda again after what happened last week.  Leah drinking to oblivion and acting stupid.  Is this going to be her the whole season?  Can they all go away for once without drinking?  I think they all need AA and therapy.   Embarrassing to watch.  I’m disappointed in Tinsley giving in to Dorinda.  I’m disappointed in Leahs craziness.  Sonja just keeps drinking and eating anything that isn’t nailed down.  Guess she figures she’ll never get a man, so eats.  So is Dorinda off the hot seat?  Damn.

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Okay - I haven't gotten through all of the posts yet, but that place is absolutely frickin' gorgeous!!!  

I looked up the rooms they are staying in, and for mid-October (off season for Newport), the rates start at around $950.00/per night!!  

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1 minute ago, jaybird2 said:

i sorta liked leah until tonight

Me too. And I had liked her better than the newbie, Sutton, on Bev Hills. And I’m amazed Leah is not majorly hung over.  

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Well I'm going to judge Leah, she's a fucking drunk and she needs to go to AA/rehab, because if you drink THAT much and can't remember what you did the night before and that shit happens more than once, there just MIGHT be a problem. 

How would Leah feel if her daughter got blackout drunk as a teenager?  Maybe she'd go out drinking with her.  And Leah plenty of 12 year olds drink and take drugs, so STFU.

But what you need to do with people like Leah and Dorinda is just let them hit their bottoms.

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I would love to go to Newport in the fall. These women don't appreciate anything but getting  their next drink. Uh oh Dorinda is getting eady to go after Elyse. Batten down the hatches. 

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Just now, Chicklet said:

Does Leah honestly believe her daughter won't see this and that kids her age don't drink and take drugs? She's forgotten a whole lot of her life then.

Yeah, she says her daughter is only 12, but didn't she say that she started getting into substances at the age of 13-ish? I mean, I am sure her daughter is much more stable than Leah herself is, but I don't think that Elyse is wrong in pointing out what a bad example Leah is for her daughter right now. 

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Leah is such a fucking try-hard.  I don't buy the claim that the wild and crazy drunken asshole is the person she wants to be all the time.  She and her sister talked about how Leah interacts with her mom - bad behaviour for attention.  And Leah then said something like:  She's grown so much but still reverts to that childish behaviour with her mom.  Except that is just how Leah behaves.  She's not reverting to anything - that's just who she is!  And it's totally not entertaining to watch.  Not a surprise that Dorinda supports Leah's behaviour because she's unbearable to watch most of the time too.

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2 minutes ago, Neurochick said:

Well I'm going to judge Leah, she's a fucking drunk and she needs to go to AA/rehab, because if you drink THAT much and can't remember what you did the night before and that shit happens more than once, there just MIGHT be a problem. 

She is passive aggressive she had extended an invite to her sister before asking Ramona if it was okay and when she got push back she was pissed and could not accept the, "no," then proceeded to go around the bend till she got Ramona to say yes because that was the only thing that would make her stop acting out.  

The manipulation is a classic alcoholic move and it comes all too easy to Leah.

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Did Dorinda just say there are 51 states? DC thanks her for her support.

And you don't want to embarrass yourself in Newport because Rhode Island is small and Rhode Islanders remember everything.

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Poor Dorinda wasn’t getting enough attention or she’s feeling threatened that she’s losing her drunken belligerent position on the show, so, now she’s jumping in where she doesn’t belong.

 I’m sure these women are well paid, but, I don’t think you could pay me enough to put up with Leah.

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3 minutes ago, eleanorofaquitaine said:

There are only 50 states, Dorinda. 

I thought I heard her say 51 states but then I was like no I must be mistaken she didn't really say that. 

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Oh, for God's sake, Lu and Dorinda are gaslighting Ramona. Somehow Ramona is in the wrong because Leah acted like a person with no home training and also thought she could manipulate the woman into inviting her sister. 

I hope both women watch this and feel ashamed, though it's doubtful that Dorinda ever feels any shame about any horrible thing she does. 

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As long as Leah feels good about her behavior last night and finds it “therapeutic,” it must have all been worth it.  I hope she’s one and done.  

Remember when Aviva said to Ramona, “you look a little bit more sober next to Sonja”?  Dorinda, you found someone in Leah who makes you look a little more sober somehow and you’re going to cling to it for dear life. 

Elyse’s impression of Dorinda was everything. 

Why is Luann so afraid to confront Leah and say what she was saying when Leah was blacked out?  Chicken.  

Wow, Leah is completely trashy and embarrassing sober too.  A woman for all seasons.  Did Dorinda hear her say “fuck” repeatedly in that store?  Dorinda, remember in season seven when you chastised Heather at length for saying “fuck” at a restaurant in Turks & Caicos and you said (and Luann co-signed) that Heather shouldn’t say “fuck,” especially when traveling, and what message is Heather sending to her daughter?  Now, crickets from both Dorinda and Luann, except for Dorinda to chastise the other women about “inclusivity”?  And Luann is redirecting the fuel from Leah’s drunken behavior to Ramona, all the while yelling “bullshit” on a yacht while “traveling” which is what she got on Heather for?!?!  Hypocrites!!

Ever since last week when Ramona said Sonja has wrinkly cleavage in the Turkish bath locker room, that’s all I can see in her talking heads.  

I can’t believe Leah is blaming her drunken behavior on everything but the fact that she drank way too much and they’re all kissing her ass and buying it.  Does Leah have photos of them all blowing muppets or something?  

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