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  1. Gee, I can't imagine why Leah's mom would be upset she has started drinking again. Yikes.
  2. Also, when she says she has allergies, that may include down. I've had a near asthma attack in a hotel from down pillows before.
  3. That Lydia creeps me the hell out. I mean, I know she is the "good" one and whatever. But she is CREEPY. And if I were Moriah or Micah, I'd be yelling BS at the top of my lungs at a 15 year old having control over what I do or don't do. Hell no.
  4. I assume you're talking about Hannah? She bugs. But ally has bugged me more. When the judges have given their comments All season. She won't shut the hell up. Tonight was the FIRST night she did.
  5. I'm pissed. I hate ally. I've said it for weeks.
  6. I do think Micah is adorable. Dumb, but a cutie. That's all I got. Haha!
  7. Ethan is so....monochromatic. LOL. Everything is the same color.
  8. TBH. I never realized how damn homely Jenna is. Mean I know. But truth.
  9. I guess I'm in the minority, but Ally bugs the ever living CRAP out of me. She just seems so desperate and thirsty. Like she won't stop talking when the judges are trying to critique her. I would've been totally happy to see her go instead.
  10. mjstrick

    S14.E09: Field Ready

    I'm in Alabama, and both of my kids were involved in HS sports and now my youngest is a college baseball player. I cannot tell you how much "required" team church they have been to. I think it's pretty ridiculous, but it's the same thing as with this situation. They go and keep their traps shut. My daughter never minded but my son does.
  11. For real! I'm super grateful that I'm FINALLY at the age where my youngest just left for college and I don't have to go to the doctor or ER or Urgent Care with him or his (now grown) sister. Haha!
  12. I agree that Kelly is being an ass, but I won't lie, my 52 year old ass cracked up at the Donger need food jokes. She also should know by now to not give shannon something else to be completely neurotic and crazy about. Leaking spinal fluid indeed.
  13. I agree with this as well. But whoever stated above that these women should know better than to share certain things is absolutely right. As a mom myself, I wouldn't do drugs or the other stuff either. But slut shaming infuriates me.
  14. +10000000000 to everything you've said. It's absolutely none of their business. And for them to do this shows such complete disregard for a 12/13 year old girl and her feelings. You'd think of all people, Tamara, Vicky, and Shannon would be most sensitive to that. But nope. Hypocrites.
  15. One of my girlfriends and I go bananas about the short dress thing every year here around Homecoming time. Rule of thumb ladies...if there is potential to see you tampon string, just say no. My son just left for college and it was unreal to me how short some of these girls wear their dresses. My daughter would never have done that herself, never mind me ever allowing it.
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