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S14.E09: Miracle At Miravel

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Vicki unleashes another rumor about Kelly; everyone goes beekeeping; Shannon flirts with the beekeeper; Emily and Gina hash out their issues; the ladies have fun in a hot tub; Braunwyn reveals she celebrates Sean’s birthday.

Airs 10/01/19 at 9:00 PM Eastern

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17 hours ago, Bronzedog said:

Everyone goes beekeeping?  Geez.  

Yes. This is so we can, once again, hear these middle aged women scream and behave like adolescent girls. 

If I was the owner of a business and Bravo wanted to bring these ungrateful losers to film there, I would say absolutely NOT.

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3 minutes ago, pieinmyeye said:

Vicki, you are truly a piece of shit.

And such an idiot!  Emily shouldn’t go repeating things - wait what?!?!  I’m glad Tamra called her on it at least. 

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11 minutes ago, Straycat80 said:

Kelly has anger problems. Of course that big glass of wine she poured for herself to drink probably didn’t help. And shut it Tamra, you’re a big shit stirrer like Vicki. 

Tamra is very slick - she defended Emily NOT because she likes her.

I think they've decided to X out Kelly first and it will be easier to do so by luring Emily into their group.

The bait is being set by her Mini Me, Gina who couldn't even express a modicum of empathy for Emily at their chat.

Once Kelly is X'd out then the group will try to get rid of Emily.

I hope Emily and Kelly see this and cut them off at the pass.

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Why do these bitches SCREAM every time they say something? Just tasting a drink Kelly screams about how delicious it tastes. I turn the volume down and CC on my T.V. for this shitshow.

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3 minutes ago, Straycat80 said:

Just when these women start having some fun Tamra has start shit with Kelly. And there’s alcohol. And huge knifes. Emily is right , this is not a good idea. 

Maybe next season Bravo can send these Ho's to the annual Gun Show at the Anaheim Convention Center.

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1 minute ago, TexasGal said:

The poor chef.  First a lactating breast.  Then the sobbing harpies.  

The ones I feel sorry for are the camera/sound crew.

I can forgive Braunwyn for her showing her lactating breast - this is the first time for her

What I can't forgive is Tamra and her fake boobs multiple appearances.

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Brown Wind has threesomes? I’m thinking she’s the first househo who lactated on camera, has a huge tattoo and admitted to a threesome. Maybe she thinks she will keep her orange by not being boring. 

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It was nota good idea to have Vikie on the trip spreading rumors again.  Stupid move.

Why does Shannon have to scream every sentence she says.  It’s really annoying, and everyone is not having a good time like she thinks.  In fact, they are trying too hard and are acting worse than teenagers.

Emily is really hurting because she knows her marriage is over.  Gina doesn’t give a shit about her .. she’s too involved with herself.  Gina is not a true friend.

I just can’t take rat face Tamra.  All of a sudden, she is the voice of reason?  She talks out of both sides of her face.  When someone is fighting, Tamra is salivating. She loves it, as long as it’s not about her.  What does Eddie see in her?  I hate when she uses the term boning.  I’ve never even heard that word until now, and it’s disgusting.  She is disgusting.  Eddie is too nice for her.  She’s an old used up filthy mouth woman.

i was sorry to see Kelly cave in to Vikie.  I know it’s. Supposed to befor healing, but Vickie does not deserve to be forgiven as she would say bad things as soon as she gets out of that door.  Kelly had to make up with her to secure her Apple for next season.

I didn’t see who jumped into the pool naked, but it was disgusting, IMO anyhow.

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24 minutes ago, BodhiGurl said:

OMG Gina, they’re just boobs... at least the vajay is covered. And PS. Tams bewbs look horrible 

Tams boobs look like two balls of cement.  Rock hard to the touch.  GROSS.

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32 minutes ago, BodhiGurl said:

Tamra is not happy they’re making it nice... of course the niceness isn’t going to last...

Shannon didn't look too happy either.

On 9/30/2019 at 12:13 PM, Bronzedog said:

Everyone goes beekeeping?  Geez.

Poor bees.  Even they don't want to listen to those screaming banshees. 

And for the love of all that's holy ladies, no more topless/naked dips into the hot tub and pool.  I'm with Gina.  Put a bathing suit on.  

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