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S11.E19: Reunion Part 2

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The women confront Ramona over her lies and insults; Dorinda, Bethenny, and Sonja challenge Tinsley to tell the truth about her relationship; Luann is in the hot seat as Andy and the ladies discuss her sobriety slip and probation violation.

Airs July 18, 2019.

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Ramona is a crazy person. But I still like her better than Dorinda. 

Oh please, Dorinda, you will NEVER move on from anything. 

ETA: Also, Ramona is entertaining. I would never want to be friends with her but she is entertaining to watch. 

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OMG do the edit monkeys ever hate Ramona.  First it was the montage of all her lies this year and THEN the retrospective of all her ‘try harder’ reunion moments from the jump.  They really hate Ramona.

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Did Andy seriously just say "Stop mouthing off"???

Andy.  There's no fucking show if these women aren't "mouthing off."  What would you even talk about at the reunion if they weren't addressing/retaliating against the objectionable things they all say about each other?

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So in part one Dorinda and Lu hugged it out and let’s move on blah, blah, blah and here’s Dorinda bringing up the Berkshires and the fish room again. She’s probably drinking during breaks. 

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If the third word in your apology is "if" you aren't doing it right, Dorinda.  There's no "if" once the other person has declared themselves injured by your words/actions.

"I'm sorry that..."  Take some damn ownership of it.

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Bethenny speaking while Tinsley was speaking. Because a dead dog is somehow more humorous than a dead human. So disrespectful. 

In the words of Ramona...”I can’t. I can’t, I CAN’T!”

And judging by the faces both of them make there seems to be a mutual disdain there. 

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2 minutes ago, Thumper said:

I'm not watching, only reading here, but isn't Beth the one who posted a video of herself crying hysterically over her own dog who was either sick or dying???  And now she's making fun of Tins???!!! 


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