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  1. Nick Cordero, Broadway actor, just had to have his leg amputated due to complications from COVID-19. And he’s lucky to be alive...he had to be resuscitated. So yeah Bill...this whole virus thing is nothing to see here. Cordero is young and was healthy BTW when he got hit with COVID-19.
  2. Exactly...she needs to toss him and that asshat Dr. Oz too.
  3. Me too...I'm out. I've been watching him since day one. Usually as something to watch while folding laundry or doing other household chore. But after his irresponsible and reckless comments on Fox News, I can't watch him any longer. Especially after he has spent the last few weeks doing shows dealing with COVID-19 and the problems and issues it is presenting for people. WTF??? Comparing accidental deaths with a highly contagious infection and saying the shutdowns aren't necessary? Someone offered him $$$ to say this...and we all know he'll do anything for $$$. As it is, I was getting bored and
  4. It's easy to say people are panicking too much about COVID-19 when you live in a Beverly Hills bubble with privilege and luxury and have no loved ones (actually, he has no loved ones) that are elderly, have compromised immune systems or haven't experienced this illness personally or have a family member or friend that has had it. Tell the doctors, nurses and healthcare workers on the front lines in NYC and elsewhere that they should just smoke a doobie and chill. Bill is so out of touch and tone deaf it's pathetic. And yeah...his monologues in the last year are bordering on Borscht Belt humor
  5. Bill seems to be placating the right by not pushing back on their bullshit. He seems to be leaning more to the right every day...I guess it's true that the older you get the more conservative you become because Bill certainly fits that description. And he is an old dude now...soon the moniker he started will apply to him..."Whiny little bitch".
  6. Sadly, I remember when they showcased Joni Mitchell's L.A. home back in the early 80's I believe...now they're showcasing faux celebrities like Dorinda.
  7. So true...I prefer Montauk. The Hamptons are for showy celebs and the nouveau riche. I like LuAnn’s cozy home...it has that beachy charm, a nice backyard with a great view and it feels like a retreat. Ramona’s house looks like a cookie cutter new build that has no soul. I follow Tinsley on Instagram...she is in Chicago now and seems very happy.
  8. Keep in mind this was shot many months ago after Tinsley and Scott had broken up. They remained on friendly terms and she started dating other men...one of which was a twice divorced guy with kids. Since all of this was shot she and Scott got back together and are now engaged.
  9. It's sad and concerning to see a woman of her age drinking to the point of totally being out of control and embarrassing. Sadly, she will probably deny that she has an alcohol problem until she does something that hurts her physically or legally.
  10. I so agree! Everyone looked so fake and all the hullabaloo over that home...Ramona was so impressed by the dollar value of it and almost swooning over it...to me it looked vacant and lacked any warmth whatsoever. It had all the charm of a Chuckie Cheese with a basement full of games, skateboard stuff, bowling alley, etc. etc...and the guests looked like Hamptons D bags...especially that younger guy at the table with the polo shirt on who was goofing on Sonja. Her boobs look fake and are too big for her body and height. That flimsy dress she wore looked like a negligee.
  11. Less would be OK for her...she's a classic beauty. And Sonja needs to apologize to her for her calling her a trophy wife. Her ex husband was her high school sweetheart and they were together in a LOVE relationship. Sonja is so jealous of Tinsley it's disgusting how she she constantly tries to take her down by calling her out in a the most cruel and nasty ways..."Trophy wife", insinuating that she is prostituting herself to Scott for dresses, bags and shoes, ridiculing her for not "showing her appreciation" for letting her stay at her townhouse and then criticizing Tinsley for the generous gif
  12. Me too! I actually find her refreshing and authentic. I love her youthful take on these women and their UES (Upper East Side) lifestyles and superficial personalities.
  13. You're overthinking my comment...my kids are all over thirty and when they say this they are teasing me and my husband but also, they give me pause to think that maybe I'm being "old" in my references or comments. And sometimes I do make statements that sound old farty...older women can talk about anything they want to...I never said they can't. But their comments about Leah's tatoos were judgmental. Anyone who has an adult child knows that tattooing is seen as art or remembrance...it's not a sailor or convict thing anymore. When these women made those comments they showed their lack of knowle
  14. Jeremy has no interest in being micro managed by dictator Matt...he and Audrey actually want to move back to Bend. Also, Jeremy seems to be allergic to hard work. And yeah...Jackson was sitting in a carseat without being strapped in. Unbelievable but the Roloffs have always operated like this...just look at all the dangerous play equipment that Matt put up on that farm that was so unsafe and dangerous. As a mom, I would never have allowed my kids to play on that crap. So putting Jackson untethered in a car seat didn't surprise me...just made me mad. Jealousy??? Let's remember that Matt
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