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  1. That makes one of us...this episode was desperate... the “ladies” and I use the word “ladies” loosely, were pathetic middle aged and beyond disgraces to their families and I, for one, didn’t think they were funny...just sad.
  2. YES! I don't think I have ever been more grossed out...this show is totally off the rails ("train" pun unintended). The dildos on the train and what they did with them in front of other passengers was really disgusting...but to top it off with the second restaurant faux lesbian action and other drunken antics was cringeworthy. Why is it they can't have a nice evening or trip without being loaded and engaging in sexually explicit interactions? Kelly was almost topless at the bar...her soft porn "dancing" with the security guy was lewd...I'm no prude but is this really something you should be doing with a young teen girl at home? All of these women do and say things that are embarrassing to their families and friends. But last night's episode was disgraceful...it makes me angry that women demean themselves in public and on TV doing these things in order to get attention or get a bigger paycheck. And Braunwyn...you have nine kids...is this how you choose to represent yourself to them? Andy Cohen needs to get this franchise under control...it is a mess.
  3. Did I hear Kail right? Was this Hawaii vacation for a month? That's an awfully expensive vacation to take...especially for someone who already had two vacations previously. For someone who seems to do practically nothing but hang out on her couch and complain all day, she really likes to reward herself with expensive vacations. She's turned into an entitled big mouth. I really dislike that this show spends a whole segment of it to Chelsea's new business venture. She really has no storyline anymore except her supposed anxiety disorder and new business alliances. Her association with MTV is totally self serving as a vessel to move the products she is trying to sell. And again...her mom brought along to babysit three kids in a hotel room ...what fun for her! Why even bring the kids? Maybe Aubree but the babies? They probably would have been happier at home with their own things and beds. Brianna seems so lacking in energy or joy. She seems depressed to me and her neediness to have a man in her life is not healthy. They don't make her happy! This long distance thing is stupid...let it go and concentrate on your kids and their futures. Leah is more like a big sister to her kids...and her sister is a cow. Always has a shit eating grin on her face when discussing Jeremy. Why is this her business at all...especially when you just got knocked up by a guide on your vacation with Leah! And I must say, I thought Jeremy saying to her "I banged your sister's brains out last night" while holding Addie was one the most disgusting things I've seen on this show. Jeremy has a foul mouth and never regulates his language in front of his girls but this was just beyond awful. Please don't film this jerk anymore MTV...nothing there but a guy hooking up with his ex until something better comes along. Finally...Jade. She really is drama queen. I feel for her "friends"...they have to just sit there and listen to her go on and on about her ex. If they try to have some input, she talks over them or just ignores them and continues on. And there is always drama...her family is hot mess and the fact that she allows her incompetent and erratic mother to watch her daughter is of concern. Her ex is a sad and mixed up guy that needs counseling and rehab.
  4. You hit the nail on the head! Kail is a control freak...the only person that she doesn't control is Chris. And the fact that Isaac has a real family, courtesy of Jo, that he can bond with and make memories with, drives her nuts. She brings nothing to the table for these kids except fancy vacations and plans to move into a bigger house. Kids crave family connection...cousins, grandparents, aunties and uncles...to keep her kids from having those connections shows her insecurities and selfishness. She absolutely could have made this vacation for later in the month or in June. And it seems to me that Jo holds this tongue with her a lot! Everything is a fight with her because she refuse to be flexible or accommodating to anyone....except Chris.
  5. Totally agree. Kail is beyond obnoxious now and immature. Brianna is being the adult in the room with her statements about filming with Kailyn. Kailyn is a bully and needs to control everything and everyone. The only person she can't control is Chris. What idiots listen to her dopey podcast anyway? There is nothing she has to say that I would want to hear. He really thinks he's the shizz doesn't he?
  6. I’ve seen a lot worse mothers in law than Mary! And IMO, if Cole doesn’t like her then don’t ask her to babysit for you all the time or accompany you on family vacations so she can sit in hotel room the whole time tending to your spawn like an unpaid nanny. Furthermore, Mary works...she isn’t just sitting around the house lonely all day. She has a job and sometimes runs to Aubree’s games after work or makes herself available to sit for them after work. I wish I had all that free childcare when my three were young...sheesh!
  7. What a cluster mess. I really don't care too much about her or her deadbeat loser drug addicted loudmouth boyfriend...but I care a lot about their daughter. This is no way to raise a child. Between Jade's constant anger, frustration, dysfunction and foul mouth and her father's substance abuse, rage, dysfunction and his foul mouth, this little girl doesn't stand a chance of growing up in a healthy, nurturing environment. And the grandmother is even worse. All the adults in her life are failing her. Jade could improve herself by getting help...she needs counseling and needs to stop with the public profanity laden outbursts and emotional meltdowns. If she really loves her daughter she will seek out help and LISTEN for a change. Prayers for Kloie.
  8. Me too...I first saw him on House of Cards. Apparently, the powers that be decided to change things up and the Jay character was written out. I think he would have been great as Chief of Staff and could have brought a lot to the role. He would have also been good as Press Secretary. I think bringing the Russell character back is not very creative and really, not something that would happen in real life. In fact, that has never happened in any administration, that I know of, that any new President would bring in Chief of Staff that had just served eight years with the previous President. Burn out and exhaustion make it impossible for someone to take on that position after eight years...let alone someone with a bad ticker! I am disappointed in this decision...I always respected the way the producers and writers gave us pretty realistic glimpse into the political workings of the Presidency and Congress...so this just doesn't ring true to me in terms of what would really play out in a cabinet position of this level.
  9. Apparently "Jay", Sebastian Arcelus, was caught off guard with his dismissal from the show...he was upset about it so don't expect him make an appearance unless it's permanent.
  10. I think it is more of an emotional vacancy that Chelsea's mom is experiencing. Her life was very much intertwined with Chelsea's for a long time. She was supportive to Chelsea when she needed her and was very much the go to grandparent when Chelsea needed a babysitter. She enjoyed going to the kids activities and participating in their family celebrations. I don't get that entitled vibe from her mom...just a sense of loss that at some point soon they will no longer be close by and that she will not be seeing them as much anymore. I don't think she was being "dramatic"...I think she was expressing a true emotion and even some sorrow that she won't be in her grandkids lives as much anymore. No one is saying that her feelings are the fault of Chelsea...just saying that she could be more empathetic and reassuring to her mom. She's a lucky girl to have a mom that helps her at a drop of the hat and takes such good care of the kids when they are with her...I never had that.
  11. She seems to have zero boundaries with her kids. They just walk all over her and treat her like she’s a peer! Wait until they are teenagers...that’s going to be very interesting 🤔
  12. Right? Yikes! If anyone ever needed psychotherapy it’s Jade...
  13. Is she the baby of the family? I don’t dislike her but I think she takes both of her parents for granted and can be bratty with both of them...more with her mom because Randy seems to be less tolerant of her bratty behavior. I can see Aubree being really bored out there once she’s around 14 or 15.
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