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  1. twilightzone

    S17.E19: Season Finale (2019.05.19)

    What a boring choice. We've seen the same type of winner over and over again. He will be forgotten once a new flavor of the month comes along. Once again, the deep South wins.
  2. At least, it wasn't Kanye Jr. And none are named Kim Jr or Kris Jr. - or any "K" name. I prefer the Disick names. Dash paid tribute to Robert Sr, It was Kris who suggested Scotland after Scott, And the right call was made of Reign - over their other choice of Preston.
  3. twilightzone

    S11.E11: Upstate Girls

    Bethenny and Luann have always had the darkest relationship on the show - with the tension obvious. It goes back to when Call Me Mrs. de lesseps used to look down at B, who then was the struggling outsider, who was not part of the NY social inner circle. L automatically took Jill's side in the feud with B. Ramona said that if L hadn't scooted J away from her apartment, they could have made up. She tried to take credit for the Skinny Girl brand. And Heather T said L tried to get others not to film with B when she returned.
  4. And there was Saint, who practically faded into the background, as he seems to often do. I don't know if he even said his name. We all know how competitive Kim is. And it was nephew Reign Disick who got all the media attention. Not her mini-me in training North.
  5. twilightzone

    S09.E14: The Show Must Go On

    Even though she constantly threatens to quit, she won't. She's too thirsty. Her constantly playing the poor victim and "it's a joke" is getting as old as her matronly outfits.
  6. twilightzone

    S17.E18: Top 5 (2019.05.12)

    I think Alejandro will win. He's peaking at the right time. I can see Laine being the victim of the early front runner stumbles. It's happened too often. I like Laci, but she had no chance, after being Saved. They should have never used it. I'm not surprised at Madison making the Top 3. She has people.
  7. twilightzone

    Kardashians in the Media

    Well, Reign did get media attention for being a scene stealer (watch out Kim, lol). He actually is the best looking of the Disick kids. And it wasn't like he was running around, crying. I noticed when he made room for Saint, he put his arms around him. And he open his arms to greet Kris, while North pulled back when Kris kissed her.
  8. twilightzone

    S11.E10: Shalloween

    Remember when a young Noel wanted his mom to stay home, but Luann couldn't be bothered. Remember when their housekeeper talked about parents who let others raise their children. Remember when Ramona called Luann a weekend mom.
  9. twilightzone

    S17.E17: Woodstock and Show Stoppers (2019.05.05)

    Jeremiah should have been Saved over Laci. But the Save contestant is on borrowed time. They never win. Alejandro and Wade actually had very good nights. While Madison has been under rated and Laine has been over rated.
  10. twilightzone

    S17.E16 : Top 8

    Maddie said she has not been asked to perform at the Finale, even though her debut album will dropping that week. So that awful Disney duet is all she got. Welcome to winning Idol!
  11. She said she messed up. She was talking about being on "good terms" with Mario. Really, this isn't all that deep.
  12. She already apologized on Twitter and said she was wrong. They have long moved on. Ramona and Dorinda are friends off camera. The big blowup this season is going to be between Bethenny and Luann. That hurricane is coming. Lu was promoting Ramona's Ageless skin care line, so not hard to figure out how the loyalties shake out.
  13. twilightzone

    S17.E14: Disney Night - 2019.04.21

    This! There is nothing interesting or unique about Plain Laine. And the phony audition was obviously a set-up.
  14. twilightzone

    S17.E14: Disney Night - 2019.04.21

    Then why claim: I think both a half Asian male heartthrob and a half Asian male rocker are both things that come way too few and far between.
  15. twilightzone

    S17.E14: Disney Night - 2019.04.21

    But Laine really doesn't identify himself as Asian. If anything, he's a good ole boy from the South.