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S11.E04: Making Up Is Hard to Do

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Bethenny hosts a lunch sit-down with Dorinda and Luann, so the two can hash out their issues; Luann begins her court-ordered community service; Tinsley gets a visit from Dale; Ramona goes on a blind date; Dorinda shows Barbara the door.

Airs March 27, 2019.

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I can't decide whether Dale is the best or the worst.  I mean, really.  Your ex-husband has the cutest baby and I bought a pair of his wife's shoes?  C'mon.  Give Dale an apple.

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Going up the stairs from Sonja’s basement (getting fresh curtains).

Dorinda: I think I’m in a porn flick.

Sonya: That sounds like fun. 

I think Sonja is sexually fluid. Especially after the stranger kiss scene earlier that she clearly enjoyed. 

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Just now, Steph J said:

This guy found eight women willing desperate enough to "almost get married" to him.  8?  Everything about him screams "run!"

I mean, if even Ramona can see that...

He should be best friends with Denise’s husband Aaron (RHOBH). He too loves the number 8. 

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6 minutes ago, KungFuBunny said:

Why does Luann have to be "drug" tested?

Does it include being tested for alcohol?

Oh I know that place - Il Cortile on Mulberry

Total gangster place! It’s amazing.....

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1 minute ago, Dance4Life said:

Bc, courts consider alcohol a drug.....it is all meant to be the same.

So do hospital ‘s. The one I worked at had random employee testing all the time and you got tested for both drugs and alcohol. 

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24 minutes ago, Keywestclubkid said:

The mama’s on these shows have come ALONG way lol from Kandi’s just down right rude mom to the more cutting backhanded moms from Dallas and now New York lol I love it 

Lmao. They should do a Mamas Dee, Dale, Elsa, and Joyce edition of The People's Couch.

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