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S23.E12: After the Final Rose

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2 minutes ago, EllenB said:

Dude's got crazy stalker eyes when he looks at her.  Run, Cassie.

It really feels like the second season of You, except he's not as good looking or as entertaining as Joe. Cassie is the perfect Beck, though - absolute cipher. 

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1 minute ago, Ms Blue Jay said:

Hasn't she tried like 6 times already.  How much more not into him can she be

Maybe she could try slipping under a fence? I doubt they've come up with a better plan to find lost cast members than calling her name and whistling.

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I want a scene with her running towards the fence, with one of those little trampolines for her to vault off into nowhere.

He striking me as more and more creepy about this whole thing.

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Colton is rappelling wearing dress shoes! This doesn’t seem like safety protocol. I guess the producers expected Tay to make it here—bungee jumping, sky diving...

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1 minute ago, Armchair Critic said:

Maybe Colton feels he needs to lock somebody in before he goes bald ala Seinfeld

He's not someone I want to see in the same sentence as the word "lock." Don't give him any ideas.

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Just now, bosawks said:

I do believe that Cassie should be legitimately concerned that Colton is a controlling asshole who won’t listen to her.

Hey, he’s going to allow her to have her family.  And interests.  

Stalker level, like I said.  

His proud little smile when she says something about their future, ugh. I am really starting to think Colton has mental issues.  

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Just now, nutty1 said:

Just got home. Haven’t started yet. Is he still a virgin??!!

Yes. Chris Harrison checks in every live segment to remind us that Colton is still a virgin.

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19 minutes ago, kugrrl said:

She is a speech assistant.  She is currently working towards her Masters for speech pathology.

She really needs to finish her GED first.  She’s an idiot. 

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This is interminable!  I just looked at the clock and we’re only halfway through???

I feel like the Royal Family made less of a big deal about Princess Diana’s virginity than Chris Harrison is making about Colton’s.

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Before this episode, I was thinking Colton wasn't all that bad. He gives off a lot of "little brother" energy, but he's not a horrible person and Bachelor standards are low.

As I was typing this they showed Goose and Ben is glad that Colton has made it into the fantasy suite, and I guess I'm back to not minding Colton. Comparatively, at least.

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