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  1. Very interesting observation about his acting tells. The only thing is, there are almost zero breakthrough thespians from this show. The best you get is a podcast that you have to monetize quickly because in ten years you'll be a has-been. Instagram influencer is also a great way to monetize fame from this show. If Greg really did choose The Bachelor/ette franchise as his way to get into acting then he really should have done his research.
  2. I missed the first two dates, but Katie's stiff and stilted response to Greg's emotional decrees definitely came off to me that she was holding back because she was still undecided between Greg and Blake. She wanted Greg and Blake there at the end but Greg was in love with her. The problem wasn't that he was looking for her to say the right thing, the problem was that he didn't recognize the Katie that he was dealing with. I think he went back to her room not to quit, but to see if the old Katie was there, the old Katie who he went on the earlier dates with. And she was GONE. I saw that she wa
  3. wow. Greg was right to go. Something changed in Katie. It was obvious she was checked out. Greg wasn't asking for reassurance that he was the final one ... he was asking her why she was SUDDENLY so distant/robotic/unresponsive to him that night. And she didn't help the situation by telling him how hard it was going to be. Katie probably didn't even understand what was going on in her own heart/mind but she was definitely not the same to him. I don't think she loved him because she said she was "falling in love with him" but if she loved him she wouldn't have shut down like that in the face of
  4. Kids say the darndest things. He was right to high tail it home. Plus I think his and Katie's "relationship" was Bachelorette bubble-induced and he was never going to be the winner. Ugh .. now The Men Tell All? The worst.
  5. That's exactly the emotion that the producers were going for in that fake, scripted-manufactured scene.
  6. "We kind of had this opportunity to have this one last goodbye, er, Bachelor audition." "This is so hard, but I know in the bottom of my heart, that I'm one step closer to finding my husband, er, Andrew is one step closer to being the Bachelor with this badly acted reunion of regret and necessary rejection.
  7. Poor Andrew. I thought he was going to go farther. BIP!
  8. "Like, I'm not in love right now." No, Blake can't stop opening his mouth and revealing his true self. He is there for the Bachelor lead for sure, not for Katie.
  9. Does Blake ever think, "Hey, this time, when I talk, maybe I shouldn't keep proving that I'm just a big old doofus?"
  10. Greg is getting the rain special effects and the orchestral Disney happy ending soundtrack in the background .. so I'm guessing he'll break her heart in the end somehow because I saw a preview with a lot of crying and Katie wanting to go home.
  11. Some intern needs to be fired for that fake market. They must have spent all their time driving to the nearest Costco to clear out their flower stand and then had no time to set up anything extra. Throwing the fish will now be the new jumping the shark for this series.
  12. Brendan? In the top 6? Has he had any screen time? Hunter should get a free pass to BIP.
  13. Oh no. A Say Anything re-enactment and complimentary make-out session.
  14. Hunter should be proud ... I believe he is actually the first dude to make a Bachelorette throw up on set.
  15. The self-care angle is a new low. But that's what we get in these covid-lite seasons. Where do you think he posts? Reddit? Maybe here a long time ago?
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