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  1. Aha. The typical Bachelor glow up where pest control = Wildlife Specialist.
  2. I know that in the heat of the moment Greg is being portrayed as Grumpy, Mopey, and a few other Seven Dwarf names. But, by the time the casting comes along, ABC can turn him into someone with a huge hole in his heart who needs to find the right woman to fill it.
  3. I thought it was very telling that Katie knew her aunt was a cold person and yet that is who she wanted to present as her family to her beloved Bachelor Final 1. I think when the going gets tough, Katie gets very harsh like her aunt showed her to be.
  4. Greg has never strayed from his initial complaint and he rightly sensed that the risk for his heart with Katie was high. She was still negotiating with three guys and he rightly judged that one of those men was big competition. So at that point, he had a right to assess his willingness to be putty in Katie's hands. I still don't think Katie understands how he was feeling.
  5. Katie isn't coming off very well here. Greg dodged a bullet. Yikes.
  6. This is like a real fairy tale, I guess, with lots of scary parts and mean aunts and a desolate landscape. Um, congrats to Katie and Blake, I guess.
  7. This is the most depressing season ever.
  8. Blake is fading fast. Katie should have kept Justin around to keep Blake on his toes. Now Blake knows Katie isn't going to reject him he is realizing that this too-soon engagement is not what he wants.
  9. So was Katie drawing stick figures of Greg to burn?
  10. Katie's aunt is the worst. How is Blake going to fix their marriage problems???? BZZZZ! Wrong answer!!!
  11. They literally have Greg locked in a backstage hallway and are forcing him to pace nonstop for hours with a camera on him.
  12. Katie sitting off stage on the ATFR set looks like a figure skater waiting for her scores from the stern-faced judges. Her high pony and her skin tight dress. Team USA!
  13. "F- I love her" ... the most Romantic declaration ever. ETA: "I F-ing love you so much too."
  14. Chicago peeps go to 123tv.live/watch/abc/ I have abc local weather on my tv but can now watch The Bachelorette on the laptop. Good luck
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