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S23.E12: After the Final Rose

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On 3/12/2019 at 9:10 PM, EllenB said:

I knew a young woman decades ago who spoke like Cassie, but with a southern accent.  People tended to think she was dumb, but she actually had a very high IQ.  I think my friend had several things going on in her mind at the same time and didn't always give the conversation her full attention.

Cassie is totally phoning it in. She reminds me of myself when I’m on a work call and my kids are trying to talk to me.

On 3/12/2019 at 9:31 PM, bosawks said:

Air Supply!

Jesus, you can’t make this stuff up.


Right there is the moment this show jumped the shark.

On 3/12/2019 at 9:50 PM, laschifosavita said:

Chris seems to be having a lot more fun than usual. I'm dying of embarrassment again from watching those intros, but he seems to be enjoying himself.

Chris is totally making fun of it all. 

On 3/13/2019 at 7:31 AM, nlkm9 said:

I think Hannah B is very charming and quirky and Im looking forward to seeing her--she is someone I could root for. 

I enjoyed her jokes poking fun at the show and the process. “You guys need to step it up,” and “This has been my hardest decision so far.”

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Just watched most of this last night. Harrison is totally playing the virginity drinking game prompts for Bachelor Nation—I like it.

Creepy ending with Cassie—if she’s that much not into him, how can she stand being the one to end his virginity (<drink>); he’ll be stalking her the rest of her life. 

Stopped watching before Hannah B was announced, but from the little I saw of this season (started with hometowns and she was already gone, right?), I think the guys are going to all be crazy about her, so that will be fun. The MML house is in.

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