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  1. This made me snort. And what is up with the face of the one on the left? His features are all smushed together. 🤔
  2. I thought it was wild rice with sardines. 🤷‍♀️
  3. I do not understand the timeline of this show. They have the same exact clothes on in every single talking head. It makes no sense. Oh, and FUCK THESE MANIPULATIVE PARENTS. I literally want to smack that tiara and smug smile off Kim and Barry’s faces. Micah and Moriah are ten times the parents to those poor sweet children than those horrible asshole adults are. When she rammed that pie into the quiet boy’s face I recoiled. What in God’s name is wrong with that woman? I really think that Cairo, Ga. CPS should make a visit to that household.
  4. Yes, Olivia is certainly Kim’s Bitch Eating Crackers, isn’t she? Micah is just adorable to me, mainly because of his sweet personality. I just snorted.
  5. For someone who is raising 8 children, Kim has absolutely zero parenting instincts. Woman, you have 20+ years on these young adults, AND you have actually lived in the outside world, unlike them. Quit "allowing" them to come to you on "their" terms. YOU are the parent, and you are the one who should be unconditionally loving them. They are still CHILDREN. Don't just say you're there for them, be a parent and BE there for them. Text them every single day how you love them and want them back, whoever they might be as people. God, I just weep for those poor young adult children and want to fly to
  6. So OTT. At every commercial break my husband and I are like, “Maybe Izzy started the fire.” “Maybe Bill started the fire.” “Maybe Linda started the fire.” “Oh! Maybe the manager at China Palace started the fire!” Out of all of the horrific mothering that has been portrayed on this show, Elena’s temper tantrum in cutting those pictures and leaving the remnants in the garbage can for Izzy to find was the most unforgivable to me. Exactly. Bebe was completely bullied by Mia into trying to get that baby back, and I’m certain she knows on her heart of hearts that Mai Ling is better
  7. She is a wretched human. I’m watching BIP Season 3 right now where they supposedly “fell in love” and she has nothing but disdain for him. I assume she barely tolerated him for two years and then when they were forced to co-parent through Covid she couldn’t fake it any more. Those are 5 kids who are never going to have functional relationships as adults. What disgusting parental figures to model.
  8. What a weird and completely abrupt ending. I just can’t with the timeline in this show. Four episodes cover two weeks, then we jump ahead 6 months, cover another week, and then from 9 to 10 we jump 10 years? Gah.
  9. I felt like this was incredibly lazy writing. The time skip, which completely glossed over any bit of the fallout from the report, did nothing to advance the story—in fact it removed me from it. It was also ridiculous that they never followed up with the teacher friend storyline . If that is the case then her dramatic, busybody ass needs to stay in her lane even more than I previously thought. I wanted to slap her when she was so over the top in the kitchen with manchild Logan when she was on the phone with her other Karen friend.
  10. He likely has significant allergies, which cause contact dermatitis around his eyes and cheekbones. My son gets red, sore skin around his eyes when his ragweed allergies are particularly flaring.
  11. Arrrrron Sanchez and Giada DiLaurentis, I’m looking at you...
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