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  1. Ha, yes! Good call. Morgan. He had the biggest “bitch please” face during that scene. It was almost as funny a his hipster knit hat. I figured she was a substitute teacher. 😂
  2. Same. I love how they talk so openly about their concerns about the challenges of interracial dating, too. It’s 2020 and Reality TV needs 100x more of these types of conversations. I am enjoying watching them. They both seem very sincere and kind.
  3. She is EXACTLY like Annalise.
  4. I wouldn’t know since I fast forwarded through the entire thing. That was terrifying.
  5. Bethanne

    S03.E01: Wartime

    Yes, and if you think about it, it’s especially diabolical. They would know immediately upon getting home that their space had been violated. They’d call the police, have a cursory investigation done, and then would lock themselves in feeling on edge and exposed. The feelings would somewhat dull overnight and into the next day, they’d get their locks changed, and then BAM, pour a glass of milk and be violated all over again.
  6. What a disgusting pile of garbage That show is.
  7. Gah, me too. It’s a difficult show to watch back to back—the dramatic long shots with alternating focus in-focus out movements are way too over the top.
  8. He is trying so desperately hard to remain relevant. It’s quite embarrassing.
  9. Totally agree. He’s definitely the most nervous around her and is courting her for sure. He’s a moron if he messes this one up and deserves crazy eyes Victoria or preschooler Hannah Ann. I actually googled Kelsey’s sister’s arms (I’m not proud of that, for the record) and saw that she was born with an arm disability. They really are lovely women, and I think the younger sister (arm one) is the most naturally pretty. Kelsey and her twin look nothing alike to me.
  10. Madison looks like she’s late for a pep club meeting at the Maxx with Jessi Spano to paint posters for the big game. Girl is a dead ringer for early 90s Tiffani Amber Theissen.
  11. I agree with you that the backstory on the contestants is significantly lacking this season. I don’t feel like I know these folks nearly as much as I have in years past. In their defense, the “technical” challenge isn’t so much a true test of their technical fluency and execution as it is a scavenger hunt for details in a scaled down and puzzling recipe. That’s the pet that annoys me about the gingham altar part. It’s more of a “How cagey can Paul and Prue be and how well can the contestants decipher their partial instructions?”
  12. With a Senior in the throes of college application, I, like you, can’t suspend my disbelief in these particular areas. 😉
  13. I just can’t with these people. Fuck that Tanner guy for letting this trash heap show trot out his postpartum wife and toddler and show that traumatic birth experience on national TV. I hate him. And what is wrong with a Sara Hyland that she gave the OK for her new husband to jump out of a gigantic cardboard cake wearing an adult-sized onesie? She has a legitimate image to somewhat protect and this can’t be helping. On that note, I think the security guards were more excited about that gender reveal than the actual parents were.
  14. I have thought that this entire season. I just want to mother that poor boy.
  15. I had to go back and watch that part twice because I thought I briefly zoned out and was suddenly watching a Humira commercial. I hope Blake has a loving parent or sibling in his life because he really needs therapy. I think he has some major problems and the mother in me finds watching him very sad.
  16. She is so vacant it’s disturbing. Ohemgee! Stem cells?!? Where do you get them? Does she picture Matt putting in an order online to flesh out his inventory and then go door to door with a briefcase full of placentas? And remind her again who Nelson Mandela is?
  17. I think the most inauthentic of all of them is Hannah. She literally flinches every time Dylan kisses her. I understand, and can’t imagine suffering through another person touching, petting, stroking, kissing, and leaning on me every GD second of the day. I don’t know how she hasn’t snapped by now. Yeah, so very true. Aside from her unfortunate top teeth situation, Angela is definitely the winner of BIP. Whoever put in her veneers should have his or her license revoked.
  18. My 15-year-old has significantly more game than this sweaty, red-faced dork. He can’t even put together a sentence without his voice cracking. Eeyore. Angela is definitely the top of the heap of this crew. She needs to keep her fucking hands out of her hair though. Sounds like them too. I don’t find him physically attractive at all, but aside from Angela, he seems to have by far the greatest emotional intelligence and maturity of anyone on the beach. If he gets that Jack Kerouac thing out of his system I would imagine he would be a caring and decent partner. Somehow he seems to have a respectable job at Goldman Sachs, which I cannot comprehend.
  19. This is classic. She totally was calling the operator acting like something was wrong with her line. 😂
  20. I can see now the miles and miles of desperate and sad 20-somethings lining up to buy tickets for next year in the hopes that they’ll run into some of these “celebrities.” Imagine the general cohort of vapid, vacant women who rode that stupid bus around LA with Chris Harrison on that weird filler episode during Hannah B’s season.
  21. Yes, she actually looks like an adult.
  22. Thank you for linking that because it led me to this...and 15 minutes of my life I’m fine never getting back. How adorable was Wake Forest Tyler Cameron 5 years ago? Pretty sure he forgot he had this LI profile out there. 😂
  23. He was most definitely high on some good quality weed during that date with Tahj. If it wasn’t the uncontrollable laughing that gave it away it was the serious case of the munchies. Brilliant. Maybe next week one of the women will give the rose to Kristian. Wtf was up with her double breasted cream cocktail dress? She looked like she was in the waiting room for a job interview. And what was that whole thing with JPJ and Demi wrestling on the giant pillows? She is so immature. Her librarian glasses ain’t fooling me. It’s too bad Blake’s chin zit couldn’t give out a rose. That thing had quite the camera presence.
  24. Someone should introduce Donald Trump’s handlers to Tyler’s handlers. They could impart some wisdom about when to just STFU.
  25. I have been in a loving and committed relationship with “my person” (tm Bachelor Nation) for 26 years, 20 of them being married. I don’t think he has ever once told me he “cherishes” me or that I “mean the world to him.” These final three guys used that terminology SO many times and it sounds so incredibly fake and forced. I don’t believe for one second any of them loved her beyond anything deeper than a superficial, surface “love.”
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