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  1. Best comedy this season and will always be in my top five. The students—omg, such distinct characters, bringing their own kind of funny every episode. Just amazing. Patton Oswalt with Paula Pell, Patton Oswalt with Glenn Howerton—the best. Genius writing and directing. I’ll buy the DVDs but will miss this group and will look for these talented actors elsewhere.
  2. Interesting—My post wondering if someone who was offended by Hannah would keep watching has disappeared. Not sure why. I also have quit watching (Kaitlyn) and never watched (Nick) and watched only the finales (Becca and Colton) when the leads did not interest me for whatever reason.
  3. I think it’s fun having a younger lead (and one who seems a little immature regardless of her age). I think the “f-word” is probably just part of her and others’ her age vocabulary, so no big deal; she could be my granddaughter and I let loose with a “fuck me!” at least once a day. It is also really interesting to me that someone who went really far in the fakest of competitions, the beauty pageant cosmos, is so oblivious to how things like the swearing and the very healthy sexuality that she has might color viewers’ perceptions of her. So refreshing imo to have a lead like Hannah.
  4. I almost posted this but really a toss up of who is skeevier. Cam is definitely auditioning to take his ABC shtick to BIP—he deserves a Carly. The scary activities are so fake and such a time waster—like they are in any danger whatsoever? No.
  5. I never liked Felicity Huffman but now I have so much respect for her immediately manning up to being an idiot and just pleading guilty in the college admission scandal with so much remorse, probably going to jail, no looking for sympathy. Chris Soules, two years later, still trying to wiggle out of what he did? What a dick.
  6. Katy can sing. We quit watching though five minutes in. Musical, ugh. Lazy or precious, or both.
  7. Not knowing the character or that the Little House books had any significance for her as “an obsessive fan,” I said to Mr MML “that’s a pretty easy book for a child her age.” My second-grade granddaughter actually just read it (she is an avid reader but not particularly precocious, and I remember reading through the whole series myself by third grade) so it was on my radar. As I said, it was the only thing in the YS season finale that wasn’t a universal “true” thing for the kind of children that shared young Sheldon’s intellectual abilities, and I really admire the writers for writing YS to st
  8. I think we’ve seen one BBT episode at someone else’s house, a long time ago, and we don’t relate the young Sheldon character or show to the adult versions at all—they stand on their own. There might be little references to the adult versions flying around all the time that we’re just not picking up on, but it’s a testament to the writers and actors that YS works as its own thing. Even this season finale—the other little kids at the end worked as any smart vulnerable misfits (although is Little House on the Prairie—pretty easy reading for a 10-year-old—a thing for that character as an adult? Th
  9. I thought this season was over but two more episodes on 5/30, at 7:00 and 7:30 CDT (and I believe two more after those): 10: When he's kicked off his Harvard phone plan, Jack is offered a chance to leapfrog onto Mary's on one condition -- he must help her break up with her scuzzy boyfriend; Anthony becomes Durbin's right-hand man. 11: After his computer breaks, Jack rallies his class to win the annual Whitlock's Got Talent competition so the prize money can go toward a new laptop; Helen and Durbin host the show; Mary, Stef and Michelle prepare a hand-bell routine.
  10. Definitely this season was still better than almost anything else I have watched, but the never-ending interrogation at the end really took me out of the story as I was just waiting for that part of the episode to end.
  11. Just finished the last episode. Which was ridiculous with the nonstop interrogation of the arrestee, the same thing (document 69, page 20, paragraph 3, blah blah blah). We get it, painstaking work, but omg I was falling asleep. Needed a lot more cuts with Steve and Kate racing around at the same time to get statements and evidence from random witnesses. Really weak compared with the first 5 episodes, and imo this whole season was really weak compared to the previous ones. Not enough of a story so it kept going in circles imo. Still worth watching. Hope the next season is more complex.
  12. I seriously don't know how these writers write this stuff--not only is the story so creative, but the jokes come so fast that the writers have to howling at them before they even get them written down. I have to rewatch this to get everything. And "Schooled" PTB? BIG mistake downplaying Tim Meadows for the sappy "teachers on a pedestal" crap--you have a genuine comic god! Make him the star!
  13. Yes and yes. The character of annoying Amy weakens this show, and there's no comic backstory or shtick to her.
  14. Her growing desperation as Dina was directing them to get Mateo out of the store to her hopelessness at the end was one of the most moving things I’ve seen on TV this year. You can even see the color in her face change. I hope Lauren Ash reads these boards so she knows we are bowing to her. I thought the ICE was portrayed pretty well, actually—surely they could have taken Amy and Cheyenne in too for obstructing their efforts, but they only took Mateo. Show could have made them clowns. Some funny bits of them getting ice cream and looking at sale merchandise bins, but not over the top.
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