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  1. When Hannah Ann came back from her date with Peter, I did wonder for a bit if Peter and she didn't have sex and she realized that it was because he was all in for Madison. As a poster previously said -- Peter said "intimate" -- now I would love if it meant they did stuff, but not actually had sex, because that would make Hannah Ann and Victoria reel a bit. However, I think the ol' horndog did it multiple times with each of them b/c he does have that windmill reputation to uphold. Did Peter ever say how he felt about being Mr. Windmill Fourtimes with Hannah then being dumped for Jed? You'd think that these repeat contestants might understand how the "winner" feels after it happened to them.
  2. She can't string two words together, so I doubt she can tell him much. Peter with loving her "challenging" him -- she is exhausting. That will grow old really quickly. People who love drama aren't content when things are just fine. They will manufacture drama out of anything to keep life "exciting." Ugh. I know what Madison was telling Peter was very much what Luke told Hannah, but she explained her feelings much better and didn't shame him. She did give him an ultimatum though and while it doesn't fit with the premise of the show, I can't say I don't agree with her. So many of the leads say they knew right away. Well, if you did, then why do you make out and/or sleep with everyone else? Some leads have said they need to give into the process and explore all those relationships. That is just producer speak. If you know who you feel strongly about, you can play the game without indulging in the "falling in love with you" crap. Back in the early days, the leads weren't allowed to say a peep to anyone about their feelings. Now the game is to tell them all you love them, or are falling for them and then dump them. It's a real mindfuck for everyone involved. I have to say, as a long-time viewer. I liked older seasons better. There was drama, but not the overtly producer manipulative kind, most of them weren't there for Instafame, and they weren't so overly aware of how to get screen time. There is a lot of inherent drama in the game as it is without overtly manipulating it for drama. It's ridiculous. I also yearn for the days when the fantasy suite wasn't the overtly bang each finalist one night after another. It's the in your face overtness of the manipulation etc. that bugs. I liked it better when the game was a little more under the table about things.
  3. I watched a movie with Tom Cruise in it -- I think it's called The Last Samurai. His teeth were blinding white, even though the movie was set during the Civil War. After that, I gave up worrying about white teeth. Everyone is Hollywood has white teeth. Actually, I noticed it more now when I watch an older moving and that actors don't have white teeth. There is so much we need to let go of with this show in terms of grooming, clothing, etc. It was interesting they actually, after how many years, showed someone going to the bathroom. I really do wish I could have seen what was going on in the cave scenes. I just couldn't even bring myself to care because I couldn't tell who was doing what. I am grieving my show that once was sooooo good and now is a shadow of its former self. As soon as a show chooses plot over characters, it takes a dive.
  4. I wouldn't mind Negan pulling the long con on the Whisperers and helping out "the group." He's been locked up for years, maybe he has done some thinking. This may have been discussed before, but what is with the masks? Everyone looks like they have the same mask they have always had. So I assume it has dried. But, wouldn't it dry more rigid? Or wouldn't it just disintegrate? I would think they'd have to get fresh masks a lot, but it doesn't seem like they do. Wouldn't they be gross and germy if they were fresh? When we first saw the Whisperers, it wasn't apparent they were people in zombie masks. Now it is. You see the seams up the back. They throw them on like they are those rubber Halloween masks, but I don't know how this is possible. I know, I'm trying to be logical with something illogical.
  5. Hey, Mr. Cinematographer -- it would help if we could see the people in peril so we could care about what's going on... or at least understand what's going on. Carol used to be one of my faves and I forgave a lot of what she did, but now I see how completely selfish and crazy pants she is, and probably always was. The Whisperers and their Scooby Doo masks are irritating me to no end. The scene with Negan and Alpha made me laugh a little. They deserve each other. The show used to be a show about humanity with Zombies. Now it is a show about Zombies completely. I'm bored and pretty much hate watch it now. It's sad to see how far it has fallen.
  6. "I'm an asymmetrical designer" which means, "I don't know how to make something evenly, so I make everything in clumpy pieces with a bunch of straps and cut outs and call it fashion."
  7. She's too loud for me. A little Leslie goes a looooooong way. I liked her first couple of comments about Geoffrey's dress, then it was overkill -- we get it, you love the dress. The Marquis comment was gold, though.
  8. That's why she reminds me of Tessa. Both of them were the self-appointed critics of who was on top and on the bottom each week. My only hope for this year is about this time last season, we were sure Hester was going to take it, but fortunately Sebastian (what's with the Johan -- I don't recall that) deservedly won. I don't feel like there is a Sebastian this season though. Sergio is an excellent technician, but I feel we'd see his head explode on the runway if he won.
  9. Brittany reminds me of Tessa from last season.
  10. For how ridiculous it was? I looked at Nancy's pants closer, and what occurred to me is that I had a pair that same style in the mid 80s... that I bought at a renaissance faire. They tied in front and in back, but they were essentially the same. They were fun to wear back in the day and my mom made me a second pair. They were essentially a big square with ties. Nancy's would be a square with fasteners.
  11. I know, it was beyond fashion. I think my 22 year old daughter knows that look. I don't think I articulated my point well. Sergio seems to be in his own little Sergio world, where he controls the narrative. He's so used to talking himself up and proclaiming his genius -- both through his designs and his political statements. I can believe that he believes he'd never seen the look before. I think Sergio can convince himself of just about anything. The thing I think puzzling about this whole backwards tux thing is that I remember that while an iconic fashion statement, it was widely panned, especially the god-awful hat.
  12. That is exactly what I thought! The way Sergio talked about how inventive and groundbreaking his backward tuxedo was does make me wonder if he know or didn't recall Celine's look. While it doesn't seem possible, Sergio does seem to exist in his bubble. I could imagine him not bothering to study other designers because he thinks he is brilliant. He really does need to stop the political statements. No one on the show cares. They want to hear about the clothing, not what Sergio thinks is wrong with the world. It's a fashion competition. As others have mentioned he found a cause to match his garment. He wasn't inspired by it. Brittany bugs me. She reminds me a bit of Tessa from last season. She's always commenting on the other contestants clothing, but isn't hitting it out of the park herself. I'm very disappointed in Delvin. Those two were bitchy in the back room last week and then this week in the condo. Not cool. I didn't care for Victoria's dress. It was one strap and flap short of being her usual look. It wasn't all that. Don't know what the judges see in her. Loved Marquis' look. He deserved the win.
  13. At least they aren't calling them "fun bags"
  14. I feel like the producer interference and manipulation has gotten to be too much. I liked it when the show seemed a little less contrived. I don't like the manufactured drama, like letting people come back and setting up the date with Victoria's ONS/boyfriend/guy she bumped into at the grocery store/whatever he is. Her reaction was ridiculous. I'm also tired of the non-conversation conversations the couples have. They talk in circles and say nothing. Ugh
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