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  1. Ever since what's his face proposed to what's her face on the first season (was it Lacey?), the show has gone for the whole proposal thing. What's wrong with just coupling up? I feel like since they've had a few successes it's all about the proposal and this is a more jacked up timeline than the regular shows. Why can't they agree to seriously date? This all or nothing is silly. The unreal drama of the fantasy suite. Even the bach/ette doesn't have that much pressure for the overnight. We all know on paradise most of the longstanding couples have probably spent the night together anyway.
  2. I agree the random couples are so much more fun. They should make a rule that if you sign up for BiP you can't meet/correspond with anyone else on the show beforehand. When they come on the show having already hooked up and looking to further it or pursue it, totally ruins the entire premise.
  3. Yes, it was Grey's Anatomy that foisted "my person" on us. Ugh.
  4. I don't think Tyler looked like he wanted to get back together with Hannah. He kept talking about things in the past. He was quite stoic at ATFR. He is her biggest fan, but that doesn't mean he wants to date her. I think that ship has sailed for Hannah B. I really don't want Tyler to be the Bachelor. All the bimbos they would get to fawn all over him. It would be so over the top. He seems like such a great guy. He will find a lovely girl somewhere. I like Mike for Bachelor. He'd be a great pick.
  5. I don't think any Bachelor franchise show is right for Luke -- please don't let him come to Paradise. He's just not cut out for the show. He wants someone all to himself and that's fine, but that's not what the show's premise is. I think he's going to be just fine. He's going to go back to life in Georgia and he's not going to be damaged one bit from this because he'll spin it that it was everyone else's fault. It was all jealousy. He might be the nicest guy IRL, but heaven help you if you're competing against him for what he thinks is his. He really doesn't seem to have the capacity to let all of this damage him, so I'm not going to worry about Luke. He's going to be fine, and he needs to stay away from anything Bachelor related and just live his life.
  6. I didn't need more Luke, but he once again showed that he has no clue how he is perceived. The guys piled on a bit too hard last night, but Luke makes it easy to hate him. The statements about being the chosen one, the front runner. You know he didn't even try to be friendly. He was there to get his wife and that was it. He said he wouldn't do a thing differently, then tried apologizing. He just doesn't get it. If I were an unmarried girl, I'd run the other way, but I'm sure there is someone out there that would be fine with letting Luke run the show. That's what he wants. A subservient wife.
  7. As soon as Luke started talking about how he wants to be the spiritual head of the family, I'd be out. He wants to control everything and everybody. Yikes. He has a very puritanical view of religion.
  8. Um, Luke clearly doesn't understand what this show is all about. I think that has been his biggest issue all along. He's entitled to his feelings, but his beliefs about sex before marriage and this show do not go hand in hand. He's been sharing her with a bunch of guys for weeks, that's the way it works. She may sleep with someone else, that's the way it works. Sorry dude. I hated the way he talked about her "slipping up." He said that during the bungee jump date too. He's way too controlling. He's a jackass. I swear I saw the lightbulb finally go off over Hannah's head during her conversation with Luke -- "wow, maybe everything the guys were saying was right -- Luke really is a jerk." After watching Tyler and Peter's dates, and seeing these nice, normal guys and she seemed to have fun with them, and she really seemed emotional after Tyler left and he was so cool with her and respectful it was hard to watch her launch into the Jed/Luke drama. Girlfriend does have a bad picker. Tyler or Peter would be lightyears better than Jed or Luke.
  9. Thank you. But I really did think Fred, et al were the architects of the new structure, so why aren't they in charge? Until this whole DC thing, I thought where they were was the epicenter of the new country.
  10. OK -- forgive me for 1) being late to the party for this episode -- I just watched it and 2) not reading every post so I'm sorry if this has been mentioned, however I had to post because this episode really pissed me off. I am usually really good about suspending my disbelief and just enjoying a show for the sake of the show. I let a lot of stuff go. I just couldn't this time. Now, maybe I've missed something and there are good explanations, but I feel like there was some major retconning going on and it's really bothering me. First of all... I thought Fred and his merry band of commanders created Gilead and were the commanders of Gilead. So, what's the deal with this HIGH commander in DC? What the heck? If there is a high commander, why aren't the commanders who have formed Gilead going to DC more often? Makes no sense. However, the imagery in DC was really stunning -- the cross the Lincoln Memorial. If the capital of Gilead is DC and the people we've been introduced to are the leaders of Gilead why aren't they in DC? I'm confused. If DC is the capital and they are the leaders, why haven't any of the handmaids in the Gilead we see had their mouths shut as punishment? Hmmm. Also... Gilead is Gilead is Gilead? Is everywhere in the former US Gilead? No towns? Re: Nick. There is no way Nick was some army general, then a driver, then a commander. Nope. Nick never told June about his past as a central figure to the creation of Gilead because he wasn't a central figure. It makes no sense. If he had been that instrumental, he would have been made a commander right away. He may have been a spy or soldier, but he wasn't a higher up -- no way. He wouldn't have become a driver otherwise. This was a total story-driven retcon. I'm not buying what they are trying to sell right now. Arghhh. Thank you for letting me get this off my chest. It really irritated me, and it takes a lot to irritate me.
  11. I never cared for Garrett, but last night, him poking the bear with Luke, was everything. Honestly, it was too fun watching Luke boil inside. I can't stand him. It's all about the win for him. He was like this the moment he met her on that first night when she met five guys and he's been this way ever since. Garrett was smug beyond belief, but to see Luke's reaction -- I was OK with it. And Luke's reaction to getting the rose. It just confirmed it is all about winning and not about Hannah.
  12. I don't know who thought this was a good idea. No one likes these people. No one is rooting for Chantel and Pedro. No one will be watching. I hate watch 90 days as it is and I'm down to Pillow Talk for the highlights. No way I'll be watching a whole show about this dysfunctional mess.
  13. What Luke did to Hannah is what he does with the guys too -- he says something then totally backpedals and says he didn't say that. After being around that guy for awhile you'd feel completely looney tunes. Gas lighting is right. It drives me insane just watching it.
  14. Hannah needs to listen to the Maya Angelou quote "when someone shows you who they are the first time, believe them" whenever this guy speaks. What he said at the group date was exactly what he meant. The stuff later -- all backpedaling.
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