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  1. I found that ending completely confusing... so it's 2-1, but Len's vote chooses Kenya. Huh? Not explained well at all. I was actually a little bummed, because while Matt wasn't the greatest dancer, I loved his personality on the show. As someone said upthread, the Bachelor didn't capture his personality at all. He was so boring. On this show, he's been really charming and he's been growing as a dancer.
  2. By far my fave couple is James and Aaron. I was dying when Aaron ran up to quickly break up with Tia so he could ride off into the sunset with James. I have heard someone IRL use "my person." I cannot tell you how cringey that phrase is -- on screen or IRL. Damn Grey's Anatomy.
  3. I didn't care for Sophia at all and agree she seemed bitter about her family situation. I also got some bitterness toward her sisters. She said she loved them, but some of those comments and how she felt about them -- she's a bitter Betty. I'm OK with the winner, but don't feel he did anything to win this except be middle of the road. I wish they would have voted with their hearts and not strategically -- who played the best? Who really deserves to win? I think Kai or Nick would have won because they both played great games. When Nick was rated 5, I thought Ashley was going to sneak into
  4. ...and they acted like if they leave the beach of paradise they will never see each other again. So. Much. Drama. They were all going to the same place, just in different vans. Then we blinked, and they were back on the beach.
  5. I think the whole situation with Chris and Alana (?) was hilarious. I don't remotely remember either one of them from their seasons. Chris dumping Jessenia immediately, his pathetic "I"m so in my head" comment (WTF does that even mean???), the new couple thinking they had it made and then their spectacular uncoupling was awesome. Obviously, if you aren't one of the cool kids, you get chased off the beach. Chris thinking Alana would be overjoyed to leave with him. I know I shouldn't love this situation, but it completely entertained me. Now they can kick Brendan and Pieper off -- they are
  6. When my daughter was little she said "fachina" for vagina. Sounded like fine china, so as a joke, that's what we say. It's your "fine china." I had no idea it was a thing.
  7. Yes, her grand entrance that ended in "Hi Butthead." Run, Joe, run.
  8. Two favorite things: James calling Demi "fun sized" -- I don't care for Demi but that made me smile and David Spade's limo ride. They really need to stop trying to make Demi happen.
  9. I actually would count them as a success story. They were married several years and have two kids together. There are a lot of divorces in this country, so there are bound to be bachelor/ette divorces.
  10. If memory serves, it wasn't so much that he didn't pick anyone... he couldn't articulate why. He kept telling whoever he picked that he loved her -- even on ATFR. It was this circular explanation that made no sense. It was frustrating. I think that's why.
  11. When Jason asks Angelica a question and Sunhe chimes in "we'll have to talk about it and get back to you" I about want to scream. I really don't understand how Jason is still hanging in there. Angelina doesn't seem to have any personality besides being Sunhe's daughter. The fact that they make me feel sorry for slacker Jason says a lot.
  12. That dinner with Jason's mom was awful. Sunhe has gotten worse, if that's possible. Angelica is always sitting there like a pouting toddler while Sunhe fights her battles. Jason's mom is obviously a very reserved woman. She's not going to be calling anyone, let alone Angelica. It's just not her. Leave her alone. Sunhe wanted Jason out from minute 1. Now that he's donated his sperm to complete their weirdo family dynamic, Sunhe and Angelica can go off with Amara and sMother her. I seriously want to smack Lauren's mom every time I look at her. She always has this slack look on her fa
  13. I'm wondering if after the Clare thing the producers imposed some guidelines on Katie. Her refusal to say she loved him, and her prompts for him to trust the process, etc. were old school bachelor/ette to me. I do believe that without completely saying he was the one, she said it. Thing is, it is a show, getting roses and moving forward are the way they'll end up being together. What she was saying was giving him reassurances without coming right out and saying "you're the one." I feel like there were huge chunks taken out of this whole thing because I though Greg sounded like a crazy, ma
  14. I caught up on the last two episodes. Lauren and her mom are the absolute worst. I LOVED when Laura Lee got to be the one to inseminate Lauren. I'm sure her mom was thinking "damn, why didn't I think of that!" when Laura Leigh asked the dr if she could do it. Why was Sunhe giving Jason's mom a tour of a home she's already visited? The looks between Sunhe and Angelica were hilarious. Angelica, your future MIL doesn't prefer the dog to your precious Amara, she wants to give her son the 5 minutes to hold his child that you never give him. Jason needs to run for the hills. Just let
  15. I'm trying to figure out how she fell in love with Lauren in the first place. I don't see one redeeming quality in her.
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