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  1. She had a bandage on her chin last week. I was hoping that meant it was removed and the area was healing... but, alas, no.
  2. I'm the same way. I asked my dentist why he wanted to be a dentist because everyone hates them so much. He's actually the nicest guy. Angela was overly dramatic -- that screaming was ridiculous. I loved gassed up Angela. She was a hoot. I also loved seeing Meemaw with there grandkids. She's a rude, crude, overbearing woman, but there are some kind parts of her and she shows them to her grandkids and mom. I don't see any of that in BGL. Asuelu is all sorts of terrible. He is such a vapid man child. Anyone notice how much Eleanor and her cousin looked alike? They both favor that side of the family.
  3. Robert and Anny have definitely improved. I don't ever want to see Colt/Debbie and Danielle on this EVER. Agree about Ed and Stephanie too -- please no. I miss Alexi and Loren. I didn't think Paola and Russ were too bad.
  4. Darcey and Stacey? Noooooooo! Episode upon episode of the two of them spouting self-help blurbs while lamenting their lack of a love life and getting plastic surgery? I don't think so.
  5. Dawn's voice is sooooo irritating! She is cringeworthy for sure, but at least she doesn't seem psychotic.
  6. There is annoyingly attached, boundary breaking (Dawn/Cher, Cristina/Kathy) and there is obsessive, emotionally manipulative, complete boundary busting attachment (all the others). It's very uncomfortable to watch the latter... but I still do.
  7. Agree with Makani and her bizarre voice -- Sometimes it's like nails on a chalkboard and other times it's not so bad and I'm wondering if it really is annoying, then bam! the annoying voice is back, then gone again, then back... Bulent and his throne were funny. That is about the only thing I find amusing about him. I can't fathom him being a life coach. I can see him totally having a take no prisoners attitude with his clients "You didn't get the job because you're stupid. Stop being stupid." Seth did look like a buddha! I hope Suzanne finds her birds of a feather. Better not go to Bulent's camp! I hope the rest form a strong tribe. Ryan seems like a good guy. All of them are really likable. I wish they hadn't added Jeff and the red-haired chick to Clothed and Opinionated. They added nothing -- except for the red haired girl making fun of Jeff. Jeff claiming that what he did with the whole "neighbors" thing being akin to those that created the first nuclear weapon. He sure has a high opinion of himself, doesn't he?
  8. Kathi and Cristina are hilarious -- they are super close, annoying to those around them, but they aren't weird -- no bathing together, no colonics, no chasing each other around the living room. They are "smothered" in a good way, well, at least a better way. Dawn and Cher are ridiculous, but also not in such a scary way. Dawn is so insecure. She wants to be #1 in Cher's life. New child or not. I'm shocked she actually lives in Florida away from Cher. Their twinning (now tripling) is a little too extra but harmless. The lactation consultant visit was pretty funny. It's nice to see Cher indicate that her mom is too much sometimes. Sunhe is a horrid person. I can't stand her. Angelica proved to be a lot more like her mother than I thought. She's no victim. She plays right into this. Brett and Jason should run, and run fast. Brittani and Mary -- There is something not quite right with either of them. Frank should get his own place where he can watch porn and masturbate to his hearts content. This pair isn't worth it. The other two -- tooth sniffer and the old mom who licks and chases her daughter -- they are both really odd ducks. The manipulation that Sunhe, Mary and these two put upon their daughters. It's not right.
  9. This show stinks. I won't even hate watch it or have it on as background noise. They could have done a one-off special with them responding to comments -- kind of like a Jimmy Kimmel "Mean Tweets" thing -- get the best of the best and that could have been fun. But this -- I don't want to re-watch every episode with these people poorly snarking at the snark. It's too many times removed from what makes the show or Pillow Talk fun, frivolous, and dopey TV.
  10. Tote is a verb, tote is technically correct, but saying tote when referring to pregnancy is hilarious to me. It sounds so weird. It sounds cold and clinical to me.
  11. I'm not sure either. But, she wouldn't carry the baby, she would TOTE it. I've never heard that term before and it completely cracks me up. Angela is delusional. First of all, pregnancies over the age of 35 are considered geriatric pregnancies... at 54? There would be so many risks. Those aigs are old. Your body is aging. Come on! Like an earlier poster said, I don't know how these medical professionals keep a straight face! When Ang was talking to her mom and said "I know I look good for my age" I had to ask my husband my weekly question -- "do I look at old as Angela?" -- a few weeks ago it was "do I look as old as BGL?" -- I'm 54 and shudder when I think I may come across like those nasty women.
  12. Bryan's elusive Top Chef victory is like Michelle Kwan never winning an Olympic gold medal. Amazing at what they do, but someone comes in when it counts and does it a wee bit better for that circumstance. Like a poster said above, Bryan is consistently great. He's come this/close three times. That is quite a feat. Other people have come back and done worse. It really does go to show how talented he is. Stephanie showed so much growth this season. I'm thrilled for her. She did a fantastic job and seems like a great person. Melissa has been a powerhouse and my early fave to win. I'm so happy she won because her food is so creative, but accessible. She is so chill and confident. Love her. This was my fave season ever. No huge douches. Just a little annoying... Malarkey. But while obnoxious, Malarkey is harmless and quite genial. I'm disappointed Kevin looked so bad. He was a fave coming in, but faded fast for me. I'm glad he didn't make the finale. This finale was a celebration of great food. I honestly would have been good with any of them winning. This is how the show should be.
  13. David is married to this lifestyle. He's all in. He will never marry an actual person. Then he couldn't be on the website chasing down these fantasy girls. He is so smug about this -- he has convinced himself that this is real and that anyone who dares say something contradictory is jealous, being conned themselves, etc. He's the expert and we're all idiots. I don't understand what he was saying about Lana not showing up just once when for the last two months we've been hearing that this was his fourth (or fifth?) time trying to meet her. Also, this idea that she is this poor, desolate soul... he is truly hooked. So glad they got rid of Stephanie's friend. She never should have been included. Ed is really trying to make himself look like the victim. It's not a good look on him. I honestly don't care about this disability. It doesn't factor into who he is as a person at all. IMO, we saw the real BigEd in the Philippines. Now we're seeing a guy trying to fix a broken social media image as the happy go lucky, aw shucks I'm so much fun to be around, aren't I cute? little man. He's playing the victim that was taken in by that vicious, lying, gold digger. Sorry, Mayoman, I'm not buying it. (I was glad to hear that he rinses the mayo out!) Enough of Tom. I can't stand him.
  14. I am quite large in the bosom department, and silly me always uses purses. Need to find me some ill-fitting tank tops and start stuffing!
  15. I think the difference is that Ang said she hadn't had her period in two years then all of a sudden got it. That could be a cause for concern. I'm 54 and there is no way in hell I'd want to be pregnant now. I loved being pregnant and had great pregnancies, but I'm done. I can't imagine having a child entering Kindergarten when I'm 60! Yikes. I still think we need to have a BGL and Grangela cage match. That would be all kinds of awesome.
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