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  1. That dinner with Jason's mom was awful. Sunhe has gotten worse, if that's possible. Angelica is always sitting there like a pouting toddler while Sunhe fights her battles. Jason's mom is obviously a very reserved woman. She's not going to be calling anyone, let alone Angelica. It's just not her. Leave her alone. Sunhe wanted Jason out from minute 1. Now that he's donated his sperm to complete their weirdo family dynamic, Sunhe and Angelica can go off with Amara and sMother her. I seriously want to smack Lauren's mom every time I look at her. She always has this slack look on her fa
  2. I'm wondering if after the Clare thing the producers imposed some guidelines on Katie. Her refusal to say she loved him, and her prompts for him to trust the process, etc. were old school bachelor/ette to me. I do believe that without completely saying he was the one, she said it. Thing is, it is a show, getting roses and moving forward are the way they'll end up being together. What she was saying was giving him reassurances without coming right out and saying "you're the one." I feel like there were huge chunks taken out of this whole thing because I though Greg sounded like a crazy, ma
  3. I caught up on the last two episodes. Lauren and her mom are the absolute worst. I LOVED when Laura Lee got to be the one to inseminate Lauren. I'm sure her mom was thinking "damn, why didn't I think of that!" when Laura Leigh asked the dr if she could do it. Why was Sunhe giving Jason's mom a tour of a home she's already visited? The looks between Sunhe and Angelica were hilarious. Angelica, your future MIL doesn't prefer the dog to your precious Amara, she wants to give her son the 5 minutes to hold his child that you never give him. Jason needs to run for the hills. Just let
  4. I'm trying to figure out how she fell in love with Lauren in the first place. I don't see one redeeming quality in her.
  5. We really don't know how long it's been in real-life time. Also, she had other procedures -- think I read that in an article. Not saying there's no photoshop/filters whatever going on here, but this isn't just the result of losing weight and I don't think she's claimed it was. Not that it matters, because while they might have "fixed" the outside, they can't fix the ugly within. (I know I already said that.) The really big question is -- where is she going to tote things without her giant bosom?
  6. ...but we really don't know how they are with Katie, just what they choose to have us see. I really do miss the old days without so much obvious producer manipulation. Again, this show inherently has drama, they don't need to create it... and if they are manipulating, they should try something new one of these days. It's so rinse and repeat now.
  7. OMG the preview of Dawn and Cher wearing wigs to match Belle! They are too much. I love that Belle looks just like her dad! Jason has spent the last two episodes wandering around his house holding his dog and looking perturbed. I thought that all the junk in his house was from a former girlfriend. I had no idea he was so messy until this season. There was obviously a big miscommunication about Sunhe moving in. Jason seems to think it was temporary, but she's all in for the long haul. I don't know why he's involved with Angelica. Unless this whole thing is way overblown for the show, there
  8. My kids are 24 and 21. I've been watching it since they were little. I DVR'd it when they were really young, but at some point, the show was on and I used it as a lesson for how NOT to be as a young adult. We actually had some great conversations through the years about dating, how to treat women and men, how to respect yourself, etc. We joke about our Bachelor lessons now.
  9. There was some season where the bachelorettes did a semi-naked photo shoot on a beach. I think I remember Ashley (of the former JP and Ashley) held ups seashells to cover her top? Thinking there was discomfort with that too.
  10. They are ridiculous. That mom is something else. She's got a real problem not butting into Lauren and Laura Leigh's relationship. Lauren needs to suck it up and go home to her wife. I wonder how much of the dynamic is because Lauren is married to a woman, and her mom doesn't want to be replaced by Laura Leigh. I feel like mom is sabotaging Lauren's relationship with Laura Leigh. What strikes me about many of these pairs is that the mom is hanging on for dear life to their daughter to fulfill a need in their life. They foster this extreme co-dependent relationship. Then both parties can ub
  11. I actually thought that on Clare/Tayisha's season he was a firefighter? Whatever he does for a living, I don't like him. I'm not loving the trend of the person who gets the one on one date giving a little speech about how they feel. It's not an award. Same with the person who gets the rose on a group date. Just say thanks and shut your mouth. I'm really shocked she gave Hunter the rose. I think that may have been producer driven. She created a little monster with that rose. A dozen guys left and he thinks he's already chosen for hometowns. Please. He's a troll, and last night he sh
  12. He's probably an exterminator.
  13. Yes! That show also brought us "the red hots were for my mommy!" It wasn't a successful TC spinoff. Wasn't Johnny Iuzzini involved in that show? I don't know if I'd say Gabe is a less extreme version of the Desserts guy. Desserts guy (can't remember his name) was a criminal. Gabe hasn't been charged with anything, and while sexual harassment is horrible, it's nowhere in the same league as child porn IMO. That being said, a guy who cheats on his wife, I don't care how talented you are, it says a lot about you as a person and none of it is good. He really sullied the "nice" season of TC.
  14. I'm bummed. Wanted a Shota win. Gabe is a very competent chef, and made some very inventive dishes, but he was so "meh" to me all season. I know sauces can be incredibly complex and make or break a dish, but I kept thinking, "this isn't Top Sauce" all season. His sauces got more praise than almost anything. I did really warm to Maria working with him. She's a bit much at times, but she seems to have a good heart. I wish her well. I didn't really pay much attention to the allegations, but hearing more about them, it really irks me that he won. What's done is done though, and I think
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